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The Top Money-Making Guide in 2021 – RS3

RuneScape is a game saga that won over millions of gamers across the globe.

RuneScape is a game saga that won over millions of gamers across the globe. It is an MMORPG that was and remains extremely popular. For many, it is not only a game but a form of art that they’ve invested so much time and love into it. It is not the fanciest, most graphically advanced game, nor does it have the best soundtrack out there.

Regardless, millions of players find the magic of living through the world of Gielnor addictive. It is only natural that experienced players will share all the cheats, mods, and techniques they’ve learned.  RuneScape 3 has a large community, but it is also very competitive to get through. It has a realistic aspect – the need to make money and move forward. There are countless tutorials, but we have prepared the top money-making guide for RS3.

Money-making is a key part of playing RS3, and every player has to do it. Without enough money, you will not get very far. We will make your search easier and save you from watching video tutorials, though. Keep on reading the top money-making guide for RS3 in 2021!

Currencies You Will Find in RuneScape 3

Before we dive into all the best methods of making money on RuneScape 3, let’s discuss currencies. Gielnor is a vast world with a lot to experience. It has various currencies, but the most important type is Gold. Moreover, the minigames will let you win certain currencies that you can only spend within them. We will mainly explain how to earn Gold, but let us explain the other currencies.

1.      Zemomark

You can use the currency to buy goods in New Varrock. You will be able to earn Zemomarks using various methods. However, your ability to earn it will depend on your resources and time. Unfortunately, you may not store Zemomarks, but on the bright side, you can spend them however you want. If you want to obtain this currency, you should probably avoid farming methods because you need to spend them right away.

2.      Archery Ticket

It is a currency used in the Ranging Guild, which also goes by Archer Guild. You can exchange Archery Tickets for goods and supplies from the Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange. Unfortunately, though, Archery Tickets will not work anywhere else in RS3. It is not the most useful or popular currency to obtain.

3.      Chronotes

You can only use Chronotes in the Archaeology Skill, which is why it can’t be spent anywhere but the Archaeology Guild Shop. However, you can trade Chronotes, and they are fun to make! It may not have the same importance as Gold, but you might often need it.

4.      Trading Sticks

Trading Sticks are considered the most valuable currency after Gold. You can use this currency to buy, sell and trade goods across various places in RuneScape 3. You will find a lot of use for Trading Sticks throughout the gameplay, so it’s also good to learn how to make them.

5.      Rusty Coins

Even though it is the least valuable currency, you can use Rusty Coins to buy from the Smuggler. You can obtain the currency from Dungeoneering – a supporting skill in exploring dungeons in Daemonheim. You will have to solve a bunch of puzzles, fight monsters and bosses, unlock doors, and use many skills to survive dungeons. It is a lot of effort to obtain a currency that can not be used anywhere else in the game, so spend them the best you can.

RuneScape 3 Money Making Guide

If you have a weak character, don’t feel demotivated just yet. It takes hard work to climb up the levels, but you can still make plenty of money with the right tools and methods. You might not make money as quickly or efficiently as more experienced players. However, we will explain what will help your character become better. Some methods will only work if you are a member; some don’t require a membership.

1.      Collecting bananas (membership only)

One of the safest and easiest ways of making Gold on RS3 is to collect bananas. Yes, it sounds silly to beginners, but trust us. You will need the Ring of Duelling, Amulet of Glory, and a few baskets. You will need baskets to collect the bananas, but it will also increase your hourly profits. You will also be able to teleport to collect bananas faster using the Amulet of Glory. An abundance of bananas is found in Musa Point due to the banana plantation.

To increase the banana farming efficiency, you could bring 23 baskets and fill them up. You will only get five bananas per tree, and five bananas fit in one basket. It is convenient to go to Musa Point because you will fill up all your baskets quickly. You will get your money once you’ve filled up all your baskets. If you’re a beginner, we recommend you begin with this method.

2.      Harvest cursed energy (membership only)

The go-to method of all new players – harvesting cursed energy is easy because you won’t need anything in particular. You can gain great profits without limitations, but how much profit you get depends on the Divination level. It is easy but also comes with some risks. You will face difficulty harvesting cursed energy as a new player because you can only do it in level 25 Wilderness. You could go about it another way, though. You could get Cursed energy by converting cursed memories or enriched cursed memories.

Cursed memories are hard to obtain, but it is doable with some serious concentration. However, once you’ve converted cursed memories into energy, you can go to Edgeville and convert the energy into incandescent energy. You will be able to sell each incandescent energy for 291 Gold. It is extremely profitable, but you could lose everything if you die in the Wilderness. If Killer Players kill you and take your items, you won’t recover them.

3.      Killing Chickens (no membership needed)

One of the most common activities on RuneScape 3 is killing chickens. It is a very profitable method and kind of fun too. You can find chickens in Fred The Farmers farm, and some egg spawns. You could also use this to increase your Prayer experience by burying all the chicken bones. You could also collect feathers and eggs, which can come in handy later. The best part is that beginners can get used to the combat system.

Now it is time to dive into the real deal. There are various ways of making money once you’ve familiarized yourself with the game and gained some player experiences. It can get difficult to make money, but the more you play, the more options you will get. Money-making is important to enjoy your gaming experience on RuneScape 3 fully. So let us tell you about the best ways to make money on RS3.

1.      Cosmic Rune Crafting (membership only)

You can use the runecrafting skill to make plenty of Gold, amongst others. You will start by filling your inventory with pure essences. You will also have to fill your runecrafting pouches and summon familiar until it is full. Then you will run to the Wilderness and make your way through it. It won’t be easy, but you need to enter to craft your runes by the altar portal once you find the cosmic hole. Once you’ve done that, you have to teleport to Edgeville bank.

It doesn’t sound easy and requires a good amount of effort, but it is all well worth it. You can repeat the whole process as many times as you want. It is very profitable, and you can get all the Gold you could want through this method. You would need high runecrafting love to pull through the risks. If you die during it, you could lose everything, and you’d have to start over.

2.      Herb Cleansing (membership only)

If your skills are not advanced or developed enough, you could get this method. The only thing you need to do is find the most profitable herbs to cleanse. You will also require a Herblore Cape, so it’s best to do this once you’ve achieved level 99 in the skill. Unfortunately, you need to invest in Gold to obtain the herbs you want to clean. You can not begin herb cleansing if you have no Gold already.

3.      Tanning Leather (membership only)

If you’ve played enough RuneScape 3, you know that the economy in the game can be pretty volatile. You can earn Gold by tanning different types of Dragon Leather, but the profits from each can vary. Tanning dragon leather will increase your crafting level while giving you a lot of Gold. You will need a bank present to set up your inventory filled with dragon leather. Once you begin tanning, you can keep at it and get as much as 5 million Gold an hour.

4.      Superheating Runite Ore (no membership needed)

This method is really simple, probably so simple that it’s boring, but it’s effective if you don’t have a membership. This method can increase your Smithing and Magic experiences, allowing you to level up faster. All you need to do is cast Superheat spells on Runite Ores in your inventory over and over. You could invest time doing this and earn enough Gold to do something else.

Flipping: The Best Gold Making Method

Flipping is not the easiest, but it is the most popular and effective way to obtain Gold in RuneScape 3. The best part about this method is that you can use it regardless of your level. You also don’t need to worry about skills. You would need to understand how supply and demand work in this game’s economy. There are a few rules to follow, but any player can become a RuneScape merchant.

Flipping means purchasing tradable items such as sharks, nature runes, magic logs, etc. and reselling for higher prices. However, because the RuneScape economy can be very volatile, it can be tricky to get good profits. You need to know what item is worth and when it is worth a lot. You can find out what’s in demand by checking a player’s skills tab. You will also have to compare the prices of items before you flip them and calculate margins until you find a profitable one.

Monthly game updates can be insightful as well. Each update can affect items drastically so that players might dread updates. They are a very high risk that you should consider because you could lose lots of profits. It’s best to get the hang of RS3 inflations before you go headfirst into flipping. Regardless, you can be guaranteed a lot of Gold if you do everything correctly.


We’ve given you a handful of methods to make money, along with some information about currencies and where they’re useful. You’ve got the tools and knowledge to obtain plenty of Gold! You can now progress through the game faster and enjoy it even more. Some methods are very risky, but they are very profitable. Hard work pays off in the end.

There are countless ways to make money on RuneScape 3, which makes it so fun. There’s so much to explore and learn, and you can find your ways of making money too. To conclude this guide, we must say that you do need some real focus and dedication to get the Gold you want. It might also be best to invest in a membership and expand your options. We hope our top money-making guide for RS3 was helpful and that you can make more Gold than ever before!

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