Trivia Crack – Tips & Tricks Guide

Want to impress your friends with your Trivia Crack skills? Here are some handy tips & tricks.

Trivia Crack is a mobile app. Players compete with and against friends and people around the world in a game. This game is a question-based game, which has six categories like entertainment, sports, art, history, geography, and science. Six cartoonish Iconic characters represent the six categories. Players can start a new game by pressing the new game button on the app. The player can play against their friends or a random opponent. The player begins the game with six empty slots. The first player cannot get more than three characters in the first round if the first player gets the third character in its first turn than the turn ends. The second pair can get all six characters in the first round. The game is over when one of the players gets all six characters.

First, tackle your weakest subjects

Always tackle your weakest grounds just while choosing a crown. By doing this, you will be lucky on the first try. If the opponent answers the questions correctly, then you may get a chance to steal that ground. If you become used to the subjects, which are not your favorite ones even in the beginning, it means that the game is going to be an easy one.

Buy unlimited lives

Two extra boosts, you have to pay extra coins or freeze spins. The $25 fee is one time, and you can play how much you want.

Help rate questions to gain an advantage

In the menu section, the player can choose to help trivia Crack out by rating questions. Both Google Play and the App Store have been filled with trivia-based games to test the knowledge of the players. These games have “guess the word” puzzle to full-on trivia mania.

It gives a chance to know what is coming for you. So the next time, if you are cut of lives, skip paying money to refill them but give the rating to the questions. You are also helping in weeding out tough questions.

Give a challenge to friends in the area are you XL.

When you take into the side menu, you can choose a ranking. You can watch the rankings of your friends and opponents. By tapping on their photos, you can see their profiles. Then scroll down and observe how they have performed in each subject until now. So to boost your ranking faster challenge your friends as well.

Use challenges to compete in weaker areas.

If in the game, your opponent has already won the crown that you have wished the most. Now take the chance to steal it from your friends. Always try to increase your chances in your week subject.

The airplane mode cheat

This mode cheat has mixed results, but one should feel free to try it. According to this mode, by giving a wrong answer, it will not be counted. The question will be repeated and will give a chance to answer correctly after seeing the answer.

  • Let the question load.
  • Swipe up the control center
  • Toggle on Airplane Mode
  • The answers can be recorded.
  • Turn off Airplane Mode after knowing the correct answer.
  • Open trivia crack again, answer the repeated question.

Screenshot difficult questions for review

If you have a difficult question, then you have to take a screenshot for the future. You can create an album on your iPhone or iPad with trivia crack screenshots. Therefore, you can get a chance to read and see repeatedly to see the questions.

Turn-lock screen notifications off

Trivia crack alerts the players even the small little things. Turn off the lock screen notifications if you do not want to finish off your battery. You can swipe down from the notification center and see all the alerts. You can save the battery.

Gems and diamonds in trivia crack

The diamonds or gems in trivia crack are used to activate the card machines and collect cards. The diamonds or James-meter increases with each correct answer. You can use your James to purchase gods, and that cards are used four extra lives, coins, and freeze pins.

The hearts in trivia crack are the number of lives you have on the game. Therefore, to start a game you will need lives. The more you play the more lives you will learn.

Trivia crack spinning wheel

To begin with, in the game, will have to spin the wheel. Choose if you want to play the category or not. If yes, then answer the questions. In addition, if it is correct, then spin the wheel again.

The crown bar in trivia crack

When you are answering, you will see a bar with a crown icon at the bottom of the screen. This bar indicates the number of questions you need to answer before you will get a crown question to start a challenge. If you give two answers correctly and your third answer is wrong, you do not have to worry, and then you get the turn, to answer the question correctly.

Time to read the answer

You will have 30 seconds to answer the questions. Read the answer and then give the correct answer.

Focus on the trivia crack characters you can excel.

There are six characters. Try to focus on the characters at which you are good enough to excel.

Open ends

Start with the category at which your opponent is banned. This will irritate the opponent.

Extra moves

There are some extra moves and power-ups. This will cost coins.

Bomb move

In this, you will get rid of the two wrong answers. This leaves you with the two answers. Only use trick when you do not have any Notion about which of the four can be the correct answer.

Skip move

This is very powerful. You can skip the question by using this power-up.

Second chance move

If your answer is wrong, then you will be given a second chance to answer again.

By using these tips and tricks, you can win the game. Trivia Crack increases your knowledge and make you eager for more information.

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