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Where to farm essence of water

Struggling to find where to locate the essence of water and how to farm it, we have got you covered!

World of Warcraft is one of the biggest games of all time, everyone who plays it quickly gets addicted to it and can’t stop playing it. Can you even blame them?

World of Warcraft for those who don’t know is a huge multiplayer role-playing game or as everyone who plays games similar to it MMORPG which stands for Massively, Multiplayer, Online, Roleplaying Game. The main part of the game is to run through quests given from NPC to gain exp, exp will level you up slowly. Killing monsters in the wild will also do the same. Collecting loot to doing raids the possibilities are endless on World of Warcraft, even fighting fellow adventures on the way is possible.

However, if you’re on this post you already know that and most likely want to find out the what, where, and How about the Essence of water. We are here to tell you all you need to know about the Essence of water so sit back and have a good read. Right below are some of the interesting topics we will be going through. you can skip each topic by going straight to the link that interest you the most. Each bullet point is a link that will drag you down the page. so click now and find out the answer to all your questions.

What is the Essence of water?

The essence of water is an item in World of Warcraft classic that can be picked up when looting, often looking like water coming out of a hose. Its light blue is easily identifiable so you will instantly know you picked it up from the monster drop. The Item level is capped at 55 and you can have a max stack of 10 in your inventory. All though a high item level, it does not sell for much as it only goes for 4 silver unless you trade with players however I don’t think players would buy for any more than that. When picked up from loot or fished it has a bright blue glow. when looted it looks like a blue orb. when fished it looks like a vortex that is a brighter blue than the water. The Whirlpool or vortex is not big however it is very noticeable.

Where can you grind the Essence of water?

In WoW there are multiple ways to grind for certain items and this is not any different for the Essence of Water in classic.

You can either fish or Kill monsters to obtain the Essence of water however where can I find these spots you might be asking well here is where.

By popular belief, the best zones to find and grind the essence of water would be all the lakes in the Eastern Plague lands. Another great place is to fish in the Azshara, where you will find the essence of water in an abundance, you could also go to the coastline of Feralas which is also a great spot to try out.

How do you farm the Essence of water?

Farming the Essence of water is easily done, it can be done through fishing and killing water elementals found in the plague lands. We would suggest if you’re farming the Essence of water to go to the lakes and kill the elementals inside and on the outskirts of the lakes. This will help you gain combat experience and as well find the items you’re looking for, where fishing is normally very boring this will be much more enjoyable to farm and it’s better for your time.

What is the Essence of water used for?

What is the Essence of water used for? The Essence of water is often used for certain cooking recipes, various amounts of cooking recipes can be crafted by the player using the Essence of water making it a great way to level up your crafting.

Where to fish for the Essence of water?

We have already stated before where to fish however it’s good to repeat so you don’t forget, the best possible fishing spots are in the Azshara and the coastline of Feralas, here is where you will find the blue vortex/ whirlpool-like animations that are bright blue in theatre. you will want to find these then fish in that spot to acquire the Essence of water. The Whirlpool is not very big however it is very easy to spot as it is bright blue.

What drops the Essence of water?

If you go to the Easter plaguelands you will come across multiple lakes that vary across the land, here you will find water elementals also known as plague ravagers. We would suggest you go down to the Corin crossing lake. Corin Crossing lake is a very big lake filled with many elementals underwater and around the outskirts or on the middle islands of the lake.

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