Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech-MX-518-Gaming-Mouse-1The Logitech Laser Mouse, the MX series of top gaming mice has long been the mainstay of the “Serious Gamer“. The “MX” badge being worn by only the best in the range. No disappointment with the new model, the Logitech MX518, Gaming grade mouse. With its “Smooth Feel” and Ultra-high 1600 Dpi Resolution, it is one of the champions of the gaming field.


Our Review of the MX518

Coupled with the “Award Winning” MX Performance Optical Engine, the Logitech MX518 mouse provides the capability to assist in increasing the “Frag Count”. It is precise and responsive, with “In-Game” adjustable sensitivity. The MX518 mouse has a 5.8 Megapixel resolution and 15g acceleration sensing, both were tested against a variety of the latest games.

The team spent well over 100 hours testing this mouse, and in particular, we found that on Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, the team actually felt the mouse really did assist them on the long sniper shots. The Sculpted, “Comfort Grip”, shape has the perfect combination of form and function. “Super Click” gaming at its best. Even after several hours of constant use, no team member complained of wrist strain, an important factor, which, when coupled with the keen pricing and 1600Dpi resolution makes this, our number 1 choice.

The positioning of the buttons on this, one of Logitech’s top gaming mice, has been designed with the advanced gamer in mind. A choice of 8, fully customizable buttons gives an instant, one-click changes to dpi from 400 to as high as 6400. In addition, all eight buttons are fully programmable, to provide added control and efficiency. The Logitech MX518 mouse’s in-game sensitivity switching lets you easily control cursor speed and responsiveness without ever having to interrupt your game.

Our team was so impressed with the performance of this particular model of Logitech laser mouse that we now use it as the benchmark others are tested against.

After spending any significant time with this mouse, users find it hard to surf the net with any other mouse.


MX518To sum up, Value is the key with this Logitech laser mouse, at such a low price point, with som many features and such an excellent even feel that if you’re going to play at the highest level and you do not want to break the bank on a Cyborg, then you need a Logitech laser mouse, one that gives you the edge. The Logitech MX518 mouse, Gaming Grade Mouse does exactly that.


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