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Brain Test Level 83

Please stop this fight!

If you are interested in puzzle games online, you will love the idea of Brain test. This is similar to the age-old puzzle games but is rather a new way of getting your IQ tested. You have to solve problems quickly and develop a keen sense of approach. Children should be a part of this game. In simple words, this game is your ladder to a beautiful problem-solving experience and helping you to crack puzzles quickly!

What is the game all about?

Brain test is not only a simple puzzle game. It consists of other games too that makes you wonder and tests your reasoning skills. These include:

  1. Soduku
  2. Mind games
  3. Solve tricks
  4. Number games
  5. Stupid tests

By playing these games, you not only develop your thinking ability, but also learn more about time management, and other suitable thought procedures!

Description of Brain test level 83

Brain test games come in various significant levels. Once you cross the basic ones, you are entitled to play the rest of the levels and complete them to win points and other exciting hampers. The level 83 is often tricky for some players and is therefore titled “please stop this fight”. For this stage, two players need to participate in the game. It is always advised to update the gaming app once in a while to enjoy all the available benefits.

To start this level, you must find an answer to the question asked to you. Several hints are given to you from time to time. In addition to that, you can also pause for a while and try to solve the puzzle for a while. But remember that the timer is ticking and you need to complete it as soon as possible.

There are hints available both in images along with written in words. To cooperate between the boys that are on the verge of fighting because of a cookie, what is the answer available? Well, you need to think and urgently solve it on your own.

The answer to Brain Test level 83
For best results, you want to solve the fight and become friends again. If you have heard of the phrase “sharing is caring”, then you just need to share the cookie by breaking it into half and then giving it to the other boy.

Why is this game great for small children?

Children often fall prey to difficult situations like these. At times, they can’t figure out the right decision and end up picking a fight with the other child. Thus, level 83 of Brain test game ensures that children learn more about the concept of sharing. Therefore, by playing this game and completing the level quickly, you stand a chance to learn more and develop your puzzle-solving ability. Level 83 of this game emphasizes on how to learn sharing skills and what it takes to solve a sharing puzzle.

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