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Rarest Skins In Fortnite

Want to stand out from the crowd? Here we feature some of the rarest available skins in the game.

Skins are the most important things that set the players different from other players. The players look for the rarest skins in Fortnite to make themselves stand out. There are many Fortnite skins, but no player has all the skins. We are going to discuss some rarest skins in Fortnite. The player can have the edge over the rest of the players with these special skins. Some Fortnite skins are easy to acquire, but some are so rare that you might have seen them once in Fortnite Battle Royale. Some very exclusive skins cannot be purchased by conventional means. They are given to those who have bought console bundles.

So let us start with the rarest skins:

Skull trooper:

This skin first appeared in the Fortnite item shop in October 2017. It has appeared in the item shop for a few times. This can be acquired only at certain times of the year. The purple variant is even more rare and available to those who had bought it when it was first seen in the item shop.

The reaper:

This was introduced for promotional Fortnite materials and is rarely seen in the game. It is rare because there are very limited options to acquire it as the players could only make it through tier 100 of the season three battle pass. The reaper was the status symbol in the beginning. Many players acquired it because Fortnite was not a global phenomenon in the early period.

Dark Voyager:

In the initial years, dark Voyager was a common skin. After unlocking tier 70 of the skin, three battle pass, almost every player and this skin. However, after two years, when there were not many players were on season three skins. It means dark Voyager cannot be seen anymore.

When Fortnite gets many players, the skin will get rarer and rarer.


It is a quite known Fortnite skin. It was available only on a selective few expensive mobile devices. Moreover, the skin was not available to Samsung users anymore. The glowing skin replaces it.

The black night:

Just like the reaper, the Black Knight skin was available to the players who played the Fortnite game in the initial stage. The Black Knight skin was the reward for those players who cleared the season 2 battle pass. The season to battle pass was the first battle pass in the history of the Fortnite game. At that time, not many players played the game as they do today. So not many players will have this skin unless they were the initial stage players.

Recon expert:

This is a very plain skin and one of the rarest Fortnite skins. It is not available now. The skin was one of the first skins introduced in the game. It was available only in season one. In the beginning, the game was not very popular among the players. Moreover, as it was attractive, the players must leave it in favor of other attractive skins; if epic takes a decision to re-release it, it can come back in Fortnite.

The Merry marauder:

It was specially themed for the holiday season. The skin of an angry gingerbread man was available for a brief period over Christmas 2017. So very few players chose it. In addition, this scenario makes it one of the rarest skins.

Arial assault trooper:

This skin appeared very dull to the players, and they did not choose it. Therefore, the only reason it became rare was this only. Above all, this skin is from season one. The skin flagged the attraction, as it is a look-alike of the default skin. Therefore, we can say that the classic retro look makes it one of the rarest skins.

Renegade raider:

The skin just appeared in season one. The player could acquire it after reaching level 20. The skin is a little more attractive, but it is up to the epic to re-release it. It came into the early years, so it comes naturally in the section of rarest skins.

The Royal bomber:

It became one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. It was exclusively available to the Fortnite-themed bundle of the PS4. It was only available in Europe and to those who spend some extra money to buy it. It was available only for a short period that too in summer 2018. After that, a different bundle replaced it. If you want it, you have to spend some extra bucks to buy it.

Double helix:

It was available as a part of a Nintendo switch bundle in late 2018. It is one of Fortnite’s rarest and most expensive skins. The player has to buy an entire console to have it. It has already been sold out at every retailer for a long time now. Therefore, if you want to have it, you can buy it from a third party seller at a very high price.

Sparkle specialist:

It could only be obtained in the initial days of Fortnite. When the player reaches Tier 56 of the season 2 battle pass, he could unlock it. This skin was very popular among the player in season 2. So new players will not get a chance to buy it.

Glow skin:

The glowing skin is also Samsung’s promotional scheme. The promotional period has ended, and with this and they hope to get the skin anymore. It is also the rarest because of the cost of buying it.

Like, they were introduced in the initial seasons of the game. Players are not very keen to buy them. The skins are simple and plain. Some skins were introduced for a certain period and were later replaced by different bundles. All these are the reasons, which make it a rare skin.

We can point out by saying that they are old skins like the game of Fortnite has just started. As you know, in the beginning, Fortnite was not one of the favorite ones. It took time to become famous and popular among the players, and back then; skins were not very attractive.



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