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Candy Crush Saga – Order Levels

In this article you will find a complete guide to the order levels of Candy Crush Saga

Candy crush saga is considered to be free to play match-three puzzle game which was released in 2012 by King. The Candy crush saga is compatible with iOS, Windows phone, android and Windows 10 as well.

In this game, the players have to accomplish different levels by swapping and clearing candies of different colours which are matched together.

The game Candy crush saga is further categorised into five different types of levels:

  • Target score levels
  • Daily levels
  • Ingredient levels
  • Time and levels
  • Order levels

In this we will be focusing on the candy order level:

The main goal of the candy order level is to clear out a specified amount of candies whether they are the normal ones or the special ones in a designated number of moves. The moment you complete the task of clearing out the normal and the special candies the leftover ones are converted into the strip candies which will be sugar crushed.

Many times the candy order levels can be very tricky. The Candy crush Saga has 110 candy order levels. There is a level icon which is pink in colour which denotes that it is an order level.

Since the order levels are quite tricky, we are here to provide you with some tips and tricks which can help you clear all the order levels.

Starting with the tips:

Before starting the game, you should have knowledge about the symbols and what do they mean. When you start playing the order level, there are a number of symbols that will guide you to words finishing the particular level and passing on to the next. If you are new with Candy crush Saga order levels, you might find the symbols a bit confusing, but with the regular candies, it is a bit easier to complete the level.

With the increasing levels, the colours of the candies also start increasing. In an order level, you should go for the candy which is more in number. Start pairing the ones which are more in number. The ones which are lesser in amount can be taken care of by making cascading combinations.

In case you are dealing with the one particular colour in the candy crush on that level, you can simply activate a colour bomb for a different colour which will enable you to have a few more moves.

The order levels start from level 126 and go up till level 493.

To make the tips and tricks for clearing Candy crush saga order levels much clearer. We can take the example of particular levels.

So let’s get started…

Level 126 (order levels)

Level 126 happens to be the first colour order level. In this level, you have to clear a designated amount of colour candies. In this particular level, you need to clear out 20 red candies, 20 green candies, 20 blue ones that too in just 25 moves and you have to score 10,000 points.

Many times you get stuck at the bottom so in order to clear up those candies the best Tipu we can give you is to use a colour bomb for clearing it up.

Candy crush Saga order levels appear to be easy but the gate quite complicated when the colour demands are intensified.

Next, we have picked up is…

Level 202

The requirement of clearing this level is scoring at least 30,000 points in just 50 moves or less along with forming 25 colour bombs.

The best tip which we can offer at this level is that you should start clearing the colours one after one with the help of colour bombs. Once you reduce the number of colours on the board itself, you can easily form new colour bombs. In this level of Candy crush saga, you do not have to worry about making special candies. Just focus on colour bombs.

The foremost thing which you have to do is to clear the frosting. You are provided with colour bombs and 19 sprinkle candies at the start of this level. The colour bombs, sprinkle candies and striped candies will help you clear all the candies, and it will be a clear shot to your win.

Next up Candy crush, saga order level is…

Level 321

To clear this order level, you have to collect 60 yellow candies, 60 blue candies and make a score of a minimum 10,000 points in just 45 or fewer moves.

In this level, you have to be aware of the time bombs which are located at the bottom. You need to plan your moves very carefully in order to get rid of them. You also have to keep a check on the colour changing candies which are also present at the bottom. Many times they change the colour right before you are about to create a colour bomb.

Marmalade and meringue blocks are located at the bottom. These are the things you need to deal with at first. These blocks will act as a hindrance while you are trying to reach the bombs. But the moment you clear these, it will be very easy for you to make special candies and matches as well.

Use the special candy is very wisely because they will help you remove the blocks and get rid of the time bombs at the bottom. They will also help you in collecting orders.

Moving further the next week I have is…

Level 493

This is the last order level of Candy crush saga. The best we can advise you is to create striped candies and try matching them vertically. This will help you clear the entire column of the candies.

The eliminated candies which are eventually converted into jellies will take you much closer to your goal. It would be best if you started making strip candies in order to clear the ones in the jellies. This way, you can complete the level very quickly.

The best thing you can do is to match your colour bombs with the stripped candies this can eliminate all of them together.

The finest way to clear this order level is two divided into halves. Try clearing the bottom half first and then step on to the top half.

Note: These were random levels which we picked for explaining different tips and tricks.

To clear the Candy crush Saga order levels, you need to keep all these tips and tricks in mind, and I am sure that you will have no hindrance in completing all your levels.

Good luck!

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