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Want to listen to music in a classier way, but you're on a bit of a budget? We can help.

The classic way to listen to music, Turntables allows you to have a physical copy of your music that makes it feel retro and old. For some people using turntables is like taking a step back from reality and going backward in time to the good old days. The first turntable was invented in 1877 and became extremely popular in the 1960s. The senior citizen would love a turntable as it will make them take a step back in life and take them back to their childhood or teen years. A perfect gift or treat for yourself or for someone else, the turntable is a brilliant way to listen to music in a lethargic and relaxing manner.

When you have a Turntable it makes you feel like you have a piece of art in front of you from generations ago, music and image of the art make’s you understand the artist when looking through the albums you can play on your Turntable. We will cover the following about Turntable’s

What is a Turntable?

The Turntable is a piece of equipment that is a major component of a record player, on the record player it is the part that holds the record disc and then spins it.  You can buy a Turntable as a unit by itself and it is like a record player. A Turntable includes the motor and the platter and sometimes but most of the time will be equipped with a stylus that also has a Cartridge and a tonearm. The stylus runs through the grooves of the disc that is on the Turntable and that makes vibrations, the vibrations are exchanged through wires in the tone-arm to the cartridge this will then bring the information given by the stylus and will give it to the pre-amp which turns into sound or music in this sense. The music will come through an external device like a speaker because turntables are not the same as record players and need speakers to play the music. This allows you to connect your turntable to other devices through the external port.

The Difference between a Record player and a Turntable?

People will often look at Turntable and Record players and think it is the same thing however this thought process is wrong. Turntables and Record players are similar but different, a record player is like a more advanced version of a Turntable, the Turntable is a part of the Record player without speakers or an amplifier, you will have to buy these all separately when you buy a Turntable and put them into exterior ports using an RCA cable, but sometimes it’s a different cable. 

Using a Turntable means you can buy a better Amplifier or speakers than the Record player can give you, therefore people buy Turntables over Record players. Record players come with the speakers and amplifiers meaning you can’t just swap them out for a better speaker or amplifier, therefore, people prefer buying Turntables as they can get a better sound out of their device.  

What to look for in a Turntable? 

When you are looking for a Turntable it is important to find out what it is you need before you buy, you don’t want to go in blind and have no clue on what a Turntable even is. Here are some things you need to look out for before you buy that Turntable you have always wanted.

Destruction of Vinyl’s

Make sure the Turntable you’re about to buy hasn’t got the reputation of destroying vinyl’s it is very important to keep your vinyl’s safe from scratches as they won’t be able to be played again and who would want that.

Built to last

You will want a sturdy Turntable that isn’t going to break from a knock or two, this is important because it is a big piece of musical equipment that will most likely get moved a few times, so if it’s sturdy it can withstand any accidents. This is one of the most important things as you don’t want to waste your money by having a silly mistake by knocking it and it stops working 


Checking reviews of the product is key, you will want to know if the records can be played through the speakers perfectly and sound like pure quality. You’re buying this to listen to music remember it is not just some decoration, so remember before all else the sound quality is very important and non-negotiable.


When buying the Turntable, you want, you will find out you might need to buy speakers and amplifiers. To even listen to the Turntable you need these, so you will have to buy them separately or buy them all in one. 


When buying a Turntable, you should think about the size and the space you need, Turntables are often quite big so you will need space to put them. Sounds simple but it is very important, you can get different types of turntables, you can get luggable versions that can be removed when you have finished listening to your music. You can get vertically mounted Turntables that reduce the footprint even more.

All in one or Single  

Some Turntables arrive with everything like speakers and amplifiers that you will need to play vinyl records to be able to listen to the music the vinyl contains. You will plug it in, turn it on, and you won’t have sound without the speakers and amplifiers. All of the electronics come inside hidden compactly within the chassis when buying an all in one allowing you to hear, it is basically a record player at this point, however, this will normally be not as good quality as single Turntables however it might be cheaper. All in one turntables are very convenient however they normally struggle in terms of sound quality.


Before you buy anything, you will always check the price, the price is important for Turntables as you could easily be scammed out of money when you could buy a cheaper and better Turntable. It is important to figure out your budget, for instance in our case you have $200 to buy a Turntable but do you want to spend $200 to buy a Turntable, speakers, and amplifiers? Or would you just want to buy a Turntable for $200, therefore it is important to check when buying a Turntable if it’s an All in one that includes the speakers and amplifier or just a single without them. 

Is it worth getting a turntable?

Do you like retro things or want to take a step back in time well if so then a turntable isn’t just an amazing retro way to listen to music but it also has that retro look that can brighten up a room and get a guest asking questions. 

If you’re wondering If you should buy a Turntable or Record player, you must think about what it is that you want and what you need. If you plan to use the Turntable a lot in everyday use or just frequently then it is worth it. Vinyl can sound amazing however on a terrible Turntable it won’t ever sound good, so it’s important to not get something shabby. Good quality components mean good quality sound this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be expensive as you can find a great deal for Turntables for cheap. 

How much should you spend on a Turntable?

When on a budget you will find some terrible products that will ruin your vinyl, so it is important to figure out what a good price is for a Turntable that won’t destroy your record collection. When looking at the prices you will regularly find Turntables to be priced for $40-$400 and the Turntables you find that are between the price of $40-$100 normally aren’t very good and have a high chance of destroying your vinyl, a good price to go for is anything above $100 so with a budget of $200 you should be in the perfect range to find a good and efficient Turntable that won’t destroy all of your precious vinyl’s. If you want to only spend $40-$100 on a Turntable and the last $100 on a Turntable and the last $100 on speakers and amplifiers, please proceed with caution and do your research on the Turntable as it most likely won’t be great quality. 

What kind of Turntable should you buy?

Looking at the list above you should be able to find out what kind of Turntable you should buy. You should be going for something that suits your style and is durable, this will make it fit into the scenery of your house, being durable allows it to be able to take a hit in case it is dropped or knocked into. You should be looking at something that will go the distance and last you a long time whilst giving you a good sound quietly that ultimately lets you enjoy your music to the full extent. Make sure you know if you want Speakers and amplifiers to be bought with it or if you want to buy the Turntable separately this is important as you could accidentally buy a Turntable with the speaker and amplifier when you don’t even need the speakers and amp. Checking if the size is small enough or large enough to fit a certain area in your house should always be considered. Finally, check if you can get another Turntable for a better price before instantly buying it as you don’t want to waste your money when you could get a better Turntable for your money.


Sometimes it is best to go for a Turntable that has been made by a big brand so you know that it is slightly more reliable than an off-brand Turntable that could be a risk.


Made in 1989 and Crosley released their first Turntable in 1992, known for being affordable and reliable Crosely is always a good brand to go for when you have a small budget that you’re dealing with.


Founded in 1901, a good and reliable brand their record players and Turntables shine among the competition. A great design and very competitive their Turntables should be something to investigate as they have a cheap range of Turntables to look through that will be under your budget of $200


Sony was made in 1946 and released their first Turntable in 1983. For the casual buyer, Sony is a great cheap option for anyone with a budget, with reliable sound quality and looks you can’t fault the Sony Turntable products. 

Our Best Turntables under $200?

Finding the best Turntable under $200 is hard however after doing so the research we have found the best Turntable for under $200 in our opinion. The best Turntable is the Crosley C8. We choose the Crosley C8 because of its reliable and sturdy shape that has excellent views with almost 5 stars on Amazon. 

Crosley C8

Crosley C8Crosley C8 is a fantastic Turntable that really makes you appreciate music to its full extent. The solid oak design takes you back to the classic and retro times the Record player and Turntable was originally made. The solid Wooden look that has been varnished making it look like walnut is a magnificent idea as it can fit in any modern-day home whilst giving you that old feeling. The plastic top lid allows you to close and protect the vinyl whilst it plays or is stored away, this is handy as it protects the vinyl from any damage that could occur if not protected or kept safe properly.

The Crosley C8 is reliable and sturdy, the Turntable is one of a kind for under $200. Crosley C8 has a Two-speed Turntable 33 and 45 RPM with an external mechanism this allows everything to move in motion and play your music to the highest quality it can. The Walnut look makes it stylish and retro, you could put this on a worktop or table as it can stand out in your house and look amazing. The tonearm being adjustable allows you to pause music and start music at any time, the tonearm is coated in Aluminum that’s equipped with a counterweight to keep its balance when playing so it doesn’t ruin the record.  Built-in amp helps when playing audio, also means you don’t have to buy a new amp to go with it. RCA outputs which is a normal thing for Turntables that allows you to connect your Turntable to an external speaker or amp. The isolated motor with an external belt drive is equipped in the Crosley C8 to support the sound quality going to the speakers as the vibrations are reduced by isolating the motor this allows you to easily fix it if you have any problems and it also lets you see if it is working how it should.


  • RCA outputs
  • Two-speed Turntable
  • Walnut look
  • Large Audio grade MDF plinth
  • Adjustable tonearm

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BKAudio-Technica AT-LP60XBT has a new modern look that stands out from the rest of the budget Turntables, with its Retro feel but Modern looks and sound this is the perfect Turntable for the modern person. The metal design really stands out and makes it look nice and clean which really helps match the sound it produces. 2 color options are available for you to purchase which is straight black, the Black makes it look more sophisticated where the other option which is Red gives you a more playful, upbeat and fun vibe which goes well with the music you will be listening too.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT is a fantastic budget Turntable that does it all, equipped with a wireless belt drive. Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT has a slick black design that makes the classic retro Turntable feel more upbeat and modern, it feels like a different take on the usual classic look. High quality at a cheap cost is perfect for the everyday user. Bluetooth wireless technology allowing you to connect with other technology devices. If you have Bluetooth speakers and amplifiers don’t worry as this connects wireless and physically to them if you want to use wires don’t worry as it is equipped with RCA outputs. Compatible with aptX codec and allows you to connect to the radio. 

Fully automatic speeds that go from 33RPM to 45RPM allows you to listen to music to its full extent. With anti-resonance, the Aluminum platter gives off a lavish look that always makes it look exciting and new.


  • 33- 45RPM
  • Aluminum platter
  • Lavish and modern looks
  • RCA outputs
  • Bluetooth and wireless

Crosley C100

Crosley C100 Belt-Drive TurntableThe Corsley C100 is a fantastic Turntable that comes at an affordable price for anyone with a budget, an all in one Turntable that comes with 2 speakers that go along with its wooden retro aesthetics. The wireless connection allows you to connect to other speakers through Bluetooth, so if you don’t like the quality of speakers that come with them don’t worry as you can change them out and connect them to other speakers through Bluetooth or you can use an RCA cable to connect other speakers to the Turntable. The Corsley C100 has 3 speeds to flick between allowing you to go from 33, 45, 78 RPM belt-driven. Belt driven allows you to listen in comfort as it has outstanding performance in audio with reduced noise and vibrations making it sound better when playing back songs. A metal tonearm improves the sturdiness of the Turntable but also keeping its slick and classic design, equipped with an Audio Technica diamond-tipped stylus. Audio Technica diamond-tipped stylus allows better performance for the Turntable when playing a vinyl record. £ Knob Design allowing easy access to other speeds and sounds making it easy to get the idea of how to use it, making it great for the elderly as they might struggle to learn some new Technology, this will keep it simple and easy for them. The great thing about The Corsley C100 is if you don’t even want to use the Turntable but you want to listen to music with great quality then the Bluetooth allows you to connect to music from other digital platforms like Spotify. Easily adjustable, everything is easy to connect to the Corsley C100 as it is very simplistic.  


  • Counterweight 
  • 2 speakers
  • 3-speed rotation 
  • Bluetooth and RCA cable
  • 3 Knob design for easy volume control and playback speed 

Best all in one Turntable’s

The difference between a single Turntable and an All in one Turntable is that an all in one Turntable comes with speakers and amplifiers, so when looking for the best ones you have to see the quality of sound and the speakers equipped with it, this is why we have chosen the Voksun 3-Speed Precision Turntable. Equipped with Dual watt speakers that give you high quality and amazing sound makes you feel at home no matter where you put it. The slick retro design goes with the speakers as well making it look clean and retro, this is perfect if you want a step in the past and its price is amazing for the quality you’re getting.

Voksun 3-Speed Precision Turntable

Voksun 3-Speed Precision TurntableThe Voksun 3-Speed Precision Turntable is an elegant and stylish Turntable equipped with 2 speakers making it an All in one purchase. The dark wooden design makes it feel retro and classic, the speakers match this look whilst also giving you modern sound quality. Wireless and wired the Voksun 3-Speed Precision Turntable is equipped with Bluetooth whilst also having an RCA output, this means you can connect to your favorite streaming platforms to listen to music with Bluetooth if you didn’t have the vinyl for the song you’re wanting to listen to or you just don’t want to use the Turntable for vinyl instead you want to use it for the amazing sound quality that it holds.  

2 adjustable speeds allow playback audio to sound impeccable, 33 to 45 RPM with an adjustable tonearm along with it that has a counterweight, the counterweight is coated in black Aluminum giving off a modern look that also fits the retro style. The Voksun 3-Speed Precision Turntable has a very good vibration control that includes a rather heavy steel platter and audio-grade MDF, this allows the turntable to control vibrations for clearer music and makes sure it doesn’t scratch your precious vinyl records. 2 knob design makes it very easy to change the volume and get a true grasp of your Turntable, the 2-knob design also allows you to easily switch to Bluetooth to stream music from another digital platform.


  • 2 Knob design
  • Bluetooth
  • All in one 
  • 2 speed of 22 to 45 RPM
  • 2 speakers to match the looks 

Crosley C62 Vinyl Turntable

Crosley C62 Vinyl Turntable w/Bluetooth ReceiverThe optional All in one Crosley C62 is a modern take on the usual retro and classic looking Turntable, with its new slick modern design it takes the Turntable into the modern century by storm and I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to buy it as it also comes with a modern sound quality that will really make your hips move no matter what age you are. The Silver metal design will look perfect in the corner of a room and grab attention from others. Crosley C62 comes with 2 speeds to control your sound quality and make use of it to its full extent, it goes from 33 to 45 RPM. Manual control allows you to take control of how you listen to your music and make you feel in charge, the manual control comes with start and stops controls. An adjustable tonearm with a counterweight comes with the Crosley C62, with a unique s-shape tonearm this allows you to really get down and learn how to tune your needle tracking force for your vinyl’s. The already built-in Pre-amp allows you to be able to immediately plug it in and paly once taken out of the box, however, it is also equipped with the well-known RCA cable like most Turntables to connect to your own personal speakers if you don’t want to use the amp that is built-in for you already. 


  • Adjustable strobe pitch
  • Built-in Pre-Amp
  • Modern-day design 
  • Manual controls
  • 2 speeds of 33 to 45 RPM 

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