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Working at a desktop pc every day is one of those things that are likely to put people at risk of environment persistent cramps, aches, or even worse.

Working at a desktop pc every day is one of those things that are likely to put people at risk of environment persistent cramps, aches, or even worse. That’s right: spending the entire day on a computer, tablet, or iPad can damage your physical health, especially since you can’t change the relative locations of the keyboard and screen since they’re fixed.

Even worse, such set relative positions almost force users to stoop over the screen, putting strain on their back. However, with a monitor arm that can accommodate a computer/notebook holder, you’ll be good to go! You can use a monitor mount to experience the same ergonomic advantages as business colleagues who use a desktop PC by seeing the screen at the right height and varying your stance and posture throughout the day.

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Everything You Need to Know About Ultra-Wide Monitor Arms

Getting an ultrawide monitor arm for the workstation is by far the biggest dramatic option available for buying a comprehensive HDTV and mounting it on the desk. Ultrawide displays are enormous monitors which will take up a lot of space on the desk and might even force you to reconsider your current office or playing setup. But there is always a solution: It is getting a monitor arm. There may be disadvantages to getting a monitor arm, but they are outweighed by the more compelling reasons for upgrading the messy workstation with the said monitor arm.

A monitor arm, sometimes known as a monitor riser, is a piece of equipment that holds and lifts a computer screen, tablet, or laptop. Various tasks necessitate various seating postures. When you are reading, you might want to take a seat, and when you are writing, you may want to lean in.

You can simply set the monitor to eye levels and maintain it at arm’s distance with a monitor arm. No matter what activity you’re partaking in, maintaining a posture you find most suitable won’t be an issue with this gadget. It’s vital to find the greatest comfortable working position by raising the screen to the appropriate, ergonomic level.

Bending down over or hunching awkwardly backward to view the screen causes tension in the upper torso and back, which may be alleviated by good posture. You may also modify the screen’s height, thickness, and direction using a monitor arm to achieve the right setting for the body and productivity.

A desktop monitor arm makes it simple to adjust the screen and share the work with peers. If it is crucial to you, make sure that the model you choose allows for 180 degrees of horizontal rotations and is simple to rotate from point a to point b.

Dual and single monitor arms provide you with complete control for how the work is shown visually. They open a whole world of choices for how you wish to put in place the monitor for the most convenient and spontaneous working approach. This inventive command corresponds to an astounding gain in productivity, either side to side, one screen over the other, landscape or panorama, or three displays vertically queued up for the almost widescreen experience.

On the other hand, curved displays have been shown to boost productivity while also improving comfort because curvature puts the screen’s edges and corners closer to the eyes, minimizing the number of movements required to navigate. However, during the early and mid-2000s, flat panel displays became incredibly common as technology got less expensive. These lightweight displays were best adapted for more mobility than the larger cathode ray tube screens that were previously supplied with almost all the computers.

Rob Mossman has the patent for creating the monitor mount and was awarded on the 20th of September 2006. Nevertheless, monitor mounts had been accessible for six years prior to the invention being issued. But since the early 2000s, several businesses have begun developing mounts, including Ergotron, Mount-it, Multibrackets ab, Loctek, and Herman Miller. The major advantages of monitor arms are such that they usually provide more functionality than the standard stands that come with displays.

Precision positioning, portrait, and landscapes rotation, forward as well as backward tilting, and a configurable view distance are all possible with this gadget. A monitor arm, which is usually linked to the rear of the desk, serves to equalize oneself, the electronics, and the workplace environment. This, in turn, improves your health and productivity.

Dynamic screen arms provide smooth mobility at the tap of a fingertip for convenient height adjustment. They also enable exact screen placement, rotations, tilt, and range adjustment. Monitor arms also come in a variety of types.

Post-mounted monitors arms are appropriate for locations with 2 or even more displays, such as trading platforms and control panels since they enable scalability. They’re perfect for consumers who do not have to move displays up / down more often but do need rotation and tilt choices as well as a flexible viewing range because they’re mechanically height adjustable.

Dynamic monitor arms also are the ideal ergonomics option for installing tablets and laptops to maintain touchscreens easily in reach and are excellent for both solo and dual display use. Several clamps are offered for dual or single screen arms that are tool-less, allowing them to be moved from one workstation to another quickly and easily. There are two types of clamps to use when mounting a monitor arm to a table.

Split mount clamps are easy to slide along the rear of the table and re-join since they splitter into two sections. They’re more adaptable, can support desktops up to 65millimeters thick, and are frequently utilized when top mounting clamps aren’t available as an option.

C-clamps, often known as top mounting clamps, are mounted upward from the desk. They’re generally smaller, and they’re ideal for desks with a thickness of 12 to 25 millimeters or are a through-desk mounting that rests on top of a table cut-out. While it beautifully reduces the screen arm’s footprints, you must be dedicated to the placement of the desktop mount because if you are looking to relocate in the future, you must be prepared to cut out a new hole.

In open-concept workplaces, privacy screening and walls are becoming more prevalent. Many of which have slat walls or utilitarian rails, which are ideal for mounting monitor arms which raise displays over desktops. One of the important aspects of the monitor arm is VESA. The length between both the mounting brackets in the backside of the monitor is defined by the VESA connector specification (horizontal or vertical).

Monitors with VESA dimensions of 100 x 100micrometres and 75 x 75milimetres are the most prevalent. Many Apple Mac screens aren’t VESA compatible and are off the box, so you’ll need to buy an adapter separately. Colebrook Saunders Bosson screen arms are all VESA compliant and easy to set up. Users can modify the position if they cannot alter the monitor instead of slouching, stretching their necks, and hurting their eyes to view the screen.

Working jobs that require us to sit in front of the desktop for lengthy periods of time can also have long-term physical consequences. Musculoskeletal problems caused by inadequate ergonomic setups might result in lost performance and time off from work for recovery. Between 2016 and 2018, 6.6 million work hours were predicted to have been lost in the US because of this very problem.

In other words, without ergonomic screen assistance, you might compromise your and your co-workers’ health. The ability to adjust your screen while remaining inconsequential at the same time can prevent negative body impacts such as muscular soreness, headaches, and eye strain.

One single monitor arm is ideal for people who only utilize one screen. The key dilemma is whether you should use a dynamic screen or a post-mounting monitoring arm. Think of where you will use the screen and what you will use it for. Post-mounting monitor arms are typically less expensive in single configurations for applications on a restricted budget.

A dynamic monitoring arm might be ideal if you operate in an agile setting and will have to modify your screen frequently or add further in the future. The monitor arm makes a more comfortable working atmosphere. The flexibility to change the monitor’s altitude, direction, and tilt allows you to maintain a pleasant work position while avoiding back, head, and eye strain. Raising your screen over the desk helps save up desk space.

Cables are also routed into the monitor arm, which keeps everything clean and organized. A monitor arm is a perfect complement to a stand-sit or height-adjustable workstation. As the desk’s height is adjusted, you can simply change it to any position.

It allows people to operate with many displays and arrange several monitors in the best possible way for the task. This improves efficiency. It’s also simpler to collaborate with others since you can move and rotate the screen to give coworkers a run-down of your work.

Our Top Picks:

AOC AS110D0 - Single Computer Monitor Arm Mount, Gas Struts Supporting up to 19.4 lbs and up to 27". Grommet and C-clamp mounts Included. Easy Swivel, tilt, Rotate for Ergonomic Setup.

Product Description

The elegant and durable AS110 monitor arm with gas-spring actuation allows for a broad range of ergonomic configurations for the VESA (100 mm or 85 mm) compatible monitor.

The inbuilt cable organization will free up space on your desk. What’s more, this monitor arm supports a maximum of 27″ screens weighing 19.84 lbs. (9 kilograms) and has a 360° pivoting range, 320-millimeter height, 46m stretch, 60°/45 tilt, -90°/90 rotation, and -45°/60° angle.

The paneled arm will easily accommodate any monitor with a VESA installation grid. The VESA mount method is a frequently utilized option with most screens. Four screws lock the monitor with the mount by its center of gravity.

The AS110D0 monitor arm is available with a C-clamp and a grommet mount. The AS110D0 has a small footprint, freeing up valuable workspace for an even more streamlined desktop.

Some monitor frames have a restricted range of tilt and rotation. But the flexion of your display is considerably increased when you use this monitor arm: you may rotate the monitor in a broad range to face upwards and downwards for the best angle of view. You can rotate the screen horizontally due to the built swivel.

The precise and reliable electromechanical gas spring enables simple adjustment with a forceful hand movement, and the monitor remains firmly in place once adjusted. You can easily change it at any moment to find the most comfortable position. For ease of movement and solidity, spring strain can be adjusted for heavier or lighter monitors.

The AS110D0 AOC has a 440micrometres stretch to assist you in finding the best posture. It enables users to alter the distance between both the screen and their eyes which is helpful for eye health.

Simply pass your wires through the screening arm’s already allocated paths using the monitoring arm’s removable covers.

Close the covers once you’ve plugged in the display cables and power, and you’ll have a tidy workstation with well-organized connections. The wires remain retained in place when the screen is moved or turned into a portrait view.


  • Lightweight and has a 440micrometres stretch to assist you in finding the best posture
  • Provides wider angles and has removable covers
  • Includes wiring panels


  • A little bit pricy

Ergotech Heavy Duty Freedom Arm, Includes Single Aluminum Heavy Duty Articulating Arm, 20-30.8 lbs. Weight Capacity, Suitable for Monitors up to 27 inches, VESA Compatible 75×75, 100×100, Silver

Product Description

The Arm freedom HD is a beautiful flexible monitor arm that attaches simply to any conventional desk, freeing up important workspace. The Freedom Arm HD is great for enhancing your workstation and boosting ergonomic alignment, with a complete extension length of 26.7 inches as well as a maximum screen weight capability of 30.8 pounds. Give the monitor the freedom to move around the workplace that it requires and deserves!

The Freedom Arm HD can tilt up to 90 degrees and down to 45 degrees, pace 180 degrees, and spin 360 degrees easily.

This monitor arms will be the most effective solution for freeing up important desk space while allowing the screen to move around the workstation freely. Versions for both Pcs and iMac are available in Ergotech’s Monitor Arms collection, so you’re sure to discover the optimal monitor arm solution for your office.

The health risks of sitting for far too long are well-known. The Ergotech team has spent a lot of time and effort developing a line of sit-stand, altitude fixtures that will keep you sitting and standing during the day.

All Ergotech sit-stand versions are retrofittable, allowing you to easily convert your existing workstation into an adjustable altitude table. The Hundred Series Table Stands are made of industrial quality steel and aluminum to ensure compact stability. You may use Ergotech Table Stands to increase your configuration from one to six monitors.


  • Available in lots of colors
  • Has a lot of adjustment options
  • Comes with USB ports


  • Takes up a considerable amount of desk space

VIVO Aluminum Ultrawide Monitor Stand, Classic, Fits up to 49 inch Computer Screens, Single Articulating Pneumatic Arm, C-Clamp and Grommet Desk Mount, Max VESA 200x100, Black, STAND-V100H

Product Description

The strong pneumatic arm adjusts from 5.9 inches to 25.5 inches in height, and the installation bracket tilts from -45° to +45°, swivels 180° and rotates 180° for pleasant viewing angles.

The single display mount featuring 75x75mm VESA, or 200x100mm (adapter included) 100x100mm hole pattern suits most monitors that are 17 inches to 4 inches in size (also accommodates up to 49″ ultra-wide computer screens) and equal to 39.6 pounds in mass. The heavy-duty C-clamp or additional grommet mounting easily attaches to desks that are up to 3.3 inches thick.

The arm’s wire cover hides AV and power wires, allowing for a cleaner and more organized workstation. With the removable VESA plate, attaching your monitor is an easy process, and it offers all the essential hardware and directions for quick setup. The sturdy aluminum construction includes a three-year manufacturing warranty and helpful tech assistance.


  • Wide view angle
  • It is Lightweight
  • Has a Harder grip


  • Not very budget-friendly

Ergotron – HX Premium Heavy Duty Monitor Arm, Single Monitor VESA Desk Mount – for Flat or Slight Curved Ultrawide Monitors Up to 49 inches, 20 to 42 lbs – Standard Pivot, Polished Aluminum

Product Description

Large ultrawide displays can be readily repositioned with a massive monitor arm for improved comfort, increased productivity, and much more workstation space. This single HX ultrawide Ergotron monitor arm provides up to 360º rotations and 75-degree tilt with a (60-centimeter) 23.6-inch extension and (29-centimeter)11.5-inch raise.

It can hold twenty to forty-two pounds (19 kilograms), making it ideal for displays up to forty-two inches in diameter (screen depths of more than 6 inches/15 cm may restrict compatibility).

With the rotating stop, avoid striking nearby walls. Controlling cord mayhem is possible with cable management. A 10-year guarantee comes with this sturdy, expert design. The cables can be concealed beneath the arm and via the extension.


  • It can hold up to two to three displays
  • Has a sleek built
  • Comes in various colors


  • A little bit on the heavier side.

NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Computer Monitor Arm for Two Screens 17-27 Inch with 4.4~19.8lbs Load Capacity for Each Display F160

Product Description

While the entire VESA Plates of the product is 118x118metres if the screen is curved or the VESA holes are in a shrinkage region, pay careful consideration to the length of the VESA Plates. The installation of this is easy.

C clip works wonderfully on table thicknesses to 3.54 inches (90mm), while Grommet attachment suits hole diameters from 1.97 inches (10-50mm). The incorporated wiring management conceals give a clean, compact, and clutter-free look and optimal ergonomic ease to reduce eye, head, and backpressure.

Constructed USB ports inside the base allow you to recharge any USB gadgets without taking up important desk space; nevertheless, please DO NOT tighten the tension nut without the screen attached. The correct method of adjustment? Reduce the strain of the screen continues to rise (towards”-“) and switch to “+” on the other hand.


  • Stronger grip
  • Fits in larger sizes
  • Provides wider view


  • Little bit heavy

VIVO Heavy Duty Single 17 to 35 inch Monitor Pneumatic Spring Arm Stand, Aluminum Clamp-on Desk Mount, Fits 1 Screen, Max VESA 100x100, Black, STAND-V100G

Product Description

With VIVO’s Heavy Monitor Arm (STAND-V101H), you may enjoy a pleasant viewing experience during the day! This stand fits ordinary to ultra-wide screens, giving you alternatives!

Elevate your display to a comfortable working height and alter the field of view with a single hand movement. This stand is prepared to work with its durable steel structure, smooth adjustable height, free tilt design, desk mounting capabilities, and integrated wire management.

The flexibility of screen location enables comfortable watching, which reduces neck, spinal, and shoulder muscular strain. The sleek design gives any workplace a contemporary appeal while offering adequate support for the 17″ to 35″ screen. All hardware and directions are included for simple installation, so you can quickly secure your base and attach your display!

Mount your screen to a comfortable height with such a seamless hydraulic arm with spring adjustment that balances the weight of the 17 inches to 35-inch monitor properly. Additional adjustability is possible by moving the arm along the middle pole. It’s not been easier to find the ideal viewing angle.

Move your screen from your desk to make space for a much-needed workspace. An adjustable elbow hinge on this mount allows the arm to tuck in for a limited display.

This stand, suitable for personal and business use, can elevate your work productivity to a new level. This mount has removable cable clamps along the center pole and inner wire management with the arm to maintain your AV and power connections clean and tidy. With all the necessary hardware and directions, mounting your display will be a snap!


  • Durable steel structure
  • Smooth adjustable height
  • Free tilt design


  • Runs out of stock quickly

AVF MRC2403-A Quad Head, Tilt and Turn Monitor Desk Mount for Four Screens up to 35”.

Product Description

The AFV MRC2403-A is a quad-headed, tilt, and swivel desk mount that supports 4 13- or 35-inches monitors weighing up to ten pounds. It frees up important workspace and positions the displays at your preferred viewing angle for better usability and comfort.

The displays can be turned into landscapes or portrait positions and slanted up to 15 degrees. They can also be adjusted to a suitable height. This type is suitable with computer screens or televisions with VESA installation patterns of 75×75-100x100mm. For a neat look, cable organization is included.


  • It is lightweight
  • Has a lot of adjustment option
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • It is not budget-friendly

AVLT Single 13"-34" Monitor Arm Desk Mount fits One Flat/Curved/Ultrawide Monitor Full Motion Height Swivel Tilt Rotation Adjustable Monitor Arm - VESA/C-Clamp/Grommet/Cable Management

Product Description

Due to the air spring-assisted adjustability, the monitor may be adjusted to fit the posture. It surpasses a 16,000-cycle movement test, ensuring problem-free adjustable height for at least 10 years.

Unlike standard screen mounts, the sleek design enhances the appearance of your workspace. These heavy air spring arm grommets are made entirely of superior aluminum. The AVLT One Screen Desk Mounting Stand is the ideal choice for extending your pc & LCD monitors setup because it is suitable for any 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA attachment.

The 3.9″ x 3.7″ quality installation base replaces the screen’s original base, allowing you to instantly reclaim your workplace by hovering your displays in the air. The AVLT screen mount comprises high-quality aluminum, heavy-duty steel, and a long-lasting gas spring mechanism that keeps your monitors from drooping or wobbling.


  • It has many clamps
  • It declutters the workspace
  • It is easy to use


  • Doesn’t fit in larger sizes

Sale Wall Mount Monitor Arm - Full Motion Articulating - Adjustable - Supports Monitors 12” to 34” - VESA Monitor Wall Mount - Black (ARMPIVWALL)

Product Description

To save room on the desk and table, you can use this wall mount arm for the computer display or big screen Tv. This monitor’s wall mount can accommodate monitors up to 34 inches in size.

It starts to rotate and swivel to let you change the screen’s position and give you more viewing options. The monitor wall mount allows you to firmly wall attach a computer display, saving space on a desk and tabletop.

The monitor wall mount is ideal for use in offices or workstations close to a wall. The leaning monitor wall mount allows you to easily adjust the position of your display so that you can operate more comfortably. The display / TV wall mount brackets come with a StarTech warranty.

The screen wall mounting allows you to safely wall-mount a desktop computer or LCD/LED TV from 13 inches to 27 inches (330 to 686 millimeters) in dimension and up to 33 pounds. (15kilograms) in weight, saving area on the desk or tabletop.

The screen wall mounting allows you to easily adjust the position of your monitor so that you can function more securely. It swivels -45°/+45°, allowing you to shift your monitor side to side.

It also tilts easily (+45° Or -45°), making it simple to modify the display’s orientation down or up. It’s appropriate for various contexts, including commercial conference rooms, hospitals, and financial institutions. The monitor wall mounting is ideal for use in offices or workstations close to a wall.

The aluminum monitor wall mount is constructed with a removable wall plate for convenient installation. The monitor arm also has a cable hook that keeps your cords neatly out from sight, which helps to make your work environment clutter-free.


  • Good for office use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stronger grip


  • It is bigger in size.

Monoprice Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount - Black, Supports Up to 34 inch Monitors, 19.8 LBS Display Weight, Smooth Full-Motion Black - Workstream Collection

Product Description

Your LCD screen can be placed anywhere you need it with the Monoprice Adjustable Gas-Spring Articulating Screen Arm. This monitor arm eliminates workplace mess and provides additional crucial workspace.

Even more, the gas-spring arm allows you to effortlessly move the screen to the most comfortable angle, reducing neck, arm, and blurry vision.

For perfect ergonomic equilibrium, the Gas-Spring Monitor Arm allows for infinite screen adjustment with smooth motion in every direction, providing height up or down, extension and retraction forward as well as back, monitor tilting, spin, and rotation.

This mounting arm, unlike the competitors, is rated for big monitors, including some 34″ displays, making it ideal for any house or business.

The monitor arm can hold up to 19.8 pounds, making it suitable for most 15 inches to 34 inches displays. The construction of stronger strength steel and aluminum ensures long-term excellence.


  • Easy to operate
  • Has a smooth range motion
  • Provides quality at a fair price


  • Has a sloppy tilt feature with 1 screw.

Buyers Guide:

There are several options that buyers must keep in mind before getting their hands-on any monitor arm.

The number of monitors to be used:

Identifying the optimal desktop monitor arm starts with deciding how many screens require support. If you’re utilizing several screens, employing a single monitor arm to hold them all will save you a lot of room over using many monitor holders.

Monitor weight:

It’s crucial to evaluate your screen’s mass to an articulated monitor arm’s load capability. Each one would have a maximum weight capacity, which the monitors must meet.


Do you have the same workstation every day and only must adjust the monitor occasionally? If that’s the case, a monitor arm placed on a post is an excellent option.

Once set up, the height remains constant, but you may easily adjust the tilting and rotations. A dynamic screen arm is better for desk support or scenarios where you often want to alter the monitor position. These work with single and double monitor setups.

VESA mounting holes:

A VESA bracket is put into these four openings in a square design on the backside of the monitor. They’re usually 75 to 100 millimeters apart. VESA holes aren’t always present on modern displays. The displays cannot be attached mostly to monitor arms without these.

Options for mounting:

It’s crucial how well the monitor arms connect to the table. If the arm isn’t stable, the screen may slide and worse, you will damage the desk and monitors.

The following are the standard installation options:

A basic G-clamp type attaches from below by going over the sides of the desk, whereas the wall mounts, as understood by the name, instead of the table, are mounted to the wall. And the grommet mount secures to a table from underneath through one hole on the top of the desk.


Laptop and tablet carriers that clip to the monitor arm have become increasingly popular. Make sure that the preferred option is compatible with the monitor arm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the best way to set up a monitor?

Position the monitor such that the top part of the monitor is at or just under eye level. When seeing the center of the monitor, your gaze must be marginally downwards, and the display ought to be no nearer than 20 cm from the eyes (an arms distance is a fair general rule).

Which monitor arm should one buy?

There are various types of monitors arms in the market right now, some of which enable the monitors to be adjusted to the desk’s height and others that do not.

So, do your research and ensure the type you choose enables you to set the display to a low enough resolution. Apart from a few monitors arm options, all the ones mentioned above adapt to desk height.

Is there a limit to how low one can set the monitor? Is it possible to lower the monitor arm below the desk level?

The answer to this relies on the placement of the VESA mount on the panel. The likelihood of it being placed below desk level increases if the arm is at the highest point of the panel.

If the arm is placed in the lower position, it cannot touch the table base; the arm’s closest position to the desk is around 7 inches away.

How deep (depth) can the clamp go through the desk?

On the opposite side of the desk, a maximum of 2 inches is allowed. 1″ space between the wall and the desk is required in this configuration.

If necessary, you could lower those 2 inches to 1 1/2 inches, but it would need a greater space between the desk and the wall.

Is it possible to add more arms or attachments to the present setup?

Yes! The display arm options are versatile and adaptable. There’s no such rule as to how many monitor arms one should add, but ideally, one computer should be mounted using one arm at a time.

What are the advantages of a monitor arm?

Monitor arms effectively free up more room while promoting good pc screen viewing ergonomics.

They help users utilize space available more efficiently by raising screens off the tabletop, resulting in a workplace environment free of cords and clutter.

What level of adaptability are you looking for?

The key aim in terms of ergonomics is to monitor arm adjustment. How wide should the lateral reach of the arm be? How much should one arm be raised and lowered? To enable operating on the computer a pleasant, easy, stress-free, and efficient experience, both reaching and lifting depend on your height and the task and the physical conditions. Some monitors’ arms have enough structural support so you can operate while sitting or standing.

Final Verdict:

If you’re using a laptop, you may believe that monitor arms aren’t necessary. This is false. In fact, you probably need a monitor mount more often than nearly any other contemporary staff. Monitor mounts are a must-have accessory for every home computer setup. While playing games, you may change your screen’s tilting mechanism and maybe even set up a double screen setup.

Large displays aren’t suitable for all monitor arms. The tremendous weight is too much for most arms to bear. The arm must be correctly constructed to provide a solid, wobble-free base. Most of them are made of long-lasting materials that keep the monitor stable. It also aids in the setup of a dual monitor setup.

Monitor arms are showing their usefulness more now than ever, with open room on the desktop for added luxury. When combined with the incorrect viewing angles caused by standard monitor stands, employing a monitor arm might be a safer computing alternative.

And simply because it does have a lot of added value doesn’t imply it’s right for you. Before you go out and purchase a monitor arm, have a look at our top issues to be certain you get the appropriate one the first time. If you follow these steps, you’ll be certain that you’ve made the best purchase possible.

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