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Candy Crush Saga symbol meanings

It is a pain when you don't know what a symbol is, so we are here to tell you what each symbol is so you don't have to find out yourself

Candy Crush Saga is a massively popular mobile puzzle game that everyone has come to know and enjoy. Candy Crush Saga has taken the world by storm is one of the most popular mobile games of all time; Candy Crush Saga has become a household name.

When playing Candy Crush Saga, you will come and find some objects in the game that might make no sense to you on what they are or what they do. We are here to tell you everything about them without confusing you so you can enjoy your gaming experience to your full potential. We will also talk about other aspects of the game and how it has grown to today.

Below is a list of topics we will be going through; you can click on one of the bullet point links below, and it will take you down the page to the section you want to read.

What is Candy Crush?

Candy Crush Saga is a simple puzzle game you can download on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Candy Crush saga is a level-based puzzle game where you will have to connect certain candies to complete the level. Once the level is completed, you will go onto the next level. The game is about getting your brain working by solving challenging problems; Candy Crush Saga makes the game challenging for the higher level you go. This makes it suitable for all ages.

Candy Crush Saga was released by King on April 12 2012, on the mobile phone and later released on other platforms. King is a digital entertainment company based in MAlta that creates Social games like Candy Crush Saga.

Why is Candy Crush so popular?

Candy Crush Saga is so popular because of its unique design and addictiveness; people get hooked on the game and can’t stop playing it because it gets their brain working on trying and solving the problem. Its interesting design and happy feel when playing the game bring in all ages, making it popular for kids and adults.

Candy Crush Saga last year gross 1billion dollars just on digital goods showing the game is still alive as ever and as popular as it has ever been. Candy Crush Saga is simply addictive, which is the key factor that makes the game so popular.

What does the Infinity Symbol mean in Candy Crush?

While playing Candy Crush Saga, you might come to notice a heart-shaped symbol in the corner with not an 8 but an infinity symbol inside of it. You might not know what this is, and that is what we are here to tell you.

The Infinity symbol in candy Crush Saga means you have a booster activated. Since the Infinity symbol is inside the heart, this shows us that the player will have unlimited lives for the time displayed next to it. The infinity booster will most likely start and count down from 8 hours; however, this can change. The Infinity booster helps those struggling with harder levels as they won’t lose the lives they need so much.

What do the different Candies mean in Candy Crush?

While playing candy crush, you will come across the most common candies, and the common candy colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. Collecting 3 of these candies in a row will clear them and generate points for the player’s score.

Further on in the game, you will come across other candies; these candies will be less common and have different abilities. These more uncommon candies are the Striped candy, Wrapped candy, Colour Bomb, Jelly Fish, Coconut wheel, Lucky candy, Mystery candy, Charmeleon Candy, Extra Time Candy.

The Striped Candy clears an entire row or collum; the striped candy can come in any colour among the common candies; once put into a 4 candy row of the same color, it will clear the column or row. You can tell it is a stripped candy because of its obvious stripes on the candy. The Wrapped candy can only be used in a T or an L shape to be used. Once used, it will clear the surrounding area of up to 8 other candies. The Wrapped candy looks like a common candy wrapped up.

A color bomb is a chocolate ball covered in different color sprinkles. The bomb explodes when switched with a regular candy. Doing this will clear all candies of that color off the bored rewarding the user with points for those eradicated candies. The effect will change with different uncommon candies you switch the bomb with. A Jelly Fish looks exactly how it sounds. It comes looking like a fish and can be activated by when matched together with their represented colors. This will trigger the fish to go out and eat one random candy each; however, they will target special candies if they are active.

Coconut Wheel is a Pink circle with a black circle in the middle. This can be activated when switched with any regular candy. It converts the first 3 candies into striped candies. Lucky Candy looks like a circle with a tick inside of it. The lucky candy, once activated, will give you the candy or object you are looking for on that level.

Now, onto the more unknown candies, the Mystery Candy is an egg with a question mark inside it. When matched with the same color, this mystery candy can give you a good or bad effect. Chameleon Candy is a regular square candy with a rainbow that sweeps across it; the candy colour will change when it is moved. Extra Time Candy looks ahead of a lollipop or a circle shape. It will have a +5 written on it. When matched with the same color, it will give you 5+ seconds.

What do the symbols in the chocolate box mean in Candy Crush?

Now onto the chocolate box. The chocolate box is available for all people to complete quests in the box to get sweet rewards. Completing each color will gain you some candy reward; this reward will be uncommon candies with different abilities for the user to use while playing.

When opening the chocolate box, you will notice 4 different common colors, all named different things. These are green, blue, red, yellow. The Green color is called Minty, the blue color is called Milky, the red color is called Nigel, and finally, the yellow color is called Popsicle.

What is the pink circle with a check-in Candy Crush?

The pink ball that looks metallic is a lucky Candy that is a booster you can acquire through the game by buying it with real money or earning it as a reward from events. The Lucky candy will spawn on your boredom when activated and, once used, will give you a lucky effect by unlocking certain objects you have to get on that level.

What does the Gold Crown mean in Candy Crush?

The golden crown is a Sweet Combo achievement on the game Candy Crush Saga. If you complete any level on your first ever try, you will gain this achievement to give you a special reward at the end. You can get a bonus on top of this achievement if you collect a thing called Sugar Stars simultaneously, and this will say sweet combo.

What are the two Chocolate squares in Candy Crush?

A question that might spark a curiosity for the player might be the two Chocolate squares in Candy Crush? Well, it is pretty simple, brown chocolate grows at one square at a time, and white chocolate grows at double the rate of white chocolate at 2 squares at a time. On Candy Crush Saga, you do not have to clear the chocolate completely to finish the level.

What does the lucky candy booster do?

As we have talked about already, the Lucky candy booster gives you a lucky candy to place on the board; when active on the board, you can activate it with the same color of the tick symbol. Once activated, it will give you an object you need to complete the quest or another uncommon candy. You can unlock the booster through rewards and in-game purchases.

How do you use the special candies in Candy Crush?

All special candies have to activate through the use of the common candy, you will have to switch them to activate them, or you will have to put them in a row or T and L shape.

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