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Why Does My Laptop Keep Disconnecting From The Wi-Fi?

Are you becoming frustrated at the fact your laptop keeps disconnecting from the internet? We can help.

Are you having problems with connecting your Laptop to the Wi-Fi? You might have a new Laptop that you are struggling to set up and connect to the Wi-Fi. It can be hard to find the solution to your problems; it can be even harder trying to fix them on your own. Sometimes common issues with WiFi have the simplest solutions.

In this article that you’re about to read we will go through and touch upon solutions to your internet problems with your laptop, hopefully from this guide you can fix your problems and enjoy using the internet. In the future hopefully, you can remember what we have taught you so if problems like these occur again you know what to do to fix them. So why wait and read on! 

Why does my Wi-Fi keep disconnecting? 

The worst problem to have when using modern technology has got to be when your device can’t connect to the WiFi, maybe the device was once connected but now cannot connect. Whatever the reason is the solution is not normally as hard as you may originally think. Some common reasons why your WiFi might disconnect could be.

Insufficient WiFi or Hotspot Strength

Insufficient WiFi or Hotspot strength can cause you to lose signal. Simply being closer to your router can fix a lot of problems as WiFi strength when using wireless all depends on the distance from the router, you’re in. We would recommend getting as close to your router as possible with the device or use an ethane cable that connects directly to the router. You could also use home plugs or WiFi extenders to help boost the WiFi connection. 

The network is being overused 

A lot of people using the WiFi can cause issues with the bandwidth, to fix this you can simply buy a second router, this will allow people to connect to different routers making it easier to connect to the bandwidth as now there is more of it. 


Interferences are always going to appear when dealing with WiFi from physical interferences to technical interferences.

  • Physical interferences can be walls and objects. Walls made from concrete and masonry, the thicker the wall the harder it is for WiFi signals to pass through it. Metal is a big reason why you might struggle to get a WiFi signal as it stops a lot of the signal from passing through it.
  • Technical issues like Bluetooth can make interferences. Wireless devices that use Bluetooth such as headphones, mice, keyboards, and speakers can all interfere with the WiFi signal. Bluetooth uses a 2.4GHz band that jumps on the same frequency as the WiFi therefore this can cause the WiFi to get delays and make traffic problems for it, overall slowing it down.

Your Neighbor

This might sound absolutely ridiculous but it’s true, your kind and loving neighbor could be the one causing you those headaches and pains when you’re trying to connect to the WiFi, however instead of going over and giving them a good lecture here is what they could be doing that affects you.

Your neighbor’s network could be interfering with your network if they are located closely together, this will normally be more of a problem in apartment buildings as they are normally so close together. They could have devices that use the 2.4Ghz Band that your router uses slowing things down for you. The only way to fix this is by moving your router as far away as possible from theirs 


We all think Bluetooth is good and useful, but have you ever thought it was slowing down your WiFi and giving you problems when connecting to the WiFi? Wireless devices that use Bluetooth such as headphones, mice, keyboards, and speakers can all interfere with the WiFi signal. Bluetooth uses a 2.4GHz band that jumps on the same frequency as the WiFi therefore this can cause the WiFi to get delays and make traffic problems for it, overall slowing it down.


Radios, like Bluetooth, they are jumping on your WiFi frequency. You do not want this happening a lot as this causes speeds to drop significantly as your just giving your WiFi more traffic to go through. Radios such as Walkie talkies and baby monitors are the biggest reason why WiFi signals drop-in family homes when it comes to radio. 

Microwave oven 

The Microwave how could that be an enemy you might ask however for WiFi it is. The Microwave uses the same 2.4GHz frequency as Bluetooth, Radio’s and yes WiFi. The Microwave uses 2.4GHz electromagnetic waves that heat your food to make it nice and warm for eating. This mainly affects older devices that have not as good transmit power.

How to stop your Laptop from disconnecting from your Wi-Fi

Network Troubleshoot

Network troubleshooting is made to be as exactly as it sounds. The tool that comes with your Laptop should search for problems you might be having with your network, so you don’t have to try spending hours finding the problem. The troubleshoot is designed to find the problem and give you a solution or tips on how to fix it. The troubleshoot tool is not designed to fix all your network problems however it is still a useful tool to keep by your side when needed.

  1. Access the troubleshoot by hovering over the WiFi Logo or the disconnected WiFi Logo and right-clicking on it. 
  2. 2 options will appear. Choose the option that says Troubleshoot problems.
  3. Now you have started troubleshooting

Uninstall the network card device

This method will mainly be used for laptops that use Windows 8 or 8.1. The Problem for Windows 8 or 8.1 could be due to a corrupt network driver or device however this can be easily fixed by going onto the device manager and uninstalling the network card.

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and open the bottom search bar.
  2. From here type “Device Manager” and open it.
  3. Once open go down the list and find Network Adaptor
  4. Expand Network Adaptor and find Network Card
  5. Right-click on Network card and click uninstall 

Security software

Security software could be getting in the way of you getting on the internet, so it might be a good idea to remove it. A lot of the time 3rd party antivirus tools will get in the way of your windows and could cause some problems. Now some people may not be comfortable with disabling their antivirus however I can assure you it will be fine as you can use another antivirus that won’t make these problems happen. Removing your antivirus might be a better option than simply disabling it, as disabling it doesn’t always do the trick so getting rid of it completely might be for the best.

Once uninstalled completely, it’s recommended to reinstall an updated version as soon as possible to your device so you will stay protected.

Router Channel 

Sometimes changing your router channel could be the best way to fix your problems if your WiFi keeps getting disconnected and this happens frequently, each router can operate on many different channels, and if you have 2 different routers on the same channel it might be best to try change one of them over to another channel as they could be interfering each other.

To change the channel for your router or wireless adaptor you will need to access your router s configuration page, this is where you will have to navigate your way and find the WiFi section here you will have to change the Channel number. To do this it’s helpful to use the router manual provided by your provider. You can also find your manual online if you have forgotten it.

Why does my Wi-Fi keep disconnecting from windows 10? 

So, you have downloaded Windows 10 and the WiFi is playing up on you, don’t worry we might have a solution for you. Solutions can be to Reset the WiFi auto-config Service.

Reset the WiFi auto-config Service

  1. Open your windows search bar then begin to type “Run”
  2. Now you will be faced with another search bar at you will type service. MSc and press enter
  3. Now you will have to go down the list and locate “WLAN AutoConfig” and double click it 
  4. A new tab will pop up and, on that tab, go down to the part that says start-up type
  5. On start-up, type change it to automatic 
  6. Click apply and ok and now save it 
  7. Now it’s time to see if your WiFi is back to normal, by simply checking in the corner if you have a WiFi signal.


How do you fix unstable Wi-Fi?

Nobody wants an unstable Wi-Fi connection. Having an Unstable Wi-Fi connection means you can’t get on with everyday tasks and that becomes a problem when doing important things like business work or schoolwork. An unstable connection can be caused by 

The distance you are from the router

The closer you’re to the router the better connection you will get, it is as simple as that when it comes to a WiFi connection, it can also be the same internet speed or faster if using an ethernet cable that connects the laptop or computer you’re using directly to the router. Bringing your device closer always helps speed things up if using wireless. So, keep this in mind when your wireless is struggling to connect or keeps disconnecting you from the internet it could be because the router is downstairs or just in another room. This will slow down the WiFi connection because the signal must go further than someone close to the router, pass through walls and other objects.

Other devices nearby 

Maybe you have your Laptop on streaming a movie but you also have your Xbox on playing games next to each other and you’re wondering why is my movie freezing or why is my game lagging, the simple answer is because each piece of technology is rather to close to each other or to taxing on the Bandwidth.  Every device that connects to the WiFi Router wirelessly sends data through the air. Everything together is in a battle for the WiFi connection, be it mobile phones, computers, laptops, or gaming devices everything wireless is trying to get some of the bandwidth.

WiFi Settings

Certain settings can interfere with the way the Bandwidth is shared throughout the building. Switching Router channels can help you find the best channel for your WiFi.

Other devices connected to the WiFi

When you have the whole family in, or some friends round, and everyone connects to the WiFi as you can probably guess this will slow down the WiFi by a lot as everyone is on it. A solution to this is simply getting people to come off it. Due to everyone being on the WiFi it puts stress on the Bandwidth and makes less bandwidth available as everyone is taking some.

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