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Fixing The Missing Follower Glitch In Skyrim

Skyrim is a fantastic game, but with fantastic games often come fantastic glitches and bugs, and the missing follower glitch is no exception.

The missing follower glitch is when your follower is nowhere to be seen, yet hasn’t actually died, so you’re left puzzled on what to do next. As you are unable to get a replacement, you endlessly backtrack trying to find them but alas, no trace.

It dawns on you that you may have to restart your game, but don’t be so hasty, here are a few tricks for fixing the missing follower glitch in Skyrim on Xbox, PC, and PS3.

There are a whole host of different suggestions and fixes online so I’ve brought them together through a bit of research so you can try them all, here goes:

Fix 1: Go to jail, yes seriously, commit a crime and go to jail, for some reason this works. Amass yourself a bounty and surrender so that you get to go to jail (the first time I guess you’d ever be happy about that) and the game will then reward you with your follower at that moment greeting you in the cell.

Fix 2: Fast traveling can occasionally fix this, or so I have read online, although it didn’t work for me. When you fast travel, the game glitches out and just thinks that the follower will catch up to you.

Fix 3: Use a quest that actually replaces your follower such as the Proving Honour quest. Farkas will replace your follower.

Fix 4: Sometimes your follower gets tired of waiting for you and will return to their home, but it’s dependent on the follower and this doesn’t always happen. If this is the case though you can pick them up there.

Fix 5: Apparently, and I can’t confirm that it works, but in certain situations what you can do is get married. Your follower should show up at your wedding, but this is unconfirmed.

Now unfortunately these methods don’t always fix the glitch and it isn’t much else I can find, so if you do have any experience in fixing this issue please share in the comments below so that other people can benefit from the fix and no one has to reset their game and lose days/weeks of their lives.

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