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Skyrim: Fixing Third Person Glitch

Here's a quick few methods on how you can fix the infamous third person glitch on Skyrim.

Skyrim is a great game, which is unfortunately full of glitches. One that is regularly brought up is the third person glitch which can occur from a variety of different things like if you are thrown across the screen. The issue is, it can be really hard to fix this, trying various commands often doesn’t help, don’t fear however fixing the third person glitch may not be as hard as you thought.

I’ve done some research around the web and tried to find the best bug fixes and collate them together to help give you a solution!

1st Method: Simply resume a previous save, which is the easiest way to get rid of the issue. By resuming a previous save or rebooting your console this can often be fixed. Ideally, though, you don’t want to potentially lose your progress so this should be the last port of call.

2nd Method: Enter or leave Werewolf mode, go to your magic menu and select the beast form then press the button you use to cast your dragon shout. Again this isn’t a foolproof method and doesn’t always work but worth a try!

3rd Method: Sometimes going to an alchemy or enchantment table, blacksmith, grindstone or workbench can sort your camera angle.

4th Method: Use the pushactoraway command on the character, this often works.

5th Method: Get into a fight with someone who can turn you into ice, once you are released from the ice then the glitch should be fixed.

If none of these methods worked for you, sorry! Alternatively, if you have found another method and want to help the community fix the issue then please share in the comments below, eager to hear if any of these fixes work or if you have discovered any yourselves.

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