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Best Burial Gift in Dark Souls 3

Ever wondered what the best Burial Gift is? We've broken down which the best choice by each class below.

Dark Souls 3 the game we all love and hate, with its difficult bosses and intriguing world to explore the game comes with difficulties and fun. Playing Dark Souls 3 you will come to realize that Burial Gifts are so helpful when starting and it’s always good to know what you think would help you the most when picking them as they help you get your game started.

If you have played any of the Dark Souls before you will be familiar with a Burial gift as its as well-known as their classic bonfires and hard boss fights, the gifts make the game unique and interesting so why not learn more about them.
These are some of the topics we will cover:

What is Dark Souls 3?

Dark Souls 3 is an action, fighting, strategy role play game that is made in the third person. The Dark soul’s series is well known in the gaming community as one of the hardest games ever created as they are known for their ridiculously hard boss fights and its classic checkpoint system. The fact the game is so hard to beat has made people try beating the game in the weirdest of ways.

In all the Dark Souls games you must choose a class these classes all vary in stats that you can change throughout the game when gaining souls. The classes consist of:

  • Assassin
  • Cleric
  • Deprived
  • Herald
  • Knight
  • Mercenary
  • Pyromancer
  • Sorcerer
  • Warrior
  • Thief

Once a class is chosen you will adventure the lawless wildlands of dark souls where you will take on massive monsters and creatures that are all dangerous in their own ways with different fighting patterns and looks. Dark souls is a medieval-looking game where the player is equipped with weapons that follow the past, the weapons you can find and use in dark souls are Bows, Swords, Shields, throwable Projectiles, Maces, Axes, and more medieval-like weapons. When starting in Dark souls 3 you will be given the decision on what burial gift to have for the rest of the game, so make sure you choose correctly with the choices given to you.

What is a Burial Gift?

In all the Dark Souls games at the start, you will be given the option to choose your very own Burial gift. Only one can be chosen at the start of the game so make sure you choose the one best suited to you, the Burial gift is a bonus for defeating the first boss/ tutorial. If you choose the wrong gift don’t worry as you can find the other gifts later in the game but, to begin with, the gifts can give you a temporary advantage. The player can choose to not have a Burial gift, but we don’t understand why you would do this unless you were trying to challenge yourself.
The only gift you won’t be able to get later in the game is the Young White Branch so keep that in mind when you’re picking your gift.

The Burial Gifts you can choose from

Life ring

The Life Ring is a ring that has a small red jewel in the center of it that raises your Max Hp this is good for beginners that are going to take a few hits on their first run through the game. Very good for classes that start off with a low HP stat or a class that lacks damage. Useful for extra damage because with the life ring it will only boost your HP however with that extra bit of health the more damage you can get off.

Divine Blessing

A flask that is blessed with warm holy water fully recovers and restores your Hp and cures ailments. Good for all players as it can fully heal you, no downside to having it as it comes in handy when in danger. Good for the nervous starting player that wants to be able to heal as much as possible when needed.

Hidden Blessing

The opposite of Divine Blessing. This one fills up your FP bar. Good for magic users and skill-based characters. Not very useful and is most likely seen as one of the worst ones to go for as other items in the game can do this job easily.

Black Firebomb x5

Throwable Bomb that sets things on fire and does damage over time. Useful in a lot of aspects but not that useful when fighting bosses, you also get this gift very early on in the game. Helps with some specific bosses such as the Gundyr, Pus of man. They can also be sold at the trader for Chunks which are useful.

Fire Gem

Material that’s used to upgrade fire weapons, very good for warrior classes and brawlers. A good option to have because they are a hassle to get when you play further on in the game. Makes your weapon stronger making boss fights more bearable.

Sovereignless Soul

Gives you many souls when used to level up stats permanently, you can’t go wrong with this but is it necessary, to begin with? It depends on how you want to play and what player you’re. If you’re a new player and looking for an extra bit of levels early on, then the soul could be a good choice for you. But you can get souls at any time, it might help you for the moment, but you can just farm instead and that won’t take long.

Gold coin x7

Using these coins, you can find items easier as the drop rates increase for a short period, you also get 7 of these. They help when looking for a good new weapon to use. Gold coins aren’t that useful unless searching for a very specific item but if you’re starting you won’t even need this. It helps you find unique items such as Black Knights gear but it’s not that valuable.

Cracked Red Eye Orb x4

For the PvP players out there this item is perfect, lets you go into other people’s worlds and take them on in a one vs one. Only used for online and can only be used once. Apart from PvP, this item is completely useless and most of your time playing won’t be PvP so it’s not worth using. You can also get this item at Firelink and they are a guaranteed drop when you fight and kill the Darkwraiths in Farron.

Young White Branch

Small Branch of a Young white Birch Tree. Can be used to blend you into the environment, good for stealth characters or speed run gamers. The Young White Branch can be used to get through Settlement a lot easier and that is extremely valuable. There’s also no other way to get the Young White Branch. Helps you blend into areas like Irithyll.

What is the Best starting Gift in Dark souls 3?

The best starting Gift is a hard choice as the choices are all good in their ways however if you had to choose it would be either the Life Ring, Fire Gem, or the Young White Branch.

The Life Ring is the best starting Burial gift in Dark Souls 3. When you start in Dark Souls 3 you don’t have a lot of health and that bit extra health would help you in many scenarios you can think of. It doesn’t have a downside to choosing it. For new players this item is priceless. For an older player, this item can be not as valuable and may opt for more damage and choose the Fire Gem that makes your weapon stronger to clear bosses faster, or they could think about the later game and pick the Young White Branch as you can’t get it anywhere else and helps you a lot during Settlement and Irithyll.

Best Burial gift for PvE

As most starting players won’t adventure into PvP and will just stick with PvE for the time being it’s only right to try to find the best Burial Gift for PvE. We believe the best options are the Life Ring, Fire Gem, or the Sovereignless Soul.
We chose the Life Ring because it means when playing for the first time you can get hit more, this is important for a lot of people as they don’t want to die in just one hit. This helps players learn how to dodge and if they get hit, they have that bit of health that can help them out from that ring. Bosses and enemies hit hard in Dark Souls 3. That little bit of health can help you at any time.

The Fire Gem was chosen because the most chosen class is the warrior and fighting types that wield swords, maces, and axes. Making your weapon on fire isn’t just cool it does a lot of damage as well and can always help vs enemies’ flesh.

Lastly, we chose the Sovereignless Soul because it’s always good to raise your stats early to get ahead of the monsters and be able to kill them easier. You can’t go wrong with an early boost on stat levelling.

The other options are still good for PvE don’t think otherwise as they all have their uses, however, the ones we picked are also the harder ones to find as the other choices can be found earlier on in the game.

Best Burial gift for PvP

The only choice you will need for PvP will be the Cracked Red-Eyed Orb as it lets you fight others in the first place. All the others can help you but if you want to fight you need them so it’s a must-have item if you want to fight in PvP. You can get the Cracked Red-Eyed Orb in your world however why wait.
A fire Gem also helps a lot against Players as it does a lot more damage when your weapon is on fire.

Best Burial Gift for each class

Choosing your burial gift for each class is an opinion and a lot of the time the same burial gift will be good for every class, especially burial gifts like the Young White Branch as it helps every class and doesn’t benefit one over the other. We won’t be recommending some gifts much as they are only useful for some classes and can be completely useless for others. For instance, the sorcerer would maybe bring a Divine Blessing, but the other classes won’t need that at all, and it’s kind of useless if they brought it.

We will go through the best Burial gifts for each class from our opinion:

Best Burial for an Assassin

We would go for The Young Branch or Black Firebombs for certain boss clears that this class might struggle against. An assassin needs to be stealthy and quick; the firebombs can create distractions and clear areas quickly, whilst the Young White Branch helps you blend into the area around you making you stealthier, this helps a lot when adventuring through Irithyll.

Best Burial for a Cleric

Divine Blessing would be perfect for this class as you will be most focused on casting spells so you might be getting hit more, the divine blessing will heal you when needed to allow you to get hit a few times more

Best Burial for a Deprived

Anything would help this class, this class is only picked as a joke or to try to make the game harder, anything you pick will make this class better. This class is often used for speedrunners that try to make the game a challenge, you most likely won’t pick this class but the best option would have to be a life ring or a Fire Gem as you will need any damage or an extra bit of health you can get.

Best Burial for a Herald

Since they start with a healing spell, they won’t need something like the divine blessing, but a Young White Branch could come in handy. Since the Herald class is great for sustain and defensive play it will most likely be best if you brought the Fire Gem to give you that extra damage that you might be lacking or double up on health with a life ring.

Best Burial for a Knight

We would go for The Young Branch or Fire gem for that extra fighting power. often very helpful for new players to have a fire gem with a knight as the knight is seen as the best class. Fire Gem allows you to do more damage with an already high damaging class making bosses that little bit easier to fight against.

Best Burial for a Mercenary

The Young Branch or Black Firebombs as the mercenary is pretty good with long-range fighting, we think the bombs will come in handy and make up for its lack of damage. You could maybe even opt for the life ring to give you that little bit of health as the mercenary doesn’t have to most health available.

Best Burial for a Pyromancer

Life ring would be beneficial as the pyromancer has low base health, having the ring will boost the health and make you able to take a few hits. You could also go for the Sovereignless soul to have a quick upgrade in stats as the base stats for the pyro aren’t the best.

Best Burial for a Sorcerer

Life ring would be beneficial as the sorcerer has low base health just like the pyromancer, having the ring will boost the health and make you able to take a few hits. Maybe a Hidden Blessing depending on how much FP you’re thinking you will use in one fight.

Best Burial for a Warrior

We would go for The Young Branch or Fire Gem. Warrior is a similar class to the knight so when fighting they would benefit from similar Burial gifts. Fire Gem gives that extra bit of power behind your blows and just looks cool. Young Branch can help you through difficult areas.

Best Burial for a Thief

We would go for The Young Branch will help sneak around and blend in with the environment. You could also use Black Firebombs to quickly get rid of small enemies in your way to preserve health or to take down bosses quicker and easier.

What is the best overall Burial Gift?

We chose the Young White Branch because during the game it helps you get through difficult stages with ease. Getting through Settlement much easier and that is very valuable and should never be looked down upon as there’s no other way of acquiring it; blending into the environment helps a lot as well so that’s also good to keep in mind when picking it. When blending into the environment it helps with places like Irithyll.

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