Best 140mm Case Fan

You need a specific size case fan, no worries, as we have all the best options for 140mm case fans here for you!

Sometimes it is hard to find the right equipment for the job; sometimes, it’s hard to find out what you need and what you don’t need with a piece of hardware. This is no different when trying to find out what case fan suits you best. We are here to give you some great and fantastic 140mm case fan options that will help cool down your pc and make your Pc setup shine and look fantastic. We are here to tell you what you have to look for in a case fan and more because we know for those who don’t know what they are doing when it comes to technology hardware, it can be difficult and overwhelming to understand what is good and what is bad.

We at So Nerdy have decided to supply you with a list of 140mm case fans to ensure you get the best Pc to build possible. We are giving you multiple options to choose from as some options may be better for you rather than for other people. For those that aren’t as technology-driven, we have multiple answers to your questions below while also giving you products you might be interested in. We have considered people’s budgets and have made alternative options for you as well, and this should help those who don’t want to spend as much money as the serious gamers who want the best PC possible. We have also collected a few alternatives to our best pick if that one doesn’t suit you.

Using the list below will take you directly to the section on the page that you want to click on; we have made this for those who want to skip through the page as they already know what to look for in a 140mm case fan.

The best 140mm case fans

Here is a fantastic 140mm case fans that we believe is the best case 140mm case fans you can buy. We have chosen our best 140mm case fan, the Cooler Master SickleFlow 140 v2. With its great price and its low noise output, we have put the Cooler Master SickleFlow as number one on the list.

Cooler Master SickleFlow 140 V2 ARGB Square Frame Fan, ARGB 3-Pin Customizable LEDS, Air Balance Curve Blade, Sealed Bearing,140mm PWM Control for Computer Case & Liquid Radiator

Product Description
The best 140mm fan out there for all users to buy. The Cooler Master SickleFlow is an exceptional 140mm case fan that works wonders. Not only do the lights show magnificent colors that will light up all your gaming nights, but the final is super quiet with a dB noise level of 27.

Equipped with a brand new blade design and fan structure, the Cooler Master SickleFlow is the absolute complete fan you can buy out there. The new blade design improves all airflow for the case and provides perfect air conditions inside your case to cool down those intensive gaming sessions. An enhanced fan frame allows you to have a quieter gaming pc, and the frame makes gaming on the most intensive games feel refreshing with little noise output from the fans keeping your pc cool.

Sealed bearings make the PC more secure and cleaner altogether. The bearings being sealed stops all dust and other unwanted mess like lubrication oil that could leak. Since the bearings are more stable and structured to perfection, this makes the fan work to its maximum potential by increasing life span and efficiency. An adjustable fan speed allows you to go from quiet gaming to intensive gaming while still quiet and to keep your pc cool. Speeding the fan rpm up to 1400 will give you an extremely cool pc that won’t be overheating anytime soon.

Main Features

  • ARGB lighting
  • New blade design
  • New fan structure to the frame
  • Bearings sealed away
  • Fan Control

Why We have chosen it
We at the So Nerdy team have chosen the Cooler Master SickleFlow as our best case fan at 140mm because of its exceptional performance capabilities and all-around performance. Cooler Master SickleFlow is exceptional at keeping a pc cool with a maximum of 1400 rpm, and it does it quietly with only 27db. We have also chosen the Cooler Master SickleFlow because of its ARGB lighting function that everybody loves; who doesn’t love flashy light? If you don’t, you can also turn them off as the lights are customisable.

The most Efficient 140mm case fan

We have chosen the next fan as our most efficient case fan as it only slightly lost out in the end to the Cooler Master SickleFlow, which is our chosen best. We believe efficiency is key, and the Corsair AF140 LED cooling fan has taken the most efficient spot.

CORSAIR AF140 LED Low Noise Cooling Fan, Dual Pack - Blue, 140 mm

Product Description
Corsair AF140 LED cooling fan is a fantastic fan that will cool down your pc to the best available ability. Out of all the 140mm fans out there, you will struggle to find a fan quite like the Corsair AF140 LED cooling fan. Corsair AF140 LED cooling fan has fantastic cooling with speeds up to 1400RPM to cool the PC down to perfect conditions for any activity being done.

Low noise operations allow the pc to sound quiet and easy-going. Ensuring your PC is quiet is important for many people as noise can distract them from gaming and distract time from working on other things. This is where the Corsair AF140 LED cooling fan is amazing as it has a sound output of 26db, which is a hardly noticeable and shallow sound.

The perfect combination of static pressure and airflow makes the Corsair AF140 LED cooling fan so efficient at what it does compare to other 140mm case fans. The perfect balance between them brings in a perfect airflow for the computer and balances the use of strong static pressure on top of that; this means you can use other CORSAIR products such as the hydro series for liquid cooling; this will help cool your liquid CPU coolers. A great color scheme comes with the Corsair AF140 LED cooling fan as you can have the voices of blue,
red or white to make your case shine bright

Main Features

  • 1400 Rpm for airflow
  • low noise with 26DB
  • combination of airflow and static pressure
  • Liquid CPU coolers
  • illumination throughout the case

Why We have chosen it
We have chosen the Corsair AF140 LED cooling fan as our most efficient 140mm fan because of its variety of uses and great airflow potential when using the fan. The fan lacks color various however you still get 3 colored fans to choose from, and this is one of the only reasons it lost out to the number one spot on our list.

The Quietest 140mm case fans

We have found a few options for the people who light a silent night on the pc; these options are the quietest options out there that are available for everyone. Our most quiet option available is the Noctua NF-P14 Redux-900 ultra-quiet Silent Fan. We have also given you another option to look at that is our second quietest option if the first one did not suit your tastes. Our second option is the be quiet! Silent Wings 3 140mm cooling fan.

Noctua NF-P14s redux-900, Ultra Quiet Silent Fan, 3-Pin, 900 RPM (140mm, Grey)

Product Description
Noctua NF-P14 Redux-900 ultra-quiet Silent Fan is the most silent option for those who like to keep gaming or computer use quiet. The perfect option for peace and silence the Noctua NF-P14 Redux-900 ultra-quiet Silent Fan allows those to use their computer without any disturbances from the noise of the computer.

The quietest 140mm case fan available makes the Noctua NF-P14 Redux-900 ultra-quiet Silent Fan top dog in this category of fans. What it lacks in style, it gains in quietness; the main purpose of this fan was to make it as quiet as possible, reaching 13.2dB when in use. This is extremely low and efficient; compared to other 140mm case fans, none have come near this. low speeds allow for this to happen with 900RPM, which still cools the fan optimally.

Over 100 awards have gone to the Noctua NF-P14 Redux-900 ultra-quiet Silent Fan for its excellent performance and quiet output. The fan has gained recognition from its customers and has been given a 5-star rating on amazon by its customers, with more than most customers giving it 5 stars.
Main Features

  • 13.2dB
  • Highly optimised
  • Low speeds 900RPM
  • Streamlined
  • Multiple awards winning

Why We have chosen it
We chose the Noctua NF-P14 Redux-900 ultra-quiet Silent Fan because it is the quietest 140mm case fan out there available to all customers. The Noctua NF-P14 Redux-900 ultra-quiet Silent Fan isn’t just a good silent fan, but it is also a good casual fan; however, it might struggle with intensive gaming keep these quiet sounds, it only has a spin speed of 900RPM. This might be too slow for intensive gaming; however, you can still use it for gaming.

be quiet! Silent Wings 3 140mm PWM, BL067, Cooling Fan

Product Description
Sometimes fan.
Silent Wings 3 140mm cooling fan is another fantastic quiet fan that will keep you peacefully playing without those disturbing noises that will throw you off when you’re competitively gaming or wanting to do work. Silent Wings 3 140mm cooling fan has an outstanding sound output of only 15.5dB, which is incredibly quiet for a fan that can go to such speeds to cool down your pc.

Silent Wings 3 140mm cooling fan has a 6 pole fan for the most efficient use of power. Making the fans less taxing on power allows the pc to use power elsewhere that might be more taxing; this is allowed because of the 6 pole motor that consumes less power and vibrations while spinning—a fan frame shaped like a funnel to allow high airflow pressure for great performance ability.

Seven blades allow the fan to make the 1400RPM maximum speed to cool down the pc during your intensive gaming pc sessions. This can all be controlled through the Pwm on the motherboard. This allows you to adjust fan speeds to how fast you want them to cool your pc, and what type of airflow you’re wanting.
Main Features

  • 15.5dB
  • 6 pole fan motor
  • Funnel-shaped air inlets
  • seven fan blades
  • Control over fan speeds

Why We have chosen it
Silent Wings 3 140mm cooling fan is a fantastic 140mm case fan option for all possible customers. The Silent Wings 3 140mm cooling fan is efficient enough to reach 1400RPM speeds to cool down your pc during intensive gaming and still keep the sound at 15.5dB, which is astonishing. Silent Wings 3 140mm cooling fan lacks colorful colors; however, it makes up for performance and sound levels. It might not be as quiet as the number one option for silent fans; however, it is by far the most efficient out of the two we have picked.

The best budget 140mm case fan

We know some people can’t afford these fans as they are too expensive for some, especially if your build a pc with a budget; the fans are what you would be saving money on as they are often cheaper than other pc parts. Our best budget option is the Arctic F14 Silent-140mm case fan.

ARCTIC F14 Silent - PC Fan, 140mm Case Fan, Ultra-Quiet, Extra quiet motor, Computer, Almost inaudible, Fan Speed: 800 rpm - Black, White

Product Description
Arctic F14 Silent-140mm case fan is a great budget option for those who want to try and spend little on fans to save money for other computer parts. The Arctic F14 Silent-140mm case fan is an efficient well priced 140mm case fan that has a quiet output and great functionality to go along with it.

Equipped with 0.08 sones that allows it to be quiet when installed and working, this will help those who get distracted with loud noises from fans when gaming or working. The low fan speed of 800RPM gives the fan a silent noise output, and this is also optimal for casual gaming as it cools the pc down well for casual use. A long life span makes it a great budget option; not only is it cheaper compared to most options out there, but it also will last you a long time while using it.
Main Features

  • 0.08 Sones, which is around 15-20dB
  • Innovative design for airflow
  • Two-way installation
  • Long life span
  • 800RPM

Why We have chosen it
Being the budget option, it is going to have its flaws; however, this does not make it a bad option as it has a great life span and is very quiet, making gaming and work less disruptive. it lacks the appeal of ARGB lights or any lighting and lacks the effective speeds to keep up with cooling a pc that is intensively doing certain activities, however, for under $10 it is a bargain that is efficient in design and airflow that you should not look down upon.

Do 140mm fans cool better than 120mm?

The argument between what fan size is more effective at getting the job done has always been a big conversation topic in the pc building community for years. The 140mm is overall a better pick than the 120mm options.

Since the 140mm is larger by 20mm, it spins slower than what a 120mm fan would spin to reach the same cooling temperatures. However, because of its slower spinning, this means it will make less noise. This is often the main reason people buy the bigger 140mm fan over the 120mm as it is more useful. Because the 140mm is larger and spins slower to match the cooling temperatures that a 120mm fan can output, this means it can also go faster increasing cooling temperatures, and this does come with its negatives as this may be lower than a 120mm fan at its maximum cooling potential.

The final answer to the question is yes, and the 140mm cools better than 120mm if the right settings are applied.

What to look for in a Case fan?

Choosing a fan for someone can be difficult as you might not have a single idea of what to look for in a fan or what is good about the fan you are looking at when buying. We are here to help you solve this problem and talk you through what you have to look for.

When choosing a case fan, you might want many different things for your fan. This could be looks, efficiency, size or something else. We will talk through some of the key things you should look for when deciding what fan to buy and what fan is perfect for you. Below are some of the things you should be thinking of when searching for a fan to buy.

How the fan looks

Choosing the fan solely on looks is not the best idea. Some fans can look amazing with bright, flashy lights but be really loud or have other problems that you have not read into. If you want a fan that has all the looks, make sure it matches the case and looks good in the case. This can be done by looking at your already existing colour scheme that your case has.

Remember efficiency of the fan should come first. Most fans do have RGB lighting, making them stand out in computer cases and making your pc setup shine how you want it to. Some fans might be excellent but come with horrible colors, so make sure you are also taking this into account when purchasing your new fan.

The size of the fan

The size of the fan is critical, and you will need to figure out what size of the fan fits your case. Most 140mm fans will fit all cases in this scenario; however, if you have a micro case, then this could cause chaos problems as the fan might be too big for the case. Checking the dimensions of the fan slots available in the case is necessary before purchasing a cooling fan.

How efficient is the fan for cooling

What you should look into the most out of everything is how efficient is the fan. It would be best if you asked questions like how loud the fan is, how good the fan is at cooling your pc. I need more than the regular 2 fans as the fans are not efficient enough with the airflow through your pc. A good thing to know is that the larger the fan in regular circumstances, it will do a better job with noise cancellation and airflow as the fans spin slower than smaller fans. You can adjust this to speed up for better airflow, although it may cause more noise to come from the fan.

How many fans are needed for a pc?

Regularly PC will have 3+ fans that come with the case; however, if you have good fans, you could get away with 2, one for airflow in and one for airflow out. However, this is not recommended as it might not be that good at cooling down your pc.

We would recommend using 4 as a base number. More fans won’t harm the pc. Airflow will be improved by more than 2 fans and will be a good basic foothold on cooling your pc with your fans.

The best RGB 140mm case fan?

Everyone loves big bright flashing lights on their amazing new pc build. These lights often make the PC look so amazing when turned. Because people love RGB light so much, we have come up and found some of the best RGB case fan options that are still 140mm. Our best RGB case fan is the Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB 5V case fan. Our second-best option for you is the Cooler Master MasterFan
pro 140mm case fan.

Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB 5V Motherboard Sync/Analog Controller 16.8 Million Colors 9 Addressable LEDs 140mm Hydraulic Bearing Case/Radiator Fan, 3 Pack CL-F080-PL14SW-A, ARGB Black

Product Description
Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB 5V case fan is the light show of the century. All your favourite colors can be cycled through and overlapped with one another as many times as you want with the fantastic lighting control you will get with the Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB 5V case fan. Coming with a controller so the user can control and choose whatever lights they want to use. The color schemes you can choose from are like no other; the Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB 5V case fan will no doubt brighten up your desktop and make your gaming experience feel like one of excitement and joy.

Not only does the Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB 5V case fan have great lights, but it also has a controllable fan speed, but the fan speeds can also go from 600 RPM to 1400RPM, making the cooling fantastic; this is all possible with 9 fan blades that are equipped inside the case structure.
Main Features

  • Control fan lighting
  • Controller for lighting
  • 9 fan blades
  • 30.4dB
  • RGB LED Ring

Why We have chosen it
With colorful style and a massive range of color pallets to choose from to light up your desktop while gaming, how could we not choose the Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB 5V case fan as our best option when picking an RGB fan. The Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB 5V case fan is efficient at what it does with 1400RPM maximum to cool down your pc while gaming. The only downside is the 30.4dB of noise it outputs due to the RGB lights.

Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 140 Air Pressure RGB- 140mm Static Pressure RGB Case Fan for 4-Pin 12V, Computer Cases CPU Coolers and Radiators

Product Description
Cooler Master MasterFan is an exceptional RGB fan with multiple types of customisation in terms of color and speeds of fan rotation. The color scheme is customisable with the RGB fan software you can download on the cooler master website. This allows you to choose whatever colors suit you and your desktop.

Not only does the Cooler Master MasterFan stand out in terms of looks and style, but it also backs it up with its incredible performance ability. The Cooler Master MasterFan has the ability to go from 650RPM to 1550RPMto cool down your computer when being worked intensively rigorously, and the fantastic speeds are all thanks to the 5 specially curved blades that move swiftly and sufficiently while the pc is running.

Smart sensors stop all types of jams, which is a fantastic way to secure the fan’s life with its jam protection function. Without this, a regular fan could break by jamming; since this is cut out, it prolongs the fan’s life.
Main Features

  • Customizable RGB lights
  • Silent cooling
  • 20dB
  • Smart fan sensors
  • 4 pin power

Why We have chosen it
Colorful and efficient, the Cooler Master MasterFan is a brilliant overall option for looks and efficiency. With its creative style and RGB lighting that you can change at any time through the Cooler master software available, the Cooler Master MasterFan is a perfect option for everyone. Efficient with its RPM speeds and jam protection makes it more than qualified to be on the best list for RGB fans and 140mm case fans.

Other 140mm case fan options?

We have decided to list other options you can pick from that might suit you more than we have already chosen. If the ones that we have picked don’t suit your PC build or disagree with us, why not have a quick look at what else we have to offer right below. These are some of amazons best picks available.

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