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Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech is an established and reliable brand for mice, ALL mice, so we can skip the foreplay.

You know as well as I do that this mouse is well built and has excellent support, the shape of the G500 mouse, one of the best Logitech laser mice, has been smoothed out over the years, is similar to several other popular mice in the Logitech range. If you haven’t actually held one in your hand you’ve missed out on one of the best mouse form factors out there.

Logitech G500 Specifications

  • Weight: 116g (up to 28g can be added)
  • Length: 13cm
  • Width: 7cm
  • Height: 4cm
  • Resolution: 12Megapixel / second
  • Acceleration: 30g
  • Polling: 1000hz
  • Speed: 165 inches / second
  • Sensitivity: 200-5700Dpi

The scroll wheel, as it’s often been said, is excellent; the scrolling is almost frictionless and can be lightning-quick if the program or game can handle it.

The Logitech G500 gaming mouse has a grand total of 10 mouse buttons, the left and right mouse button have a responsive and immediate action, and in between these we find Logitechs Dual Mode scroll wheel; the button behind the wheel disengages the clicking mechanism, allowing the user to scroll incredibly fast.


In terms of size, this is one of the larger Logitech laser Mice, the G500 is considerably larger than the G9x, it is also slightly above average in terms of weight, which can be further increased using the adjustable weight system. This allows the user to add up to 27g to the mouse.

The ergonomics of the mouse make it much more appropriate for gamers who use the palm grip, although we found it suited all users comfortably.

This gaming mouse shares the same 5700 dpi Laser sensor as the G700, which was the highest resolution mouse we have ever tested. The Logitech G500 mouse performs very well whilst gaming, as you can quickly switch dpi settings, customize through the excellent software and move between profiles whilst playing different games.

Essentially, with the Logitech G500 gaming mouse, you still get the customizable weight kit, the comfortable grip, the cleverly positioned buttons as well as the very high 1000 MHz polling rate in the laser sensor, to ensure smooth accurate cursor tracking, but without the price, tag attached to the G9x.

Logitech Laser Mice, G500

With the Logitech G500, tracking and action are excellent regardless of surface. The mouse itself is attractive and the shape is beyond reproach. If you want a wireless mouse, then the gaming mouse G500 is one of the world’s premier mice; it’s comfortable, feels like it will last forever, and comes with the strong foundation that is Logitech.


Best 8-Port Gigabit Switch Reviews

Are you looking for the best way to speed up your internet and have an overall pleasurable experience when surfing the web, watching movies, playing games? Having problems connecting your router directly to all your devices because of the lack of ethernet ports? If you have any of these problems that you want to fix at all costs? Then look no further as we have the solution for you! We have found the solution to your wifi problems with the fantastic eight-port Gigabit Switches. A long search of solutions to not having enough ethernet ports has led us to find that 8 Gigabit Switches are the best solution for your problems; we have also found some of the best 8 Gigabit Switches for you to look through and choose. With a wide variety of 8 Gigabit Switches, we have found below should be able to solve your problems at home or the workplace. 

Sometimes when looking for solutions to your problems becomes a pain that you should not have to go through, you will find out about all types of devices that won’t help you and only some that will. Hence, we have found a device that will help you with your problems and give you information on top of that about the device because you can indeed find out if the device is something you’re looking for. 

Right below, you will find a list of the things we will be going through; you can go to any of these sections that may interest you.

What is a Gigabit Switch?

The whole idea of a Gigabit Switch is to connect your device to your router through an ethernet cable. The Gigabit Switch connects directly to your router and gives multiple Local Area Network ports for you to use. Local Area Network or LAN for short can have ethernet cables put directly into them; doing this will now allow you to connect your device through an ethernet cable to your Gigabit Switch that will connect you directly to your router. This is now making your internet faster as wired is faster in most cases compared to wireless wifi. Using a Gigabit Switch, you can connect multiple devices; these devices can be anything with an ethernet port attached to them for a cable to go into both devices. Meaning you can now connect devices like computers, gaming systems, servers, and more directly to your router. 

If you wanted to connect 4k HDTVs to your router using an ethernet cable and a Gigabit Switch, you could hook up most DVRs if needed or wanted. Now you can have a 4k HDTV and a DVR not relying on Wireless wifi.

Different Types of Gigabit Switches 

You may have noticed if you have already looked up a Gigabit Switch that there are multiple types of Gigabit switches out there; this may confuse you, so here I have listed each type of Switch you can find, and you can find what type you might want for yourself.

You can also find various amounts of ports on Gigabit Switches; we will be mainly talking about and showing you 8 Port Gigabit Switches, which means it comes with 8 Ports, not just a regular 4 or the business model of 24. 

Unmanaged Switches 

Unmanaged Switches may sound od and not wanted as everyone likes to know what’s going on when they use their devices. Unmanaged Switches are regularly used in homes because of the no user configuration. User Configuration means the user rather than pre-set settings apply the settings; this will mean sometimes specific settings won’t be applied unless the user applies them. A non-User Configuration won’t have to apply any settings themselves and can plugin and use once they have gotten their hands on it. 

PoE Switches 

When looking for a Gigabit Switch for your home, the PoE will most likely not be useful for you; however, if you want one for the business, you should look into it more. The PoE Switch is a Switch all based on the network that applies power using the Ethernet. The PoE Switch can connect with multiple devices connected to the network; the PoE Switches the main job is to support the devices with power and data transmissions through the ethernet cable all at once; this will make everything significantly more efficient, especially with the cabling process. 

Managed Switches 

Now we are onto managed Switches; you can probably already guess but managed Switches are the opposite of unmanaged Switches. The apparent advantage the managed Switch has over the unmanaged Switch is that you can take control of the settings yourself and figure out what you want and what you don’t need; this will, of course, take longer to do compared to the unmanaged Switches however it may be beneficial once completed depending on what you’re using it for. You can monitor and adjust the Managed Switch at any time, making it easier to deal with faults and making human errors occur more often because of people messing around with the settings. 

Stackable Switches

Another network Switch, the Stackable Switch, is a network Switch that can be fully functional all by itself. Because the Stackable Switch can function all alone, it can also be set up to function with other network switches and operate smoothly together. Similar to the managed Switch, the owner can configure it. Unlike all the other Switches, the Stackable Switch has a unique feature that makes it able to detect a cable or port failure and reroute it using the Stack in the Switch; this is very useful when you don’t know what you’re doing with cables and routers, this means it will fix the problem for you. 

What is an 8 Port Gigabit Switch?

We have already touched on this topic just before but for those who didn’t read before, here is what an 8 Port Gigabit Switch is. An 8 Port Gigabit Switch does precisely the same job as a regular Gigabit Switch; however, it has 8 Local Area Network (LAN for short) ports. Since the 8 Port Gigabit Switch does the same job as a standard Gigabit Switch, this means it connects your devices the same way to the Switch; using an ethernet cable; you can connect your 8 devices that have ethernet ports to the Gigabit Switch all at the same time, this will make you go from wireless to wired wifi, this typically gives you faster internet speeds because you are now directly connected to your router. 

Will a Gigabit Switch Speed Up Your Network 

The short answer is yes, a Gigabit Switch will speed up your internet because it produces a higher bandwidth and directly connects you to your router; this means your wifi won’t have to travel through walls or fight for bandwidth, which means you will be a lot faster since you are directly connected, if multiple people are using wireless you could be fighting for bandwidth causing some people to get knocked off the wifi or just bad wifi in general.

Since wireless has to travel through the air, the connection can become strained at times. Sometimes, some objects can also interfere with wifi; objects containing Metal often interfere the most with wifi. Using a cable means nobody else is fighting for the bandwidth you’re on; this means you should be able to get onto the wifi a lot easier. 

Now that you have 8 Devices all connected to your 8 Port Gigabit Switch, this means none of them are fighting each other for bandwidth, making your network faster and more reliable.

Does a Gigabit Switch Make a Difference?

Yes, it will make a difference. Most routers, in general, will come with 4 Local Area Network Ports to be used; however, this isn’t typically enough for most homes and businesses, mainly houses with big families or more prominent companies with a lot of devices. An 8 Port Gigabit Switch or even more like a 24 PortGigabit Switch will make a difference for businesses and homeowners. 

8 Port Gigabit Switch allows you to connect 8 devices directly to the router; this means faster wifi for all 8 devices; the question asked was, “Does a Gigabit Switch make a difference, and our answer is yes, your network will become so much faster when connecting multiple devices directly to the router instead of using wireless wifi. 

Will a Gigabit Switch Slow Your Internet Down? 

If you bought an up to date 8 Port Gigabit Switch and used the way it was made to be used, then no way should it slow your internet speeds down; we have gone through this before but connected your devices with an ethernet cable directly to your router will speed up your internet so much. 

Your network will speed up so much more using an 8 Port Gigabit Switch in comparison to wifi due to being directly connected to the router; the only chance that the 8 Port Gigabit Switch won’t be as helpful as you thought it would be and might slow you down is if it is out of date. When we say out of date, we basically mean that the hardware isn’t up to scratch anymore; it may have been promising a few years back, but now it’s not going to give you the speeds you desire. 

The old 8 Port Gigabit Switch could have problems slowing down internet speeds or causing other problems like connection issues due to its Local Area Network ports being busted or just overused. Make sure you are buying an 8 Port Gigabit Switch that is not used or used one that hasn’t been used much; it’s also beneficial to look at 8 Port Gigabit Switch is relatively recently made. 

Brands to look out for 

When searching for any new Device, you will obviously want the brands to be trustworthy; you don’t want to buy a device that will look good and turn up and have problems with it because you never looked up the brand’s reputation or reviews for the product. This can be detrimental to the buyer as it could cost you a lot of money and time. When searching for devices, it is essential to look at the brands beforehand; we have decided to show you some Brands that are well respected when making 8 Port Gigabit Switch; this hopefully will speed up your searching for the suitable device for you, so you don’t have to look up the right brands yourself. 


NetGear is a company based in the USA, San Jose, California, founded by a man named Patrick LO in 1996. They are based in the USA; however, they are multinational and have 25 offices worldwide. NetGear is a well-known company in the technology industry and is most well-known for its Ethernet and broadband products.

NetGear is well known for its excellent performing products and reliable features. NetGear is typically seen as an expensive but reliable brand that the customers can trust. NetGear strives to make faster internet speeds for its customers and want to make products that the customer can use to make their lives easier with fewer internet problems. 


Like NetGear, D-Link is a Multinational network equipment manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan, founded in March 1986 by a man named Ken Kao. Well known for their network devices, D-Link focuses typically on products like routers, adapters, and plugs. D-Link is a very trustworthy brand with many achievements to prove it; they have gained multiple awards in Taiwan for excellence on their products while also gaining innovation awards. The most significant award is the Breakthrough award they acquired in 2020 with their new home mesh wifi system.

D-Link are well known for their excellent designs and innovation; they are indeed reliable. Products made by D-Link aren’t cheap but aren’t always expensive as well. Their products often have a very sturdy appearance that will last a long time. 


Based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Tp-Link is a globally known manufacturer of computer networking devices that are reliable and trustworthy; their logo is “reliably Smart” for a reason. Founded in 1996 by two brothers Zhao Jianjun and Zhao Jiaxing. 

Tp-Link focuses on products like high-speed cable modems, wireless routers, mobile phones, ADSL, and more. TP-Link has become a trustworthy brand that has gotten multiple rewards in its technology sector. They have gotten the innovation award two times in 2021 for two products and have excellent reviews on most of their products, making them a very reliable brand that you can trust.

Our Best 8 Port Gigabit Switch

We have chosen the NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch as the best option for an 8 port Gigabit Switch because of its excellent reviews and specification. Not only is it from a reliable brand, but it has all the good qualities that come with it.

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS108) – Desktop, and ProSAFE Limited Lifetime Protection

An unmanaged 8 port Gigabit Switch, the NetGear GS108 is a fantastic product for all; with its reliable specifications and five start reviews, the product is outstanding. The NetGear GS108 comes fanless to cut off all annoying noises, power saving, and energy-efficient. The NetGear GS108 was made for the user and not just for sales as its performance shows that with IEEE802.3az Energy-efficient Ethernet mode. Since it’s an unmanaged 8 port Gigabit Switch, that means it is an instant plug and plays device that can be used once taken out of the box and set up; the great thing about this product is that it can be hooked up on a desktop or a wall, this gives you multiple options on where to place it. 


  • 8 Ethernet ports
  • Different mounting options
  • Silent operation
  • Lifetime protection warranty
  • Energy efficient 
  • Built to last longer


Our Most Affordable 8-Port Gigabit Switch 

Another NetGear product has taken the place of our most affordable 8 port Gigabit Switch. The NetGear GS308 is a remarkable piece of equipment made by a fantastic brand that can be trusted. A price that will make you go wow, the NetGear GS308 is a cheap alternative if you don’t want to spend big, but you want something that will do the job; this product is perfect with 5-star reviews. Why not give it a shot. 

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS308)

8 port Gigabit Switch, the NetGear GS308 is a perfect budget option for you, with a quick plug-and-play feature to meaning it’s unmanaged, making life easier for those who won’t know how to configure one to their own needs. Equipped with various mounting operations allows you to place your device out of the way or in a place you might not be able to place other similar objects making it unique and useful for the user. 

Silent operations make it, so it won’t disturb you when working, and if it goes bust, don’t you worry, as it comes with a 3-year hardware warranty. Energy-efficient means you won’t have to worry about how much electricity is spent on powering this device. Built to last, making it sturdy and reliable, this also means you will most likely not have to take it back and use that 3-year Warranty.


  • 8 Ethernet ports
  • Plug and play
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Silent operation
  • 3-year Warranty 
  • Energy efficient
  • Built to last 


Our Other Options For 8-Port Gigabit Switches 

Reliable and trustworthy brands and respectable make our other options a good choice for you. They are also excellent alternatives to our best options; just because they are in the other optional Switches you can buy section does not mean they are wrong in any way, you might find that some of them are better for you than the ones we have listed. 

D-Link Ethernet Switch, 8 Port Gigabit (DGS-108)

D-Link’s reputable and trustworthy brand has made an excellent product named the D-Link Ethernet Switch 8 Port Gigabit (DGS-108). Sturdy and well made, this product won’t be breaking anytime soon, and even if it does break, it comes with a lifelong warranty; this means no matter what happens, you will be getting your money worth. Made out of Metal, this product can be bashed and hit; honestly, this product was made to last.  With a wall mount provided, you can get creative when thinking of places to place your device. 

Made for homeowners and small businesses to benefit from the increased wifi bandwidth it will provide. The bandwidth will allow a faster connection to the internet than wireless wifi and be very helpful in a home full of kids who want to play games or stream movies and tv shows. 


  • 8 Ethernet ports
  • Made out of Metal
  • Wall mount
  • Supports IEEE802.1p
  • Built to last
  • Limited lifetime warranty


TP-Link Litewave 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (LS1008G)

The first and only Tp-Link on the list. Tp-Link is a very trustworthy brand; just because they are only on the list once doesn’t mean they are a terrible company or create bad products. Tp-Link has created a fabulous 8 port Gigabit Switch with the Tp-Link Litewave 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (LS1008G). Its unmanaged features make it an excellent plug-and-play device that can be taken out of the box and straight away used without any configuration.

Reliable and quiet make working feel easier without a fan noise annoying you every five minutes. A tremendous energy-saving device that doesn’t suck up all your electricity and makes your electricity bill skyrocket out of control. Built to last makes it feel like you won’t have any problems if dropped or bashed. 


  • 8 Ethernet ports
  • Plug and play
  • Greatly expands network capacity
  • Reliable and quiet
  • Saves energy
  • Built to last


Tenda TEG1008D 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The last one on our list is from a less known brand that is still reliable and is mostly known for their sturdy products, and that is perfectly shown here with their fantastic product, the Tenda TEG1008D. With a metal casing, this product can be bashed and dropped. Nothing will happen to it; however, if something does happen to it, don’t worry as you have a lifetime of free tech support that comes with it, don’t worry about lightning either or power spikes as the product will detect this and prevent them from spiking. 

Unmanaged allows you to have instant plug and play, allowing you to get straight on with whatever you were initially doing. Equipped with mounting options allows you to have free rein on wherever you want to place it. 


  • 8 Ethernet ports
  • Plug and play
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Metal frame
  • Lightning security features
  • Lifetime free tech support


Best Gaming Mouse with Side Buttons

Are you in the market for a good quality gaming mouse with several side buttons to get the upper hand on your in-game opponents and really complement that gaming rig of yours? We know exactly how important a mouse can be to your set up so we’ve spent a while trying to research and find the best options for gaming mice that have several side buttons that you can map to your in-game commands.

In this article we go through gaming mice, why you would want one with side buttons, what other features you should consider, how to map the buttons, and our top choices providing a product overview and reasoning behind why it’s made the list.

You can quickly navigate through the article by using the below links:

What are side buttons on a gaming mouse for?

Well, side buttons on mice are typically for gaming, but that isn’t always true, they can also be used to save time on repetitive actions due to their flexibility when you map them.

Side buttons are typically used for performing actions quickly in games without having to reach for a particular key on your keyboard. Why? Because it can save valuable seconds as it’s easier to memorize hotkeys on a mouse compared to on a keyboard, due to the amount you typically need to reach between keys on your keyboard.

Side buttons are particularly useful and favored in MMO, RPG & MMORPG-based gaming. The reason for this is they often have a considerable amount of actions that you can perform. As an example, I used to map my side buttons to perform combination moves in games like World of Warcraft & Aion.

Which gaming mouse has the most side buttons?

As far as we are aware, the mouse, which we feature later in this post, which has the most mappable side buttons is the Logitech G600 – and it’s aimed specifically at MMO games. How many buttons does it have I hear you ask? There are a total of 20 tunable buttons but there are about 12 of them which are easily accessible for quicker actions.

What other features should I consider for a gaming mouse?

When you’re looking into buying a gaming mouse there are a couple of features that you should take more consideration when compared to an ordinary mouse for everyday use. Here are a few of the things that you should focus on in particular:

Type of Sensor
Laser vs optical, you generally have these two sensor choices when you come to buy a gaming mouse. Optical is often favored amongst the gaming community as it doesn’t tend to exhibit lag-like symptoms, which the laser one is more prone to.

Wired or Wireless?
This is a personal opinion, but I would much rather go with a wired gaming mouse. Why? Because wireless gaming mouses die, and it can happen in-game, and I’ve been using wireless mouses on more than one occasion and died in-game because of my mouse just cutting out, it’s a nightmare!

Dots per inch is the figure that refers to the rate at which the mouse can move across the screen. The higher the DPI, the quicker the mouse will move, and therefore it’s more sensitive. I personally like choosing a mouse that has the option to alter the DPI, as sometimes having it too high can be hard to control for some games like First Person Shooters.

This again is a personal preference, and I prefer a heavy mouse, but I know several people that like it to be as light as possible. You should always look at how much a mouse weighs as it will play a large factor in whether you actually like it, some mice even come with insertable weight cartridges so you can change the weight as you please.

In hand feel & grip
It’s hard to tell when you’re looking at a mouse online, but you have to like the feel and importantly grip. A lot of the higher-end gaming mice are designed with various grooves to improve your grip and ensure that when you’re in that high-pressure gaming situation your hand doesn’t slip.

How do you map the side buttons?

This is a hard question to answer because each brand has its own way that you will map the side buttons, typically the mouse will come with some sort of instruction to download software. For instance, with Logitech it’s SetPoint, and with Razer it’s Synapse.

Don’t worry though, the mouse should come with clear instructions.

Our best gaming mouse with side buttons

Now you should be fully informed on what exactly that you want to look at when trying to buy a gaming mouse with side buttons – we’ve selected some great products to get you started. We’ve done a lot of research (owned a few ourselves as well!) and read all of the reviews of each of these products to provide you with the best possible options.

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

How Many Side Buttons Does It Have?
Different side plates with 2, 7 & 12 button options

Product Description
Hopefully if you’re a gamer you’ve heard of the manufacturer Razer, there well known for their quality gaming products and particularly their mouses. This Naga is no exception to their high quality offering.

The mouse is a highly precise device that operates at an exceptional 16,000DPI which allows you to have full control of your gaming. You can adjust the sensitivity through one of the many reprogrammable buttons on offer.

This mouse offers a unique view to side buttons, having 3x interchangeable side plates which allow you to switch between 2, 7, and 12 button configuration options. In total the mouse allows you to have a total of 19, yes 19, programmable buttons which you can remap to a variety of functions using the Razer Synapse program.

There are a total of 16.8 million different color combinations and profiles that you can also set to change the RGB color to your preference.

It also fits comfortably in most hands and offers a rubber scrolling wheel. The mouse has small tactile bumps across the whole face which allows your hand to always grip it easily. You’ll also be interested to hear it comes with a 2-year manufacturer-backed warranty.

Main Features

  • 16,000DPI for extreme control
  • 3 interchangeable side options allowing 2, 7 or 12 buttons
  • When 12 plate is on, you have access to 19 programmable buttons in total
  • Millions of RGB color configurations to your personal preference
  • Comfortable in the hand and easy to maintain grip

Why We’ve Chosen It
This is a great gaming mouse, perhaps one at the top of the market, by a reliable brand and it allows for a multitude of different side button amounts allowing you to switch based on the game you are playing. They have confidence in their product as well, offering a 2-year warranty, which should represent that the mouse is high quality.


Logitech G502 SE Hero

How Many Side Buttons Does It Have?
In total there are 11 buttons, but on the side, there are 4.

Product Description
Logitech are another well known and respected name when it comes to gaming accessories, they have hundreds of different mouse options and have been perfecting them for years, so when you choose Logitech you know you’re going to be getting a pretty good product.

This mouse is a high-performance product with an accurate sensor offering an amazing 16,000DPI at max setting. It has fantastic in-game accuracy and is extremely responsive.

The mouse itself has 11 buttons in total which are completely customizable due to the onboard memory in the mouse itself which allows you to assign commands – you can save five different button profiles so you can switch the preferences for different games if required.

The weight system is also adjustable with a weights cartridge hidden inside, allowing you to remove up to 5x 3.6g weights to adjust the mouse to your personal preference.

As for the design, you can see it looks pretty cool – it also has customizable lighting allowing you to sync it to millions of different colors to match your surround. The mouse truly feels like it has a quality all around with a metal spring feedback system when you click, which just adds to the experience.

Main Features

  • Adjustable up to 16,000DPI
  • Weights cartridge inside to change the mouse feel
  • 11 completely customizable buttons
  • On board memory allowing you to set 5 different button profiles for quick switching
  • Change the lighting to millions of different colors

Why We’ve Chosen It
This is a fantastic mouse by a fantastic brand. For a gaming mouse of its features and brand, it’s an affordable option, currently priced at $51. It ticks almost every box with several side buttons, adjustable DPI, changing weight, and overall being a quality product – you can’t go far wrong with this one!


Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

How Many Side Buttons Does It Have?
5 Programmable buttons in total, 2 on the side.

Product Description
Another Razer product to make the list, which isn’t too much of a surprise as they have several fantastic gaming mice and this again is no exception.

This option is one of their more budget in the range, the DeathAdder Essential, but don’t let that fool you, it’s no slouch!

It retains a classic mouselook but is sleek and designed distinctly for the comfort of your hand allowing you to keep performing in-game at a high level for hours without getting that pesky carpal tunnel!

This mouse weighs 8oz which is on the lighter side compared to some of the others on the list, but it packs a respectable 6,400DI optical sensor. The DPI is high enough to have full control over your mouse and react quickly enough in the game.

The hyper-responsive buttons allow you to get the competitive edge, and in total, you have 5 buttons that you can program. It also has durable mechanical switches to give you the quality feedback you expect from a Razer product.

The design is simple, but with purpose. It’s got a ridged surface with a rubberized scroll wheel all used to enhance your grip of the mouse and ensure you can have full control in intense gaming sessions.

The button mapping is done via the Razer Synapse program.

Main Features

  • 6,400DPI
  • Affordable gaming mouse option that doesn’t compromise on quality
  • Lightweight
  • Designed to improve grip and control
  • 5 programmable buttons in total

Why We’ve Chosen It
This is a budget gaming mouse but it doesn’t compromise on the main aspects. Yes, unfortunately, we will concede it isn’t the best looking and doesn’t have all the flashy RGB, but it does have a respectable DPI figure and is by a high-quality brand that we trust making it a great option if you’re a bit strapped for cash.


Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

How Many Side Buttons Does It Have?
20 Programmable buttons, but 12 on the side.

Product Description
Yes, ok, by now you’ll realize we’re not too original with a list so far of two Razer products and two Logitech products, but believe us it’s warranted!

This Logitech G600 is built specifically for MMO games with just about the most programmable buttons I think we’ve seen on a mouse. It’s designed specifically to allow you to quickly navigate the thumb panel and get to the precise button you want without looking.

This mouse also has a G-Shift button in the middle, allowing you to double the number of actions you want to perform. It’s also no slouch when it comes to DPI either, allowing you five different levels to shift between up to a total of 8,200DPI for the maximum in-game control.

The device comes with a braided USB cable and is comfortably shaped to fit most hands. It weighs a total of 133 grams which for a mouse without a weights cartridge insert is considered on the heavier side.

If you’re interested in how it looks, you’re also able to customize the color of the buttons.

Main Features

  • 20 programmable buttons!
  • Adjustable DPI up to 8,200
  • Weighs 133g
  • Specifically designed for MMO gamers
  • Quality design with a braided USB cable for extra durability

Why We’ve Chosen It
You’re here for buttons, right? Well, we couldn’t make a post about the best gaming mice with side buttons and not include the Logitech G600, which is the most amount of programmable buttons that we are aware of. As well as that, it’s fairly reasonably priced in comparison to the competition and it’s a quality product with more than enough DPI for full gaming control.


Redragon M908 Impact RGB LED MMO Mouse

How Many Side Buttons Does It Have?
18 Programmable buttons with 12 side buttons.

Product Description
This is a slightly left field pick as Redragon isn’t as well known of a brand as the Razer and Logitech options that we have opted for previously, but this mouse really looks the part.

This mouse features 5 different adjustable levels of DPI ranging from 500 at the lowest to 6,200 at its max, which should be more than enough to meet your gaming requirements. You need to have their software adjust the DPI and as far as we can see there is no specific button on the mouse that does this.

There are a total of 18 programmable buttons, which should be more than enough! It has 5 different memory profiles that you can easily switch between too if you want to change your mouse set up for different games for instance. The 12 side buttons make it a perfect mouse for MMO gaming.

This mouse has RGB backlighting as you should be able to see by the image and it’s adjustable to 16.8 million different color options and can even be disabled if you wish.

The advantage this has over the above Logitech option is that it has an internal weights cartridge which allows you to insert up to 8 weights, each around 2.4g, so you can change it to suit your preference.

It’s a high-quality product with Teflon feet pads to add control and durability as well as a braided fiber cable and a gold plated USB connector to increase its lifespan.

Main Features

  • Adjustable DPI from 500 to 6,400
  • Total of 18 programmable buttons, 12 on the side
  • RGB backlighting – choose from 16.8 million colors or even disable it if that’s your preference
  • 8x weight inserts that are 2.4g each
  • High quality design, and affordable pricing

Why We’ve Chosen It
In all honesty, this gaming mouse looks very similar to that of a Logitech, but the reason why it is later in the list is simply because of the brand attached. Going by all the specifications provided and information given, it does look like a great choice as an alternative to the Logitech G600, so if you prefer the design element of this Redragon mouse, it may be the one to go for!


Best Computer Tower Stands – Perfect PC Stands For Carpet

You know that big bulky computer tower you’ve just bought? Or perhaps it’s has been sitting there for a while. They’re not the easiest of things to manoeuvre and it can be quite irritating when you are trying to consider where you should put it.

Well, did you know where you put your desktop PC might actually have an impact on its experience and overall lifespan? It might sound ridiculous, but there are quite a few reasons that you should potentially consider buying a computer tower stand.

We’ve provided an overview of some of the reasons a PC stand might be beneficial, whether you should just put it on the table, what to look for in a computer stand and finally what our top choices are. You can quickly navigate to the section that answers your query using the below table of contents:

Why is a PC tower stand beneficial?

We’ll start by saying that a PC tower isn’t essential for every setup, there are a few key reasons you might want to consider a tower, and here they are:

  • Your tower is on carpet: If your PC tower is sat on your carpet then it could be seriously restricting airflow around the computer case. A lot of computer cases are designed so that the airflow comes partially through the bottom of the case, and if you are blocking this your PC may overheat. A stand will elevate your PC slightly meaning air can get in underneath.
  • You want to be able to move your tower around: Typically tower PCs aren’t meant to be moved, but there are a few people out there who may find it beneficial to be able to easily move the tower around, and a lot of PC stands have wheels attached making this easy.
  • Clean & tidy: Another reason a computer tower stand might be beneficial is just to keep things tidy.
  • Grip & security: A lot of PC tower stands fit around the computer snug and grip, the extra structure around the tower means that it’s less likely to fall over and get damaged.

PC Tower stand vs table

There isn’t really a one answer fits all for this, it depends on your personal preference. If you’re strapped for desk space then a stand may be more beneficial. It can also help you better organize your tabletop and again, won’t cause any issue with ventilation.

That being said, if you have space on your table or computer desk, and there’s no restriction to airflow by placing your tower on the desk then there may be little benefit to a stand.

What to look for in a computer tower stand

Great – so you’ve hopefully decided whether or not you actually need a table stand, but what should you look for in the stand that you buy? Here are a few of the things that you should consider:

This is going to support that expensive computer you’ve got, you need to ensure that it is durable and high quality enough to do so and last the test of time. Towers can be quite heavy, so you need to ensure that you check what weight the stand can withstand, you want to ensure it is far higher than the weight of your PC tower.

This is personal preference really, but the design might come into it. Some designs are small and slick, but usually, they aren’t as supportive, so if you want to go for something that is a little more secure you’ll also want it to wrap around the sides, but they don’t look as good.

What do you want from the PC Tower stand? There are a few that are static, and won’t move, but you also have the option of having a stand with wheels for added flexibility and the ability to move the tower with ease.

Tower Size
This is something that you should take into consideration – the size of your PC tower. Some larger towers might not fit in the smaller PC stands, so you want to ensure that you check what size it is capable of holding. If you are unsure, there are several options which we’ll highlight that offer flexible widths.

What type of computer tower stand do I need?

This would depend on where you are planning on housing the tower. If you are looking on having it on top of a desk or table then you’ll want to look for a stand with static legs, however, if you have your tower on a carpet you might want to choose one with wheels so it’s easier to move about.

You don’t want to be choosing a tower stand with wheels to put on your desk, it’ll just go all over the place! Also, it might be worth noting that if you have tiled floor, you might want a more static stand as well.

Our best computer tower stand choices

Now the section you’ve all been waiting for, our top computer stands choices. We’ve done a lot of research into the best options that you have available for a variety of different types and sizes of towers, as well as situations. We’ve decided on splitting our choices into two sections, the ones which are perfect for carpet and under desks, and ones that are better suited to being on your computer desk or table.

Computer Tower Stands For Carpet & Under Desk

If you want your tower to sit on the floor or on a carpet then we’ve picked out three of the best options you have available below, providing a description of each product and some of the main features.

Mobile Desktop Tower Computer Floor Stand Rolling Caster Wheels

Product Description
This is a rolling PC stand with castor wheels by Syba, it’s cheap, and does the job. It’s adjustable to work with most tower PCs as long as they are within the width of 6 to 10 inches.

This adjustable PC stand will raise your PC far enough off the ground to increase air-flow allowing for your computer to run at a cooler temperate and prevent any overheating damage. The stand itself also featured antiskid grips which means the tower keeps in place firmly and securely, ensuring that the PC doesn’t fall out or tip over.

The maximum weight that this stand can hold is 66lbs, and if your tower is over that, well you should be worried!

Main Features

  • Adjustable width from 6 to 10 inches
  • Rolling wheels
  • Made of durable plastic that can withstand 66lbs
  • Antiskid grips to secure the tower
  • All for below $15


Liitrton Mobile CPU Stand Adjustable Computer Tower Stand

Product Description
This handy little computer stand looks discrete and does a fantastic job at making your tower more convient and easier to move. It has four caster wheels which can easily rotate 360 degrees. It locks to the tower with the steel pipes to keep the unit still.

The stand itself is adjustable in width which can range between 17inches and 22.4 inches so it can easily house most towers, even the larger ones. It’s built with quality in mind as well and can withstand a large weight with its high-grade steel design and ABS materials, again ensuring the safety of your tower.

The surface also has a non-slip texture which firmly grips the computer to prevent it falling and ultimately getting damaged. Of course, this tower also helps with ventilation, raising it by enough from the ground to improve the dissipation of heat around the bottom of the computer tower.

Main Features

  • 360 degree wheel movement
  • Locks the tower in place with steel pipes
  • Adjustable width between 17 – 22.4 inches
  • High load capacity
  • Textured in a non-slip design to ensure your computers safety


TechOrbits Computer Tower Stand

Product Description
This PC stand offers a bit of a different option to the two we have mentioned above, which you can clearly see in the design. Like the others it has four caster wheels allowing it to move freely and perfect for those who don’t want a fixed tower PC, but what is different about this one is it has two sides that lock the computer in securely – which allows increased stability.

The stand is also flexible in terms of what width tower it can hold, which allows it to fit 4.7″ to 8.2″ comfortably – which is more than suitable for a mini case, midi tower and even large computer case. It’s also built to last as well, made of durable steel and a heavy-duty frame which can withstand a weight of up to 22lbs, which again should be more than enough for all tower PCs.

Ventilation also isn’t an issue as it lifts the computer off the flow and has airflow holes in the bottom allowing the heat to dissipate easily.

TechOrbits also have a lot of confidence in the product offering a lifetime warranty – with a commitment to repair or replace any parts that may be defective.

Main Features

  • Different and secure design
  • Can withstand weight of up to 22lbs
  • It can hold computer case widths of between 4.7″ to 8.2″
  • Made of durable steel
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


Computer Tower Stands For Desk Tops

For those of you that want to house their tower on their table or computer desk we’ve picked out a few suitable options that are more sturdy and don’t have wheels, so they won’t be rolling around your desk and potentially falling off! Here are our choices:

WALI Monitor Stand Riser for Computer

Product Description
This stand is meant for both monitors and computers, and it’s simplistic in design with 4 durable metal legs which are suitable for your tower PC.

It can support a maximum weight of 44lbs and has anti-skid rubber pads which prevent your desk or table from getting any damage and more importantly your computer from falling over. The metal shelf itself is 14.6 x 9.3″ (w) so it should be more than large enough to fit your desktop PC.

The shelf can adjust in height and has 3 settings, a 3.9″ one, 4.7″ one and 5.5″ so you can easily fit some papers or notebooks underneath and still have enough airflow for your PC. Speaking of ventilation, the shelf has small holes to prevent overheating.

Finally, it doesn’t look too bad either, with a slick modern design, and it also comes with 10-year protection.

Main Features

  • Well built and can withstand 44lbs
  • 14.6 x 9.3″
  • The shelf is height adjustable, so you should be able to fit things underneath and still have good ventilation
  • Holes in the shelf to help ventilation
  • Cheap option, below $14 & an Amazon Choice product currently


Stand Riser with Vented Metal for Computer

Product Description
This stand actually isn’t designed for your desktop, however as it can withstand 44lbs it still makes a good PC tower stand for an extremely reasonable price (currently the cheapest in our list) and we think it looks the part!

This stand is made of coated steel and has perforated holes in the bottom to keep your computer cool and leave the airflow unrestricted. It’s a stable and solid piece with a 14″ steel plate and non-slip legs that will keep your tower stable and not damage your desk or table.

The size is 14.5×9.2×3.8 which is LxWxH and it raises your tower by about 3.8″, so you could likely also get a few items underneath the PC without restricting airflow and causing overheating, so it can add additional storage space.

It’s an extremely easy to assemble the device, simply connect the two legs and you’re good to go.

Main Features

  • Withstands up to 44lbs
  • The cheapest option of all our picks
  • Has perforated holes for improved ventilation
  • 14″ steel plate legs that are non-slip
  • Easy assembly just two pieces


Hippo & Frog Metal Desk Monitor Stand Riser

Product Description
Despite the rather trendy Hippo & Frog brand name, this product is rather simple, and it does the job. Again, just like the other options you’ll have no issues housing your tower PC on this device as it can withstand 44lbs.

It has three separate height levels so you can easily adjust how high you want your tower, in case you want to put anything underneath, and you can simply use the button on the legs to lift the platform, although we would advise doing this without the tower on top of course.

It’s built to prevent overheating with the mesh holes on the shelf which allow airflow to the bottom of your computer. Again, like the other products, it’s made to be strong and stable with powder-coated steel, simple yet effective!

Main Features

  • 44lb load capacity
  • Three seperate height levels which adjust via a button
  • Holes on the shelf platform for ventilation
  • Modern design for space saving and more storage


Best Laptops Under $400 For Gaming, Students & Business

Laptops can be seen as an expensive and useful piece of technology that can be used in everyday life, being a portable Computer, laptops in recent years have become more popular as the days go on however this doesn’t mean they are cheap as laptops can range from anything past $100 and can reach into the thousands. So, you have come here to find out what laptops are available for the price of $400 and below, we are here to show you that $400 is enough to get you a very reliable and efficient laptop that will suit your needs and wants. 

All these laptops are well-favored by the customers and have very good reviews, so whichever one you end up picking should do the trick for you. Before you go diving into buying a laptop from our list why don’t you have a look at what we have written about below, the things we have written about below should help you find an understanding about what laptop you should be looking for and what to check before buying one. The list below shows what we will be talking about.

How do I choose a good laptop?

A question you should be wondering is how I choose a good laptop that can efficiently do what you need it to do and what you want it to be able to do. When looking at laptops similar to Computers you should be looking at the hardware equipped with it, it’s important to also look at the reviews from customers to make your choice as it is an important decision when spending $400, you don’t want to waste your money on something that isn’t worth it. 

It is important to find the laptop right for you, if it’s for gaming, business, or for the home, we will have a laptop on this list for you. You will want to find a laptop with the correct specifications that can get the job done that will come at a great price. It is important to look at specifications like the operating system, processor, RAM, storage, screen size, graphics, and battery life. All these components are worth looking into as they can have the edge over other laptops in competition, it’s also important to look into them as you might find a laptop with a good processor but a small screen and a bad operating system. 

Operating System

An operating system in simple terms is a piece of software that allows the user to run applications on their computer device, it manages and helps take care of all the hardware resources on the computer. Its main function comes from its basic support that helps function the likes of scheduling tasks and controlling certain peripherals 

The best-operating systems to look out for are Windows, Mac Os, Chrome Os, Fedora. There are many more operating systems to choose from that are reliable however we think these are the best ones you should be picking from.


A processor also well known as the CPU gives instructions out to the rest of the laptop, just like how a brain would control your body. The processor is the brain of a computer and any technology that has one. It processes the power from the Battery to the rest of the computer so the computer can function correctly. The more powerful and updated the processor is the better it will be able to perform the tasks it has.

Like Computers laptops have processors that go up in power and quality by numbers, so for instance the intel series range from i3-i9 i3 being the older processor and i9 the newer version. The rule of thumb would be to always go for the bigger number 


RAM is also known as Random Access memory but RAM for short. RAM stores data that can be accessed instantly no matter where the memory is stored, so the faster the RAM the faster things from your memory can be pulled up. The bigger the RAM the more things it can pull up out of your storage, do remember RAM only works with power supplied to it, when power is cut from the RAM it won’t hold any memory, so RAM is not like a Hard drive or an SSD it has a different job entirely. 

When looking at RAM it is essential to have at least 4 GB worth on a Laptop however I would aim for something like 8GB or 16GB as more memory always helps using a laptop. More demanding tasks will be more taxing on your RAM so if you know you will be doing something big like Gaming, graphic design, or programming on your laptop then I would be recommending looking into 8GB and 16GB. 


You have the choice of two different types of storage, the first one is a Hard drive and the other one is SSD. Hard Drive will typically hold more storage than an SSD and is usually cheaper, but slower to run things from storage. So, when gaming, designing, programming I would highly recommend an SSD as it will open your applications up a lot faster as Hard Drives are slow, and you might be stuck there for a while loading. If you’re on more of a budget, then a hard drive is also a good choice as you won’t be lacking in memory space and it can still do the same as an SSD it is just a lot slower. 

For a laptop, a good storage size would be 32GB, and anything above that if you’re intending to do gaming, game design, programming, or any other big application based things I would recommend looking into laptops that have 128GB+ as you will be needing more than a normal person. 

Screen graphics

The best laptops usually have the best graphics, they will have sharper screens with a usual resolution of 1920×1080 pixels as a baseline and can go above that. It is important when looking for laptops to look at the screen size, the screen size is important especially if you have bad eyesight and need glasses or just like bigger screens. Maybe you even want something smaller that you can move around easier, well the screen size will tell you the size of the laptop you will have in your hand. 

A good size to go for would be anything from 12 inches to 18 inches. If you’re looking to game on the laptop, I would recommend getting a screen size above 15 inches as the larger the laptop the more room for a GPU and that means more room for GPU cooling. 

Battery life

Battery life is important to everyone as nobody wants their laptop to give up on them after a few hours of not being on charge. Having a long battery life means you can take the laptop on the train, plane, car, or anywhere that doesn’t have a plug socket and expect it to last the whole journey or at least the majority. 

A good battery life on a laptop would be anywhere above 7 hours of consistent use without charge, however gaming laptops will normally only stay charged for around 5 hours because the job the laptop is doing when gaming is so taxing on the battery as it uses a lot of its charge to run the graphics.

What to check before you buy a Laptop?

Laptops can be taken anywhere you go, it can be your business best friend, your gaming genie, or anything you want to be able to do on it. Yet you want to do all these amazing things and you have no idea what to look for. Don’t you worry or stress we are here to help you. So you already know what specifications to look out for but what about the brand, it’s important to check if the brand has a good reputation and reviews before proceeding in buying their product, the product could look and sound fantastic however the brand could be known for their faulty products or bad support if you have any problems with the product. Below we have listed some good brands to look out for that are well known and have a good reputation that leads the market. 


Microsoft is a powerhouse in the technology industry as they own the likes of Windows and Windows OS, they also make the technology like the Xbox and Laptops. Microsoft has been making computers since 1975 and by the late 1980’s they became the world’s biggest personal computer software development company. Microsoft is well known as the biggest computer company in the world and one of the most trusted, you can’t go wrong with Microsoft. 


Lenovo has a very good and well-deserved reputation in the technology industry and is well known as the king of productivity. Lenovo laptops are well known for their long battery life and fantastic usability. Lenovo has made quality products like the ThinkPad, a smaller laptop that can be carried with ease. Made in Hong Kong in 1988 Lenovo has grown to be one of the pillars of the computer industry and is up there with the likes of Apple and Microsoft. Lenovo is also the largest pc company in China since China also holds 1.42 billion people that is an impressive feat to be the Largest Computer company in it.


Samsung a South Korean company that is one of the biggest companies in the world and is well known for the world’s largest producer of electronic devices. Samsung specializes in numerous things that range from electronics to appliances Samsung do it all. Samsung Laptops are of high quality and built with the best of specifications that will ensure a well-functioning laptop that can perform to the highest degree. Samsung is one of the few companies that produce their own hardware rather than getting another source to make the majority of the electronics to manufacture it. 


Everybody knows Apple, and nearly everyone will have an Apple product in their homes. Apple is most well-known for its prominent hardware and its long series of personal computers. Made by Two hackers Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak the company was founded in 1976 and became one of the leading electronic producers. Becoming the trendsetter for mobile devices Apple quickly became one of the largest companies ever if not the biggest. Apple is well trusted and has a fantastic reputation for good quality products that have their own unique style.

Well known for making the expensive yet lavish MacBook.


Dell is a Computer manufacturing company made by American billionaire Michael Saul Dell. Dell is globally known as a computer company that also designs, develops, and manufacture computers. One of the leading suppliers of PCs Dell’s reputation is one to behold. If you want a brand that will listen to your worries and needs Dell would be the one, with their amazing customer support Dell will make you feel welcome and not discouraged to ask questions about the laptop you have bought from them.  


HP was founded by a man named Hewlett Packard, HP is an American manufacturing company that specializes in PCs and software. The company recently split into two with HP inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. HP inc continues to sell the companies well-known products. With friction between HP making it split in two they still have a good reputation and are a leading and well-known brand in Computer technology and are very much still reliable and trustable.


Stan Shih and Carolyn Yeh are the founders of the computer manufacturing distributor Acer. Acer has been a great value for money company with most of its products being at a reasonable price for what you get. Acer is one of the leading gaming laptop brands out there with their reliable laptop range that is cheap although some laptops they offer are ridiculously expensive and will not be on this list.


Asus founded by 4 Hardware engineers T.H Tung, M.T. Liao, Luca D.M, Wayne Hsieh, Ted Hsu. Asus is a Taiwanese multinational tech brand that was founded in 1989. Asus is well known for its well designed and creative laptops. Asus is known for being a cheaper laptop in comparison to the competition and offers more robust laptops than other brands making it stand out. 

What is more important when buying a laptop?

We have told you what specifications to look for, what brands to look for, and to look at the reviews of the laptop you are thinking about buying. We believe the most important thing to look out for is the specifications as we believe just because it is a good brand doesn’t mean it is a good laptop, people often buy for the brand however this isn’t always a good idea as some Laptops are just not up to scratch especially when buying on a budget of $400. We do believe you should still investigate the brand and reviews of the product but it’s most important to learn about the specification so you can find the laptop that fits best for you.

Is it worth buying a second-hand laptop? 

When looking into laptops you might find an expensive laptop for cheap, but it is second hand, you might think this is a catch but It also might not be so you will want to be careful when looking into it. Buying a refurbished or used laptop can help you save a lot of money, it can knock a laptop down to nearly half the price, you might not be able to find the exact laptop you want second hand however if you can find one that looks in good condition and has a trusted seller then it might be a good idea to consider it.

You can get bad sellers and good sellers so watch out when buying from second-hand sellers as they might not allow refunds, the product might come damaged or it might not even arrive and could be a scam. We have made a list below for you to check when buying a second-hand laptop 

Your needs and wants

When buying a laptop in general you need to find out what you need it for and how long you will need it. It’s important to find out what the specifications are so they can run what you want to run, for instance, if you want to run GTA 5 you will want something with a good processor and graphics. But if you want a laptop that will last a few years then maybe investigate a new laptop as a used one might not be a good idea as you don’t know how many years it has been used as it is. 

Inspect the appearance of the laptop

When looking at pictures of the laptop or looking at it in person make sure to look at the exterior for cracks or bashes that could affect the laptop, if you see a big crack or bash and the seller is putting the laptop at a big price avoid it, it’s not worth it as it could break on you in a few months or maybe even days.

Screen condition 

IF you see cracks in the screen or dead pixels, we recommend looking else whereas it is not worth buying it with a screen that can break at any time. It also signifies the old user hasn’t taken care of it very well and should raise concern if they are trusted or not.

Test the keypad

This is very important because if you have a cracked screen it’s still usable or a cracked exterior you can still use the laptop however if your keys aren’t working or the trackpad isn’t working then it is very hard to fix this. You won’t be able to use the laptop to its full capabilities with a broken keyboard, keypad, or trackpad.


Make sure the CD/DVD ports aren’t blocked or broken and can play DVDs/CD’s, you don’t want to buy the laptop for watching DVD’s to find out it can’t even play them, it is also very important to check if the USB ports and HDMI ports are still working as you might need these for what you want your laptop to do 

WiFi connectivity

Connecting to the WiFi is essential for anyone, whether that be through ethernet or wireless it is important to make sure it works beforehand, without WiFi you won’t be able to do simple tasks like access google or the internet.

Battery health/life

Do you always want to be charging your laptop, being bound to the wall by a lead just to keep the laptop charged, no, of course, you don’t? It is important to check how long the battery can last without being charged, the more you use a laptop the worse the battery gets so if it’s an older laptop you’re buying from the second hand you should expect the battery life when in constant use to be a lot lower than what the new version of the laptop would be.


Is all the software up to date should be a question you’re asking when buying a used laptop? If the software is out of date it can set, you back and could also make you vulnerable to hackers and viruses as the software might not be protected. If the software isn’t up to date, then you might not be able to do the things you originally wanted to buy a laptop for. 


If you’re buying a laptop for business and need to join calls with a camera and listen through speakers then this will be essential for you. Most laptop cameras are mediocre and when you’re buying a second-hand, they normally work with not very good quality or just don’t work at all. 


Simply by making sure what you’re buying is at a good price is very important, check the original price the laptop costs and try to find other second-hand sellers that are selling the same laptop and check the price on them. Don’t be scammed by a price tag that is close to the original. 

Our Best Laptop for under $400 

Our best laptop for under $400 had to be the Lenovo ThinkPad T440. The Lenovo ThinkPad T440 stood above the rest in specifications and reviews, you can’t fault the small/slick style laptop as it gets the job done. Perfect for business and students with enough memory to save your work and not worry about space this laptop has it all. The only problem is that it is renewed, however with a 2-year protection plan that is provided this is a great deal. 

Lenovo ThinkPad T440

The Lenovo ThinkPad T440 is one of the best Lenovo products out there, to get a Lenovo ThinkPad T440 below $400 is a great deal with the 2-year protection plan that comes with it. The Lenovo ThinkPad T440 although small has some of the most powerful specifications out there for a laptop below $400. Equipped with an Intel Core i5 and 8GB of RAM this little laptop is fast and won’t run out of storage as it comes with 240GB SSD. Pre-owned however officially checked and tested by Amazon suppliers. 1-year warranty for any hardware parts means if you have any problems in the first year of use you can get it replaced for free in that first year.


  • 1-year warranty 
  • 2-year protection plan
  • 240 GB SSD
  • I5 Processor 
  • 8Gb RAM
  • Windows 10 Pro 

Our top budget laptops under $400 picks

When you only have $400 you might not even want to spend $400 so the cheapest one on our list goes to the ASUS L210. The ASUS L210 is only $189, it may not be as powerful as the others however its light and small, compared to others at its price it has very good specifications 

ASUS Laptop L210

ASUS L210 is an ultra-thin laptop that’s also supported by Windows 10 S. ASUS L210 has a reliable Intel Celeron that is not as powerful as other processors but can still get the job done. 4 GB of RAM hits the base level of regular laptops, 64GB Storage giving you a lot of space for all your things. Also comes with one year of Microsoft 365 personal. The slim design allows you to take it everywhere. Sold by Amazon you can trust in the seller, has a RAM type of DDR4 which is a newer version of RAM type compared to most of the RAM from other laptops on this list. For the price of $189 this laptop is a bargain for anyone who is struggling with money 


  • 4GB RAM
  • Windows 10 S
  • Intel Celeron N4020
  • One year of Microsoft office 365 personal
  • Slim Design 

Our top budget laptops under $400 (For business use)

When you’re a business person looking for a laptop under $400 you might struggle depending on your job, however, we have found the HP EliteBook 840 which we believe is the best business laptop you can buy for under $400 on this list. With an intel 5 processor and has 16GB RAM which is outstanding for the price, things will be loaded up faster with the RAM provided and a big storage space of 256GB SSD.

HP EliteBook 840

HP EliteBook 840 is an intel 5 processor that runs the laptop, powerful and strong the HP EliteBook 840 is a great option no matter who you are. 16GB RAM, which is outstanding for the price, things will be loaded up faster with the RAM provided and a big storage space of 256GB SSD. Windows 10 operating system with a DDR3 RAM type. The CPU speed might be slow however the HP EliteBook 840 is possibly the most powerful laptop on this list and is great for students and business people. If you are going for looks this laptop won’t be for you however if you’re going for performance, then this is the laptop for you 


  • Intel 5 Processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • Windows 10
  • DDR3 RAM type

Other Viable Options

These laptops in our opinion aren’t as good as the other ones however these might suit your needs and wants. They are still good laptops with good specifications for the price and should not be overlooked, so here are our other picks that we have made for you.

Acer Chromebook 315

The Acer Chromebook 315 is a 15.6-inch screen laptop that has a processor that is an Intel Celeron N4000 that goes up to 2.6GHz. Packed with a 4GB RAM that’s type DDR4. Equipped with 128 GB SD that allows you to be able to store all your data. The only laptop so far on this list that doesn’t have a windows operating system as the Acer Chromebook 315 has a Chrome OS operating system which is also very reliable.


  • 128 GB SD
  • 15.6-inch screen
  • Chrome OS
  • 4GB RAM 
  • Intel Celeron N4000

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 has a 15.6inch screen size that shows perfect viewing for all, with a slightly lacking AMD Ryzen 3 3250U Processor that holds the rains on the laptop. 4GB RAM DDR4 allows for quick random-access memory searching that is more modern than DDR3. An SSD is equipped that contains 128GB of memory. Supported by an operating system of Windows 10 Home this Lenovo laptop is comfortable and affordable, it’s a perfect student laptop that looks good and does the job.


  • 15.6-inch screen 
  • 4GB RAM DDR4
  • SSD 128 GB
  • Windows 10 Home
  • AMD Ryzen 3 3250U

MSI Optix G27C2 Review – Full HD Curved Computer Screen

Are you in the market to buy a new computer screen for your gaming set up? It can take a fair bit of research to find the perfect one for your requirements, and one that you might have come across is this MSI Optix (G27C2), 27″ inch, curved, Full HD PC screen. The headline figures look impressive, with a 1ms refresh rate and operating at 144Hz with several other features, but when it’s out the box and actually being used, does it quite live up to the figures it boasts?

In this article we take an in-depth look into MSI as a brand, their optic range, an overview of what you can expect with the G27C2, a look at the technical specification and ultimately provide our opinion and verdict on whether it’s a worthwhile purchase, so keep reading to find out more!

This article is a long one, so you can quickly navigate through the contents to find the answer to the speicfic question you may have, just use the links provided below:

Is MSI a reliable brand?

If you’re into gaming, or high spec PCs or gaming laptops then you’ve probably come across the red dragon logo that belongs to the brand MSI before. They’re known as one of the best computing brands out there and are world-leading. Their products are often used and trusted in the eSports community including the screen as well as other accessories.

Most of their products sit in the mid to high end in terms of quality and price. All their products tend to have amazing specifications, and even their cheaper range of products often contain some great features. They might be perceived as expensive, but when you buy MSI you know that you’re going to get a good, trustworthy product.

As a team, we’ve collectively used and owned several of MSI’s products, and none of us has anything bad to say about them. A lot of people sight that the cost of repair for MSI products can be quite expensive, which is a lot of the negative points you see on forums when researching. We can’t common this, because we’ve never actually had an issue with any of the products, which includes the screen in which we’re currently writing this blog on.


Is the MSI Optix series any good?

Before we dig into whether the series Optix by MSI is good, let’s give an overview of what exactly it is, and means. The Optix range is a range of screen specifically aimed at gamers, it’s a range that has comfort in mind with easily tilt and height adjustable designs for a better viewing position. These screens are supposed to be specifically enhanced to bring a better gaming experience through great textures, amazing refresh and response rates and LED panels that make them suitable for all types of games including first-person shooters, racers, sports and more.

There are several screens in the range, going from 23.6″ design to 31.5″, the one we are featuring here sits in the middle at 27″.

MSI Optix G27C2 overview

This impressive standing screen by popular computing brand MSI, is a 27 inch, FHD 1080p, LCD curved display which is perfect for your gaming requirements.

The full HD is 1920x1080p with a 16:9 aspect ratio, which delivers a very capable display for gaming – partnered with the MSI gaming OSD which offers assistance in-game and further on-screen customization options. The screen also comes with adaptive free sync technology which allows it to match the refresh rate of your GPU set up, this can help avoid common gaming issues such as stuttering or screen tearing, allowing it to provide a completely lag-free visual experience.

The G27C2 delivers an impressive refresh rate of 144Hz coupled with an impressive response time of 1ms which makes the screen suitable for games which require a fast reflex, which is particularly important in first-person shooters for instance. The curved and widescreen angle allows you to view a total of 178 degrees with anti-glare, meaning you’ll easily be able to see your enemies, which you might not be able to see, without moving, on other similar screens.

A further really big benefit to this screen is that it offers a frameless display when you buy multiple of them, this means that you can sit them next to each other and the breaks between the two screens shouldn’t look as harsh or thick as other similar screens – which is due mostly to the ultra-narrow bezels it has on the right and left sides. If you want a set up with multiple of these screens, the other benefit, of course, is that they are curved, which works far better from a multi-screen setup point of view as it’s far more immersive and again less jarring between each of the screens.

Main Features

  • 144hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms response time
  • Anti-flicker & AMD FreeSync
  • Edge to edge curved design – great for multiple displays
  • FHD 1920x1080p – 16:9 aspect ratio


What are the technical specifications of the MSI Optix G27C2?

We’ve touched on a lot of the technical aspects of the G27C2, however, you can find a full technical overview of the screen detailed below:

  • Brand: MSI
  • Panel Size: 27″ (69cm)
  • Panel Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Response time: 1ms (MPRT)
  • Panel Type: VA
  • Brightness (nits): 300 cd / m2
  • Viewing Angle: 178°
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Curvature: 1800R
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
  • DCR: 100000000:1
  • NTSC: sRGB 85% / 110%
  • Active Display Area: (mm) 597.888(H) x 336.312(V)
  • Pixel Pitch: (H x V) 0.3114 (H) x 0.3114 (V)
  • Surface Treatment: Anti-glare
  • Display Colors: 16.7M
  • Video ports: 1x DP(1.2) / 1x HDMI(1.4) /1x DVI
  • Control Menu: Bri (-), Vol(+) Input/Enter, Power
  • Power Type: Internal Adaptor
  • Power Input: 100~240V, 50~60Hz
  • Power consumption: 45W
  • Signal Frequency: 30 to 160KHz / 60 to 144Hz
  • Adjustment (Tilt): -5° ~ -15°
  • Dimension (W x H x D): 619mm x 451mm x 239mm
  • Weight (NW / GW): 5.8kg / 7.8 kg
  • Note Display Port: 1920 x 1080 (Up to 144Hz)
  • HDMI: 1920 x 1080 (Up to 120Hz)
  • The color gamut follows the CIE 1976 testing standard.

Our review of the MSI Optix G27C2

Now for the all-important bit, and hopefully the reason you’re here our verdict! Well, let’s get obvious out the way, it’s a monitor from 2017, so there are better in the market, that being said, you won’t be able to get a top of the line specification monitor released recently for anywhere near this price.

Currently priced at $239.99, we do believe that the MSI Optix G27C2 is a good purchase that is worth the money.

Like we’ve mentioned in the article, we’re big fans of MSI, all the products we’ve had by them are fantastic and this screen is no exception. When looking for computer parts, or accessories, it’s a name that is synonymous with quality, and you know you’re going to get a good product.

One of our favourite parts about this screen is the curvature, for the price point, you don’t tend to find high quality curved screens like this one. It fits perfectly into our triple monitor set up, with its small bezels making the transitions between windows painless, the gaps are also small enough to be able to game across the three screens.

Again for the price point, the specifications are pretty good too, 144Hz is just about enough for any gaming experience and the 1ms response rate, well you come to except that in anything that can be categorised as a “gaming” screen, so that doesn’t stand out too much.

What you need to keep in mind with this screen however is it does have it’s negatives, even when it was released it wasn’t considered “top of the range”. The main thing we’ve noticed is that the deep blacks aren’t particularly fantastic, and can appear cloudy.

Despite that, we still found it good enough to game on and use for our regular day to day computer use, from spreadsheets to Call of Duty or a bit of Photoshop editing, we didn’t notice any input lag or screen tearing and the quality was high enough.

It’s not just us that thinks it’s a good monitor, all you have to do is look on sites like Amazon and read some of the excellent reviews. Currently at the time of researching it has achieved 4.6 stars out of 5 from a total 5,207 reviews.


  • 144Hz refresh rate makes it a great monitor for gaming
  • Curved screen with great viewing angels
  • The curved screen design with the small bezels makes it perfect for double or triple monitor set ups
  • Supports Freesync
  • The price is fantastic considering the specification


  • The blacks aren’t the best, and appear a little bit cloudy
  • It’s an older screen now, released in 2017


Best Computer Speakers For Under $50

Most people nowadays are in the market for a headset, so a lot of the focus of articles and reviews online is around that, but it’s not for everyone, some of us want to listen to their MMORPG game or favorite music track via speakers for a more immersive experience.

We also recognise that not everyone can spend hundreds on accessories for their computer, but not to worry, you can still get a great pair of computer speakers for under $50.

We’ve got you, in this article we’ve researched and provided buyers guide around buying budget PC speakers and given our opinion on the top computer speaker as well as other notable mentions.

You can use the table of contents below if you want to jump to a particular section:

Budget Computer Speaker Buying Guide

Before we jump into our top choices when it comes to the best computer speakers for under $50 we don’t just want you to take our word for it, we want to inform you on exactly what you should look for in budget computer speakers, the common pitfalls and some of the options that you have so you can better understand which speakers might be the best option for you personally.

What should I look for in computer speakers under $50?

Unfortunately, when it comes to computer speakers a budget of $50 is considered to be relatively low, as speakers can range into the hundreds, if not thousands for those who are really into their audio solutions. That being said there are a number of audio companies out there which are looking to bring cheap solution for the average everyday PC user.

Although there’s loads of competition, and budget speakers have really come on in recent years, it’s important that you know what to look out for, as not all speakers are built equally. There are certain things in particular that you should look for in a cheaper speaker, which include:

  • Bluetooth vs Wired: Even at a lower budget ($50) you still have the option of either wired or Bluetooth speakers. This really depends on personal preference, Bluetooth is obviously easier and more convenient, but if they are sat on your computer desk at all times, then is it necessary? If you don’t plan on the speakers being portable at all, then choosing a Bluetooth device might mean that you’re compromising on something else like sound quality. On the flip side, if you’re planning on using these for a laptop, for instance, you might want a Bluetooth speaker as they are more portable. Another factor to consider with this is if you have other smart home devices like the Alexa or Google Home, then the advantage of having Bluetooth is you can often connect the devices. As we said, personal preference!
  • Physical connections: You need to consider whether the speakers have AUX, USB or both. We’ll touch on it in more detail later, but USB has a better sound quality, however, if all your USB ports are used then you’re going to want to get a speaker that works with AUX (3.5mm jack). It’s preferable that you choose USB, but getting a mix of both is usually an indicator of a better speaker.
  • Sound quality: This should go without saying, you’re looking to buy computer speakers to improve the sound quality of your computer, so you want to choose the ones which have the best quality sound. This can sometimes be hard to tell by just reading about the product, so make sure that you look and read through the reviews, understand peoples personal experience using them. You want to avoid buying speakers that are at an extremely low price point between $5-20 for example because it’s likely that they will sound tinny and distorted when loud.
  • How it looks: This isn’t the most vital aspect, but the speaker(s) have to look good on your computer desk right? There are some really cool speaker designs out there, especially with the RGB lights.
  • Size – do you have the desk space?: This is an important and often overlooked aspect of buying a speaker. Will it actually fit well on your desk? If there are multiple speakers and a subwoofer for instance, are you going to have enough spare space on your desk in order to house them all comfortably without having to compromise anything else? There are some great compact options, like soundbars for instance, which are great when you lack that bit of space.
  • 2.0, 2.1 and 5.1: When looking at speakers in general, you’ll see these numbers attached, but what are they? 2.0 means there are just two speakers and it doesn’t have a subwoofer, 2.1 means it’s two speakers with the addition of a subwoofer and 5.1 is what you want, with surround sound, five speakers and a subwoofer.
  • Speaker controls: Another thing that you want to look at is exactly how easy are the speaker controls to use? Can you control the amount of bass or treble? The more advanced the speaker controls the better!
  • Read the reviews: We touched on this when it comes to audio quality, but honestly, the best way to tell whether computer speakers are good is to just look at as many reviews across the web as you can. There is a lot of jargon and sales tactics that these speaker brands employ, you can cut through it all by simply looking at genuine purchasers actual experiences.

Being that the budget is lower, the speakers might not hit all of these criteria, and you will have to compromise in some sections, but if you identify what is important to you then you can choose the correct speaker for your needs.

Common pitfalls of budget speakers to look out for

As we’ve touched on, we’ve told you what to look for in cheaper computer speakers, but what about what to look out for? There are a few common pitfalls and issues that occur in budget speaker options, here’s what you should look out for:

  • Cheap design: A lot of speakers at the lower price point compromise a lot on design, they’ll use cheaper plastics and you can just generally tell by looking at them that they aren’t up to scratch. You want to ensure that your speaker is going to last, and well, look the part of course.
  • Lacking durability: This again ties into the build quality, but a lot of the cheaper speakers simply won’t last. Wires will fray or the speakers will just simply stop working. Look for warranties or try and read reviews of people who have had the speaker for a longer period of time.
  • Poor volume levels: A lot of the cheap computer speakers won’t output a decent level of audio. The best way of telling whether this is the case is to either look at the max decibels (dB) or read the reviews if they are quiet, I guarantee it will be mentioned.
  • Bad sound quality: Another thing to watch for, is, of course, a poor level of sound quality. This usually becomes apparent on lower-quality speakers when they are played at higher volumes, they will sound distorted or tinny, again, read the reviews!

This section isn’t designed to scare you, there are cheaper speakers that we have picked out that don’t have any of the above-mentioned issues. These issues are particularly common with really cheap speakers – we would recommend as previously mentioned staying away from any speakers below the $20 mark, as they are likely to have at least one if not all of these issues, so on a personal level I tend to steer clear of anything that is too cheap speaker wise as even if you pay just that $10 you tend to get a better sound and longer-lasting stereo.

Can I get a computer speakers below $50 that has a subwoofer?

Yes – you can, there are a few options, which we’ve picked out in our best computer speaker for under $50 options, which you can see later in this post, that have subwoofers as part of the package, often referred to as 2.1. Why is it important though? What are the benefits of having a computer speaker that has a subwoofer?

Computer speakers with a subwoofer have a few distinct advantages over set ups without them, here are just a few of those:

  • Small speakers tend not to have a lot of bass, a subwoofer will improve the bass significantly.
  • It improves the smoothness of the sound all around and lowers the amount of distortion.
  • It will improve the audio performance at higher frequencies.

Simply put & to summarise, it elevates your listening experience and a speaker set with a subwoofer is simply better than one without, especially if you’re a big fan of bass. All that being said, for your average everyday listener, it’s not essential and you can still get a decent sound without needing a subwoofer.

What type of speaker options do I have?

When you look at all your options of computer speakers below $50 you’ll soon realise that a few different types keep cropping up. Here’s an overview of what each of these speaker types are, and which one might be best for you:

  • Subwoofer & speakers: One of the most common computer set-ups for speakers you will see is a few speakers, usually between two and five, with or without a subwoofer placed below your computer desk. This is a standard computer speaker set up and one that you may have seen for years.
  • Soundbar: Another often overlooked option for a speaker for your computer is actually a soundbar, as they are more often than not associated with TVs. These can have great sound quality, and can often be connected to via Bluetooth as well, so you can switch between your computer, phone and even TV if you wanted. There are some great soundbar options for below $50 as well.
  • USB: This is a connection type, that is a lot more common now than a few years back. USB gives a clearer higher quality sound but is less compatible than AUX. Some devices are simply USB connectivity, which might not be suitable for everyone.
  • AUX: AUX is highly compatible as it often doesn’t require a power source, it’s typically just a 3.5mm audio jack, however, the quality is usually lower and there can be more interference through AUX than other options so it often isn’t favored.

Those are generally the “types” of speakers that you can get, but they also fall under a few other categories, which we touched on earlier.

  • 2.0: Two speaker set up
  • 2.1: Two speakers with a subwoofer
  • 5.1: Five speakers offering surround sound with a subwoofer

Are USB speakers better?

Buying a speaker for your PC can be quite confusing, as we’ve just touched on, you have a few different options when it comes to types of speakers. What you might notice however is some speakers will just have an AUX cable, some will simply have a USB and others a mix of USB & AUX, confusing?

It’s all to do with sound quality, speakers that just feature AUX tend to either be older or generally speaking lower quality. USB connections typical provide a much better and clearer sound than the AUX alternative.

So why are some speakers just simply AUX, why aren’t they all USB? The speakers which have an AUX output typically aren’t just “computer” speakers, there aimed at being compatible across a wide range of devices as AUX is more portable, you don’t require any kind of source of power that you would with a USB.

Overview of budget speaker brands

When you have a limited budget you are of course limiting yourself to only being able to purchase speakers from a few brands in particular. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t quality brands, it just means that you won’t unfortunately often be able to buy products from some of the bigger audio names.

Here’s an overview of some of the popular budget brands which you can get your hands on for under $50.

  • Creative: One of the world leaders in Digital Entertainment, they offer several audio solutions, including several different products for PC and usually at a very affordable price point. Their product range includes Soundbars, Gaming headsets, sound blasters as well as other speaker options.
  • Bose: I would be very surprised if you haven’t heard of Bose, there a very well known, trusted and reliable brand that have some top of the line speakers. Most of their products are at a much higher price point, but they do offer some great for value lower cost audio solutions.
  • TaoTronics: This is a brand that is part of the larger group called the Sunvalley Group and they offer their products in 7 different countries. They have a wide range of electronics including Audio, Home Appliances, Lamps, Routers and more.
  • Logitech: You’ve probably heard of Logitech right? They’re a company that has been around for years and are one of the leaders in Audio, Gaming, Computing and video. In the audio space, they also have a lot of sub-brands you may have heard of such as ASTRO, Ultimate Ears, Jaybird & more.
  • Cyber Acoustics: Often shortened to CA, they manufacture headphones, headsets, microphones and speakers, everything audio! They are also partnered with their sister brand Maroo. They’ve been developing their audio tech for over 20 years and a well known reputable affordable audio brand.
  • LIELONGREN: This is a brand that in all honesty, we could find very little about, they seem exclusive to Amazon and they specialise in USB computer audio solutions and a few other products, such as alarm clocks.
  • ELEGIANT: These are an up and coming audio company aiming to become one of the giants in the electronic world. They are established in over 10 countries and specialise in speakers, Bluetooth transmitters, selfie sticks, ring lights, weather stations and more.
  • Sanyun: This is another brand that seems to be exclusive to Amazon and we can find very little out about them.
  • Edifier: They specialize specifically in premium audio solutions at a reasonable price, with a large range of audio systems which are suitable for both personal and professional use, depending on the price point of course. They have a couple of products available for the under $50 mark.

Our Top Computer Speaker For Under $50

Now let’s get into the reason you’re here, buying the best bang for your buck computer speaker! We’ve been through hundreds of different speaker products, read the reviews, looked at the features and compiled a list of what in our personal opinion are the top computer speakers for under $50.

There is one speaker in particular however that really stuck out to us as the best option, so without further ado:

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Desktop Speakers with Powerful Down-Firing Subwoofer and Far-Field Drivers

Product Description
This 4-inch speaker by Creative is a 2.1 USB speaker, meaning it comes with two speakers and a subwoofer perfect for most desktop setups and at a very low price point currently $39.99. Out of all the speakers we’ve looked at, we honestly feel it’s the best one available below $50 and could even compete with some of the $50-100 range speakers, which is why it’s an Amazon choice product as well as extremely well-reviewed with 4.6 out of 5 stars across over 32k reviews, currently.

That’s great, but what do you get? The Creative Pebble offers a down-firing subwoofer which is extremely powerful and really enhances your listening experience with double the bass, but a clean minimalistic design which is all connected through a USB. The dual speakers are well designed as well, at a 45-degree angle which allows them to work well with the subwoofer to deliver a clear sound, and importantly a real thump to the bass.

That’s far from it though. The Pebble can go up a notch, you’ll have to buy a wall plug for it, a 5V USB adapter to be exact, you can achieve much higher volumes than just a simple USB 2.0 computer input, allowing it to achieve 8 RMS (root means square) output. You’ll also need to switch the device to High Gain Mode to achieve this figure, which is just a simple switch on the device itself.

The volume controls are easy to access and use, and the connections are convenient with both AUX & USB connections allowing the device to completely eliminate the need for a wall socket, but still provide as powerful bass as a wall connected device with its impressive subwoofer.


  • Powerful down-firing subwoofer
  • Two mid-ranged Pebble speakers that are elevated to 45 degrees so the sound comes directly towards you
  • High gain mode through a simple switch, but you’ll need a 5V 2A USB adapter which isn’t included in the package
  • The volume controls are located at the front of the speaker meaning they are easy to access and use, unlike some subwoofers that have it on the subwoofer itself which is usually placed by your feet
  • USB powered for convenience, no need to have a wall socket plugged in!

Best Computer Speakers For Under $50

Yes, we’ve already told you our best option above, however, it might not suit your particular circumstances and you might want a few decent alternatives. We’ve not just stopped with recommending a single product, below you can find a range of different speakers for your computer, at different price points, all below the $50 mark which all have a decent quality.

We’ve detailed each product, provided an overview, a look at the features and our opinion, keep reading to find out more:

ELEGIANT PC Speakers 2.0 USB Powered Stereo Volume Control with LED Light Mini Portable Gaming Speakers

Product Description
These speakers are a good solution for your computing audio system if you’re looking at buying on a tight budget, there simple, yet look great. This well-reviewed 2.0 audio solution by ELEGIANT is available currently for $22.99, it offers a simple set up of 2x built-in 5W balanced speakers which provide a clean and quality sound without having any distortion, noise or interference.

The ELEGIANT SR600 computer speakers don’t look half bad either, they have colorful LED lights that can change to different colors during music playback – they react to what you’re listening to, which is pretty cool right? If you are listening to rhythmic music or playing a game that is a little intense then the light will come on far stronger than if you are listening to something a bit more relaxing. If this isn’t quite to your taste, however, you can turn off the lights completely, and all you have to do is just pat the main speaker with your hand.

The controls are pretty straight forward too, it’s just a single control which is on the front of one of the speakers, you can use this to just adjust the volume, left being lower and right being higher, it’s also the power switch. Pretty easy to use. There’s no mains power needed either, there simply plug and play, you’re computer won’t have to download any drivers or take ages to recognize them. They are powered via USB, but also have a 3.5mm AUX cable to plug-in to your PC.

These mini yet powerful speakers are also great if you’re conscious of your desk space, they’re only 87x92x133mm in size allowing them to fit perfectly on most setups. They’re lightweight too at just 1.57 pounds, so if you have a laptop and want to move around a lot, these are the perfect solution.


  • Currently 4.6 out of 5 star rating from 1,298 reviews
  • 2x 5W balanced speaker set up
  • Colorful LED lights that change in intensity with what you are listening too
  • The controls are easy and straight forward with a single toggle knob on the front of one of the speakers
  • These compact and lightweight speakers are also plug and play, no need for mains power or installing drivers, just a USB port and 3.5mm AUX, which makes them widely compatible across several devices, not just your PC.

TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Computer Speaker, Wired/Wireless Computer Sound Bar

Product Description
This time, we feature a soundbar, by TaoTronics. Soundbars are usually seen around TVs and most people don’t even consider them when it comes to a device for a PC speaker, but they are compact and offer a great quality sound, typically, which makes them perfect for desktop set-ups.

This device, in particular, is impressive for the price point of just $39.99 currently, offering a really immersive audio experience with its clear and crisp 5W speaker, two 5W speakers to be exact. They offer high-end quality audio with a strong dual bass approach which is evident not only by the statistics but by the great reviews of this product which currently has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from 2,259 reviews.

It’s an easy device to use and set up as well, it offers Bluetooth connectivity primarily, but you can also plug it in using a 3.5mm AUX audio jack and RCA cable connections if you want an alternative to the BT. Due to its connectivity options, it isn’t just compatible with your PC or laptop, you can also use it on your phone, tablet, MP3 player, TV, or anything that has a Bluetooth capability. The set up is simple, just unpack it, plug it in and go, that’s literally it.

The design is also ultra-compact so that it doesn’t take up too much of your desk space, measuring in at 16.14 x 2.17 x 2.64″, and it’s lightweight so you can move it around pretty easy at only 2.14lbs.

What about the controls you ask? There relatively simple to use as well, on the right-hand side of the device you will get the option of volume, mode, play / pause, and power which are all clearly labelled. Perhaps the only slight downside, if it’s of concern, is that you’ll need to plug this soundbar into the mains with the provided power adapter which might limit some people.


  • Bluetooth / AUX / RCA connectivity for wide compatibility
  • Two 5W full range speakers within the device which deliver a crisp and immersive listening experience
  • Set up is easy, it takes just minutes to unpack and plug in
  • The compact design means it’ll easily fit on most computer desk set-ups
  • Easy to use volume controls on the right hand side of the soundbar

Cyber Acoustics 62W 2.1 Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer

Product Description
Earlier in this article we featured the Pebble which is very similar to this product, but here’s an alternative for you, the Cyber Acoustics 2.1 stereo speaker that comes with two speakers and a subwoofer.

These sleek designed speakers are in the affordable price range, falling just below the $50 budget. They look the part with their aluminum styling and they offer a great sound solution for your PC set up. The speakers are magnetically shielded with high-efficiency drivers that allow them to provide clear and crisp audio perfect for gaming and music alike.

Being a 2.1 set up, it also, of course, comes with a subwoofer, which is 5.25inches of pure bass. It’s elegantly housed by a wood cabinet and provides a thumping bass that adds to any music your listening to and helps the system deliver a peak power of 62W! Impressive right.

The device works with computers, tablets phones, iPods and more, thanks to its AUX connection making it widely compatible, although it does, however, needs a 110V power supply. Once it’s all set up, it’s pretty easy to use with controls that you can conveniently place on your computer desk, it’s a little pod that includes an On/Off switch, power indicator, master volume control as well as additional bass control, a headphone output jack and an AUX input.

At the price point, this is a fantastic purchase, which the reviews attest to, currently with 4.4 out of 5 stars from 590 reviews, a very respectable figure.


  • Curved design that makes the set up look slick and appealing
  • 62W peak power! (30W RMS) which provides a crystal clear and powerful sound
  • There’s a convenient and easy to use desktop “pod” control which you can use to adjust sound in terms of volume and bass, it also has an output jack and AUX input
  • 5.25″ subwoofer for impressive bass
  • 2x Satellite speakers optimized for sound characteristics

TEWELL Computer Speaker, HD 24W Audio Vintage Bluetooth Speakers

Product Description
This vintage speaker by TEWELL doesn’t just look amazing, it sound the part too. It offers an extremely powerful 24W audio output that they state can fill a 15ft x 15ft room with noise, at relative ease. It’s a home Bluetooth speaker you can use for standard everyday use, but can also have it set up to be part of your computer set up. The performance of this speaker is exceptional, hitting high trebles and low bass clearly and crisp as well as a lifelike mid-range. It’s capable as well as fashionable.

As well as being equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 it also comes with a 3.5mm AUX cable, nylon branded to ensure it lasts, which makes it compatible with a range of different devices. This premium audio solution is made to last, housed in a wooden construction which helps it also keep its natural sound – which is assisted by a bass reflex system to increase efficiency even when at the lowest frequencies.

It’s pretty easy to control as well, on the top of the speaker is a retro toggle on and off switch as well as an easy to use volume control knob, with buttons surrounding it to play/pause and switch input modes, as well as having its AUX input. Unlike some of the other featured devices, however, you’ll need to power it through mains.

If you’re looking for an easy to use, fashionable, and high-quality sound system with a deep base, then this is the one for you. It’s highly rated currently boasting 4.4 out of 5 from 1,407 reviews, so as you can see most people are a fan of these speakers!


  • Powerful 24W audio sound that can fill a large room
  • Deep bass thanks to it’s Bass Reflex System
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity & a 3.5mm AUX jack for wider compatibility
  • Easy to use volume controls that sit on the top of the device and have a retro style
  • Perhaps the best looking speaker in our list, if you like the retro look that is

AMONIDA ABS Material Practical Household Subwoofer Mini Speaker

Product Description
Coming in again just below the $50 mark is this impressive 2.1 stereo system for your PC by AMONIDA, it definitely looks the part doesn’t it? It delivers too, with its professional sound raising system and tuning technology you can set the sound to an audio frequency that is comfortable. This device offers a 3d surround shock effect from the two speakers and subwoofer offering a truly immersive listening experience.

It’s got some pretty cool lighting effects as well, with 7 different color options which coupled with music make it look the part. This audio solution offers a frequency response of 25Hz ~ 20KHz and an output power of 3W. It’s also powered by USB + a 3.5mm audio input, although you do have to have mains DC 5V with it as well.

It’s practical and easy to control as well, with volume adjustment keys and an independent bass adjustment so you can adapt it easily to your personal preference. The device is suitable for everyday computing from playing games, listening to music, and watching movies, and due to its compatibility it isn’t just limited to your computer, you can have use it for your laptop and several other devices.


  • Impressive audio with a frequency response between 25Hz ~ 20KHz
  • 3D surround shock sound effect for an immersive experience
  • 7 different color lights so it looks the part too
  • USB + Aux connections, but required a mains power supply
  • Compatible with a variety of different devices

GOgroove 2.1 Computer Speakers and Monitor Stand 2-in-1 System

Product Description
Struggling for space on your desktop? We’ve got the absolute perfect solution for you! This creative design by GOgroove is a 2-in-1 speaker and monitor stand set up which allows you to get your audio fix & will cost you very little desk real estate! We love it.

Not only is it intuitively designed for the space-conscious, but it also packs an audio punch as well with 2x integrated stereo as well as a 4″ subwoofer on the bottom for that extra bass fix, making it a 2.1 speaker. The speaker offers a 24W peak power output with it’s two front-facing 3W stereo and the built-in 6W sub that offers great highs & distinct mids to beat the majority of other built-in speakers in the market.

It’s practical and easy to install as well with just a USB power cable, 3,5mm audio cable which you can connect to your computer and absolutely no need for an AC power outlet, simply plug and play. There are also built-in front access ports so you can connect a mic or headphones if required, so you can easily switch to private listening.

Right, so one of the main reasons you would buy this device is the space-saving element right? So let’s get into that. It measures 15.25 inches in length, 10 inches in width and will elevate your screen by 3.1 inches in height which might also help you reduce that neck and eye strain. It’s perfect for keeping a tidy desk and also having a great, powerful speaker for your PC or laptop.


  • 2-in-1 audio and computer monitor stand solution offering you maximum desk real estate
  • 24W peak audio power with 2x integrated stereos and a subwoofer on the bottom
  • No mains power required, just a USB port
  • Front access to microphone and headphone ports
  • Easy to use controls on the right hand side of the unit

Redragon GS520 Anvil RGB Desktop Speakers

Product Description
These speakers by Redragon certaintly look the part don’t they with their design that features RGB lighting. There only 2.0, so no subwoofer with these unfortunately but there available at a cheap price, currently $36.99.

They offer an enhanced and clear listening experience with the sound drive unit, which you can see that people generally agree with when you look at the great reviews with a current rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 393 at the time of looking.

The lighting is touch-controlled with 6x different modes available that you can change to reflect what you’re listening too, or alternatively if they aren’t your style or you just want a bit of dark, you can turn them off. Aside from the RGB, the design is pretty minimalistic and it will generally blend into most computer desk setups and not look out of place.

They’re easy to control as well, with individual volume up and down buttons and there widely compatible with their 3.5mm AUX and USB power supply, without the needs for a mains connection, and all you have to do is simply plug and play.


  • 6x RGB mode settings, and you can turn the lights off if you wish
  • USB & 3.5mm AUX, no mains power required
  • Easy to use volume control
  • Enhanced bass that is crystal clear
  • Minimalist design making them suit most desktop setups

ELEGIANT 2.1 Desktop Speakers Bluetooth 5.0 USB PC Speakers with Powerful Down-Firing Subwoofer

Product Description
Yet another ELEGIANT product to make the list are these 2.1 desktop speakers, meaning that two PC speakers are on offer with the extra power of a subwoofer and at a very good price point, currently at $36.99.

It has two modes, meaning you can easily switch between the Bluetooth functionality and the AUX using an M button on the device itself and making it a widely compatible device. It’s powered by USB and it has a universal 3.5mm AUX port.

These speakers produce a rich bass sound with a 10W maximum power, through its dual speakers and subwoofer. It will easily fill the room with sound and have no loss of the quality at louder volumes, which you can easily adjust with separate volume, bass and high tone controls meaning you can adjust the speakers to output the exact sound mix you want.

These speakers are tilted to 45 degrees in order to produce the best sound quality and easy listening. You can connect them through USB or Bluetooth as well as a TF card or U disk which have sockets at the back. The speaker itself is connected to a 5V main socket.


  • 18-month warranty and lifelong consulation
  • Aux Mode, Bluetooth, U disk & TF card connection – it’s hugely compatable
  • 3x knobs to adjust the volume, bass and treble for full control
  • Tilted 45 degree design for better listening
  • Enhanced bass & 10W music quality

MICA Computer Speakers, Wired Computer Sound Bar

Product Description
Another soundbar to make the list by the brand MICA, with 2 inch speakers, in a black design. It’s a high quality soundbar at a very reasonable price, currently of $36.99 with great reviews at 4.2 out of 5 stars out of 353 ratings.

It’s a high-quality audio device that features 2x 5W speakers that are able to deliver a wide range of pitch allowing you to enjoy a host of things including music, movies or gaming. They’re also widely compatible, being USB powered and with a 3.5mm jack you can use it across most tablets, computers, smartphones, laptops and more.

It’s easy to operate with a simple plug and play solution and controls which sit on the speaker and are easy to use and operate. Aesthetically you must agree it’s pretty good looking as well, with a wood shell which is made of scratch-free wood material.

Last but not least it features noise reduction tech with its built-in chip that filters out noise signals and makes the playback clearer and ultimately better.


  • High quality audio delivered through 2x 5W speakers & assisted by noise reduction technology
  • Widely compatible with USB power and 3.5mm AUX output
  • Modern and stylish design with scratch-free wood material shell
  • Simply plug and play to get going
  • Volume adjustable with on speaker controls or through your PC


Although we’ve provided a rather large buying guide, there are still a few things that we haven’t yet touched on, so to wrap everything up, based on all the speakers we’ve looked at, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questioned and answered them for you below:

What is frequency response?
You might see on some of the products that they feature a frequency response figure, this is the range of frequencies or musical notes that the product is capable of producing. It measures exactly how well a particular device is able to reproduce the audio in those frequencies, the better the range the more musical notes the device can essentially output.

Will cheaper speakers pick up interference?
It depends, this is more to do with whether the device is AUX or USB, and AUX device can pick up interference far much than USB. Any device can have interference, however, but the more expensive range often has proper electrical shielding which can battle most of it whereas the cheaper devices won’t meaning. In summary, to answer the question, very cheap speakers will be more likely to pick up interference, yes.

Will the speakers work with other devices like your TV or Xbox?
Again this kind of depends on the connections, but if it’s a standard USB connection then yes they are likely to be cross-compatible with other devices. This is also true with Bluetooth devices, as they are widely compatible. AUX sometimes can be little tricky, as newer phones sometimes don’t feature an audio jack and a lot of TVs and generally newer devices won’t either.

Can all computer speakers also work on a laptop?
It depends on what output ports your laptop has. I have a laptop for instance which doesn’t have an AUX cable, so any of the AUX speakers wouldn’t work for me, I would need to choose one which was either Bluetooth or USB. That being said, if you have AUX and USB slots as well as Bluetooth capability on your laptop, then yes any computer speaker should work just fine on your device.

Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

Gaming headsets are extremely helpful when it comes to gaming, not only to talk to your friends and communicate about the enemy but also to hear things that a regular headset might not. A “gaming” headset is essentially a word used for a higher quality headset, and having a good gaming headset can actually put you ahead of the competition.

But hold on a second, you only have a budget of $100? Gaming headsets can range far higher than this, as you probably already know, or why would you be here? Don’t fear, you can still get a high-quality gaming headset that will give you the edge in-game for the lower price point of below $100, you just have to pick the right one.

That’s why we’re here, we’ve written a guide on exactly what you should look for in a cheaper gaming headset, and our top picks. You can use the navigation below to find the section you’re most interested in learning about:

Are gaming headsets worth it?

Gaming headsets, are they worth it, or is it just a fancy word for a headset to sell it for more money? Do they actually make a difference to your gameplay? The short answer is that yes, gaming headsets are well worth the money and make a huge difference in comparison to your everyday headset, there specifically made and designed to be used for games and important gamers. There are a couple of things that set gaming headsets aside from your standard headsets, here’s a bit of a rundown:

  1. Focused Sound:They filter sound to directly to your ears. If you’re using speakers, your ears are also contending with background noises, which means it can be hard to determine where your enemies are exactly & make you jittery. A lot of gaming headsets also have noise cancellation, which means that you won’t be able to hear outside noise at all and purely focus your attention on the game.
  2. Superior Sound Quality: The sound quality of gaming headsets generally speaking is superior, providing a clearer sound – this is particularly important to hear small movements in some games specifically, like Call of Duty, if you’re playing in a small team or one of the last ones in search & destroy!
  3. Built-in Microphone: This might be a fairly obvious one, but gaming headsets are for gaming, and because of that, they always tend to come with microphones so you can work with your teammates or chat to your friends during the games. The Microphones are often a point of focus as well, with a lot of products offering background noise cancellation and great functionality like flip to mute or having an easy access button to adjust your mic volume.
  4. Great Compatibility: This didn’t use to be the case back in the day, but most gaming headsets are compatible across multiple platforms, so you can use them for your PC gaming, then switch to your Xbox & later to your PS4 with the same headset, due to it’s 3.5mm audio jack, you could even use it in your phone if you wanted! There are a few headsets out there that still only work on particular devices, so this is still something that you need to be careful of.
  5. Surround Sound (7.1): Not all gaming headsets were created equal, so not all of them have this – but if you’re looking for the best gaming headset for under $100, you should be looking to choose one with surround sound if you can. It allows you to hear the game not only crisp & clear, but you can actually hear exactly where people are, with the sound coming from a particular direction.
  6. Comfort: Let’s face it, we all get too into a game and spend far longer than we should playing it, that’s just life as a gamer – marathon gaming sessions can be fairly common occurance. You have that headset on your head for hours, and the developers of the devices know that, so often gaming headsets offer superior comfort to standard models.
  7. Equalization: A lot of gaming headsets offer you the ability to change the sound profile, adjusting the treble, bass and mid, to your personal preference.
  8. Durability & Quality: This ties into the comfort, but gaming headsets are often made to last, or this should be one of the most important features you consider anyway. They go through a lot, consistently taken off your head and if you’re anything like me, the odd rage quit. You need to ensure that you pick a model that has superior build quality, and isn’t going to snap if you take it off your head too aggressively, look for gaming headsets that are built well.

What to look for in a gaming headset

So, you’re convinced that a gaming headset is for you, you don’t want to settle for a standard headset for your gaming requirements, good to hear! We’ve done our research, not to mention over the years tested several gaming headsets, so we know exactly what to look for when it comes to choosing the perfect one.

There are a couple of features that you should care more about in particular, we’ve listed them for you and explained our reasoning below:

  • Comfort: We touched on this earlier, but if you’re a serious gamer, then you’ll know how many hours fly by as you’re playing, without you even realising most the time. Imagine though, if you have a headset that is irritating, doesn’t sit on your head and hurts your ears. The headset is going to be sat on your head for hours at a time, so you want to ensure it’s comfy, which doesn’t only include the ear cups but the main connecting band across the top. The best way of determining comfort is to read the reviews, as all the products are going to say their comfy, the only real way of knowing is by seeing what actual gamers experienced.
  • Weight: This is another thing to consider and it ties into comfort. You don’t want a headset that weighs too much, especially if you are a serious gamer that plays for hours at a time. The lighter weight the headset is, the comfier it’s going to sit over the hours.
  • Sound Quality: Another important feature is the sound quality of course, especially if you are playing a game in which the listening element is important. You want to ensure that the headset is noise cancelling & if possible for the price point, offering surround sound.
  • Durability: This is another factor that not everyone takes into account, you want to make sure that they look like they aren’t going to snap. Gaming headsets go through a lot, constantly being taken off and thrown on the ground, and not to mention if you rage quit!
  • Microphone Quality: This is something you should consider, but most gaming headsets should have a decent quality microphone anyway. The only thing we would say to watch out for on this is reviews, look to see if anyone is mentioning that the microphone is of low quality, because it’s really only something people will talk about if it’s exceptionally bad.

Alternative uses for your gaming headset

Gaming headsets are a lot more universal than they used to be, they now feature a 3.5mm audio jack, and that means that they are compatible with a whole range of devices. You can buy a gaming headset, specifically for gaming on your PS4 or Xbox, but it will also work on devices like your computer, laptop, phone, Nintendo Switch and anything that has a standard audio jack input.

Why does this matter? Back in the day, you used to have to buy multiple different headsets or headphones for each device, for instance, a separate headset for your Xbox, PS4, computer & phone – so you’d essentially have 4 different pairs of headsets. Why are we telling you this? Because it’s worth investing more in a gaming headset because you now only need the one accessory you can spend more on a higher quality option.

How much should you spend on a gaming headset?

That leads us perfectly into the next section, how much should you spend on your gaming headset? You’re here because you’re looking for a headset under $100, and if that is your budget, there isn’t much you can do about that but are headsets under $100 worth it?

At the $100 price point, you’re going to be priced out of some of the higher range gaming headsets like Astro’s, Logitech & some of the Turtle Beaches. Realistically though, you have a lot of options for high-quality gaming headset in the price range of $50-70, with some great brands available at this price like HyperX, Razer & SteelSeries.

Is there a huge difference between spending $60 on a gaming headset to $120 for example? To be honest, not a lot, from experience what you are paying for with a more expensive headset is the brand, a bit of extra comfort & the style, with a lot of them featuring fancy LEDs and features which aren’t necessarily required and in our personal opinion, this is something you can forgo for a half-price option.

Trusted gaming headset brands

When you’re looking for a gaming headset there are a few brands that tend to pop up again and again, we’ve given a bit of an overview and breakdown of each brand and what you can expect below:

  • Razer: This is a brand synonymous with gaming, they offer gaming mice, keyboards and headsets, you might have heard of them before. They offer a range of high-quality products with several in the affordable range, their headsets typically go from around $60 at the cheapest to $200, depending on the series. Some of the headsets that are currently available are the Kraken, Blackshark Kaira, Thresher and Nari, to name but a few. If you buy any Razer headset then your definitely getting a good quality gaming headset.
  • RUNMUS: This is a brand that in all honesty, before we started researching, we knew very little about. They offer an affordable range of headsets at a lower price point between $20-30, and you kind of get what you pay for, there a headset that will do the job but doesn’t expect the superior sound or build quality of a Razer or Logitech for instance. They’re not terrible, but a lot of the reviews mention that you should be careful with the plastic, it’s a lot thinner than some of the other brand’s models and is susceptible to snapping.
  • HyperX: I’ve owned a pair of HyperX headphones for ages, and they’re fantastic. They have several headphone choices which range anywhere from $40 to $180 and are a fairly well known and respected brand with several of their products achieving mostly positive reviews. Much like Razer, they have an extensive range of models to choose from including the Stinger, Cloud II, Flight & CloudX.
  • SteelSeries: If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably heard of this brand, as they have their name on just about everything you can think of PC based, from mouse mats to headsets, they are also commonly found in shops like Best Buy & Walmart. They do offer the odd few budget headphone options, but typically you’re looking at a price of $90+ for a higher quality product when you look at their range. They do offer decent headsets, but we don’t feature any in our list, as their price point is often high and we feel like it’s mostly because of the brand reputation.
  • Corsair: Another brand that you’ll likely know the name of, especially if you are a PC gamer, as they make just about everything for computers. They’re a trusted name and generally, all of their products are high quality, and their headsets are no exception. Typically their products range from $80 to $180, with a couple higher than that price point. Although it may be at the top range of the “under $100” budget they’re definitely worth it. Some of the models in the range include the HS series, Arctis, VOID, Virtuoso and several more.
  • NUBWO: A budget lesser-known gaming brand, they offer gaming headsets as low as $18 to $36, although we have never actually owned a pair ourselves, they generally seem to get some good reviews – so if you’re looking for a lower price point pair of gaming headsets, these could be a great shout.
  • Logitech G: A name that has been in the gaming space for years, trusted, quality & often available at a decent price. Their higher quality gaming headsets are towards the top end of your budget, but you can buy their headsets from about $30 to $200. Generally speaking, you know that you’re going to get a good quality headset, but personally, some of the lower $30-40 range lacks a bit of comfort & noise cancellation in particular, which the $80-100 range feature.
  • Beexcellent: This is another budget brand that makes the list, with a similar pricing range to NUBWO – although these have great reviews, we’re a little hesitant about them, with such a low price point they look like really slick headphones and they appear to be spending a large amount of the looks with RGB features & extra lighting, so the actual hardware in the device might compromise slightly on quality, especially with such a low price point.
  • Turtle Beach: If you had a PS3 or an Xbox 360 then you likely know the name Turtle Beach, they were very well known across the console gaming community. Back then, along with ASTROs they were considered the best of the best. Fast forward to 2020/21 and not much has changed, apart from the gaming headset space being much more competitive of course. They offer a wide range of products, which start around $30 but can range as high as $300. The lower budget headsets around the $30 lead a little to be desired and appear to lack in features, but you can get a good quality Turtle Beach headset towards the higher end of the under $100 budget.

This is not a full list of gaming headset brands, it’s very competitive and there are lots of brands to choose from, we just listed some of the most popular in terms of sales above.

Our gaming headset for under $100 dollars choice

Now the bit you’ve been waiting for, after all our research, and personal experience, we’ve narrowed down some of the top choices for gaming headsets that meet the criteria of being under $100.

So without further ado, here are our top picks:

HyperX Cloud Stinger – Gaming Headset

Product Description
This Cloud Stinger is a headset produced by HyperX, and it’s a personal favorite. Not only does it offer an amazing specification for such a low price point, but it’s also the US #1 selling PC gaming headset in 2019 – which must count for something right?

There are two versions of the device, the standard one, which is great – or a slightly more pricer option, but still below the $100 mark, that offers surround sound.

This headset is lightweight at only 275g, and it offers a comfortable fit that fits around the head well, with rotating ear cups to fit a variety of different heads. HyperX is known for their memory foam ear cups, which provide comfort for you gamers that spend hours at a time playing your favorite games.

It’s also got a great sound quality with great audio precision, due to it’s 50mm, directional drivers which provide great clarity and mean you can hear pretty much anything in-game. Although they aren’t noise cancelling, from personal experience, they do keep a lot of background noise out, and I tend to only hear volume equivalent to shouting. You can also control the volume of the audio with simple controls on the headset ear cup itself.

It’s a sturdy piece of kit too, with a great design that feels like it’s meant to last. It’s got an adjustable steel slider which allows for extra support and ensure that the headphones don’t snap when stressed.

The microphones pretty handy too, you can easily mute and unmute it whilst in-game, all you have to do is lift the microphone up towards the ear cups and it auto mutes, then just move it down again to unmute, great for if you’re having a quick conversation with someone next to you.


  • Wide range of compatibility allowing you to use the device across PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and other mobile devices, as well as the new PS5 & Xbox Series X
  • Closed back type headphone style – over ear
  • The frequency response range is 18-23Hz
  • Wired cable at 1.3m with a Y extension of 1.7m
  • HyperX signature memory foam, making them comfortable on your ears for long periods of time

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Product Description
The Kraken, by the well-known and trusted gaming brand, Razer. Honestly, this headset is as good as it’s name sounds, another number 1 best-seller in gaming peripherals. The headset is high quality, as you can see in the reviews, which are overwhelmingly positive.

As for the sound quality, it features 7.1 surround sound, offering a truly immersive experience and allowing you to hear the position of your enemies. The custom-tuned 50mm drivers are fantastic, and the audio quality on this device won’t let you down, especially at the price point.

It’s a comfortable bit of kit as well, with a nice design that sits on your head and cooling gel cushions for the ear cups, which Razer state they prevent the device from overheating, so multifunctional! It’s also lightweight, which helps for those long gaming sessions and it’s built to last with the alumninum, bauxite, “Kraken” frame, or so they say – marketing jargon aside, it’s flexible and will last the test of time.

In terms of additional features, it has built-in audio controls which you can use to change the volume and flick the microphone to mute or unmute. The microphone is great on this headset too, its an improvement on their old version and reduces a lot of background noise allowing for clearer communication, there’s nothing worse than playing with someone that has a bad mic so your fellow gamers will thank you!


  • Headset used and suitable for eSports pros!
  • 3.5mm audio jack cable, so suitable for a wide range of devices
  • High quality retractable microphone
  • Immersive 7.1 surround sound
  • Durable with a flexible aluminum & bauxite frame

Corsair HS60 PRO – 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset with USB DAC

Product Description
Corsair is another well-known brand in the technology industry, creating several different computer components and having a reputation for quality. Their headphones are of course no exception, as you can clearly see with these HS60 PRO’s.

Importantly they are extremely comfortable, as the ear cups are made of memory foam, meaning you can play for hours in complete comfort. As well as the comfort element, there are also durable and extremely lightweight, thanks to the aluminum construction and braided audio cable, meaning it lasts far longer than a standard cable.

What about the sound quality though? Simply put, it’s amazing and extremely clear, with it’s custom-tuned 50mm, audio drivers. It has a 7.1 surround sound which creates a completely immersive experience that allows you to hear absolutely everything on the battlefield, and importantly, what direction the next threat is coming from!

The microphone, which is fully detachable, offers a high-quality sound with noise-cancelling functionality to provide excellent clarity to your voice. The ear cups also have volume and mute controls so you can easily adjust the volume or mute the sound if required.

The gold plated 3.5mm connection means you can use it across your PC, Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X & S, as well as the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and other mobile devices.


  • Crafted for comfort with memory foam cups
  • Excellent sound quality with 7.1 surround sound
  • Crystal clear microphone (detachable)
  • Corsair iCUE software allowing you to customize the audio equalizers settings
  • Extremely durable and long lasting design

SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround for PC

Product Description
You’ve heard of SteelSeries right? There a big name in the headphone & gaming accessory world, and usually their products come at quite a premium, however there’s a great deal on right now for this particular product the Artic 5.

This headset is fantastic, and it combines amazing audio with some impressive looks, with its RGB illumination. They do however state that they are designed exclusively for PC Gaming, although you can use them on other devices, we would suggest you will get the best experience on your PC.

It isn’t just the looks though, this award-winning SteelSeries headset offers an extremely rich and immersive audio experience with the ultra-low distortion v2 DTS surround sound. It’s an extremely high-quality audio solution for your gaming and will ensure that you hear everything in-game with crystal clear clarity.

It’s a pretty comfortable bit of kit as well, with the top headband including woven ski goggle fabric to ensure comfort for hours of gaming, it’s also steel reinforced to ensure it lasts the test of time. The earcups are also decent quality with its athletic-inspired design that they refer to as AirWeave. It’s also a lightweight headset, weighing in at just 12.8 ounces.

Finally, what about the microphone? According to SteelSeries, it’s widely recognised as one of the best mics in gaming, with its arctic clear cast bi-direction studio quality clarity and background noise cancellation features, so you won’t be let down there!


  • DTS Surround Sound audio
  • Studio quality microphone
  • Extremely comfortable “AirWeave” earcups, and a design that is built to be durable
  • Probably one of the nicest looking designs of headsets, in our opinion, to make the list
  • Lightweight at just 12.8 ounces

Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Surround

Product Description
Logitech have been in the computing industry for a long long time, they also own a couple of other brands in the audio space which you might have heard of including Astro, Jaybird and Ultimate Ears – so you know it’s a name that you can trust when it comes to choosing which gaming headset to buy.

This product, the Logitech G433 is no exception, it’s a fantastic headset which offers all-round high-quality performance.

In terms of sound, it offers great audio performance and clarity with the DTS X 7.1 surround sound which also comes with the Pro-G driver’s active dynamic range allowing anti-distortion and booming bass. It offers a fully immersive gaming experience, one you definitely will not be disappointed with. The position sound and great software with the device mean that you can hear everything in-game, including all your enemies footsteps with crystal clear clarity.

Moving on to comfort, they offer a hydrophobic fabric shell and it comes with two sets of earpad choices to suit your preference, a sports mesh option and microfiber option. It’s also got a great lightweight design at just 3.68 ounces!

Now the microphone – is that high quality? Well, it’s Discord certified for sound quality, so it can’t be half bad! The microphone itself is removable and also has a “micro-pop” filter which allows it to filter out background environmental noise and enable your communication to be as clear as possible.

It’s compatible across a wide range of devices with it’s 3.5mm wired audio jack, so you can play it on your PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X and just about any other standard device, even including your mobile.


  • DTS Headphones with X 7.1 surround sound & Logitech Pro-G drivers for enhanced audio
  • Extremely lightweight, just 3.68 ounces
  • Two sets of earpads including Microfiber & Sports Mesh options
  • 3.5mm audio jack which allows it to be compatible with a range of devices
  • Discord certified microphone for crystal clear sound

Turtle Beach Recon 200 White Amplified Gaming Headset

Product Description
If you used to game back in the days of the Xbox 360 and PS3 then you’ll probably know the name Turtle Beach, as they where one of the top brands back then. There still in the game, and are still offering fantastic products, such as this Recon 200.

This headset offers powerful audio which is amplified when used on your Xbox or Playstation (it is compatible with PC, but it doesn’t offer it’s full performance benefits). Another great feature of this headset is it’s wireless, and you can recharge the batteries so there’s no need to keep buying batteries for it! On a single charge, it can last up to 12 hours – of crystal clear gaming audio.

The microphone is very good as well, it flips up and has a high level of sensitivity, so no need to shout! it’s very clear and easy to control, just flip it bak up to mute it. The mic is also easily adjusted with the volumes inside the headset.

The overall design of the headphones not only looks fantastic, there high quality and durable with its lightweight design, synthetic leather memory foam ear cups and a metal reinforced headband so it won’t snap when you take it off.


  • Wireless and rechargeable headset
  • Compatible across a variety of devices with it’s 3.5mm audio jack
  • Lightweight & durable design – not to mention comfortable memory foam
  • High quality microphone
  • Turtle Beach carries an excellent reputation for quality headsets specifically for Playstation & Xbox

ASTRO A10 Gaming Headset

Product Description
ASTRO is another brand that is synonomous with console gaming, and it was a competitor of the afore mentioned Turtle Beach. ASTRO is also owned by Logitech, so you know you’re going to get your hands on a quality product when you buy these.

This overhead headset was designed to withstand those… how to put this, angry gamers? Rage quitters? It’s built to withstand some abuse with a rugged construction and premium build, whilst also being lightweight and more importantly comfortable due to its pressure-free fit. Their know their audience and have specifically targetted this product as marathon gaming sessions, making it extremely comfortable for hours on end.

These headsets are specifically designed and tuned for gamers, and they work extremely hard to ensure that the sound in-game is exactly how the developers intended it to be heard. ASTRO has developed this headset in working with pro gamers to provide the best possible sound, meaning they’ve prioritised a clear and quality sound.

The microphone is pretty handy too, as you are able to flip to mute and unmute – they also state that it offers a clear sound for perfect communication.

The headset is built to be compatible across most devices with a 3.5mm audio jack, which includes your PC, PS4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and more.


  • Very low price point, currently under $50
  • High quality mic that you can flip to mute & unmute
  • Designed with feedback from pro gamers & game developers
  • Built to withstand gamers, even in defeat, with damage resistant rubberised covers & detachable cables
  • Compatible across most devices due to the 3.5mm audio jack

Other notable gaming headsets for under $100

The above are our top picks, but there are lots and lots of other headphones to choose from and choosing our top ones was tricky! Therefore, we’ve decided to throw a few bonus choices in the mix, ones that were close to making the list but didn’t quite get there, and we’ve provided a brief overview of each for you to check out below:

Alternative Option
Here are a few more in the same kind of price range to what we’ve been looking at (generally $50-90):

  • HyperX Cloud Alpha S – PC Gaming Headset – If you’ve read the above, we featured a cheaper HyperX product first in our list, so you’ll know just how much we love them – and this one is no exception, it’s the bigger, more expensive brother.
  • Corsair VOID RGB Elite Wireless Premium Gaming Headset – Another Corsair product, it’s of a similar quality to the one we’ve featured however it’s wireless and has an RGB design which looks fantastic, but it is at the higher end of the budget.
  • ASUS TUF H3 Gaming Headset H3 – An Amazon choice product that is under the $40 mark that offers surround sound, with some great reviews, well worth looking at!

Low Budget Option
Are you looking for a really budget option? There are still a few good headsets you could get under the $30 mark that will do the job, here are a few examples:

  • RUNMUS Gaming Headset – A great option just slightly under $30, it’s extremely well-reviewed with majority of users giving it 5 stars. It’s comfortable, has a great microphone and an average sound quality, which for the price is fantastic.
  • PeohZarr Gaming Headset – A brand I’m not particularly familiar with, but it’s an Amazon Choice product again with some great reviews and at an even lower price point than the Runmus, the design is pretty cool too!
  • Unbranded Gaming Headset – Personally, I wouldn’t go for this, but it’s the cheapest option available that we could find & it seems to have some decent reviews. It’s unbranded, but the write up makes it seem just as high quality as the two above.

Premium Option
Now a few curveballs, we know that you’ve searched to find a budget option, and ideally want to be under $100, but there are a few great headsets that are just ever so slightly over that amount which is definitely worth a shout if you can spend that little bit extra:

  • Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset with Suspension Headband – We talked about the Logitech G433 earlier, and this is the upgraded version, and the price point isn’t too much higher wth the headset just sitting below $120. If you have that bit extra, you should choose this one over the G433!
  • Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset – Sennheiser are a very high quality audio brand, well known for their premium headsets and earphones, so if you can afford the $30 over budget to get these, you should definitely look into it!
  • ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition – The old school gamer in me loves the Astro products, they used to be known as one of the best headset brands in the game, and their products are still extremely high quality but just a bit too expensive to make this list.

Best Corner Computer Desks With Hutch

If you use your computer as a work station, much like myself, then you’ll quickly begin to realize how much stuff accumulates on your desktop, and I don’t mean your computer one, your actual desk. Mine, as we speak, has a coffee cup, numerous notepads, a pair of headphones, some books and more general excess cables.

Does this sound like you? Well, do you know what the perfect solution is? A corner computer desk with a hutch, whether that be in the form of a small bookcase, draws or shelves.

We’ve looked at a variety of different corner hutch desks for you & picked out some of our favorites for you and given an insight into the product and it’s features:

  • Overview of top corner desks with hutch
  • Let’s jump straight in & highlight some of our favorite corner computer desks with hutches. We’ve done a lot of research into these, read several reviews and looked at each of the specifications for the price point, and we think you’ll be pretty happy with our choices, so without further ado:

    Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Desk with Hutch in Espresso Oak

    Product Description
    This is a large L shaped computer desk by the brand Hutch, available in a few colors but this specific model is Espresso Oak. The dimensions of the product are 59″ x 59″ x 66″ (W x D x H), although there are additional measurements given within the product pictures themselves.

    As you can see just by the image it’s an extremely high-quality product, which you would expect for the price point, and the fact it’s oak. It also comes with a 4 port USB hub integrated, a concealed extra storage cabinet which has a glass door.

    The hutch is also manoeuvrable and mounts to either side of the desk. The file draw is quality and easily glides without any stick. The product itself uses quality wood that is thermally fused and is laminated to ensure long term durability and added resistance to cracking or warping.


    • 59″ W x 59″ D x 66″ H
    • Oak
    • 4 Port USB hub integrated in desk
    • Extra cabinets and files
    • Engineed for durability, resistance to warping or cracking and stability

    Mainstays Student Desk White Finish – Home Office Bedroom Furniture Indoor Desk

    Product Description

    This product is somewhat a reserve of the one above, it’s intention is to have several storage options but be compact and small at the same time. It’s an L shaped computer desk with a 6 cube storage system by the company Mainstays.

    It offers some fantastic features such as it’s open cube compartments, expandable storage and extra space for a table which you can use to write or have a PC. It’s the perfect solution for a student or a smaller living room or home office.

    Compared to a few other products, it isn’t bad on the eye either with its clean-lined frame and finish which offers a mix of contemporary and classic. It also states in the product description that it is very easy to assemble yet has a sturdy construction. Furthermore, it’s available in several colours including Canyon walnut, true black oak, gray and white.

    A great budget option.


    • Small and compact design
    • Extremely easy to assemble
    • 6 cube compartments
    • Stylish finish
    • Great budget choice

    Monarch Specialties DARK TAUPE LEFT OR RIGHT FACING CORNER Computer Desk

    Product Description

    This desk by Monarch Specialties is a left or right facing corner computer desk with a hutch that features a contemporary design, which has an elegent grey finish with a wood look featuring black handles.

    There’s a large variety of storage draws and cabinets that can easily fit all your office supplies and anything else you might otherwise have spread across your desk. It offers a configuration so that you have it on the left or right, as well as a drawer which is sized to fit legal folder dimensions.

    It’s a trendy desk at a decent style point that is suitable for all kinds of workspaces, both functional and stylish. There’s a lot of space on offer and it provides ample room for a laptop or PC as well as storage with its hutch, 3 open shelves and adjustable bottom self.


    • The desk can be left or right facing
    • Stylish grey finish with a wood look
    • Large amount of space and storage
    • 62.75 x 59 x 44.75 inches
    • Great for business use

    Bush Furniture Yorktown L Shaped Desk with Hutch, 60W, Reclaimed Pine

    Product Description
    This high quality product is one of our more expensive in the list, but if you look at the design you can see exactly why with it’s superior quality. This durable desk will be around for years to store your paperwork and act as your computer worktop – along with a capacity of 200 pounds.

    It has several great features including a built-in file drawer and box drawer which is great for small office supplies and letter-size documents if required. On top of that, it also has four different open cubbies which have adjustable shelves and offers flexible storage options – there are also two storage compartments which are closed.


    • 60.5 x 60.5 x 67.01 inches
    • Designed to make the most of valuable floor space
    • 200 pound load capacity
    • Extremely high quality finish
    • In desk wire management & large amounts of storage

    Tribesigns 55″ Large Computer Desk with 10 Storage Shelves, Office Desk Study Table with Etagere Bookcase, Writing Desk Workstation with Hutch Bookshelf for Home Office

    Product Description
    This offers a modern version of the L shaped desk with a hutch, and a different style to all the others in the list for those who like that kind of look. It has a spacious desktop with several shelves and large amounts of storage so you can organise anything you need neatly.

    It’s a reversible corner desk, which offers an open storage hutch which you can move to both sides of the desk if you want. There are ten shelves, so it’s more than suitable to hold your books, decorations, photos, and more!

    It’s a large desk, measuring 55″ x 55″ x 55″ (LxWxH) and the length of the bookcase alone is around 13.3″. Despite it not being entirely wood like our other choices, it is built to be sturdy and reliable with a strong steel frame – which also offers benefits as it’s generally much easier to clean than the other products that we’ve mentioned.


    • Reversible corner desk
    • 55″ x 55″ x 55″
    • Ten shelves of storage space!
    • Sturdy steel frame
    • Adjustable pads for changing the height of the desk

    Are corner computer desks with a hutch sturdy?

    Well, it depends on the product that you choose. That being said, they’re always going to be much sturdier than if you were to just put a shelving unit on top of your desk, as it might have a weight restriction and it’s not intended to have the additional feature.

    There are several options in materials when it comes to choosing a corner computer desk with a hutch, but due to the weight of the load at the top, we feel your best option is to go for a sturdy looking wooden structure with larger legs for support.

    Generally, in reading the reviews we’ve found a few of the metal legged options are less reliable and wobble a bit in comparison to the higher quality wood counterparts.

    Why would you buy a desk with a hutch?

    Space. Space. Space!

    It’s quite simple really, desks with a hutch allow you to have more storage for computer accessories, work implements, books and more, all within arms reach. There extremely popular for business use to create a tidy workspace without having to give up loads of your desk real estate.

    What features should you look for in a corner computer desk with a hutch?

    If you’re in the market to buy a corner computer desk with a hutch, which we assume you are, or you wouldn’t be here! Then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when undergoing your search for a quality and reliable desk that is going to last you the test of time.

    • Colour: Now, this is a completely personal preference of course, but it’s something you need to take into account, you don’t want to be repainting your whole office for the sake of a desk now do you?
    • Integrations & Extras: A lot of these desks come with additional features, such as cupboards, draws, USB ports, cable management and more, so when you’re paying a lot for a quality desk you want to ensure you’re getting some of these features.
    • Sturdiness: As we’ve touched on, we prefer wood, but you should look at how stable the whole structure appears to be. Remember these desks are typically much more top-heavy than standard desks, so really you want to choose one with larger legs for more stability and less wobble.
    • Size: This should go without saying, but don’t choose a desk that is too big, or small, for the area you want to use it. Make sure you measure up your room and decide on the range of size(s) of desk that you want.
    • Material: Will it easily scratch? Is it going to last? If it’s wood, is it high quality like oak, or MDF? These are all things you need to consider, but the quality will depend on your price point.

    Types of desks with a hutch

    There are a few different kinds of desks with hutches, and not just in terms of material. Here are a few of the options you have:

    • L Shaped: This is the one we’ve featured in this blog, the L shaped large computer desks with hutches, they often offer more features which we’ll dig into next, due to their large size and extra space.
    • Additional Draws: There are some units which will have draws underneath, typically these are mostly on L shaped units as they offer more ground space. Great for holding additional cables!
    • Additional Books Shelves: Some of the hutches also come with a bookcase like feature – which is obviously useful if you have a lot of books or notebooks.
    • Standard desks: These are just your normal style desk with additional storage features on the top.

    Are there different types of hutches?

    Yea – in truth every desk with a hutch is slightly different, because they all offer the space with a purpose intended, whether it be for books or desks. You need to try and determine what the size of the hutches are, and if they have any additional extras as we mentioned such as draws or shelves which you could use for additional storage.

    Are they easy to assemble?

    It’s on a product by product basis really. Some of the larger wooden units won’t be as easy to assemble as the smaller almost flat-pack style products. If assembling is something you worry about, this is often one of the main points that people review, so if you’ve got your heart set on a particular product, make sure you search through all the reviews for those relating to assembly.

    Best Computers For Senior Citizens

    If you’re shopping for a computer which will be user friendly enough for a senior citizen, it can sometimes be a trickier task than you might first have thought. Computers nowadays are always improving internal hardware & even outer cases and accessories, however, these are often aimed to the much larger audience of general business users or gamers with light-up keyboards, Razer mouses or fancy features. All these things aren’t necessarily the most important for a computer for an elderly, you just need something they can use easily and access the internet, without breaking the bank.

    That’s where we come in! We’ve put hours of research into finding the best computers for senior citizens we possibly could, reading the reviews, looking at the features and importantly the price.

    In this article, we go through some basic computer terminology, what to look for, our general best choice, and some other alternative options to meet different budgets. Keep reading to find out more!

    Considering a laptop? Well, a desktop computer is usually a more senior-friendly choice, it involves no bending over to plug the charger in and once all set up, is very easy to use.

    Computer terminology – the meanings

    Before we get started and dig into the buying guide and later our products, you first need to know some of the terminologies to look out for on a computer before you go ahead and buy one.

    This essentially is the heart of your PC, the brain. You will typically see processors by two brands, Intel & AMD (Ryzen). Mostly speaking, Intel sticks to i3, i5, i7, i9, and a general rule of thumb the higher the number, the better, but you also need to determine the generation (release date) when coming it to other intel processors as an older i7 might be worse than a newer i5 for instance. AMD is slightly more confusing, they have names like Ryzen, Athlon and Zen to name a few.

    The best thing you can do to determine the quality of the processor is by going to PassMark & finding the exact processor name and comparing it to another.

    There are versions of RAM, but generally speaking when you’re buying an already built PC the rule generally is the higher the better. This is the Random Access Memory, and it allows the computer to better multi-task, the more RAM you have the less stress your computer will be under when running applications, and multiple applications.

    Hard Drive
    This is the space you have to store the files on your computer, the larger it is the more space you will have, but this might not be of huge importance unless you are looking at storing large amounts of files on your computer.

    There are a few different hard drives as well, HD, SSHD & SSD, it goes in that order in terms of quality too. Getting an SSD or SSHD will help you boot up the computer and applications quicker, but if you aren’t too concerned to have your PC load in just a few seconds, it might not be worth the extra money needed for an SSD.

    There are also other things that you should look at when buying a PC, but for a senior they aren’t typically as important, for instance, the major one is a graphics card but we assume you don’t need a cutting edge one!

    How to decide what you need

    Now that we’ve gone through the things that you need to look for when you’re looking into buying a computer, you need to know how to determine what exactly you need.

    What do you want to use it for?
    What you look for might be determined by exactly why you want to use it, here are some of the common uses and our suggestions on what exactly you might need to be looking for:

    • Online browsing: Just about any modern computer should be able to browse through the internet including reading the news, watching videos & reading a book for example – as long as you pick a PC that isn’t 10 years old, you should be fine!
    • Work station (Emails, Word, Excel): If you are using it for a lot of work & particularly Excel spreadsheet, then you’ll want to go for a computer with a slightly better processor than the bottom range & more RAM, we would recommend at least 8GB.
    • Editing or storing photos and videos: For editing photos you will need a bit more of a powerful PC and should look for a decent processor and graphics card. You also might want to choose a computer with a fair amount of storage if you plan on doing this a lot!
    • Watching videos or TV: For watching TV or Videos generally you should be able to do this on any modern computer, but if you don’t want to compromise on picture quality you might need to pick a mid-range PC.
    • Gaming: It’s never too late to get into a bit of gaming, we respect that! Well, you’ll probably need to get a fairly expensive PC if you’re going to be running some of the top games, a Ryzen processor, decent graphics card & an SSD – with 8GB+ RAM.

    What are you comfortable with?
    Have you had any technology in the past, perhaps a tablet or laptop? You should try and stick to the software it was running, for example, if it was on Windows, run with that for your new device. Learning new software can be tricky, time-consuming and frustrating, believe us, we do it a lot!

    What are your physical capabilities?
    It’s a fact of life that things get a little trickier when you get older, your vision might be waning a bit and you might have small hand tremors or issues with your joints, and if you’re going to be using the computer a lot you need to ensure that it’s comfortable.

    What we’re saying is, make sure that you buy something that is going to compensate for any impairment, if your visions going, get a large screen, if you’re hand tremors, get a larger keyboard and mouse.

    What to look for in a computer for an elderly citizen

    There are a couple more things that you have to consider as an elderly citizen when it comes to buying a PC, which ties into what we have mentioned. Here are a few of the things you need to think about:

    Screen Size
    The larger the screen size, the easier it is to see! If vision is something you’re concerned about and not being able to see a smaller laptop screen for instance, then you can buy a monitor of pretty much any size, heck you could plug your computer into your TV if you want!

    You can also change the settings within your control panel of the computer to make the icons on the screen larger and just generally have everything a bit more zoomed in.

    Keyboard & Mouse
    We’ve touched on this as well, you want to choose something you are comfortable with. When it comes to keyboards you can find ones which have larger keys and gel comforters for your wrists. You can also find a larger mouse, which makes it easier to click, or you can even get mice in different shapes which offer more stability.

    Operating System
    You’ve got two main choices when it comes to desktop PCs, Mac & Windows. We would never recommend Mac for an elderly citizen, Mac is run on Apple products which generally speaking are far more expensive than you could pick up a PC. Windows is the likely operating system that you’ll deal with, but you want to make sure that the PC is running Windows 10, to ensure it remains supported.

    RAM, Storage & Processor
    We’ve been through this earlier in the post, but it’s another thing to think about and it all boils down to exactly what you are planning on doing on the PC on a daily basis. Generally speaking, the more you spend on the PC the higher specification of the RAM, Storage & Processor, but some will compromise on some parts, so they might have a fast processor in, a decent amount of RAM, but low storage to get that lower price point.

    What is the easiest computer to use for senior citizens?

    We’ve gone through all the products we’ve chosen providing a more in-depth description, what they might be suitable for and their main features below, however, if you just want to cut to the chase, we respect that!

    Our top choice and the best in our list is the Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 AIO Desktop.

    Our top computers for elderly citizens

    Now it’s time to get into the list! After all our research, we’ve decided to include All in One PC’s, and what that means is that it’s not just the tower, you also get the screen, keyboard and mouse, for ease, so without further ado, here are our products:

    Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 AIO Desktop

    Suitable For?
    This computer has a lot of storage which is also fast and enough RAM for most tasks. The processor is where it compromises, however it’s still powerful enough for most tasks. This computer will be more than suitable for anything other than gaming.

    Product Description
    This is a perfect All in One solution for an elderly citizen, the brand Acer is a well known and trusted one in the computer industry, and this Aspire C24 is everything you need. It’s slim, space-saving, easy to use, and looks fantastic. It has the latest generation i3 processor, at the time of writing this (10th gen), and it provides a full HD display, whilst also including a keyboard and mouse.

    It also has a feature to protect your eyes with its blue light shield to reduce flickering, as well as plenty of storage for all your videos, photos and music, should you need it. The detail of the screen is fantastic too with sharp colors and 92% screen viewing due to reduced bezels along with a 178-degree viewing angle.


    • i3 Processor
    • 23.8″ Full HD Display
    • 8GB DDR4 RAM
    • 512GB M.2 SSD
    • Windows 10 Home Installed

    Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3, 24″ All-in-One Computer

    Suitable For?
    This computer would be suitable for anyone who wants to browse the internet or do a little bit of work, it’s likely not capable of editing images to a high standard or gaming as the specifications of the graphics card and processor are on the lower end.

    Product Description
    This is a computer by another reputable brand, Lenovo. The IdeaCentre AIO 3 is complete with a Ryzen 3 4300U processor, and an integrated Radeon graphics card. It should be powerful enough to multitask.

    It offers a great display with wide viewing angles and narrow bezels, so you can see around 90% of the 24″. It’s an all in one PC so also includes a mouse and keyboard as well. The memory is 256GB which is a little on the lower side however it is an M.2 SSD which is very quick.

    This PC also comes with a pre-installed version of Windows 10 Home.


    • 24″ screen
    • 8GB DDR4 RAM
    • 256GB SSD M.2
    • Integrated graphics card
    • Windows 10 Home

    HP 21.5-Inch All in One Computer

    Suitable For?
    This computer is suitable for normal web browsing. If you want to do anything more advanced like image editing or gaming, this won’t be able to cope.

    Product Description
    This computer has a modern look and feel, as well as an ultra-thin bezel which allows you to get a great view of the screen from multiple perspectives, it’s also easy to adjust and tilt.

    It’s a great computer for the elderly as it’s at a low price point and standard specification, meaning that it will be able to do most required tasks like browsing the internet, reading, or emailing.

    This computer comes with Windows 10 installed.


    • 21.5″ Screen
    • AMD A6 Proccessor
    • 1TB HDD
    • 4GB Ram
    • Windows 10 Installed

    iView 2150AIO All-in-One Computer 21.5″ 1920 x 1080 IPS Resolution

    Suitable For?
    This computer is extremely easy to use, and is great for online browsing and gneeral day to day tasks, it’s likely not powerful to edit images or game.

    Product Description
    This computer offers 21.5″ display and is by the brand iView, which aren’t the most well known, however, the specifications and the price point are really good on this computer.

    It’s a great all in one option with a front-facing camera, quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM. The screen also has a fantastic viewing angle and high resolution which provides an impressive color display.

    This computer also provides a stylus pen making it ideal for drawing but also helps the ease of use, it’s also completely touch screen so you’re not required to have a keyboard or mouse.

    This computer also comes with Windows 10 installed.


    • 21.5″ Screen
    • 4GB RAM
    • Intel Quad Core Processor
    • Touch Screen PC – No Keyboard or Mouse Required!
    • Windows 10 Installed

    Preedip 23.8-inch 1920×1080 FHD All in One Desktop Computer

    Suitable For?
    This computer is suitable for most things, it will be more than capable for standard internet browsing, watching videos and even photo editing, with the i5 intel processor it may also be capable of gaming on some lesser demanding games.

    Product Description
    This slim design computer by Preedip offers a great solution to computing for senior citizens, it’s a lesser-known brand, but the specification is very good for the price that you pay.

    It’s a 23.8″ inch screen all in one computer, which has an Intel I5 6th generation processor which is fairly good. It also has 8GB of RAM and a 256GB hard drive to go with it.

    This model also comes with Windows 10 pre-installed and ready for use!


    • 23.8″ Screen
    • Intel i5 6th Gen Processor
    • 8GB RAM
    • 256GB Hard drive
    • Windows 10 Pre-Installed

    Is there anything else to consider?

    All of the above computers that we’ve talked about and provided an overview of are great because they offer everything all in one, however as we mentioned you might want to get a mouse, keyboard or screen that might help you with day to day use. Here are our top picks of these accessories: