Best Desk For 3 Monitors [Triple Monitor Set Up]

Wanting to run a computer set up with 3 monitors? You'll need a fair bit of space.

Are you running, or thinking of running a set up with 3 monitors? You may think of it as excessive, but I personally run a set up with this and it increases my productivity dramatically, it’s great for gaming and even day to day business work for having multiple spreadsheets or guides up at any given time.

There is a slight downside to having 3 monitors though, and the main one is the space that they take up will often require you to have a considerable size desk to fit everything and one that is secure and doesn’t wobble.

In this article we’ll touch a bi on why you should have a triple monitor set up, what size desk you might require, what you should look for in the desk, potential space saving options and our best desk choices. You can quickly navigate to the section you are most interested in below:

Why have a triple monitor set up?

Once you’ve had a triple monitor set up, you’ll never go back, trust me! Having multiple monitors allows you to be more efficient and productive with your time. You can have a game running on one screen, on another you could be Googling some in-game guide and on the final screen have a Youtube video up. There are lots of different scenarios that 3 monitors are efficient for, so give it a go!

What size desk do I need for 3 monitors?

Down to the reason you’re here, you need a desk that can comfortably and safely accommodate your monitors. The answer depends on a few factors really, the size of the monitors and how you are planning on mounting them is the main things.

If you have three 27 inch monitors on standard monitor stands then you’ll probably want a desk that has a width in excess of 55 inches and a depth of 35-40 inches. That might sound like a bit much, but remember to include your keyboard and mouse in the workings, you also might want a bit of extra space to play.

There are ways in which you can get away with having a much smaller & compact desk for three monitors by choosing a good quality monitor mount, but we’ll touch on that slightly later in the article.

What should I look for in a computer desk

When looking into a computer desk suitable for three monitors there are a few things that you should consider in particular:

  • Size: As we touched on in the previous paragraph if you’re wanting a computer desk suitable for three monitors it needs to be large, in 50inch + in width and 35-40 in-depth at the very least.
  • Sturdiness: You’ll be placing three monitors on it, the design of the desk needs to be sturdy, it can’t wobble, you don’t want to knock it and have all your monitors fall off now do you?
  • Max Weight: Some computer desks are surprisingly flimsy, ensure that it’s going to be able to hold everything you need on it.
  • Quality: You can generally tell by looking at the design of the computer desks, a lot of manufacturers opt for style over quality, and many a time in the past have I bought fairly cheap computer desks to have the legs warp over time and render it useless.
  • Reviews: The best way to tell whether it’s quality and suited for purpose is to read the reviews. It’s hard from the pictures to determine the quality level, so search out the reviews both positive and negative to find out.
  • Additional Storage: It’s going to have to be a rather large desk, which means it’s likely to take up a lot of the room you put it in, so you might want to consider if it has extra draws or units as part of it to store any spare cables, pens, paper, all that good stuff that usually accumulates on the desk itself.

Consider a triple monitor mount to save space

Struggling for space? As we’ve said if you have the standard monitor stands for your three screens then they are going to take up a considerable amount of room and therefore you need a rather large desk.

There is a solution, however, monitor mounts.

These essentially hold the screens on one main pole, which you attach to the desk, in turn meaning very little of the desks surface area is taken up. Here are a few of our top picks:

  1. MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount – 3 Monitor Desk Mount for Computer Screens Up to 27 inch, Triple Monitor Arm with Gas Spring, Heavy Duty Monitor Stand, Each Arm Holds Up to 17.6 lbs, MU0006
  2. Triple Monitor Stand – Full Motion Articulating Aluminum Gas Spring Monitor Mount Fit Three 17 to 32 inch Flat/Curved LCD Computer Screens with Clamp, Grommet Kit, Silver
  3. VIVO Black Triple Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount, Articulating Tri Stand Holds 3 Screens up to 24 inches (STAND-V003Y)

Our Best Desk For 3 Monitor Choices

Now what you’ve been waiting for, we’ve done a lot of research, read a lot of product descriptions, reviews and searched the web to find the best computer desks for 3 monitors, so without further ado:

Mr IRONSTONE Large Gaming Desk 63″ W x 32″ D Home Office Computer Table, Black Gamer Workstation with Cup Holder, Headphone Hook and 3 Cable Management Holes

Product Description
This computer desk by Mr Ironstone is a multifunctional, elegant, comfortably designed worktop that is more that’s suitable for housing a triple monitor set up. Along with a laminate surface, it has an R shaped design which ensures it’s stability, it markets itself as being great for a gamer with incredible durability.

The desk is 28.7 inches from the floor and measures 63″ x 32.3″ x 29.5″ in WxDxH. It’s got a waterproof surface, cup holder, hook for your headphones and ample storage for other gaming needs. Although it’s a gaming desk at heart, it’s suitable for a wide range of different uses including simply as a writing desk or for the standard user.

The steel legs have anti-slip & anti-tilt features, as well the whole thing being anti-scratch. It truly is a high-quality purchase that you won’t be disappointed with.

Main Features

  • 63″ (W) x 32.3″ (D) x 29.5″ (H)
  • Multifunctional design suitable for a variety of purposes
  • Laminate surface – waterproof
  • Cup holder & headphone hook
  • Anti slip & anti tilt features

DESIGNA 55” Gaming Desk, K-Shape Computer Desk with Free Mouse pad, Cup Holder& Headphone Hook & Controller Stand, Gamer Workstation for Home Office, Black

Product Description
This large computer desk is by Designa, a well-known manufacturer of computer desks with years of experience. This modern design computer desk has a K shaped look with a P2 carbon fiber texture surface. It features EPA certified carbon fiber texture, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch and is extremely durable.

It doesn’t end there though, it has an F1 balance bar for extra stability, meaning even when you knock it, it stays in place. It has adjustable leg pads to change the height, K-Shaped legs to support the structure, a gaming handle rack, headphone hook, cup holder and even a power socket box, what more do you need?

Main Features

  • Carbon fiber textured surface
  • Anti-corrosion & anti-scratch
  • Designed for stability
  • Several additional features including a heaphone holder
  • Two professional cable management systems built in

RESPAWN 63″ Table Mouse Pad, Gaming Computer Desk, in Black (RSP-1063-BLK)

Product Description
This large desk is brought to you by RESPAWN and it’s a significant 63 inch, which will be more than capable of hosting your three monitors and provide you with sufficient space for your keyboard, mouse mat & mouse. The wide table provides adequate rooms for serious gamers, or office workers if you need space for those pens & paper.

It’s unique in the way it’s built, with 5mm thickness and it comes equipped with a 6.5-pound mouse pad which won’t move even for intense gamers. It comes with cord management solutions, edge curves so you can get closer, T-Legs for extra support and stability and adjustable levelling.

It can handle up to 200lb of weight and measures a significant 31.5x63x28.54 inches (D x W x H). It also comes with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer, which more than shows they are confident in their product.

Main Features

  • Lifetime RESPAWN warranty
  • Sufficient cable management solutions
  • Handles 200lb of weight
  • 31″ x 63″ x 28.54″
  • Durable 5mm thick surface

DESIGNA Computer Gaming Desk 60 Inch, PC Laptop Table Workstation with Free Large Mousepad, Widen Space I-Shaped Leg Desk for Study Writing Gaming, Multi-Functional Home Office Sturdy Desk, Black

Product Description
Another feature from the DESIGNA brand, with an excellent large multi-functional 60″ computer desk. It provides some fantastic features with cable management, waterproof surface, thick steel legs and anti-scratch properties.

That’s not everything though, it boasts several more qualities including that fact its high load-bearing and able to withstand 165lbs and has adjustable feet pads. There are also round corners to avoid painfully bashing it, or if you have young children about, running into the corners and hurting themselves. You don’t need to be concerned with the fact it’s metal either as it has rust prevention.

The desk itself weighs just under 65lbs and measures 60″(L) x 28″(W) x 30″(H), which is slightly smaller than some of the other desks on here but should be more than adequate to fit three monitors.

Main Features

  • Excellent cable management
  • Can hold 165lbs with it’s strong steel legs
  • Anti-scratch & rust prevention
  • Waterproof surface
  • 60x28x30 inches (LxWxH)

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk PC Laptop Study Table Workstation Home Office, Wood & Metal

Product Description
This offers a slightly different design and looks than the other products in this list, this is an L shaped design desk which includes two large rectangular desktops which join together to form the L.

This is perfect for an office and a more professional look, but of course, it’s not suitable for every room. It’s an excellent quality desk with steel legs, safe rounded corners, adjustable pads on the legs and stable design. It also can house a CPU with its CPU storage solution. Amongst some of the other features are a creative bevel angle design so it fits into any corner, an M style buckle design for easy assembly and a steel beam you can use as a footrest.

One of the desks measures 49.21 inches and the other 47.24 inches, in width. There’s more than enough space to house three monitors across the two.

Main Features

  • Large L shaped desktop
  • Easy to assemble with an M buckle
  • Adjustable legs for added stability
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • CPU storage included

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