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Candy Crush Saga Boosters Guide

We promise this is the best Candy crush Saga boosters guide; this describes Candy Crush Saga booster’s information, explanation with examples.

This is the first part about Candy Crush Saga boosters. However, before we start, we must know what is Candy Crush and what is a booster?

Candy Crush Saga is the match-three game in which the player has to combine candy pieces on the board by creating explosions. This will lead to the completion of a variety of different objectives. There is a Mission in every game. And each mission has a different set of elements, pieces, and conditions to complete the game. This game is a test of players’ ability to solve the puzzle in a limited time as well as it is a test of patience.

A booster is an item in Candy crush saga that can help you do simplify the game. Some boosters can be activated through the screen even before the beginning of the game. Others can be activated in the game. There are some boosters that are used to prevent failure in the play and are trying—all the boosters like jellyfish, coconut wheel, lucky candy boosters, etc.have different properties. Boosters are helpful if you find it difficult to clear tricky situations. They can help you to overcome difficult levels and also get more points.

In the initial days of the Candy crush saga, boosters were acquired through real-life purchases. Now they can be obtained through different methods. But all the methods are not trustworthy.

Here is a list of different boosters in Candy Crush Saga:

Party popper booster

It is available after level 29. After using it, to party poppers will appear on the board. With the help of party popper boosters, all the candies will be removed. This boosted will replace candies with boosters which will explore directly. It seems to be one big party of explosives.

Symbols in Candy crush saga:

There are many symbols in the Candy crush Saga, so here goes!

Heart with an 8 shaped Loop in Candy crush:

It is not 8. It means that you will have Infinite lives for a certain amount of time. The period will be shown in hours and minutes next to the heart.

Heart with a 2h symbol in Candy crush:

The symbol means that you will have infinite lives for two hours.

Daily booster wheel:

It gives you a chance to add boosters to the game daily. You can test new voters to reach new levels in the game. You can hit the jackpot on the booster wheel. You can get five lollipop hammer boosters, three-color bombs, three lucky candies, three-striped candies, three jellyfish boosters, three coconut wheels, three free switch hand boosters.

UFO boosters in Candy crush saga:

This is a UFO booster in Candy crush saga is available after the completion of level 21. When you use the UFO booster, the UFO will fly over the board. It will drop three wrapped candies into the level. The dropped boosters will explode, and with this, you will get New possible moves in the game.

5 Free moves booster Candy crush:

There is an update that has changed the three free moves to 5 free move Boosters. With it, you can make five moves in a row.

Candy crush lollipop boosters:

In the sixth level, the player can get the lollipop hammer booster in Candy crush Saga. It is the first booster of the game. Always use the booster for smashing candies on the bottom line of the level. This will create many more new movies in the level.

Jellyfish booster:

In the eighth level, the jellyfish booster in the Candy crush saga will appear. This will be given in the game after three free moves booster. By playing the game smartly, meaning if you match the candies correctly, they will turn in three fishes who will smash all the jelly.

Color bomb booster:

You can use the color bomb in the 12th level of Candy crush Saga. It is easy to use. By activating the booster and colors of the candies are changed. Now, it becomes easy to match candies.

The sweet hand “gloves” booster:

It is known as blood booster. It helps to combine two candies that do not fit together. And you have to buy this booster as it is not possible to win the booster on a daily wheel.

The coconut wheel:

After completion of 14th level, You will get a coconut will booster by swiping it with another candy. This boosted gives different results when combined with special candies or with normal candies as well. As you swap the coconut wheel with another booster, you will clear the phone line.

There are so many boosters in the game. As you clear the levels, you will get a whole new range of boosters. If you are able to understand the boosters and you have the knowledge of using them properly, then you can complete the levels very quickly and easily.

Boosters are not available at every level. At some levels, boosters are available free, but on some levels, you have to earn them. It is not cheating to complete the game with boosters as they are there to help you out in difficult situations.

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