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Where to turn in Champions of Azeroth

World of Warcraft can be a confusing game, especially when you dont know where to go. We are here to help you make your way to the Champions or Azeroth

World of Warcraft can be a difficult game at times, with its lack of help you get given while playing the game, you tend to search online or ask other people you know how to do things, this is no different from finding the correct way to turn in the Champions of Azeroth.

Not only will we tell you which way to turn for the champions of Azeroth, but we will also talk about multiple other topics to do with World of Warcraft and the Champions of Azeroth. Below is a list of different questions you might want to answer; you can easily click on one of the questions to take you straight to the answer on the page.

Where to start the Champions of Azeroth Quest

Traversing through the wonderful but dangerous lands of World of Warcraft can be quiet daunting, its especially hard when you don’t know how to find something like a questline or faction. Not being able to find these key features can make you adventure in the wastelands for hours for no reason.

If what you are looking for is the Champions of Azeroth Quest, then you’re in luck as we have the answers for you. You will have to adventure Via foot to a land called Un’Goro Crater, and you will make your way to the top Southwest corner to enter a new land called Silithus. Here in Silithus, you will be completing and acquiring the Champions of Azaroth questline, and this will reward you with reputation and other rewards like Azerite.

You accept the quest by talking to Magi Bronzebeard, he can be found in the Twilight Base Camp.

What to do in the Champions of Azeroth Quest?

First, you will want to accept the quest which is found in Twilight Base Camp, Silithus. Here you will meet a man called Magi Bronzebeard, and he will give you the Champions of Azeroth quest. The quest will reward you with Azerite and Champions of Azeroth Reputation points on completion. To complete the quest, you will need to complete 4 world quests for Magni; You can find these world quests around the lands of Silithus.

Where to turn in Champions of Azeroth?

You accept the quest by talking to Magi Bronzebeard; however, how do you turn in the quest, you might ask? Well, Magi Bronzebeard does not only hand out quests that offer rewards; he also gives out the rewards if you hand in the Champions of Azeroth quest to him. He can be found in the Twilight Base Camp in Silithus.

You can easily get to Magi Bronzebeard by finding your way back to Silithus. This is done by transportation that goes directly to Silithus from when going from Dazaralor. When entering Dazaralor, you can go through a portal found at the far back of the build underground on the left. Here you will find multiple portals you can enter. The top right corner portal will take you to Silithus, and you can go back through the portal to return to Dazaralor.

Will the heart of Azeroth be in Shadowlands?

Unfotunetly for those wanting to keep using the heart of azeroth will be very disappointed with the news that shadowlands will not be continuing with the heart of azeroth. This means Azerite traits that have to depend on the hearts of azeroth will not work, Azerite gear will be no more.

Do any Quests give Champions of Azeroth Rep?

You can accept quests that reward you with Champions of Azeroth Reputation by talking to Magi Bronzebeard, he can be found in the Twilight Base Camp, he will give you quests like the Champions of Azeroth quest and healing Azeroth quest that will reward you with Champions of Azeroth Reputation.

By completing world quests that have an association with the faction of Champions of Azeroth will give you a Reputation reward. These world quests are available in any of the Six BFA zones.

What is the Champions of Azeroth?

In World of warcraft you will come across many different things that are unique and hard to understand, factions are definitely one of these things that can be seen as tricky especially for those new players.

The Champions of Azeroth is a name for a quest however it is also a faction. You can find this faction in Silithus. The main goal for the faction is to heal Azeroth as a lot of damage has already been done by Sargeras.

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