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What is Ghosting in Gaming? 

In today's world, gaming has become a highly popular phenomenon.

In today’s world, gaming has become a highly popular phenomenon. People of all ages and genders sit down across their monitors and indulge in an experience where they enjoy playing a particular game for hours on end. To some, this might seem boring, but this is the sense of entertainment for many: to sit for long hours while playing a game on their computer screens.

At its core, gaming is an activity where people enjoy and entertain themselves through electronic games or video games on devices like Xbox and PlayStation. Not only this, but if you’re someone who enjoys playing online games only, you can play those on personal computers.

This is critical in making sure that you enjoy a good time without investing much effort and while you’re already at the comfort of your sitting on your bed or couch. Because of these reasons and many more, gaming has become one of the top pass times in the past years.

Why Do People Enjoy Gaming?

There are many reasons why one would enjoy gaming or are attracted to the idea of gaming. One of these reasons is that people who actively game are more connected to their inner child, engaging more actively in their playful behavior, leading to a happier self.

This, in turn, also drives to more creativity and imagination. When one uses their imagination, they are highly stimulated and lead to higher creativity, thus allowing you to be open to more innovative ideas when dealing with professional situations.

Alongside this, gaming also instills better hand-eye coordination, leading you to have better motor skills. Eventually, this brings a better sense of coordination and works effectively in teams as well. Also, another fact is that someone who enjoys playing games is also considered to be more intelligent since their reflex actions are more on point.

While the idea of a ghost may dredge up a frightening image, monitor ghosting is anything but scary. So, no, you shouldn’t call in the Ghostbusters right now. Rather, ghosting in gaming is a typical monitor issue. To figure out how to remedy monitor ghosting, we’ll need first to figure out why those alien images appear on your display in the first place, as well as a few possible fixes.

What is ghosting in gaming?

Many people often are unaware of what gaming is, but when you get into the gaming world, you gain a lot more clarity about each subject, leading you to be a better gamer. This also means realizing some difficulties which come with gaming.

There are several issues that gamers deal with, including a lack of privacy due to several people having access to your device, malware issues, and often intense interaction with violence. One major problem which is faced by many is ghosting.

So, what exactly is ghosting? Ghosting in gaming is essentially a slow response time which means your screen will provide you multiple impressions, causing distortions. This technically means that when a new image is trying to come on the screen, the previous screen won’t move from its position, leading you to see two screens and eventually causing a blur or a smudged effect, which is not pleasant. The image is called a ghost image.

Monitor ghosting has become increasingly prevalent in gaming because of its high popularity nowadays. Seeing distortions caused by the ghost image can annoy you and ruin your gaming experience from a stressbuster to something that induces stress.

It is becoming common in action games, sports games, and shooting games. If you notice one similarity, it will be that all these applications require fast-moving objects on-screen. Thus another reason for ghosting to occur can be the presence of objects which move fast.

What causes ghosting in gaming?

Now that we have discussed in depth what is ghosting in games, we will look at the reasons because of which ghosting is caused. The two main reasons for ghosting are Screen refresh rate and response rate, both of which we will understand extensively, so we know what to look out for.

Screen refresh rate

Essentially, screen refresh rate is the number of times the display of a monitor refreshes its screen and updates the new image within a minute. This rate is measured in Hertz. Several monitor displays have a refresh rate of 60Hz. The image will be updated 60 seconds during a second, which is efficient, but there are also better refresh rates of 75 Hz, 120 Hz, and 144 Hz.

It is evident that having a higher refresh rate is considerably more effective, and the images will be updated faster, thus causing decreased chances of dealing with ghosting. Having a better screen refresh rate is very important and should prioritize anyone who wants to avoid ghosting while also getting updated images very efficiently.

Response rate

Response rate is the time taken to change a pixel from one color to another and is also responsible for causing ghosting. To understand this better, we need to understand that images are produced by the Central processing unit and Graphic Processing Unit and then sent to the display.

The display takes the time to produce that image so that it’s available to the viewer is called the response time, and, in more cases, it is high. However, it is important to remember that having a lower response time is better than having a display with a higher response time. Alongside that, it is also important to remember that response time is measured in milliseconds.

One of the main reasons for ghosting is when the response rate is higher, and the screen refresh rate is lower, proving that the display is not working well enough to produce images on the display screen that effectively or efficiently, sub consequently being a reason for causing ghosting.

To prevent ghosting, there are several things, which we will discuss further, but to remove ghosting from the very core, one needs to have a slower response time and higher screen refresh rate.

How to fix ghosting?

Monitor ghosting is becoming very common, considering how everybody is running on to the bandwagon of farming. It comes to no ones surprise that one needs to know how to fully deal with ghosting in gaming.

It is also important to note that ghosting is not technically an issue inside your machine, which exists physically. Thus, it will not be fixed by a technician, saving you the effort of going to one.

Firstly, one will need to see whether the issue they are dealing with on hand is ghosting or not. For this, you must do a small test for monitoring ghosting. There are several steps to fix ghosting.

Monitor ghosting test

First and foremost, you will be doing a ghosting test to see if your monitor is acting up or a target of ghosting, for which you need to perform this simple Blur Busters UFO Motion Test. After doing this test, if there are no issues, you will get a green signal; however, you will receive an orange signal if there is an issue.

This will also further elaborate on what to fix, particularly some of which might be frames per second, refresh rate, pixels per frame, and even pixels per second.

Turn on the overdrive function.

When you realize the issue on hand is ghosting, turn on your device’s overdrive function, which you can display through the monitor’s on-screen display menu. It will allow you to change the level of the refresh rate of your monitor and allow you to get optimal performance while reducing ghosting, thus presenting you the easiest way to play at ease.

Adjust monitor settings

After activating the overdrive, make sure another step to fix ghosting is also completed, changing the monitor settings. This merely means changing the setting first tabs like perfect clear, dynamic contrast, noise reduction, and even motion smoothing, which are integral monitor settings, needed to be fixed.

Check connected devices and cables.

Another reason for ghosting might be because of connections with faulty cables or other devices connected to your computer, which is why you should disconnect these cables instantaneously.

These include the HDMI port, Display Port or the USB port, and any cables in this. It is also of utter importance to see there is no fraying or other damage. This is checked by examining the wire crucially by running fingers to its ends. Also, check your wires for overheating, which can be harmful and should be avoided to prevent ghosting in games.

Another thing to look out for is devices connected wirelessly like printers or speakers and checking if they are working appropriately or not. If you feel they are affecting the productivity of your device, you can increase the proximity between screen and device to improve the refresh rate and eliminate ghosting.

Update graphics card drivers

For someone who plays games a lot, it is very common to have a graphics driver card. These card drivers may have bugs if not updated regularly. It would help if you did this at the soonest to prevent any chance of ghosting or display issues.

Checking monitor video port

Suppose you have corrected all the devices mentioned above, plugs, cards, and even wires and nothing seems to prevent ghosting. In that case, it is probably time to check the monitor video port, which can only be corrected by a technician or a professional.

With so many tricks and ways to prevent ghosting, there now seems to be a plethora of ways to work more efficiently, and thus, using these tips and tricks should be our first and foremost priority to deal with ghosting in games since these have proved to be highly accurate methods of dealing with it.

What devices to get to prevent ghosting in gaming?

Now that we have seen the kind of issues one might face due to ghosting, it is most definitely our number one priority to invest in monitors which are extremely easy to use while also being apt for dealing with ghosting.

A great example of this is buying devices that have a great screen resolution and display panel. Essentially, one is always on the lookout for a device or a monitor with exceptional screen resolution, which is 1920 x 1080, or devices with an even higher resolution.

It is also highly important to buy devices with a higher screen refresh rate, possibly higher than 120 Hertz; thus, to ensure the screen refreshes maximum times within a second and proves to be the easiest to use. It is also highly important to see the response rate, for which the ideal time is 3ms or less, which proves to produce the image on display a little faster.

With the screen refresh rate of approximately 120 Hz and response time of 3ms, it is also excellent to have a resolution higher than 1080p, which is the best quality of screen resolution. Also, it is important to see that the input lag of the device is also considerably low.

To elaborate further, input lag is the time taken for an input action to be displayed on the screen and thus should be relatively low to provide the best content.

With all these features, you will be sure to have the device of your dreams, which will lag no more, refresh instantly, respond within seconds and be high-definition quality, thus fulfilling all your needs and solving your issue of dealing with ghosting while gaming.


Today, gaming has become such a popular phenomenon that pretty much everyone indulges in it one way or the other. This also comes with its cons: ghosting is when there is a disruption in the screen due to 2 images overlapping, primarily caused by a higher response rate and lower screen refresh rate.

There are several ways to fix the issue of ghosting, including turning overdrive functions, checking connected devices, adjusting settings, and updating graphics card drivers. These are all highly important tasks to perform, especially to counter ghosting.

Alongside that, it is also important to invest in better devices that will reduce ghosting in gaming, saving you from annoyance and letting you play your game in peace, without any hindrance.

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