Snapchat Symbols – Meaning of All Snapchat Icons and Emojis

Snapchat is a very popular messaging app. The important aspect of Snapchat is that you don’t have to use so many words to explain your thoughts and feelings, which is where Emoji's & Icons come in!

Snapchat is a very popular messaging app. The important aspect of Snapchat is that you don’t have to use so many words to explain your thoughts and feelings. You can do this with images, short videos, and filters. Snaps by default get deleted after 24 hours. This feature makes it more spontaneous. There are a variety of icons and emojis for the help of the users. But if you are confused about those multicolored hearts, icons, and emojis, I can make it easy for you by explaining them in a very easy and simple manner.

First of all, we will discuss and describe the emojis.


There is A friend list, and then you have your friend’s names on the list. You must have noticed emojis next to your friend’s names. These emojis say something unique about your relationship.

Let’s get started with the first emoji:

Gold heart

You are #1 Best friends with each other. It means you both have shared maximum numbers of snap with each other. You may have other best friends as well, but Snapchat heart emoji are only for your very best friends.

Red heart

You both have been #1 Best friends for two weeks.

Pink heart

You both have been #1 Best friends for straight two months.

Smiling face

You guys are best friends but not #1 Best friends. So you may have as many as eight best friends, and you can see smiling face next to all the eight best friends to whom you send the most snaps and messages.

Grimacing face

It means you both send most of the messages to the same person. And you both share a #1 Best friend.

Sunglasses faces

You share a best friend, which means you have a close friend in common.

Smirk emoji

It appears next to a friend’s name on Snapchat when you are their best friend, but they are not. It means that this friend is sending you the most number of snaps, but you are not doing this.

Pink hearts emoji

It is used to show the highest level of friendship. It shows that you, too, our real BFFs. It also means that you also share the maximum number of snaps with each other for more than two months.

Fire/Hot symbol

It tells a snap streak. It means that you and your friend have been exchanging snaps consecutively within 24 hours period. You two are doing this for more than two consecutive days. It is only counted for snaps, not for chats.

Or glass symbol

It means that your snap streak is going to run out. To keep the snap streak alive, one can send a snap to the other friend.

Baby symbol

It tells that you and the other person has just become friends.

Birthday cake emoji

It appears next to a friend‘s name who has his or her birthday on that particular day.

If you dislike default emojis, you can change them and have anything which you prefer.

How to edit friends emoji?

First, tap the profile icon on the top left to open your profile.

Secondly, tap the gear icon on the top right side to open Settings.

Next, give a tap on a friend’s emojis. Then click on each friend’s status, choose a custom emoji to use.

What do purple boxes indicate next to a friend’s name?

Suppose your friends have entered birthday is in Snapchat; their zodiac signs will appear in purple boxes. It is purely based on the type of system you are using. There may be some days similarities. Suppose you have forgotten the birthday date, these icons will help you, and even a birthday cake emoji will also appear in addition to it.


The icons and their color express different things. Firstly, dissent and opened icons will be explained.

These have arrow symbols:

Red arrows:

  • A full filled red coloured arrow means that the snap you have sent has no audio.
  • A red coloured arrow which is not filled inside means that the receiver opens the snap you have sent.

Purple arrows:

  • A full filled purple arrow appears when you send a snap which has audio in it.
  • A purple arrow that is not filled inside means that the receiver has opened the snap you have sent with the audio.

Blue arrows:

  • A full filled blue arrow means the chat has been sent to the receiver.
  • A blue arrow that is not filled from inside means that the receiver has opened the chat.

Grey arrows:

  • The grey arrows appear when the person you have sent the snap has not accepted your friend request yet.

Green arrows:

  • Your friend received cash that has been sent by you through Snapchat.

Viewed and received icons:

  • These are square and chat symbols.

Red Square icon:

  • If the Square box is filled with red color, you have received a snap without audio.
  • The square box gets empty when you open or views the snap without audio you have received.

Purple square icon:

If the square boxes filled with purple color, you have received a snap that contains audio.

The square box gets empty when you open or views the snap with audio you have received.

Blue chat icon:

  • If the square box is filled with blue color, it means that you have received a text message or a chat.
  • The square box gets empty when you open or reads the text message.

Gray chat icon:

  • It means the chat or snap has not been opened by the receiver and has not been expired.

Screenshot icons(double arrow symbols):

Read double-arrow symbols:

It explains that somebody has taken a screenshot of the snap and the snap has no audio.

Purple double arrow Symbols:

It tells that screenshot has been taken by someone of the snap of which has audio with it.

Blue screenshot icon:

It tells that somebody has taken a screenshot of your chat that you have sent.

Replay Symbols:

These appear when somebody replays your snaps. Only one replay can be done in 24 hours. Replays can be purchased.

Read replay icons:

When this icon appears, it clearly means that somebody has replaced your snap.

Purple replay icon:

It is that somebody has replaced a snap with audio.

To refresh everything, let’s simplify them:

  • Read-it is a snap without audio.
  • Purple-it tells about a snap with audio.
  • Blue – it indicates a chat.
  • Grey-it indicates pending, means the message has been expired or because the person has not accepted your friend request.

Story icons:

When you post a photo or video on the story, it is normally seen by all your friends, and they have access to share your information. But in Snapchat, you can choose to share your private story to a limited friend circle. You have already allowed them to see it or view it. But if you don’t want them to contribute into the views. You can restrict it by locking the story if you see a symbol of a lock on it, which means that you are viewing a private story.

When a multiperson icon appears in the story, it means you share information with a selected group of friends who can view and contribute to eating as a custom story.

In addition to these, there are other Snapchat symbols as well.

Ghost symbol:

It is the logo of Snapchat. It appears on the camera home screen. When you give a tap on it, it will take you to your profile and settings.

Trophies symbol:

It appears on the profile screen. You can go directly to the trophy screen by tapping on it.

Setting symbol:

This symbol appears on the top of the right corner of your profile screen. Give a tap on it and go to the settings of your Snapchat.

Three rings symbol:

In the New version of Snapchat, you can see three rings on the right bottom corner of your screen. By tapping on it, you can go straight through the story section. By swiping left across the screen, one can have access to the story section.

Blue chat symbol:

This is a new feature in the new snapchat update. It appears on the bottom left corner of the screen. By swiping right across the screen, one can have access to the inbox.

Verified account emoji:

Snapchat shows a verified account with a custom emoji. The person who is posting it has been verified to it. It usually is reserved for celebrities. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a flexing bicep emoji next to his username. Ariana Grande has a crescent moon emoji by the side of her username.

By summing up, we can say that emojis, symbols, and icons Are as powerful as words. As they convey what they are used for.

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