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How To Stop a Minecraft Raid

Before you take on that raid, you might want to find out how to stop it! We can help.

One of the biggest games ever created, one of the most loved games out today that still gets massive attraction from its players and community. The one the only Mojang’s very own Minecraft.

We have all played Minecraft but if you haven’t for some reason you will understand soon enough why people play the survival/creative game and trust me it is addicting. Just because this game is addicting and fun to play doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its challenges. Some challenges will put you against the likes of monsters you have never seen before or maybe even a dragon.

Those who have played the game could encounter such challenges but the one challenge we will be focusing on is the Raid. If you’re getting frustrated and saying to yourself “why can’t I defend myself against this raid” or “why is this raid happening” then you’re in luck as we will show you how to deal with all your raid problems.

What is Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival/creative game made for all types of people no matter what age, race, gender, or sexual preference; Minecraft appeals to everyone. Minecraft is most well-known for its block building feature. The aim for Minecraft’s survival is to build a house, survive the night, and fight your way to beat the ender dragon! If playing in creative mode you can build anything you want with unlimited blocks at your disposal whilst being invincible, this lets your creative side out as Minecraft gives you the building blocks to do anything your imagination can come up with.

Technically Minecraft doesn’t have a finish you can build until your heart’s content, although people that play the game often when starting a world in survival aim to kill the ender dragon as that is the most powerful monster in the game. You don’t have to worry when killing the ender dragon as it won’t end your game or delete the world the only thing that will be gone is the dragon.

What is a Raid

Before you take on a Raid and try to stop one it’s good to find out what one is beforehand. A Raid in Minecraft happens when an in-game event appears, the event is an all-out attack on a village that you’re near or in. Various monsters and illagers will be spawned in to attack the village. This is triggered when the character you are playing or someone else, you’re playing with has the Bad omen status effect attached to them. The event is only triggered when you walk into the village or near it with the effect on you.

How do you stop a Raid?

You can only stop a raid using 2 methods. The first way you can stop the raid is by killing all the enemies that attack the village by facing them head-on in a vicious brawl to the death. The second option and the way you don’t want to do it as you might lose process and your items is by dying, letting the villagers die to the onslaught from the monsters and illagers, or have their beds broken by them.

You can have a unique method of dealing with a raid that abuses the game mechanics by running away and getting to a place where the village is not able to load in your chunks. However, the raid won’t end, it will be paused until you go back there. So, if you have no gear or your gears lacking when fighting a raid maybe this might be the best option so you can come back and fight it with better gear.

When a raid starts a red health bar will appear at the top of your screen with the word “Raid” above it. This means the raid has started. Once you kill a Monster that is either a Pillager, Vindicator, Evoker, Witch, or a Ravager the health bar will go down. When the health bar is down and not red anymore the raid will be over, and the villagers will be cheaper to trade with.

Do Pillagers kill Villagers

Pillagers are just mean, they will attack anyone, and this means even your lovely villagers. They will even go for the Iron golem and who in the right mind would do that. Watch out for pillagers they won’t just attack the precious villagers that you might want to keep for those sweet trade deals on the enchanted books you always wanted, they will also go for the wandering traders if they spot any. So, when you see them on patrol make sure to take them out however be warned you could gain the Bad omen effect if you kill a leader.

How to Trigger a Raid?

First things first you need to find a Pillager Outpost. An outpost is a building that can be found spawned near a village since it’s a natural spawning near a village this means it can spawn in any biome that a village is in.

Once you have gone into the Outpost you will have to kill the pillagers inside, this is where you will come across the leader. The leader has a big illager banner on his head, you will then kill him and obtain the Bad omen effect because of it.

Now that you have the Bad omen effect you can start a raid at any time. To officially start the raid, you will have to find a village then walk into it when you have the Bad omen effect. This will spawn a bunch of monsters and illagers to attack the village and kill the villagers.

What is a Pillager outpost

The Pillager Outpost is a structure that is made mostly from wood, cobblestone. The Outpost can be spotted near villages. They naturally spawn near villages and hold Pillagers inside them, this includes a Pillager leader that can give you the Bad Omen effect.

The outpost looks like a watchtower with a viewing area of the area around the tower that also has a roof protecting it from above. Whilst at the outpost scattered around it you can find, few small tents, targets, logs, and cages. Inside the cages can be Iron golems. At the top of the Outpost, you will find a chest. The chest can obtain certain items such as bottle o’enchanting, tripwire, carrots, hooks, crossbow, dark oak logs, and wheat.

What is a bad omen in Minecraft?

The Bad Omen Effect appears when you kill a Pillager Leader, the Bad omen effect will cause a raid whenever you enter or get to close to a village, spawning multiple enemies to face. The monsters will charge at the person that has the bad omen whilst also attacking the villagers.

You can get different levels of the Bad Omen ranging from 1-7 in roman numerals. The higher the numeral the more waves and harder it will be, so make sure you come equipped with a weapon and some Armor, you will need it.

What does the Illager banner do?

You cannot currently create an illager banner as of 2020 however you can obtain one as they are dropped by the Pillager leader when killed.

The banner will be placeable like any other banner and have no side effects. You will only gain the Bad omen effect when killing the Pillager Leader that’s the only negative you will get from obtaining this item.

Do Pillager Banners attract pillagers

The Pillager or Illager banner will not attract any unwanted attention from mobs or other enemies so don’t be worried a Pillager won’t turn up to greet you at your base because you stole its leader’s banner from him (they don’t seek revenge don’t worry). The only time pillagers will attack you or find you is when they are on patrol or you have walked into a village with the Bad omen effect on.

Can you Tame a Pillager?

Taming a Pillager is a long process so be prepared for the wait. To make a Pillager your friend and a brother in arms you will need to break their crossbow. The crossbow has a durability of 326, so you need the Pillager to shoot 326 times to break his crossbow, do you see what I mean by a long wait now. A good method you can use is to equip 5 shields to your Hot bar and let him attack you whilst your shield is up, maybe you should think about bringing 6 shields in case you get into a bad situation. May as well be safe rather than sorry am I right.

Once the Crossbow is broken find yourself a name tag and change the name of it in an anvil, I would recommend doing this before you start the long process of letting yourself be attacked by the pillager. Once you have your name on the name tag, slap that on your pillager and now you have your pillager. You can take him anywhere using a boat but the leash won’t work on it.

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