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Animal Jam Codes – The Complete List (Active)

Are you a fan of Animal Jam? Here are some codes to get you some gems!

Animal Jam is a free to play kids game played on mobile and desktop. The world revolves around getting gems to shop and buy in-game items, hence why you can really benefit from these Animal Jam codes!

What is Animal Jam

I assume the reason you are here is that you play Animal Jam, but you might be considering downloading it. As a quick recap, we’ll just tell you a little bit about it. It’s a game you can download on the Apple Store, Google Store, and on your PC.

The idea of the game is that you become your favorite animal pet, which expresses who you really are in the detailed 3d world called Jamaa. It’s a game for kids which is safe and allows them to meet and chat with new fens whilst playing animal games, learning about nature and adopting pets.

It was rated one of the best apps for kids by Google in 2017 and is still popular to this day. It’s safe for children but you need parental consent if you’re under 12.

Some of the key features of the game are that you can personalise your animal, play fun mini-games, earn gems, shop for clothes or other items, decorate your den, chat with your other animal buddies and learn more about them.

How to redeem Animal Jam codes?

Redeeming an Animal Jam code is relatively straight forward, here are the steps:

  1. Log in to Animal Jam
  2. The settings should be in the top right hand side of your screen, click it
  3. At the top of the settings menu, there should be a redeem code button, click that
  4. There should be a field to enter your code & enter
  5. The reward from the codes might appear after you log out and back in again, or straight away

It’s really that straight forward!

How do you get free gems in Animal Jam?

There are several ways in which you can get Animal Jam gems for free, and here are just a few of them:

  1. Log in every day and do the daily spin
  2. Use the purple controller at the top of the page and play games that give lots of gem rewards such as Falling Phantoms, Best Dressed, Splash and Dash & Jamaa Derby, avoid playing games with very little gem rewards
  3. Be nice and send gifts to your friends
  4. Participate in adventures
  5. Recycle your unwanted items to earn extra gems
  6. Finally, probably the easiest, use the list of codes that we have supplied to earn extra gems!

What else can you get from Animal Jam codes?

Majority of the Animal Jam codes in our list will mean you redeem gems, but there are a few that allow you to redeem other prizes.

Here’s a list of things you can get, aside from gems:

  • 8th Birthday Cake: ajbday8
  • 9th Birthday Cake: ajbday9
  • 10th Birthday Cake: classicbday10
  • 10 Diamonds: ajfree
  • Hidden Juno statue: Juno
  • Rare Hot Dock Necklace: ajthnx

Active Animal Jam Codes – List

These Animal Jam Codes will earn you 750 gems each, we try to keep them update so they aren’t expired, however, a few of them may be, so try more than one:

  • ganges
  • fuzzyfriend
  • friends
  • foodfight
  • festival
  • feast
  • fashion
  • explore
  • dynamitejams
  • drawing
  • downyfriend
  • discovery
  • deepsea
  • danceparty
  • croc
  • coralreef
  • celebrate
  • campwild
  • birthday
  • bff4ever
  • bemybuddy
  • beeparty
  • beano
  • bats
  • arctic
  • annual2play
  • animals
  • ajtreasurechest
  • ajrocks
  • ajplaycards
  • ajbday7

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