Best vertical laptop stands to free up desk space

Verticle stands to support your laptop and frees up space for your desk!

So you feel that your desk is a bit full and messy because of that much space that your laptop takes. Well, a laptop stand may be the solution to your problem. But are laptop stands only used to save you some space on your desk?

Actually, laptop stands are very useful and beneficial in many ways which I will cover below.

What is a laptop stand?

An adjustable vertical laptop stand is a cheap inexpensive type of equipment that has a lot of various uses and advantages. Mainly, a vertical laptop stand is made to add height and support to your laptop. This means that when sitting at a desk, your screen is at your eye level. One of the most important benefits of a laptop stand is that you can instantly improve your sitting posture and eye positioning while using your laptop which is why most people get it as it gives the laptop a place to sit on hence elevates the screen so it can be at your eye level (which is the proper set up). This allows you to move the laptop screen an appropriate distance away, meaning less strain on the eyes as a result. Usually, people will also use an external keyboard with the laptop stand for an ergonomically friendly typing set-up., which also helps. There are plenty of various designs. For instance, a basic laptop stand is made to provide you with a safe platform to put your laptop on making laptop usage easier and less harmful in the long run.

A stand can add as little as extra few centimetres of height, or it can be perfectly tall enough for you to stand or even sit while you use it without a table or desk. While some laptop stands are designed to be mobile and easy to move, most laptop stands are made to sit in one place comfortably. A proper keyboard can significantly help minimize the repetitive straining injuries that are common among people who type a lot.

What is tech neck?

A tech neck (also referred to as the text neck) is a result of the ever-expanding world of technology in the modern world, the nonstop evolution we reached in screen technology we’ve come to desire and even mainly rely on is the roots of the tech neck, hence the nickname. tech neck affects mostly everyone meaning that you are not alone experiencing this type of pain. When you work on your laptop or desktop computer or even looking down at your phone, your neck muscles contract to support your head. This eventually results in neck and shoulder pain, commonly referred to as tech neck.

Are there any ways to avoid tech neck?

When using your laptop vertical stand always make sure that your laptop’s screen is sitting directly in front of your face and not off to the side. When you are reading materials using the laptop’s screen, try as much as possible to keep the words at eye level, and when trying to write down papered work into your laptop try clipping the piece of paper to your laptop’s screen or a stand.

You should be stepping away from your laptop to walk around for a while every hour or two when working on the laptop for long periods, also doing some of your work at a standing desk is even better. It is better to take a 30-second mini-break every 20 minutes or so to stretch out your neck and your back and give your tired eyes some rest.

Staying hydrated is crucially important as your body do consist of nearly 80% of water, so put in mind that the more fluid you are taking in, the more lubricated and pain-free your nerves and muscles will be. Always try to maintain a better body posture while using a laptop or even looking down at your mobile phone.

Limiting time spent that is spent in a texting position (with your eyes focused down on the screen) is necessarily needed to put less unneeded stress on your head and neck, raise the device you are using whether it is a mobile phone or a laptop so your head doesn’t lean forward.

Laptop stand benefits

There are many more reasons to use this essential piece of equipment than you might ever think. I will list you some of the most important great benefits of using a laptop stand:

It lifts your screen to a suitable position

Adjustable vertical laptop stands do come with many different height and angle options so be sure that you can find the right alignment which works for you. Many of us are working from home on laptops these days because of the worldwide pandemic. That means that you most probably have found issues that you didn’t notice having while working in your office.

Uncomfortable working conditions like back straining are one of these issues. Resting on your couch at home while you work from your laptop will probably be comfortable for an hour or two but not for too long, unfortunately, as you will quickly notice stiffness, cramping, and pain. This is called the tech neck.

It keeps your laptop temperature down

Anyone who’s ever let their laptop sit on their knee for too long will know just how hot laptops can get. Laptops heat up quickly, and the built-in fans can’t always keep the hardware cool. Letting your laptop sit on a cushion, lap, or even a desk can lead to the laptop heating up. A laptop that harshly overheats can cause internal damage to the components, an overheated processor does slow down and operates less efficiently than normal.

Also, put in mind that most laptop batteries do have lithium-ion batteries that can be severely damaged by excessive heat. Batteries operate by a chemical interaction between positively charged cathode ions and negatively charged anode ions. When the laptop starts to build heat, it accelerates this type of process and makes the ions start moving more rapidly.

The additional unnecessary heat and the increased chemical reaction reduces the battery life and amount of time it can stay charged. With direct exposure to high heat for a long period, the battery may even become unusable in the long run.

Motherboards is considered as the skeleton for your laptop as all of the computer’s important components such as the processor, the random access memory and even the fans are all connected to the motherboard. Many different copper components and wires transmit electricity throughout the laptop. When the laptop begins to overheat, the efficiency and output of the electrical current get reduced. Using a computer monitoring application that shows wattage and temperature can demonstrate just how strong of an effect overheating can have on a computer’s performance. For this reason, business owners who run extensive productivity applications or video-editing software often install large cooling systems for their computers. However, a vertical laptop stand permits air to circulate all around the device. This keeps the laptop cooler for longer and will get the job done also many laptop stands, including the Slim Cool, offer ventilation and cooling benefits to prevent your laptop from overheating and shutting down.

Provides extra free space on your desk

A basic laptop stand does provide enough space to sit your laptop on top of your desk comfortably. However, many stands do offer extra space for notebooks, pens, and many more. This can be useful for cutting down on clutter and keeping handy tools and papers nearby. Also putting your laptop up on a stand keeps it elevated from the surface of your desk, protecting it from any accidental spills. As you’ll be using an external mouse and keyboard you’ll also limit the amount of dirt being transferred onto the laptop, keeping it in good working order for longer. Interestingly, laptop stands can also work well alongside standing desks. Some stands are taller than others, making them perfect to use when standing.


A desk with poor ergonomics is going to take a physical tax on your health. As you may have cramps, pain, and repetitive strains, they are all signs that your laptop isn’t well-positioned. Always know that poor posture can quickly become a habit, leading to pain and of course, lower quality of life, on the other hand, working in a comfortable position increases the speed and accuracy of your input as keeping an open posture (not hunched over your screen), will improve your breathing and circulation, helping you feel better in yourself and more alert. With a laptop stand, it’s much easier to make sure you’re positioned comfortably.

You’re also less likely to get achy throughout the day, increasing your stamina and helping you concentrate without the distraction of discomfort. You might be surprised to find how quickly your discomfort is eased with a properly placed keyboard and screen!

That being said let me list your top 5 vertical laptop stands in my opinion

Now the time you have all been waiting for, time to check out what we think are the best options for you! Make sure to check through all that we have said previously so you can gather a good understanding of what to look for in a verticle laptop stand and what not to look for in a verticle laptop stand. Without any further ado here are our top picks to choose from.

Our best verticle Laptop Stand

Bestand Laptop Stand, Aluminum Cooling Computer Stand & Holder for MacBook Air/Pro, Notebooks, Sliver (Patented)
  • 【High Quality Material】 Bestand Laptop stands are made of 7000 series aluminum alloy which widely used in aerospace equipment. It is harder and more wearable than laptop stands which are made of...

Our most efficient verticle Laptop Stand

Our other good options for verticle Laptop Stand

Lamicall Swivel Laptop Stand, Laptop Riser - [360-Rotating] Ergonomic Aluminum Computer Desk Holder Compatible with MacBook, Air, Pro, Dell XPS, HP and More 10" - 17.3" Notebook - Sliver
  • 【Wide Compatibility】 The rotatable swivel laptop stand holder fits all tablets and laptops up to 17’’, such as MacBook Pro 16 14 inch 2021 MacBook Air 12 13 13.3 15 inch 2020 2019 2018, Google...
Lamicall Laptop Stand, Aluminum Laptop Riser, Ergonomic Laptop Stand for Desk, Computer Notebook Stand Compatible with MacBook Air Pro, Dell XPS, HP (10-15.6'') - Silver
  • Wide Compatibility: The notebook laptop stand for desk is compatible with all laptops from 10 - 15.6 inches, such as Mac MacBook Pro 16 14 inch 2021 Air 12 13 15 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 Microsoft...
Lifelong Adjustable Laptop Stand with Phone Holder- Ergonomic Portable Foldable Multi-Angle Laptop Riser for 10-17” Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones
  • X-tend ERGONOMIC LAPTOP & PHONE STAND ! If You are having issues with your back then you are at the right place, The X-tend ergonomic laptop stand is compatible and will work perfectly for all MacBook...

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