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How To Give Money To Friends (& Make Money) In GTA Online

We might have uncovered a little loophole around how to give money to friends in GTA online, find out more by reading the article below!

GTA online is considered ideal for many crafts and rewards, essentially for the most ruthlessly driven players in the game. The game’s main loop involves players’ potential to generate as much cash as they can.

I am sure you Have a group of friends to play Grand theft auto online together, and a few as them are always craving for money because they are lacking behind in a few things.

GTA online does not always reward the most benevolent of players, but a little gesture of something great can take you far in making good friends in the game. But the poor thing is that GTA does not allow you to offer cash to various other players in the Game and even to your close friends as well.

But you do not need to worry; it has an option of sharing the money you made with the other players on a job in a similar game session as yours.

I am sure you have similar thoughts as me about GTA online, that they should allow transferring cash from one player to another or at least our good friends.

There are still a few methods listed below which can help you transfer money in the same session:

  • While playing the game, go to the interaction menu.
  • Click on inventory
  • Choose cash
  • A menu will appear and select “share cash from the last job.”
  • Choose the amount of cash you wish to transfer to your friends or other players in the session.

It would be best if you kept in mind that only the cash earned from the last job, i.e., missions, robberies, races, and heists, including all other GTA online game modes.

Now we will be going into a little detail about different sessions and will guide you on how to give money to others in grand theft auto online:

The first we will be starting with is…

Selling cars:

I am sure by now you are good at hijacking or breaking any good car On the street. The moment you get the car drive it to the LS customs and get it tuned. You do not have to purchase any insurance for the car; otherwise, you will be the one who has the car’s ownership. Hand over the car to one of your close friends or whoever you want to give it to. They can now apply for car insurance by taking it to LS customs, and then they can get money for themselves by selling the car.

Heist cut:

While preparing for the highest, the highest leader has a chance to pick a few crew members. Each of the crew member cards can be placed according to the leader’s choice. No doubt, it can also be a way of rolling other crew members. If you amazingly reach, you can drop your own cut to 0% and increase your close friends’ card. Do this when you do not need cash for yourself.

VIP work:

The moment you open the interaction menu, you get an option to register yourself as a CEO. Once you register yourself as a CEO, You can go back to the main menu and see the VIP work. Once you are there, you have plenty of options for small missions that you can choose from. But do not get fooled at any cost. The small nations can reward you with plenty of cash, and they can be played a few more times after passing a designated time limit. These small missions can reward you up to $50,000 through which you can help your closed ones and other players in the games if you wish to. It gives you the option of sharing your job money after completing the mission; by getting back to the interaction menu again, you will see an option of cash, which allows you to share or split the cash which you have been rewarded from your job.

Shark cards:

You can purchase shark card codes online. This method is considered to be the easiest one but trusts me; this costs a lot of money. These shark cards are quite expensive, but if you are willing to spend money for any of your close friends, you can gift shark cards. As a birthday present or on some special occasion. These shark cards can be redeemed, and you will be granted cash in return for the game.

These were a few simple ways that will allow you to give money to others in grand theft auto online.

I am sure you must be thinking that we have told you about giving or sharing money with others but haven’t given any tips about making money.

Heists and selling cars will help you give others money in GTA online and help you make cash for yourself.

Let us give you a little brief about making money in grand theft auto online through heists, keeping money in the banks, and selling cars.


Heist Is the most fun and exciting way of learning in grand theft auto online. You can gang up with a few friends who are good at performing these. This way, you can make a lot of cash without even taking help or asking for cash from any other friend.

Motorcycle club and Gunrunning:

The motorcycle club is one of the coolest ways in the game to make a lot of money. Whereas gunrunning can help you make $80,000 per hour, this is probably the most acceptable way to add up your income.

Selling cars:

If you own the fastest and good looking cars in grand theft, auto online can make you a lot of money when you sell them. Selling cars can give you a lot of value. Cars like Obey Rocoto, Vapid Peyote can work wonders for you.

In keeping your money in the bank:

We all know and looting grand theft auto traditions online, so the best way to keep your money safe and to protect is to keep it in the bank. I would suggest it to be the most important thing you can do to save your money.

I hope we answered your question of “How to give money to others in GTA online?” And in addition, we also told you how to make money as well.

Good luck with your next mission!

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