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How to enable Screen Share on Discord?

Screen sharing is an excellent part of Discord that allows people to connect to each other's computers without being at the other person's computer, and here is how you do it!

Sharing information from one computer to another can be complex, tiring, and lengthy. However, screen sharing makes all of that a lot easier as it allows you to show others how to do a thing as if you were with them in person. Screen sharing might sound fantastic, and you might ask yourself, wow, how do you use it, or maybe you might be thinking, I can use this to teach my friends, co-workers and family how to do things on the computer without having actually to meet up with them. We will answer all the questions you have been asking about screen sharing. You may already know what screen sharing is but not know what app utilises Screen sharing to its maximum potential; if you did know what screen sharing was and wanted to know what app to use, we would recommend Discord as it is trendy for pc users and has overall good user feedback. We will talk all about Discord and how to enable screen sharing on their app to teach you what it’s like to use the tremendous app Discord to its full potential.

Discord has various amounts of different features; Discord is regularly used for gamers; however, you can use Discord for everything as it is not exclusive for just gamers. Discords Screen sharing can be used to show your friends how to complete a part of a game or maybe even show your workplace a presentation discord screen sharing is only limited to your imagination. Discord Screen sharing can connect and stream other apps for others to see; this means when you start screen sharing to the people you want to share your Screen with, it will share everything on your Screen, from what game you’re playing to what search engine you have open.

Below are some of the topics we will go into; you can click on the list below to speed up the process of finding that specific topic you might be looking for; this means you can skip all the other content that you might not need or want to know.

What is Screen Sharing?

We may have already touched on Screensharing in the intro. However, that wasn’t very in-depth, here we will go in-depth on what screen sharing truly is and how to utilise it to its full potential to get the most out of your screen sharing experience.

Screen sharing allows you to connect multiple people to view your screen on your computer, similar to face time on iPhone and video calls on skype. However, the main difference is that screen sharing can be utilised more sophisticatedly than the other apps for your phone or computer can. Screensharing gives others access to what you see, and that is all; this means people can view what you’re doing; however, they cannot take control of what’s happening on your screen. They are merely just an observer. The other user watches your Screen in real-time and can see everything you do once screen sharing is active. This is mainly used for online presentations for school or work, and you can also use it to show people what to do in games. Screensharing on Discord allows you to share your Screen while also on other applications like PowerPoint, Word, or Games like GTA 5, Call of Duty, and more.

Screensharing allows you to use your time to the maximum potential. You can screen share your work or game without sending over different files, videos, or other content, and this is especially helpful if you’re on a timescale or don’t have the space to download all the files. Screensharing can get rid of all those nasty processes.

What is Discord?

Discord is a world-famous app used worldwide for its interactive services that allow you to communicate with others through private servers made by the user or public servers joined by the user. Discord allows you to share information with others through a messaging system or a discord server with multiple people allowed in it.

Discord is a VoIP software that Discord Inc developed; the concept came from Jason Citron, who originally made other instant messaging and VoIP platform OpenFeint. Co concept creator Stanislav Vishnevsky helped create the concept with Jason. Stanislav Vishnevsky, in the past, made another instant messaging VoIP software called Guildwork. Discord was released on May 13th, 2015.

Gamers mainly use Discord because it allows gamers to freely and easily talk while they play games together. Discord allows you to be in a call while having Discord in the background. This means you can play your games without having the app visible when playing your games. You can use Discord for work purposes as well; Discord is suitable for presenting your presentation at work.

The user can also communicate with one or multiple people without joining a server. They can be in just one big group call that allows them to talk to each other simultaneously, like a phone call between multiple people. Discord has many different features; the main feature we are focusing on that Discord excels at is Screen sharing. Screensharing is simple and easy to use on Discord without anything that holds you back and may give you irritation. Discord has developed their Screen sharing, so it suits the user’s needs and wants.

How to enable Screen Sharing on Discord?

You’re here reading this article because you want to know how to enable Screen Sharing on Discord. We will go through it with you step by step, so you better read carefully and follow each step correctly, or you might get lost and not understand what you’re doing. First, let’s tell you a bit about Discord screen sharing.

Discord Screen sharing can allow up to 9 people to view your screen simultaneously, so it’s perfect for small meetings or a small group of friends. Ensuring your settings are correct for discord screen sharing is important because it might not work if you have the wrong things connected. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get started.

    1. Log into Discord and head to the user’s settings in the bottom left, and you can tell what the user’s settings are by the symbol it shows; if you don’t know what a settings symbol is, in short, it’s a typical settings Gear symbol that looks like a cog, you often see cogs used as a symbol in most apps to show where to locate the settings.
    2. Once on the user’s settings page, you will be given a list of settings on the left; here, you will want to go to appearance.
    3. Once on the appearance, you will want to scroll down until you find the advanced settings; here, you will find developer mode. Make sure developer mode is enabled. This basically allows us to share our screen now with other people.
    4. Once this has been enabled, you are ready to go. To start screen sharing, you need to create a link to the screen-sharing session, and you will be producing a link that looks like this
    5. The first thing you want to do with your link is to copy the first part of the link, which is; please remember every link will be different; however, the start of the link will be the same, this is because the Server ID and voice channel ID are different for each server and voice channel.
    6. Once the first part of the link has been copied, you should paste it into the server messaging bar at the bottom in a chat, don’t send it just yet. And now we need a server ID.
    7. To get the server ID, you will want to right-click on the server you want to screen share on and scroll down to copy ID and then paste that ID onto the link with a “/” after it; it should now look like something like this. Remember, every server ID is different, so the number will not be the same as the number I have given.
    8. We now need the voice channel ID; it must be a voice channel, not a text channel; you know it’s a voice channel in the server because it will have a speaker next to its name. From here, you will right-click the Voice channel, then scroll down to copy ID.
    9. Once you have copied, paste it into the link you’re creating; the link should now look like this then click enter once you have this link.
    10. When people are in your voice channel, they can now click on your link and view the screen that you’re sharing.
    11. To make sure it works, you need to be in the voice channel and then click your link. You will be presented with your profile picture and a small Hud at the bottom. This Hud has settings, microphone disconnect and most importantly, turn on screen share. The screen share icon looks like a box with an arrow in it. Click on it to turn on screen share.
    12. Once you have turned on-screen share, you will be presented with a new tab screen in Discord; this is where you choose your screen share options. In the top left, you have the option to share your entire screen.
    13. Once you are on the share entire screen, click the Share button on the bottom right of the tab, and now you have officially learnt how to screen share.

Why does my Screen Share not work on Discord?

Many things can prevent you from using screen sharing to its full potential; this can be annoying and highly frustrating at times, especially when you don’t know how to fix it. Usually, the problems can be solved easily by a simple switch of settings.

Ensure you have the settings correctly adjusted to your screen sharing; if you have tampered with your settings and your screen sharing has stopped working, we would recommend changing those settings back. It could have changed something that negatively affects your screen sharing.

It’s essential to make sure your settings are correct. The basic settings to make sure are the Voice diagnostics settings, specifically the “use or latest technology to capture your screen.” Another significant one that you can also find in voice and video settings is the advanced settings where you will find developer mode, make sure that it is switched on.

How do I change my Screen Sharing settings?

Find the settings icon on your Discord here, and you will find multiple options that will affect your screen-sharing experience. Firstly, make sure your microphone and headphones are working by checking the input and output devices are correct in the voice and video settings section. This is essential because you will want people to hear you, and you will want to hear them as well.

Make sure while you’re in the voice and video settings to scroll down and go onto the video settings where you can test the video to make sure everything is working correctly. If you look at how to enable screen sharing written above, you can find on step 11 some different settings that can be adjusted, and these are settings for your microphone and screen share settings.

How do you fix Discord Screen Sharing?

Ensuring you have the correct Permissions on your computer to use screen sharing can fix many problems; this can be done if you find Discord on your home bar in the bottom left of your desktop. You will want to run Discord in Administration mode; this can be selected by right-clicking the discord Icon before loading it up.

The latest technology setting that can be found in the voice and video settings is a voice diagnostic that can be interfering with your experience while using screen sharing, it can negatively affect your screen-sharing experience if you do not have this enabled, and it could fix your problems if it is enabled so making sure you have the latest technology to capture your screen active.

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