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Most unique PC cases – cool, unique, and just weird

When we envision designing a one-of-a-kind and majestic PC, we want every component to be flawless and fully functional, regardless of whether we'll use it for everyday computing, professional work, or gaming.

Most unique PC cases – cool, unique, and just weird

When we envision designing a one-of-a-kind and majestic PC, we want every component to be flawless and fully functional, regardless of whether we’ll use it for everyday computing, professional work, or gaming. 

It would also be preferable if you had a case for your PC to protect it from physical injury and ecological harm, no matter how spotless it is. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a unique PC case to show off your build.

 Traditional tower designs aren’t for everyone, and with inventive manufacturers pushing the boundaries year after year, you will be shocked at what you’re missing out on. When you look at various computer cases, you’ll find that they all have one common factor. 

They’re all quite frequently used and have a similar shape. Certainly, there’s always a little bit of design here and there, but overall, they’re all extremely identical. This listing of exceptional PC cases is a fantastic, good place to begin if you’re building a new computer that will look as nice as it performs. 

We’re big on creativity, so we wanted to offer some of the coolest PC cases we could find. Our selection emphasizes both aesthetics and utility. Almost every case is functional enough that we’d recommend it for a build. They’re all distinctive, strange, or downright bizarre. 

We will look at some of the most unusual and unconventional PC case designs worthy of purchase and available for you to buy.

What is a PC Case?

The computer case, like the skin on the human body, performs essential tasks.

System cases protect the computer chassis, hard drive, motherboard, and other internal components in complex blade servers, computer networks, or compact desktop units. Internal components of the desktop computer are protected from intermodulation distortion, physical harm, and invasive foreign objects by the case.

Systems cases provide such a beautiful look, generate an orderly interior structure, keep components isolated, and aid in cooling systems by allowing greater air circulation.

Expansion slots, warning lights, graphics cards, RAM, and other server applications can all be added to these external computer case shells. We can use computer cases for a variety of purposes. The first is for defense, which is understandable because it is the most evident.

The outer layer of a computer case needs to be enclosed, and the computer’s internal components demand to be kept away from the outside environment, dust, animals, toys, and liquids. An additional benefit of using a computer case is that it keeps the area cool. Another advantage of employing a computer casing is proper ventilation over the computer components.

The casing needs to contain unique venting to let some of the fan air exit. The air can be used to cool down the hardware, which would otherwise become quite hot and possibly overheat. 

The computer case’s structure is also crucial. The various elements can be compacted in a case to hold them all together and make them easily accessible to the user. USB connections and the power button, for example, are easily accessible.

The pc case itself could be made from any content as long as the internal electronics are supported. It’s commonly made of steel, plastic, or aluminum, although it could also be made of wood, glass, or Styrofoam.

Our Top 6 Picks

Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Case - / Mini ITX / Micro ATX PC Case / ATX Computer Case- Mid Tower -Tempered Glass - Fan and Water Cooling Support

Product Description
Conquer is an awe-inspiring invention that embodies COUGAR’s remarkable and constant design DNA, displaying its industrial/military inspiration. The Cougar Conquer mid-tower case looks like it belongs in a garage rather than an office, and it comes with a price tag to match. 

To create a stunning impression, this case is frequently painted, and vinyl wrapped. The Cougar Conquer comes with three cooling fans to get things started. You’ll save time, money, and effort because you won’t have to replace them!

This case is a polished art piece, with a robust CNC-milled aluminum alloy frame and COUGAR’s distinctive military-industrial influenced design DNA present in every inch of its body. 

This open-frame concept features a reinforced aluminum alloy frame flanked by two 5mm thick tempered glass side panels for a fashionable look and plenty of internal visibility. Because of the increased visibility provided by the tempered glass panels, you can proudly display your elevated components for all to see. 

Conquer is not only a work of art in and of itself, but it also allows you to display your work. Cooling is crucial for gamers, overlockers, and PC enthusiasts in general, and Conquer provides all they need.

Increased ventilation and cooling performance are possible with this case, which supports a 360mm radiator at the top and a 240mm radiator at the front. The distinctive aluminum frame design of Conquer deviates from standard case designs.

Cougar has a simple process to create and modify the case. They also allow for the ability to work directly with individual case pieces before installing them. This allows for bold modding designs without actually having to cut metal. The realization of a Modder’s dream!


  • The rear hard drive docking slots are a nice addition.
  • Both a 240 mm and a 360 mm radiator can be used.
  • Accessibility to the backside for wire handling is very easy.
  • Lateral panels are made of thick glass. 


  • Due to the tiny case holes, removing and replacing the front panel screws is difficult.
  • There is no dust filtering.

Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition Tempered Glass Fully Modular E-ATX Vertical Super Tower Computer Chassis CA-1H1-00F1WN-00

Product Description

Thermaltake’s “mega tower,” 900 towers, is massive and heavy, weighing in at 54 pounds.

It features plenty of area for specialized liquid cooling and giant glass panels to display everything. With top-facing I/O ports and a 5.25′′ bay at the front that looks amazing with a fan controller mounted, the Tower 900 has a highly distinctive motherboard layout.

This 900 Tower is TT Thermaltake’s top-of-the-line model, with a vertical mounting style, thick and tempered 5mm glassed panels, and unequaled expansion potential for enormous bespoke liquid cooling systems. The Tower 900 is the result of a desire to explore new avenues in chassis design.

The Tower 900 enhances our ambition to make a new period in ESPORTS modding culture worldwide by inspiring the concept of vertical mounting and encasing it in robust tempered glass. By pushing presentation to the next level, the Tower 900 provides the best experience in PC hardware viewing.

In Thermaltake’s case category, it is the first frame that’s closed with a wide view. The huge tempered glass panels are 5mm thick and serve to protect and showcase all of the build’s components simultaneously. 

This Tower strikes the ideal blend of function and elegance! The Tower 900 solves the problem of “SAG GPU,” which permits multi-GPU systems to be mounted vertically on a platform E-ATX.

Isolation of high-capacity radiators, built with a chamber design, allows for more internal space without sacrificing optimal cooling performance. Take on The Tower for your next display. It’s capable of handling double-loop cooling systems of liquid and has modular features that allow for unlimited variations. 

The Tower allows users to build their design from the lower up using pre-designed mounting arrays, racks, modular panels, also brackets. With Dismantlable Modular Design, there are no more difficult-to-reach screw edges and gaps, and installation is a breeze.

 The Tower 900 is designed for higher gaming systems and supports the motherboards, E-ATX and CPU coolers. It has a maximum length of 260mm and can vertically mount multiple-GPU configurations to 400mm in length.

Additionally, a “1+2+6″ modular bay design makes it simple to install up to six 2.5″/3.5″ (with a cage that’s HDD), 5.25″, and two 2.5” (with HDD tray) storing devices.

The removable device drive rack allows customers a lot of versatility when it comes to getting the most internal space for best cooling performance and proper cable management, which helps improve the overall ventilation of the case. 


  • It’s ideal for displaying interior components.
  • It supports radiators up to 480mm and 560mm in diameter.
  • Three tempered glass panels provide a panoramic perspective.


  • There isn’t a magnet on the top panel.
  • Cable management can be challenging.

Cryorig Taku, The PC Monitor Stand Mini ITX PC Case

Product Description
The Taku is a sleek PC display stand that can also house a high-end ITX computer. The Taku highlights any desk or workspace, with a superior 100% aluminum chassis and solid handcrafted wood. On the technological front, the Taku can accommodate full-sized GPUs, several SSDs, hard drives, as well as the most powerful ITX mainboards and CPUs available.

The Taku is designed to reduce space attractively without sacrificing any specifications or nuances. The Taku’s core is based on a revolutionary internal system tray. With a push opening, the system tray slides out easily and locks into position once pushed in.

By pressing down on the two safety buttons on the rail, you can separate the system tray from the entire chassis. All of your components may be easily serviced or installed thanks to the removable internal system tray. To increase space and upgradeability, the Taku’s system tray is separated into compartments.

A full 280mm high-end GPU card, as well as two 2.5″ SSDs and one 3.5″ hard drive, may all be housed in the Taku. As a result, the Taku can easily accommodate a high-end gaming system. The Taku case includes cable management and customized covers that tuck your cords away for enhanced aesthetics and internal airflow. The Taku was created to provide a more space-efficient PC experience.

By organizing everything vertically, this model can hold your entire PC, store the keyboard, and serve as a monitor stand, saving a significant amount of desk space.

This means you’ll have a more real desk area to work with, rather than just a computer desk. The Taku was built with solid handcrafted hardwood legs as the foundation. This was due to the robust wood craftsmanship as well as the great structural support. No two sets of wooden legs will have the same texture, making each Taku one-of-a-kind. 


  • It is possible to remove the disc mounts.
  • The result is a very well-ventilated positive pressure case, with air coming in from the right-side CPU fan, the center Noctua (through the bottom), and the right side has a fan.


  • It is a little bit on the pricy side. 
  • It doesn’t have dustproof ducts. 

Anidees AI Crystal Cube Mesh Front Panel AR V3 Dual Chamber Tempered Glass EATX/ATX PC Gaming Case w/ 5 RGB PWM Fans / 2 LED Strips - Black AI-CL-Cube-MAR3

Product Description

The AI Cube, despite its name, does not have artificial intelligence, unlike the InWin Diéy, which we will discuss later. The AI Cube is fashioned like a mini-fridge and comes with the appropriate cooling assistance. 

It comes pre-installed with five RBG fans but can accommodate a total of twelve fans. However, the front glass tempered panel obstructs the airflow. Hence, those fans don’t necessarily result in maximum airflow.

 While the tinted glass panel doesn’t help your temperatures, it does give the RGB fans a beautiful, muted appearance. There’s also plenty of area for liquid cooling in the case. One disadvantage of this case is that it features clear glass side panels on both sides, making cable management difficult. 

The AI Cube case from Anidees is an ATX ETX PC gaming bodywork/chassis. This comes in a cube-shaped container with a mid-tower configuration, mini-ITX motherboards, and M-ATX, ATX, E-ATX. These are all supported by the AI Crystal Cube. The enclosure also features tempered glass side panels. 

The AI Crystal Cube’s tinted side glass panel is as thick as 5mm. The tint lets roughly 70% of the light through, making it a practical and attractive tinted glass. The AI Crystal Cube comes with 5 Anidees AI Tesseract Duo fans for added beauty. 

The Anidees AI Crystal Cube can accommodate a variety of water-cooling systems in addition to RGB lighting and fan performance. The RGB strips are magnetic and come with a 3M adhesive for greater long-term use.


  • The RGB fans and LED strips that are included are fantastic
  • A large case that may be configured in a variety of ways
  • There is a lot of space for airflow.


  • This is a large case that takes up a lot of space.
  • The fans can become noisy if all fan slots are full (depending on the fans used).

Lian Li PC-O11DX 011 DYNAMIC Tempered glass on the front Chassis body SECC ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case Black

Product Description
The O11 DYNAMIC is a combination of modern design and art that optimizes space. We have successfully crafted the best edition of the twin chamber chassis after years of researching, gathering input, and developing.

As though you were in a showroom, enjoy the complete view through the seamless front and side tempered glasses. The two bolts on the steel parts that adhere to the glass easily secure the panel. Up to three 360 Radiators can be mounted top/bottom/side without interfering.

This model can use up to 6 SSDs and 3 HDDs. PC- O11 Dynamic is designed with versatility in mind, with lots of room for cooling the water choices and holding up around three piles of 360mm radiators.

The tempered glass on the side and panels allows for complete visibility of the internal components and maintain the convenience of usage with a tool-free design.

The PC-O11 Dynamic chassis, which features a multiple chamber box design from Lian Li, moves back and pays attention to flexibility, with plenty of room for water cooling choices and support for up to around three rounds of 360mm radiators.

The tempered glass on the front and side panels allows for excellent viewing of internal components while maintaining convenience of use with a simple, tool-free design. The product specifications are 450mm x 275mm x 450mm in size, 9.7kg net weight, 3.5″ x 2 + 2.5″ x 4 HDD bays

8 MB PCI Slot: USB3.1 x1, USB3.0 x2HD Audio cooling/fan Support: ATX/EATX and I/O: USB3.1 x1, USB3.0 x2, with Audio HD cooling/fan Support: 140mm x2 ,120mm x3 (Top) or 120mm x3, 120mm x3(side), 120mm x3 ATX x2 power slot. 

Lian Li’s products are of great quality, and the PC-O11 Dynamic carries on that tradition. The chassis is built on an SECC Thick 8mm and aluminum basis, making it durable yet elegant.

The PC-O11 Dynamic’s presentation is completed by no tool glass tempered panels, making it a focal visual l point. All panels are held in place by two thumbscrews that are easily accessible and do not require any removal equipment. MicroATX and Full ATX or microATX, tiny ITX motherboards, and newer EATX motherboards are supported by the motherboard tray.

The motherboard tray has been enlarged to handle longer motherboards, allow the laying cutouts that are groomed to get visible and provide ample space for routing and managing cable. The cutouts are angled to allow cables to flow through cleaner for a more attractive connection to your motherboard.

The PC-011 Dynamic from Lian Li comes with outstanding cable management features, including a big cable bar for concealing cables and securing them with the provided cable ties. The cable bar keeps the chassis looking tidy while also providing additional HDD mounting choices.


  • Magnetic dust filters
  • Razer Chroma RGB and Synapse integration
  • Lian Li has exceptional build quality.
  • Amazing in protecting in all terms.


  • With a huge PSU and 3.5″ drive, it’s a tight fit in the back chamber.
  • Magnetic strips on dust filters are a touch narrow, which means they come off a tad too readily. 
  • USB 3.1 Type C headers are still a bit hard to come across 

Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass V2 Black Edition Open Frame Vertical GPU Modular ATX Computer Case CA-1E7-00M1WN-05

Product Description
The Thermaltake Core P5 V2’s design isn’t very unique. What sets this instance apart is the range of possibilities. The Core P5 V2 can stand upright, lay horizontally, or even hang on a wall.

Wall-mounted cases are more difficult to repair, but they’re worth it in terms of aesthetics, especially if you take the effort to tunnel wires through your wall as we did in our featured build.

The Core P5 V2 has several features that we like, such as two different motherboard mounting positions, vertical GPU support, excellent cable management around the rear, and the capacity for three more hard drivesThermaltake’s Core P5 Tempered Glass V2 in Black color and an additional open frame chassis will take your presentation game to the next level.

A 5mm tempered glass window which comes along with a secure mechanism and stain steel panel, motherboard tray, USB 3.0 ports that transfer data, and a modular design which permits for 3 placements layouts (Horizontal, wall mount, and vertical), horizontal and vertical liquid cooling component locations, double GPU locations are all included in the new Core P5 V2 TG Black Edition. 

Find the feel of luxury with the amazing Core P5 V2 TG Black’s sweeping view angle, protected by a complete tempered glass pane. Four USB 3.0 data transmission ports and an HD headphone and microphone connection are included on the panel to provide easy access when necessary.

A Y cable adapter for I/O USB port with USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 connector is included with the Core P5 in Black volume/Edition to accommodate multiple motherboard USB installations. 


  • Component visibility is maximized.
  • The modular design provides you with a variety of construction alternatives.
  • There’s plenty of room to tuck cables away.
  • Allows you to mount your graphics card with the artwork facing outward.
  • The price is quite reasonable.


  • Most AiO coolers are not supported.
  • For dust prevention, sound insulation, and EMC, open construction is bad.
  • Some cable-routing cutaways are positioned incorrectly.

What to look for when getting PC Cases (The Buyers Guide):

Your computer’s case is more than simply a box that houses all components; current cases come in a wide range of designs, sizes, colors, and materials. 

Because components such as motherboards, CPU coolers, power supplies, and drives come in various sizes and have their cooling requirements, it’s critical to choose the correct case for your PC. This buying guide will demystify the process and teach you all you need to know about choosing a new computer case.

Cooling Capabilities: 

A well-designed case does a lot more than keep dust away from your precious PC components. It will also channel air through your PC, keeping everything cool and quiet – much better than having a PC sat out in the open. 

While every case is designed to air-cool a PC, some cases have additional fan mounts and space inside, making them more suitable for water-cooled PCs. Depending on how you intend to cool your PC, this is what you need to look out for. 

The best cases for air cooling; Even the most basic case will come with a fan mount or two and, in most cases, some fans.

A single exhaust fan at the back or top of the case is usually enough for an entry-level PC, but high-end PCs will require many fans, with some cool air pulling into the case and others expelling hot air out.

Ensure your case has enough fan mounts, preferably for 120 or 140mm fans, which are more efficient than smaller fans.

The best Cases for Hydrocoolers; If you’re going to buy a CPU or GPU with an all-in-one hydro cooler, you’ll need a case with the appropriate number of radiator mounts.

120/140mm hydro coolers with a single fan, 240/280mm hydro coolers with two fans, and 360/420mm hydro coolers with three fans are the three primary size groups.

You can find out what each case supports by going to the case’s product page on the Scan website and clicking on the Specifications tab, which will show you what radiator sizes the case supports.

Motherboard Compatibility: 

The first and most critical option is to select a large case to accommodate the motherboard.

The good news is that all manufacturers design their components according to a standardized set of industry standards, regardless of which brand of case or motherboard you choose.

All you have to do now is make sure the case and motherboard are of the same quality. ATX is the most widely used standard for mid-tower and full-tower PCs. Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX, both smaller than ATX, are the other standards, as is the massive E-ATX SSI-EEB standard.

The dimensions of the most popular motherboard sizes are depicted in the diagram below. Although a larger motherboard necessitates a larger enclosure, nothing can prevent you from using a tiny motherboard in a large case.

This could be advantageous, as larger cases offer advantages like more cooling options and additional drive bays. It all relies on the amount of space you have for your computer and your other needs.


All cases contain some external I/O ports (Input Output) to allow you to connect devices to it, such as cameras and external discs, in addition to the typical power and reset buttons.

This eliminates the need to reach behind the PC to the back I/O ports when one of these devices is needed. A handful of large USB A ports with audio hookups for headsets is the most preferred combo.

Some cases, however, are starting to offer smaller, more modern, and speedier USB Type C ports, so if you require one, check the case’s Specifications tab on the Scan website.

Because there are different versions of USB on the market, pay special attention to which version the case and motherboard support.

Quiet Cases: 

While every case muffles your PC’s sound to some extent, certain cases are specifically designed to be as quiet as possible.

The quietest cases use a layer of sound-absorbing foam on the outer panels and plates to cover up unnecessary fan mounting.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to find a balance between making your PC as quiet as possible while also ensuring that it’s properly cooled, so it won’t be able to be entirely sealed.

FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions) about PC Cases:

When customers are looking to buy a computer case, they typically have several queries. Some of these inquiries are more frequent than others. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about computer cases and case purchases that we receive. 

Why should I build a computer instead of purchasing one that has already been built?

It may appear to be far more convenient to go to your local store and purchase a computer that already contains all of the necessary components rather than purchasing a case that requires you to assemble the computer from the ground up.

A pre-built computer may be sufficient in some instances. On the other hand, most people will need to purchase a casing and a motherboard that will allow them to grow and update their computers as needed.

 What Should the Price of a Good Computer Case Be?

When it comes to price, computer casings cover the entire spectrum. The price of yours will be determined by whether it has built-in fans and a built-in power supply.

For well under $100, you can get a barebones quality PC casing. Some cases are substantially more expensive, costing well over $100 depending on your needs.

Is it better to use plastic or aluminum?

Plastic, steel, and aluminum are the most common materials used in cases. Your unique requirements and how you use your computer will determine which one is best for you.

Plastic is more lightweight and cools down faster. Aluminum and steel are more durable. Examine your requirements and the environment in which you use your computer.

That should assist you in making your decision. Most of the time, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Final Verdict:

At the core of your system is an exceptional computer case, which houses all the components that make up your computer.

Everything is what we mean when we say everything: CPU, RAM, disc drives, sound cards, graphics cards—you name it, and a case can accommodate it. 

As a result, the computer case industry continues to expand rapidly. If you’re still undecided, have a look at these distinctive computer cases that we found on the market. They will undoubtedly meet your requirements and budget! 

Our goal is to provide you with an overview of the many custom pc case models so you can make an informed decision about which model best meets your needs. We have highlighted some important features and components to look for when purchasing a new computer case.

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