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The top 5 best Skyrim one handed weapons

Sometimes choosing the right weapon for you in Skyrim is annoying, especially if you don't know what's the best option for you. We are here to tell you what one-handed weapon is best for you, so you don't have to go through the trouble of finding out what's good and what is not

When you get to a certain point in a game where you feel like you don’t do the damage you think you can do, only if you had that better weapon you might be able to progress further and have more fun playing the game. Skyrim is no different from those games; you will want to seek out what weapons are the best for you and what weapons you don’t like using.

Once you figure out what kind of weapon you want to use when facing your foes, you should try your hardest to get better variations of that weapon to make you stronger and better than before; this is the main reason why you play the game and progress through it apart from the storyline obviously. Skyrim is not an easy game, especially for those who are under-geared and overwhelmed, so it is a good idea to find what weapons you can get your hands on and beat those troublesome enemies that have been beating you up since you were level 1.

We will be focusing on one-handed weapons; one-handed weapons give you fast-paced gameplay that many people seem to enjoy. The one-handed weapon gives you lethal damage with quick strikes; finding out what one-handed weapon is the best for you should be your number one priority when you’re trying to upgrade your already existing one-handed weapon. We are here to show you the best one-handed weapon in Skrim, and we will also be answering some other similar questions; right below is a list of topics we will be going through. These topics vary slightly, so if you want to go straight to a certain topic, click one of the questions you want to be answered in the list below, and it will take you straight to it on the page. This means you can skip through other questions you won’t want to read through.

What are one-handed weapons in Skyrim?

One-handed weapons in Skrim are just weapons you hold with one-handed; this means they consist of not only just simple swords but other weapons as well; those other weapons are:

  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Axes
  • Mace’s

Some times these weapons will have enchantments on them that make them do certain things. These enchantments can be anything from knocking back your foes or stealing the enemies stamina when you damage them. The one-handed weapon style is often used for high damage output while also holding something on the other hand for survival purposes. You can run a one-handed sword and a shield to make you feel more like a warrior that can take a hit, or you could just run a dagger and assassinate your foes quickly. The one-handed weapon brings various fighting styles that all come with different damage outputs and survival capabilities.

What is the best one-handed weapon in Skyrim?

The best one-handed weapon comes with a very big debate as a lot of weapons out there are very strong and have different enchantments that change the damage output. Some One-handed weapons might have more damage than others however the enchantment could make the weapon with less damage be a better option. However we are talking about the best one-handed weapon in the game, this means it will be left up to debate and what we think is the best. The list below will show you the top 5 one-handed weapons, number 1 being the best one-handed weapon and 5th being the 5th best one-handed weapon in Skyrim.

You might end up choosing one of these weapons for your Skrim to play through and realise that weapon isn’t for you; this is why we have made a list of different one-handed weapons for you to choose from so maybe one of them will fit your play style

  1. Windshear
  2. Nightingale Blade
  3. Bloodscythe
  4. Soulrender
  5. Chillrend

This sword is unbelievable overpowered not because of its damage but because of its broken enchantment. The enchantment staggers enemies if you hit them with the sword. This makes it so the enemies can not physically fight back. This may seem a bit boring in some people’s eyes as it’s a free way to beat the game easily. The Windshear is the best sword by a long stretch, and if developers ever changed the enchantment, then it might not even be considered a good weapon.
Nightingale Blade
With the base damage at 14, the same damage as a Deadric sword, we have placed the Nightingale sword at 2nd because of its enchantment. If you obtain this sword at level 46, it will come with an extremely powerful enchantment. The enchantment absorbs 25 points of stamina and health from the target with each swing, and this means you can have high sustain and high stamina reduction to enemies, making it an excellent viable option for one-handed weapons
The Bloodscythe is only good if you use the Bloodscythe and the Soulrender together. when used together, they become a duel welding machine that can easily cut down your foes. by itself, the Bloodscythe absorbs 15 health and weakens enemies armour, this coupled with the Soulrender enchantment, this weapon becomes very powerful; however, by itself is not the best option to use.
The Soulrender needs to be paired with the Bloodscythe in number the 3 spot. this is because of the enchantment it has. The enchantment makes the sword stronger if it’s coupled with the Bloodscythe. When paired together, the sword absorbs 15 Magicka and has a chance to dispel magical defences. Using both swords at the same time, you get both enchantments.
One of the coolest looking swords in the game, the Chillrend gets the number 5 spot. The Chillrend comes with an enchantment that deals 30 frost damage and has a chance to paralyse the enemy for 2 seconds with every swing, and this makes the sword viable through the whole game as its base damage stats are strong, and the enchantment is very useful as well.

Where can you find the Windshear?

You can obtain our favourite one-handed weapon in Skrim very easily. You will want to go onto your map and find the location called “The Katariah” here you will find the Windshear before you can go here you will need to complete the Dark Brotherhood questline, once this is completed you will gain a quest. The quest will be called the Dark brotherhood forever, this is the final quest in the questline for the Dark Brotherhood, once the emperor is dead it becomes a repeatable quest, the emperor can be found in the ship just by the shore.” The Katariah” can be found just outside to the right of Solitude.

You will want to swim around or under the ship that is in the water near the shore, you will find a chain on the boat that will let you enter the ship. Once in the ship, you will be faced with enemies, however, if the Dark Brotherhood questline is completed no enemies will appear on the ship. You will want to now make your way to the dining hall of the ship where a bunch of tables and plates can be found, you will want to go up the stairs that can be found on the right. Once you go up the stairs you will want to go to the end of the corridor then turn right and go up some more stairs.

Now that you’re up to your second set of stairs you will want to take the first door on the right that says enter Skyrim this brings you out on the main deck of the ship that overlooks the shore, you will now be faced with your final set of enemies, once these have been killed may your way to the front of the ship and walk up the narrow wooden pole in a straight line, don’t jump off the ship just go straight to the end of the ship.

Once at the very front of the ship, you will look down and on the end of the pole, there is a sword sticking into it named the Windshear, congrats you now have the sword of your dreams!

What one-handed weapon does the most damage in Skyrim?

Daedric Weapon set
Out of all the weapons, the greatest base damage of any weapon is the Daedric sword for the one-handed weapons. Just because it has the greatest damage does not mean it’s the best weapon, as other weapons that have enchantments boost the damage or make the sword more useful in combat. This doesn’t mean the Daedric sword is not any good. The daedric swords base stats are no joke and can take you to end game level enemies; however other swords simply have better enchantments making the game easier to get through.

What is the most powerful weapon in Skyrim

Dawnguard RuneAxe
The reason we believe the Dawnguard rune axe is the most powerful weapon in the game is because of its enchantment; the enchantment makes the weapon stronger every time you kill an undead enemy, this stack goes up to 100 kills making this weapon an absolute monster. We didn’t put this weapon on the best one-handed weapons because of the enchantment; however, this weapon takes time to play the game and grind out kills on the undead to make it a good weapon. Some people won’t want to do that, so we have decided to leave it out

Are one-handed weapons good in Skyrim?

One-handed weapons are very powerful and efficient. They come with a unique style of gameplay that most will enjoy; they are powerful and quick for the most part, so people will enjoy killing their foes in a fast way. The one-handed weapons may not be for everybody as some people just won’t like the game style that comes with them. One-handed weapons can see them as not as hard-hitting as two-handed weapons; however, if you like fast-paced gameplay, then one-handed weapons are perfect.

Should you use one-handed or two-handed weapons in Skyrim?

This question can split many peoples opinions, and we really don’t think you will get a correct answer anywhere you look, this question is very controversial for Skyrim, and it all really depends on the player that is playing the game. Each player has a different way of playing, so one might suit you over the other.

For players that like a quick and fast gameplay style the
n you will most likely go and use the one-handed weapons; they give you a lot of damage while also normally being lightweight and quick to attack with, Compared to the heavy and slow two-handed weapons. Just because the two-handed weapons are so doesn’t mean that they will make you a snail in the game where fast enemies will run riot around you. Two-handed weapons just give you devastating power with a slower and more calm playstyle that is mostly enjoyed by the casual gamer who likes to see big damage numbers when playing.

What are Enchantments?

Enchantments give your weapon a special ability when fighting or give better stats to your weapons that make you a weapon that little bit better. These enchantments can be obtained when finding the original weapon or by crafting the weapon. Finding weapons, you will some times notice, comes with an already existing enchantment like absorption or frost effects, for example. You can also enchant your gear during crafting.

An important thing to note down is the fast you can not enchant already unique items and weapons. this might make you think twice about what weapons you want to acquire or craft, sometimes crafting can be useful however some enchantments found on weapons will be better than enchantments you can craft onto weapons

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