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8 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your New iPhone

Apple offers some incredible devices, and the iPhone is one such example. In this busy era, people are using their mobile phones for most digital tasks

Apple offers some incredible devices, and the iPhone is one such example. In this busy era, people are using their mobile phones for most digital tasks, from texting, browsing social media, attending calls, and much more. 

With the customer-centric interface, iPhones are considered to be easy-to-use devices that make tasks simpler. Intuitive features give you the best smartphone experience; they also allow you to manage simple computing tasks almost seamlessly. 

This article explains some of the time-saving and value-added tips to make your life much better with the iPhone. So, if you are an iPhone user looking to get the most from your sophisticated device, the article is for you.  

Block Data Usage 

While watching YouTube or any social media, your mobile data wipes away quickly, and this is sometimes annoying. With iPhone, you can block the data usage of any particular app. To do this, go to the Settings, then tap on Cellular, and select Cellular Data. 

Under the Cellular Data section, navigate to ‘Use Cellular data for’ blocking the access of the desired app. This tip can be very helpful if you are outside and short of internet data. 

Download Instagram Videos

With so many restrictions, we all know that Instagram doesn’t allow its users to download videos from the app directly. So, if you want to download a video from Instagram, try using third-party apps such as PullTube.

If you wish to transfer videos on iOS or iPadOS devices from the Mac computer, use AnyTrans for iOS. Click here for more information on downloading and transferring Instagram videos on Apple devices. 

Audio Messages in iMessage

Audio messages sent in the iMessage app expire in a stipulated time. However, you can prevent your audio messages from getting deleted automatically. To do this, go to Settings, then click on Messages. 

Next, tap on Expire, and click on ‘Never’. Once you tweak the settings, your audio messages will not get deleted automatically after being sent. This can be good for record-keeping and security reasons too. 

Erase Data Automatically

iPhone integrates a feature that erases all your data in case of 10 failed password attempts. This can be a great security feature as it prevents your data from unauthorized access in case you lose your device.

The phone will give a 1-minute timeout to type the password for the 6th time. If you still fail to type in the correct password for the 6th time, the timeout period will be increased to 5 minutes. More to it, this feature adds security to your device as it would take around 3 hours to type 10 wrong passwords for anyone. 

Tap to Record Video

There are times when you need to quickly record a moment, but as soon as you swipe to record it, the scenario changes and vanishes away. 

If you need to invoke your iPhone’s camera from the Lock Screen without wasting any time and hold down the shutter button to begin recording and release your thumb to pause it. 

This trick will save a little time for you to capture your precious moment.

Increase your Battery Lifespan

With continuous charging, the battery lifespan decreases, and this applies to all battery-driven devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and more. Your iPhone includes the ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ feature that uses machine learning to increase the lifespan of the phone’s battery. 

When you enable this feature, your phone will be charged up to 80% when plugged in for charging. You can set up this feature by tapping on the Setting. In the Settings window, click on Battery, select Battery Health, and tap Optimized Battery Charging.

Recover Deleted Notes

Notes are an easy way to write poems, grocery lists, to-do lists, or note down anything that you find interesting. But what if you accidentally delete your important note? Don’t worry. You would still be able to recover your deleted notes when they get deleted. 

This feature allows you to recover the deleted notes that you have deleted in the last 30 days. However, if you missed that 30 days retention period, the notes will get deleted permanently from the device. 

Stack Widgets on Home Screen

You can add as many widgets to your iPhone’s Home Screen as you want, but be wise as they can slow down the device’s performance. You can place them on the screen without placing boxes all over that seems to overpopulate the device. 

Add the widgets on the Home Screen and then stack them so that they won’t accommodate the entire screen estate. 

The Conclusion

iPhones give you an intuitive experience through the features and functions they deliver. Although they come at a hefty price, the features of the devices justify the price. Make sure to use and handle them carefully and install any updates regularly to enhance the security of the device.  


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