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How to make a potion of strength in Minecraft

Potions in Minecraft are confusing and hard to understand, here we will talk all about the Strength potion!

The wonderful world of Minecraft is full of adventures and woe. Minecraft is a game that no other game can even get close to in the adventure/survival genre. Different challenges occur in the Minecraft universe that you can’t predict this is why Minecraft is such an amazing game and that is one of the many main reasons why Minecraft is still so popular more than 10 years on from its release date.

Minecraft brings your ideas into creations in a block world, anything you want to do Minecraft can do it, nothing holds you back from making your ideas a reality. However, what’s great about Minecraft is it appeals to creative users and the players who want to speed run the game or challenge themselves. Plenty of challenges will pop up in your adventures in Minecraft be that Monsters, the natural elements or maybe even other players.

In the Minecraft world you will have all these dangers and you will soon realise it will be time to equip yourself with anything that will give you the edge over your opponent or element you will be facing, be this a weapon to slay the monster and players or armour to protect yourself against the attacks from enemies and Lava, but there is another way to protect yourself, that is by using the mystical items called potions.

Today we will be talking about the strength potion and how to make a potion of strength in Minecraft. We will be going through the ins and outs of what a strength potion is and does, how to acquire the strength potion in Minecraft. Right below is a list of all the topics we will be going through that you can skip through and read anytime you want. Hopefully, this list below will answer all necessary questions you want answering, if not then why not contact us to let us know what else we could add, what are you waiting for, read away to your heart’s content!

How do you use Minecraft potions?

How do you use Minecraft potions? This all depends on the platform you’re on, if you find a potion or end up creating a potion in Minecraft you will want to add it to your quick equip bar or Hotbar. This is the bar on the bottom that you can cycle through easier than going into your inventory and equipping the item. From here depending on what console you will want to have the potion in your hand and drink it, once drank you will gain the buffs or debuffs the potion offers. Drinking takes 1-2 seconds and self buffs however splash potions are thrown at the ground as an area effect making other people be able to get the effects of the potion as well. To drink the potion on every platform you will need to click these buttons:

  • PlayStation = L2
  • Xbox = Hold LT
  • Pc = right click and hold
  • Switch = ZL
  • Tablet/Phone = Tap and hold

What effects does the Minecraft Strength potion give?

Minecraft potions are all different and you can even get different gradings of potions from 1 being the lowest and then 2 being the enhanced version being ultimately better than the first version by a lot, however still both potions are very helpful.

What effects does the Minecraft Strength potion give? the strength potion will make your attacks against monsters and players a lot stronger, you will truly feel the power behind your swings with the strength potion as the regular effects of the 1st strength potion is to buff your damage. The strength potion buffs your damage by 3 which equals 1.5 hearts of damage which is the equivalent. The effects of This potion will stay on you for 3 minutes, so it’s important to only pop the potion when you know you’re ready to use it for a fight to the death, this potion is especially helpful versus tricky situations when you’re on low health or fighting players. Important to understand is the strength potion is also amazing to use when fighting boss monsters like the Ender Dragon in the End.

Useful to note that the enhanced version will make you do double what the regular strength potion will do and you will damage for 6 more hearts on top of your already heavy damage, making this, in my opinion, the strongest potion in the game and that’s not just because of the name, that leads us to our next question

What is the strongest potion in Minecraft?

deciding the strongest potion in the game as hard as new potions come out every year or new changes to the game happens to mean some of the potions attributes or effects. However, through the years of playing Minecraft, I can tell you the top 3 potions that have always been relevant are the Strength potion, Regeneration potion, Speed potion, Invisibility potion or Fire resistance. I will be going through each in order from the 5th best potion in the game to 1st place in my opinion. I will be judging on how helpful they are in everyday Minecraft gaming and how they will give you an advantage over others making them the strongest candidates. If you think differently make sure to tell us in the comments and give us any of your ideas and views.

5th – Potion of Fire Resistance

All of these potions are in my top 5 best potions in the game but sadly there must be the best loser and that goes to the fire resistance. Although the Fire resistance potion has its great defensive attributes it has nothing in terms of strength, great for PVP if people have fire aspect as this will be nullified and most people do have fire aspect and great to dodge lava or find resources above or in lava however these uses are limited compared to the others that will be more useful in more common scenarios, still a great pick for caving and PVP great 5th place choice

4th – Potion of Swiftness

4th place will go to the Potion of Swiftness. Easy to make and great for nearly all aspects of the game other than building. Perfect for dodging and running away in PvP as you will have that 20 % movement and jump distance for the basic potion. Great for the Ender Dragon fight to dodge breath and attacks from Endermen however only gets our 4th spot because of its lack of damage. The speed can take a bit to get used to as well as you might get used to swinging at the right time and your jump timings might change because of the speed and distance you travel. These negatives aren’t much however it holds it back in my opinion from becoming top 3 material.

3rd – Potion of Invisibility

Top 3, the big boys. 3rd place is the Potion of Invisibility now you might think the potion of invisibility doesn’t give you any strength buffs so why would it be higher than the Swiftness potion when you just said that would be higher if it had strength output, and I agree with you, however, in my opinion, the invisibility potion does have strong output and that is how tactical you use it. Players now have to be a lot closer to the mob for them to be noticed making it a great mining option or going out at night to adventure option. Invisibility can be used to outsmart your opponents, lasting 3 minutes you can deceive your opponent and become the assassin you have always wanted to be, getting the first attack on your enemy can be the key factor in warfare to see what side will win and invisibility can get you that. This advantage is something that can help you in all situations, however the negative about the potion is your items, your items will not go invisible meaning you have to be holding nothing and be wearing nothing, this might be a big drawback however with the right weapon in hand it cancels that out. Having a weapon in the hot bar right next to an empty slot and quickly switching between while striking your enemy down will slowly break them down while they can’t do anything about it rendering them useless. Tactically use this potion and it can easily become one of if not the best potions in the game.

2nd – Potion of Regeneration

2nd place is the Potion of Regeneration. This potion is OP(‘Over powered’ most nerds will know this)endurance level to the max as you won’t be dying anytime soon as your hearts will be coming back in floods for 45 seconds with the base level potion. Simply put it you become a walking tank now all you have to do is do the damage yourself. Great for PvP, boss fights and all types of scenarios in the game only downside is the base form only last 45 seconds so pop it when you need to.

1st – Potion of Strength

Now in my opinion the best potion in the game. 1st place is the Potion of Strength. The strongest potion what else could it have been other than the potion of strength, it’s even in the name. The potion is fantastic against any enemy making you do unbelievable amounts of damage that can chunk through health regen potions, one swing can nearly instant kill an invisible enemy if you catch them off guard, and speed potions become useless unless they run away, making the strength potion outstanding and it last for 3 minutes while taking 1.5 extra hearts away from your enemy with every swing.

All Minecraft potions and their effects

Here are all the up to date Minecraft potions and their effects in October 2021:

    • Awkward Potion: Effect potions
    • Mundane Potion: None
    • Thick Potion: None

Very important to add Effect potions like the three above don’t do anything because you use these potions to make better potions, these potions are only really used in the procedure of making an effect potion.

    • Potion of Healing = Instant heals 4 hearts if base form heals 8 hearts if made as an enhanced potion
    • Potion of Fire Resistance: 4 minutes of total fire and lava resistance, enhanced version gives you 8 minutes
    • Potion of Regeneration: 45 seconds of constant healing for every 2.5 seconds you gain 1 heart of health this can be extended to 1.30 minutes or be enhanced and heal a heart every 1.2 seconds for 22 seconds.
    • Potion of Strength: 3 minutes of strength that makes you do 1.5 extra hearts of damage and can be extended to 8 minutes or be enhanced to doing 3 extra hearts of damage for only 1.30 minutes.
    • Potion of Swiftness: 3 minutes of 20% speed and jump distance, can be extended to 8 and enhanced to do 40% speed and jump distance.
    • Potion of Night Vision: 3 minutes of night vision extended to 8 minutes.
    • Potion of Invisibility: 3 minutes of invisibility or extended to 8 minutes.
    • Potion of Water Breathing: 3 minutes of water breathing or extended to 8 minutes.
    • Potion of Leaping: 3 minutes of jump boost or extended to 8 minutes. Gives you 1/2 extra block jumping height, can also be enhanced to 1 1/4 block jump height for 1.30 minutes.
    • Tablet/Phone = Potion of Slow Falling: Slow falling for 1.30 can be extended to 4 minutes.

The next few will have negative effects on enemies or yourself depending if it’s a splash potion or a drinking potion, drinking potion harms the user and splash can harm the user or enemy depends where splashed.

  • Potion of Poison: 45 seconds of poison and can be extended to 1.30 minutes, does damage of 1 heart every 1.25 seconds also can be enhanced to 1 heart every 0.4 seconds.
  • Potion of Weakness: Attacks to 2 hearts less damage for 1.30 but can be enhanced to 4 minutes
  • Potion of Harming: Instant damage of 3 hearts and can be enhanced to do 6 hearts of instant damage.
  • Potion of Slowness: This makes the player slower by 15% for 1.30 or can be extended to last for 4 minutes. Can also be enhanced to take away 40% of the user’s speed.
  • Potion of the Turtle Master: Slows the player to 60% speed and increase the player’s defence to 160% lasting for 20 seconds and can be extended to 40 seconds.Can be increased to 40% speed and 190% defence against damage lasting 20 seconds.

How to make a strength potion?

Making a Minecraft Strength potion is simple, you will need a brewing stand which can be made with 3 cobblestones that can be found underground or sometimes on the surface, this can be mined with any pickaxe. You will need a Blaze Rod, blaze rods can be found in the Nether. You will want to find a blaze and kill it and hope for a Blaze Rod to drop. Making the Brewing stand will be 3 cobblestone blocks spread out on the bottom 3 crafting table slots and in the centre the blaze rod and you will have your Brewing stand.

To make the potion you will need blaze powder and an awkward potion. Blaze rods can be put into a crafting table and turned into blaze powder, you will want to put the blaze powder in the top spot of the brewing stand slots and the awkward potions in the bottom slots. The awkward potion can be made with nether warts in a brewing stand with a water bottle. Water bottles can be easily made with 3 pieces of sand turned into glass from the use of a furnace then make a v shape in the crafting table. go to any water source and collect water with the collection key. then put all bottles in the bottom section of your brewing stand while nether water is in the top, you should now obtain awkward potions when the process is done.
Now put your awkward potion in the bottom of the brewing stand and the blaze powder at the top and you will have the basic 3-minute strength potion. This can be upgraded using the potion you have just made and putting it at the bottom of the brewing stand again with Redstone to extend the duration at the top of the stand slots or glowstone to enhance its abilities but reducing time.

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