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How to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves

Ever wondered how you can unlock the Dark Iron Dwarf character? We can help.

World of Warcraft, one of the most popular games ever made and has one of the biggest communities of players. When creating a character, you have to pick your class and race, one of these races is the Dark Iron Dwarves however it is locked. You might want to pick the Dark iron Dwarves but first, you might want to know what you’re getting into before going out of your way to obtain them. Dark Iron Dwarves have a dark history in the game as they are under the control of evil forces, it will be your goal to get them onto the side of the allied race. So, you have started playing the game and are intrigued when you heard the name Dark Iron Dwarves but have no idea what they are or how you even obtain them. This can be frustrating and a real pain to get if you don’t know how to get them. Here we will go through some steps on how to get them and we will also teach you a bit about them. We will be going through:

What are Dark Iron Dwarves

An unlockable character the Dark Iron Dwarves can be played by the Alliance allied races. You have to do a series of things before you can unlock the Dark Iron Dwarves as they can’t be picked straight away. World of Warcraft introduced Dark Iron Dwarves in the update called Battle for Azeroth. Dark Iron Dwarves have a dark past of betrayal whilst fighting against the Horde and Alliance whilst they have been under the control of evil forces. Dark Iron Dwarves are well known for their particular magic arts which makes them strong and unpredictable in their own right.

What Achievement do I need to unlock Dark Iron dwarf?

To unlock Dark Iron Dwarves, you must obtain the achievement Ready for War. To complete Ready for War you will need to battle your way through the hard war campaign in Zandalar or you can go to Kul Tiras for both the Horde and Alliance, although they will be different requirements for Alliance and the horde.  Once you have done this quest, you’re one step closer to finishing and obtaining your long-sought-after prize the Dark Iron Dwarves.

Where do I get the Dark Iron Dwarf Quest?

You will have to go to the Dwarven district and from there you will have to make your way up northwest in Stormwind. You will find the embassy, the embassy was made for peaceful relations for the alliance, it allows people to start supporting them. You will now have to start looking for a certain person names Moira Thaurissan; Moira Thaurissan is a member of the embassy and will help you with finding out how to get Dark Iron Dwarves. Moira Thaurissan will assist you in your efforts to bring the Dark Iron Dwarves to your side by recruiting them in this scenario you will be demonstrating why the Dark Iron Dwarves will join the Alliance through the embassy.

How do you Unlock Dark Iron Dwarves?

We have already gone through the steps on how to unlock the Dwarves but here they are in order.

Ready for War 

As we have already gone through you will have to complete and obtain the Ready for War achievement that can be done through the war campaign in Kul Tiras or Zandalar. Once you have done this you can go onto the recruitment process that takes place in the Northwest part of the Dwarven district where you will find Stormwind.

The allied races recruitment process 

Once completed Ready for War from the war campaign on Kul Tiras and Zandalar you will now make your way to the Dwarven District. In the Dwarven District, you will want to find Stormwind in the Northwest. Here you will find the Embassy and the person you will be looking for is Moira Thaurissan. Moira Thaurissan will give you the scenario to help demonstrate why the Dark Iron Dwarves should join the Allied Races.

Final step

Once you have done the recruitment process this will allow you to play the Dark Iron Dwarves. First hand in the quest then log out. Once you have logged out create a new character when logging back in and here you will find when creating your character, the Dark Iron dwarves, select the Dark Iron Dwarves and make a name and class for it. Then you have finally acquired the Dark Iron Dwarf. 

What class can Dark Iron Dwarves be?

When making a character you will have to make a class with it, the Dark Iron Dwarves are no different than the other Races you can pick, so when choosing a class make sure you like the class you’re picking and make sure the Dark Iron Dwarf is good with that class but most importantly you need to make sure that you will enjoy it, this is important because you don’t want to make a Dark Dwarf character that is a death knight to then find out you don’t enjoy death knights.

Dark Iron Dwarves can be many different classes, they are not limited to only a few picks so you can go wild with how you want your Dwarf to be. The classes are:

  • Death Knight 
  • Hunter 
  • Mage
  • Monk 
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior 

What level do Dark Iron Dwarves start at?

The Dark Iron Dwarves have a starting level of Level 20, with every ability unlocked at 20, From here you will want to start levelling efficiently and try to get the Heritage Armor without using a level boost. 

Best class for Dark Iron Dwarves

Dark Iron Dwarves have a mass number of classes they can choose from so it might be hard to choose what is best for the Race, however, we believe the class is most fitting for tank-type warriors or paladins but is also great with rogues. We also think Shamans could be a good pick for the Dwarves as well.

Are Dark Iron Dwarves worth it?

The Dark Iron Dwarf is a very valuable playable character to unlock and is very much worth it, if you like the lore of the game then the Dark Iron Dwarves are perfect for you as they come with a bunch of dark and twisted history in the game that is intriguing and awesome to learn about. Not only are the Dark Iron Dwarves History amazing but they are outstanding, with their Heritage Armor and how they can access nearly every raid or world area in vanilla to warlords this class can do a lot of good rather than wrong.  The ability Fireblood that comes along with the Dwarves is an amazing ability that removes all harmful effects on the user like poison, disease, curses, magic, and more whilst also increasing the primary stats with a 2-minute cooldown. This ability is great for tanks, healers, and more. 

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