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Fixing The Missing Follower Glitch In Skyrim

Skyrim is a fantastic game, but with fantastic games often come fantastic glitches and bugs, and the missing follower glitch is no exception.

The missing follower glitch is when your follower is nowhere to be seen, yet hasn’t actually died, so you’re left puzzled on what to do next. As you are unable to get a replacement, you endlessly backtrack trying to find them but alas, no trace.

It dawns on you that you may have to restart your game, but don’t be so hasty, here are a few tricks for fixing the missing follower glitch in Skyrim on Xbox, PC, and PS3.

There are a whole host of different suggestions and fixes online so I’ve brought them together through a bit of research so you can try them all, here goes:

Fix 1: Go to jail, yes seriously, commit a crime and go to jail, for some reason this works. Amass yourself a bounty and surrender so that you get to go to jail (the first time I guess you’d ever be happy about that) and the game will then reward you with your follower at that moment greeting you in the cell.

Fix 2: Fast traveling can occasionally fix this, or so I have read online, although it didn’t work for me. When you fast travel, the game glitches out and just thinks that the follower will catch up to you.

Fix 3: Use a quest that actually replaces your follower such as the Proving Honour quest. Farkas will replace your follower.

Fix 4: Sometimes your follower gets tired of waiting for you and will return to their home, but it’s dependent on the follower and this doesn’t always happen. If this is the case though you can pick them up there.

Fix 5: Apparently, and I can’t confirm that it works, but in certain situations what you can do is get married. Your follower should show up at your wedding, but this is unconfirmed.

Now unfortunately these methods don’t always fix the glitch and it isn’t much else I can find, so if you do have any experience in fixing this issue please share in the comments below so that other people can benefit from the fix and no one has to reset their game and lose days/weeks of their lives.

Top 10 Minecraft Mods – Version 1.12

Minecraft is overall, an extremely free and unrestrictive game. Minecraft allows players to create anything they choose to. Overtime Minecraft mods have been created in order to enhance the player experience. Whether it’s adding more mobs, or making the game look, or feel smoother, Minecraft modding offers endless possibilities to the Minecraft realms.


One of the most popular and most used mods of all time, Optifine allows players to enhance their playing experience. This allows high definition textures to be implemented into the game. As well as creating a smoother playing field when it comes to lower-end computers. This overall makes the game more enjoyable for both, maximized PCs and lower-end PCs. Optifine can increase the visual threshold by having unlimited texture sizes. Optifine for lower-end PCs can also increase FPS sometimes double or even triple. Optifine also is compatible and works with Shaders Mod. Having both Shaders Mod and Optifine will create the best aesthetics for the game possible.

Not Enough Items

Another legendary mod, Not Enough Items provides an easier way of experiencing the game. The Not Enough Items mod allows players to look up the crafting recipe for any item in the game. This helps new players get accustomed to the crafting mechanic. Making it easier for newer players to learn the recipes for basic items. Furthermore, the interface allows players to take any item from the list when in creative mode even if it’s a mod item or vanilla.


In the survival mode of Microsoft’s Minecraft, created by Markus “Notch” Persson, the player has to find resources to survive and thrive. Most of these resources, however, are located underground and are difficult to find. Some of these resources include diamond, emerald, and sometimes even basic necessities such as coal and iron. Some players also might want to avoid falling into lava and losing their entire inventory which causes them to restart from the beginning. With the X-Ray mod, all the player has to do is mine to the ore they desire. The mod makes all dirt and stone blocks invisible, leaving only ores, lava, and water to be seen. This mod is good for single-player, some multiplayer servers consider this mod cheating, and owners will ban you from using it. This mod is good for hardcore mode when the player does not want to turn on cheats. Not having to spend time looking for valuable ores greatly increases the time a player is able to survive and complete the game.

Advanced Hook Launchers

A slightly less popular addition, the Advanced Hook Launchers mod more than makes up for it by the sheer depth and fun it adds to the game as a whole. The mod only adds three items, yet they add so much creative potential to the game. As the name suggests, the three items added to Minecraft are hook launchers: the webhook, the spear hook, and the pudge hook. With these three items, players can now fly through the skies and jump from cliff to cliff. They can climb steep mountains in seconds. They can even stick mobs to the ground, all with one click of a button. To top it all off, each hook is deviously intricate. The prospect that it is easy to learn but hard to master makes the mod infinitely more fun and addicting for players.

SlashBlade Mod

The SlashBlade Mod introduces new weapon types to Minecraft. More specifically the Katana. This livens up the Minecraft scene by introducing a new and different weapon that is unlike the others in Minecraft. The Katana is able to do area of effect damage which can be useful when defeating hordes of enemies or even slaying your own domesticated animals. Who wouldn’t want to wield a large Katana slaying monsters like a samurai? The SlashBlade Mod is the way to go if you’re into Katanas and bored of the old Minecraft combat mechanics.

Biomes o’ Plenty Mod

The Biomes o’ Plenty Mod adds just what the name implies. It adds new innovative biomes to Minecraft. New terrain, textures, areas, and more. Biomes such as the Bamboo Forest, add a new scenic route into the deep forest of tall bamboo trees. Other biomes that are less lively would be the Dead Swamp biome. Those looking for a more dreary scenery to build their house on would look for this biome. Filled to the brim with dead trees and dark grass, this definitely creates a dark setting. Not only does the Biomes o’ Plenty mod add terrain above the ground but under as well. The Coral Reef biome adds coral to the bottom of the sea, combined with aquatic life and other mods that add marine life, makes this biome a popular choice for many. Players are able to express their world however they feel with these new biomes. Some may choose to live high in the Alps, or face a more scenic grassland, or even live in an underwater home along with the fish life. This mod adds an endless amount of possibilities.

MagicBooks Mod

As the name implies, the mod adds magic and magic books to the game. There are four new ores implemented into the game: water, earth, fire, and air. When you mine the ore, you can create a magic book of the corresponding element. The books allow you to cast magic based on the type of magic it is, adding a whole new dimension to the game. As you use the spells more often, you gain skill points that you can invest in unlocking new skills. This adds a whole RPG element to the game. While simply adding four new ores to the mix, the MagicBooks mod adds a surprising amount of depth and quality to the original game through effective and satisfying magic spells.

MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod

This mod adds one valuable aspect which Minecraft has lacked for quite some time: furniture. Between both indoor and outdoor objects, the mod includes over 100 different items to modernize your home. While most of these items are decorative, such as plates to hold food or televisions to watch colors, there are more than enough appliances that serve quite useful functions. For example, the dishwasher repairs tools and armor with water and saves precious resources that could have been spent repairing them normally. The toaster and grill, on the other hand, serve as multiple other ways to cook food. Overall, the MrCrayFish’s Furniture mod is a great mix of functionality and decoration and is a great addition to any adventure you plan on going on.

Immersive Engineering

Minecraft is a survival game at its heart. But the crafting of items and endless slaughter of animals, especially the lighting of wooden houses with torches just don’t cut it. If you wanted to step out of the blocky vanilla Minecraft and immerse yourself into a realistic survival Immersive Engineering does just that. Engineering adds new technologies to create power generation. Windmills, water wheels, etc all of the basic power generators are available in this mod pack. Creating an efficient mining operation machine is also possible with Immersive Engineering. With many different blocks, items, you can build your Minecraft world into the modern era of industrialization.

Timber Mod

Another old mod but still good. The Timber Mod makes it easier for trees to be chopped down. Players are able to craft the Timber ax, this ax differentiates itself due to its innate ability to chop down trees in a single strike. This makes it extremely easy for players to gather wood. Whether it’s for building, or for other crafting materials, the Timber mod takes away the painstaking task of endlessly chopping down trees.


To conclude, Minecraft is essentially a great example of a blank slate type of game. While the base game is satisfactory for certain players, those who are not satisfied can mold and shape certain aspects of the game to fit their own specific needs. The modding community of Minecraft is very active and diverse. If you want a mod for anything, from parkour and even auto-walking, there is probably a mod for it. Although the main focus of the game appeared to change with the transition of management from Mojang to Microsoft, the modding community has remained strong and shows no signs of slowing down. Give the community a little more time, and many more revolutionary Minecraft mods will be optimized and brought to light. All in all, the modding aspect of the game is very much alive, and still going strong.

Why Are My Friends So Quiet On Discord?

We gamers hate having problems with Wi-Fi, in-game issues, and most of all, chat issues. Nobody likes it when you want to play some games with your friends after a long day working. You hit a brick wall as you can’t hear them for some unknown reason; this interferes with your gaming experience, but it doesn’t allow you to have quality time with your friends on Discord or maybe even family members you want to talk to on Discord. Discord should be an app where you can chat with your friends, family, co-workers, and more without any problems; however, this isn’t a perfect world, and you will most likely run into these kinds of difficulties sometime soon. So why not learn how to fix them in case they happen to you in the future.

Sometimes these problems might first seem complicated; however, they could have the simplest of solutions with the right amount of knowledge. By reading what we have to say about Discord Volume levels, you might learn a thing or be able to pass it onto others and stop this miserable experience of trying to fix things. 

We are here to try and show you some solutions to your problems as we believe nobody should have to suffer from these problems on Discord. 

What is Discord

Discord is a free voice application that is available for desktop and mobile devices. Mainly target a gaming audience; however, it can be used to link up with anybody. This means you can talk to friends, co-workers, bosses, and more. Discord has an easy-to-understand interface with group chats available for all and one on one calls as well; Discord is similar to its other counterparts like Skype or Team speak 3. 

Once you have become a Discord member, you can create your servers. You can invite people to join your servers through links; since you own the server, you have complete control of the server. Now you have made your server; this means you can make your own chats within the server, give specific authority to people in the server and make your own rules.

Why is my mic so quiet on Discord 

When searching for why you cannot hear your friend’s microphone on discord, you might stumble upon the possibility that the problem is more to do with them rather than you. Now, this could be because of their volume settings and how they have chosen to configure their microphone. 

People often don’t know how to change their audio settings and plug their microphones in and hope for the best, which doesn’t always work. It is good to make sure everything is in the correct settings; to check this; you will have to open up the Discord application on your pc or mobile device. Once you have done this, you will want to look down in the app’s bottom left corner.  Here you will find three different symbols next to your name on discord. The symbols will resemble a microphone, headphones, and finally, a COG. You will want to click on the COG symbol, which should be the last one out of the three to pick from. Now that you are on the settings page of discord, this is where you will start to change some of the settings. 

On the left of the settings page, a navbar should appear; this navbar will have a list of things you can click on and change; we are looking through that list to try and find the title “Voice and Video.” to make things easier, it should be under the unclickable title named “App settings.”

Now that you have managed to find your way to Voice and Video settings, we will now go through what settings you should have. Your input device at the top of the page should be your microphone or headset, and you can also use laptop or phone speakers.  You will want to click the down arrow on input devices and make sure it is your microphone that is connected and not some other device or default.  Now that you have your microphone connected to the input device, you can change the volume output with the volume meter below the input device selection. This will adjust your voice volume for other people meaning it will show you how loud or quiet you are, and It is good to check how loud you are by using the mic test that discord has provided below the input volume.

Another problem could be that your input mode and input sensitivity are in a setting that doesn’t allow you to talk or be as loud as you want to be. Once again, you will want to go to settings and find voice and video settings.  You will want to go below the mic test on voice and video settings and make sure you’re in the correct input mode. The two input modes provided are Voice activity and Push to talk. Voice activity allows your voice to be reached by others by you simple talking; however, push to talk means you will have to push a button and then talk while holding that button down; if you want push to talk, you can assign a specific key on your keyboard at any time by clicking on the push to talk option.

Input sensitivity will determine how sensitive your microphone is.  You will want to find an excellent fresh hold where the microphone won’t hear you breathing down the mic and not hear you talk casually. To test this out below the input mode, you will find Input sensitivity; the input sensitivity bar can be adjusted, and while you’re adjusting it, you should speak into the mic. You speak into the mic because another dark bar will go over the top of it and constantly be moving on the bar. When not talking, this bar shouldn’t go past the meter threshold you have set; however, it should go past it whenever you talk. You must get this right as people won’t be able to hear you if it’s not changed, or people might be able to hear you too much, so much where they can hear your breath and nobody wants a hurricane down the headphones or speaker when talking to you. 

Why are my Headphones so quiet? 

A few questions could be going through your head when you wonder why your friends are quiet on discord. It could be an elementary mistake on your end where they aren’t the ones being quiet, and it could be your headset volume levels that make you think they are quiet. This is all possible, so why not check it out.

Just like what we talked about for why your microphone is so quiet, you will want to head over to the same place in the settings. If you didn’t read why your microphone is so quiet, we will go through it again to tell you where to go. So, if you have already read why your microphone is quiet, you can skip this next paragraph as you already know what to do.  

You will have to open up the Discord application on your pc or mobile device. Once you have done this, you will want to look down in the app’s bottom left corner.  Here you will find three different symbols next to your name on discord. The symbols will resemble a microphone, headphones, and finally, a COG. You will want to click on the COG symbol the same way you did to find your microphone settings, which should be the last one out of the three to pick from. Now that you are on the settings page of discord, this is where you will start to change some of the settings. On the left of the settings page, a navbar should appear; this navbar will have a list of things you can click on and change; we are looking through that list to try and find the title “Voice and Video.” to make things easier, it should be under the unclickable title named “App settings.”

Now that you’re on voice and video settings, you will want to find Output Device at the very top of the page. You will want the correct speakers to be on; if you’re using a headset, you will want the same input device and output device; this means you can hear people talk and talk to them. However, if you decide to use a separate speaker for your microphone, they will be named different things. Below the output device, you will find the speaker volume level; this can be adjusted and tested with the mic test. 

If this doesn’t work because the game sound might be too loud, it can also be adjusted in discord settings on the voice and video settings. Just scroll down, and you will find an attenuation bar. This bar will allow you to lower the volume of other applications when someone is speaking, and you can adjust this to however you see fit. You can turn on the options below it to affect when you speak and when others speak. 

How to turn up the microphone on Discord  

We might have touched upon this topic earlier when finding out why your microphone is quiet section; however, we will go through it again if this is all you’re looking for. To turn up your microphone, you might have multiple options, but you will only have one on discord. You can change your microphone settings and speaker settings in your actual settings on your device, not just the applications; however, you will have to go to the settings and find “Voice and Video” on discord. Once you’re on “Voice and Video” at the top left underneath “Input Devices,” you will find “Input Volume,” and here you will be able to change your mic volume and adjust it to however you see fit. This can all be tested on the mic test below the “Input volume.”  

How to turn friends up on Discord

We might have touched upon this topic earlier when finding out why your Headphones are quiet section; however, we will go through it again if this is all you’re looking for. To turn up your headphones or speakers, you will have multiple options on your device, but you will only have one on discord. You can change your microphone settings and speaker settings in your actual settings on your device, not just the applications; however, you will have to go to the settings and find “Voice and Video” on discord. Once you’re on “Voice and Video” at the top right underneath “Output devices,” you will find “Output Volume,” and here you will be able to change your mic volume and adjust it to however you see fit. This can all be tested on the mic test below the “Input Volume” that can be found on the left-hand side next to “Output Volume.”


What Universal Remote For Firestick Should You Choose?

Chances are you’re looking for a replacement remote for your Firestick (Fire TV) and it might have crossed your mind, can I get a remote that will work with my Firestick? As an owner of a Firestick, smart TV, Xbox One, and a TV box, I understand the frustration of having several remotes to switch between dependant on the device you want to control, it’s a nightmare.

There’s a solution, and relatively speaking, it’s inexpensive.

A Universal remote.

But hold on, do they work with a Firestick? That’s what we’re here to help with. We’ve written this complete guide so you can be on your way to a single remote paradise. Easily navigate through the article using the table of contents below:

Can you get a Universal Remote to work with your Firestick?

It would be a very short post if we said you couldn’t, so yes, you can get a Universal Remote to work with the Amazon Firestick. Hold your horses though, you can’t just pick up any universal remote and your off to the races, you need to get a universal remote that specifically works with the Firestick.

Why I hear you ask? Often the remotes need an extra connection, or hub, in order to connect to the Firestick itself.

If you’ve done a bit of research around the web, you’ll see that most people recommend the Logitech Harmony Elite, which will definitely do the job but we’re not going to highlight it in our list. Why? It’ll set you back over $400, and realistically, who is paying that for a remote?

Instead, we’ve got some better, cheaper options for you, so keep reading!

Can I get a remote that works with my TV & Firestick?

Absolutely, and that’s the best part of it!

You can go with a Firestick remote replacement which will set you back a lot less, and if that is what you’re looking for then our recommendation for that would be the CV98LM.

However, if you’re looking for an all-encompassing solution for that single remote paradise you’re striving for, then yes all of the Universal Remotes that we have highlighted that work with your Firestick will also work with your TV itself, amongst other applications and devices.

What else can Universal Remotes work with?

Some of our best universal remotes for the Firestick recommendations that we are going to touch on later will not only work with your TV, but a lot of them have multiple functions and will work with the likes of:

  • Fire TV
  • Fire Cube
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox One
  • Mi Box
  • Smart TVs

These are just a few of the examples, however before buying any product you should try and match up the devices you have with the compatibility, as although a lot of these remotes claim an “all in one solution” that isn’t always the case and it will only support a handful of devices or brands, so always check!

Our best Universal Remote for your Firestick choice

We’ve spent a long time researching these remotes, looking at various guides around the web, trying to find the best possible products and reading each of the reviews to find their flaws and selling points. We’ve selected a few different options to fit preference and budget, but we have one particular choice that we think stands out against the rest and is in our opinion, hands down, the best universal remote for your Firestick.

SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote with OLED Display

All our research has lead us to the recently updated, SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote. Before we go into all of it’s features, we’ve picked out this remote because it is reasonably priced compared to some of the competition, currently below $50, it’s clean and just a single remote unlike some of the other options & the brand are well known and trusted in the remote space, with several great products.

Now for the U1 itself, if you buy it, what can you expect? It’s a unique remote which can support hundreds of thousands of devices across thousands of different brands. It’s compatible with both Bluetooth and IR – however, it is worth noting that it isn’t supported via WiFi. They brand this remote by saying it can replace 15 other remotes and it’s a true all in one solution (which is kind of true).

This remote works by setting it up through your smartphone using the SofaBaton app – you don’t have to do any complex pairing or have lots of additional attachments. The U1 allows you to control your whole home with just a single remote and it’s compatible with a variety of different devices like your Smart TV, projector and many more. The set up is relatively simple, here’s what you do:

  1. Download the app
  2. Press two buttons on the remote to pair
  3. The remote then sends the IR code to your devices
  4. Choose the device to add to the remote


The remote itself features on OLED screen which is easy to see and bright in all lights, it’s activated by motion to prolong battery life and it’s straightforward and easy to use. There’s a wheel in the middle of the device that allows you to scroll through each of the options presented on the LCD screen and select the device you wish to control.

As an additional feature, this remote also has a macro button for commands. This means that you can program it to do a series of actions, such as turn your TV on and wait however many seconds you dictate to turn on your set-top box, followed by your Xbox, all in a single button click, pretty neat right?

Main Features

  • Compatible with thousands of devices, including your Firestick
  • Easy to set up through a smartphone app
  • OLED screen to easily switch between devices you wish to control
  • Macro button for programming several actions to a single click
  • Currently priced below $50!


Which Universal Remotes work with an Amazon Firestick?

We’ve made it pretty clear that the SofaBaton U1 is our favorite choice for a Firestick replacement remote, but we understand it might not be everyone’s taste, no worries, you haven’t hurt our feelings… MUCH.

In actual fact, in our quest to find the best universal remote for Fire TV we came across a lot of good solutions that fit a variety of different budgets and preferences, so not to worry, here are a few more great options you can choose from!

Sideclick Remotes SC2-FT16K Universal Remote Attachment

I know what you’re thinking, awesome name right? We thought so too, but it’s not the reason that it’s made our list, it’s actually a pretty awesome device.

Straight away in looking at this device, you might notice exactly what it is, essentially it’s a remote that clips to your Amazon Firestick remote – slightly different approach than the rest. It does require you to have a remote in the first place or buy one, as it’s not provided.

It’s a pretty simple device which attaches to your Firestick remote that makes it compatible with IR which allows you to control the basic control of your Soundbar, TV, Blu-Ray player and more. It adds 8 buttons, the basic ones that you’ll use in everyday TV usage like changing the channel and volume to create an all in one remote experience.

Another cool feature of this device is that if you decide on using other streaming platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast or NVIDIA Shield to name a few, you can attach the Sideclick to those with alternate adapter clips.

Main Features

  • Very simple to use, just clip to your existing Firestick remote & go
  • Add 8 buttons to your Firestick remote that can be used for basic control of other devices like your TV
  • Uses IR learning technology, so easy to program with other devices
  • Budget buy option, currently under $25
  • Change to alternate clips to attach to other streaming platform remotes


Inteset INT422-3 Universal Remote with IReTV and Custom OTG Y Cable for F-TV Streamers

As you will see, again this is a slightly different looking option with more things to connect to your Firestick. The set up on this one is a little bit more advanced, so if that isn’t for you, then probably skip this one!

This remote is a good option for a truly Universal Remote though. It’s pre-programmed to work with Apple TV, Xbox One, Media Centre and Roku devices but not Fire TV straight out the box, although with a bit of work you can do it.

It’s an IR remote that offers a 4-in-1 combination and is designed specifically to work with the Fire TV stick, cube & pendant. It’s a high quality remote that has a velvet coating and custom buttons as well as backlighting. It easily finds devices in your house to connect to, but it can also use intuitive learning if it’s unable to find one.

In order to control your Fire TV you need to plug the IReTV receiver into the Y cable that they provide then you need to enter the device code – which is 02049 and all should work well! The device then maps the different options that you set up to specific buttons, which is why it comes with adhesive labels so you can know exactly what button allows you to control what device.

Main Features

  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • A complete Universal Remote option for the Firestick, but requires a bit more set up
  • Pre-programmed to work with Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku & more straight out the box, but you can change on of these for the Fire TV
  • Macro programming to do a string of commands with a single button click
  • High quality feel and design – comes with backlighting!


SofaBaton F2 Universal Remote Attachment for Amazon Fire TV

This is another product by SofaBaton, which you might recognize from earlier in the list. In order to take advantage of this product you need to already have an Alexa Fire Stick remote.

It allows you to integrate the remote itself into a universal remote in which you can program the buttons to access different devices including your Soundbar, TV & Blu-Ray for example, it uses IR technology to do this.

The attachment itself adds the buttons to adequately make your current Fire Tv remote work for other devices like your TV, with 11 personalized buttons which allow you to do the basics such as turning on and off, volume control, mute, and three buttons that you can program yourself, A, B & C.

It’s a simple, easy to use and straight forward solution for your current Firestick remote and it’s really easy to set up and use, all you have to do is:

  1. Place the batteries in the remote and attach your Firestick remote
  2. Press and hold both the Red On / Off button and the mute for three seconds – release, when the red LED, is on
  3. Now you press the desired button, such as the mute, and on the original remote press the same button for the remote to learn what it is – a green light indicates success
  4. Repeat step 3 to learn all the buttons for the remotes you desire

The product is durable, easy to use, quick to set up and won’t cost you a pretty penny!

Main Features

  • Available for under $25 currently
  • Adds 11 buttons to your current Firestick remote to make it usable as a Universal remote
  • Easy to set up, with just 4 steps
  • Durable design, just clip in your Fire TV remote
  • Can integrate with multiple devices due to IR technology


Minecraft Diamonds: At What Levels Do They Spawn? Where & How To Find Them Quickly?

Just like natural diamonds, Minecraft diamonds are rare and precious resources you will find in the game. Here’s why? They are suitable for making extraordinarily durable and high-tier items like weapons, tools, and armor. Hence, it’s quite natural for enthusiastic players to always be on the hunt for extra diamonds.

Before you get started, you need to know at what level these diamonds spawn and also where and how you will be able to acquire them. You may have to dig a little deeper in order to find these precious gems, but your efforts will be worth it. Without further ado, let’s find out how you can obtain these sparkling resources!

Where Can You Find Minecraft Diamonds?

In the real world, you need to dig up to a depth of around 200 km below the earth’s surface to find natural real diamonds. Similarly, in Minecraft, you need to dig deep in order to find these rare gems. Here, the altitude is the various block layers that lie above the bottom layer.

Diamonds are commonly found between block layers of 5 – 12. When it comes to blocking layers 1 – 16, you will find only diamond ores.

At What Level Do Minecraft Diamond Spawn?

Minecraft consists of different levels that keep increasing as you go down the block. Most players are keener on finding out at which level diamond spawns the most.

To begin with, Diamonds spawn the most below level 16. You will find a huge concentration of these gems from levels 5 – 13. However, note that diamond ores spawn slightly less around level 8 – mainly due to the occurrence of lava leakages.

Methods to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

Finding diamonds can be quite a daunting task. To get a steady supply of these rare resources, you need to use the right tools. Here are some methods you can use to get your hands on this sparkling mineral.

  • Mining all the way:

The best and most reliable way to find Minecraft diamonds is to mine through the layers. Diamond ores are mostly found deep underground and may spawn up to 10 block layers. They are mostly seen between layers 1 – 16, with layer 12 having a greater abundance of these gems. However, it would be best if you were on the lookout for lava flows, which is quite common between layers 4 to 10. Or else you may end up getting burned and lose your treasure.

  • Exploring the caves:

In Minecraft, exploring the caves to find these rare minerals is one of the easiest and effective methods. Diamonds are commonly seen in deep ravines or cave systems. However, watch out for the hostile mobs that lurk around the corner.

The other methods used for finding Minecraft diamonds include:

Strip mining Method, Branch mining, Villager trading, Staircase method, looting chests, and much more.

Wrap Up

While mining for diamonds, you always need to check the nearby blocks to avoid losing your gems or encountering a lava flow. Always make sure to use the right tools while digging for Minecraft diamonds in this game environment. Along with the above tips, you can use your own Minecraft diamond mining techniques to acquire these glittering resources!

How to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves

World of Warcraft, one of the most popular games ever made and has one of the biggest communities of players. When creating a character, you have to pick your class and race, one of these races is the Dark Iron Dwarves however it is locked. You might want to pick the Dark iron Dwarves but first, you might want to know what you’re getting into before going out of your way to obtain them. Dark Iron Dwarves have a dark history in the game as they are under the control of evil forces, it will be your goal to get them onto the side of the allied race. So, you have started playing the game and are intrigued when you heard the name Dark Iron Dwarves but have no idea what they are or how you even obtain them. This can be frustrating and a real pain to get if you don’t know how to get them. Here we will go through some steps on how to get them and we will also teach you a bit about them. We will be going through:

What are Dark Iron Dwarves

An unlockable character the Dark Iron Dwarves can be played by the Alliance allied races. You have to do a series of things before you can unlock the Dark Iron Dwarves as they can’t be picked straight away. World of Warcraft introduced Dark Iron Dwarves in the update called Battle for Azeroth. Dark Iron Dwarves have a dark past of betrayal whilst fighting against the Horde and Alliance whilst they have been under the control of evil forces. Dark Iron Dwarves are well known for their particular magic arts which makes them strong and unpredictable in their own right.

What Achievement do I need to unlock Dark Iron dwarf?

To unlock Dark Iron Dwarves, you must obtain the achievement Ready for War. To complete Ready for War you will need to battle your way through the hard war campaign in Zandalar or you can go to Kul Tiras for both the Horde and Alliance, although they will be different requirements for Alliance and the horde.  Once you have done this quest, you’re one step closer to finishing and obtaining your long-sought-after prize the Dark Iron Dwarves.

Where do I get the Dark Iron Dwarf Quest?

You will have to go to the Dwarven district and from there you will have to make your way up northwest in Stormwind. You will find the embassy, the embassy was made for peaceful relations for the alliance, it allows people to start supporting them. You will now have to start looking for a certain person names Moira Thaurissan; Moira Thaurissan is a member of the embassy and will help you with finding out how to get Dark Iron Dwarves. Moira Thaurissan will assist you in your efforts to bring the Dark Iron Dwarves to your side by recruiting them in this scenario you will be demonstrating why the Dark Iron Dwarves will join the Alliance through the embassy.

How do you Unlock Dark Iron Dwarves?

We have already gone through the steps on how to unlock the Dwarves but here they are in order.

Ready for War 

As we have already gone through you will have to complete and obtain the Ready for War achievement that can be done through the war campaign in Kul Tiras or Zandalar. Once you have done this you can go onto the recruitment process that takes place in the Northwest part of the Dwarven district where you will find Stormwind.

The allied races recruitment process 

Once completed Ready for War from the war campaign on Kul Tiras and Zandalar you will now make your way to the Dwarven District. In the Dwarven District, you will want to find Stormwind in the Northwest. Here you will find the Embassy and the person you will be looking for is Moira Thaurissan. Moira Thaurissan will give you the scenario to help demonstrate why the Dark Iron Dwarves should join the Allied Races.

Final step

Once you have done the recruitment process this will allow you to play the Dark Iron Dwarves. First hand in the quest then log out. Once you have logged out create a new character when logging back in and here you will find when creating your character, the Dark Iron dwarves, select the Dark Iron Dwarves and make a name and class for it. Then you have finally acquired the Dark Iron Dwarf. 

What class can Dark Iron Dwarves be?

When making a character you will have to make a class with it, the Dark Iron Dwarves are no different than the other Races you can pick, so when choosing a class make sure you like the class you’re picking and make sure the Dark Iron Dwarf is good with that class but most importantly you need to make sure that you will enjoy it, this is important because you don’t want to make a Dark Dwarf character that is a death knight to then find out you don’t enjoy death knights.

Dark Iron Dwarves can be many different classes, they are not limited to only a few picks so you can go wild with how you want your Dwarf to be. The classes are:

  • Death Knight 
  • Hunter 
  • Mage
  • Monk 
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior 

What level do Dark Iron Dwarves start at?

The Dark Iron Dwarves have a starting level of Level 20, with every ability unlocked at 20, From here you will want to start levelling efficiently and try to get the Heritage Armor without using a level boost. 

Best class for Dark Iron Dwarves

Dark Iron Dwarves have a mass number of classes they can choose from so it might be hard to choose what is best for the Race, however, we believe the class is most fitting for tank-type warriors or paladins but is also great with rogues. We also think Shamans could be a good pick for the Dwarves as well.

Are Dark Iron Dwarves worth it?

The Dark Iron Dwarf is a very valuable playable character to unlock and is very much worth it, if you like the lore of the game then the Dark Iron Dwarves are perfect for you as they come with a bunch of dark and twisted history in the game that is intriguing and awesome to learn about. Not only are the Dark Iron Dwarves History amazing but they are outstanding, with their Heritage Armor and how they can access nearly every raid or world area in vanilla to warlords this class can do a lot of good rather than wrong.  The ability Fireblood that comes along with the Dwarves is an amazing ability that removes all harmful effects on the user like poison, disease, curses, magic, and more whilst also increasing the primary stats with a 2-minute cooldown. This ability is great for tanks, healers, and more. 

Why Does My Laptop Keep Disconnecting From The Wi-Fi?

Are you having problems with connecting your Laptop to the Wi-Fi? You might have a new Laptop that you are struggling to set up and connect to the Wi-Fi. It can be hard to find the solution to your problems; it can be even harder trying to fix them on your own. Sometimes common issues with WiFi have the simplest solutions.

In this article that you’re about to read we will go through and touch upon solutions to your internet problems with your laptop, hopefully from this guide you can fix your problems and enjoy using the internet. In the future hopefully, you can remember what we have taught you so if problems like these occur again you know what to do to fix them. So why wait and read on! 

Why does my Wi-Fi keep disconnecting? 

The worst problem to have when using modern technology has got to be when your device can’t connect to the WiFi, maybe the device was once connected but now cannot connect. Whatever the reason is the solution is not normally as hard as you may originally think. Some common reasons why your WiFi might disconnect could be.

Insufficient WiFi or Hotspot Strength

Insufficient WiFi or Hotspot strength can cause you to lose signal. Simply being closer to your router can fix a lot of problems as WiFi strength when using wireless all depends on the distance from the router, you’re in. We would recommend getting as close to your router as possible with the device or use an ethane cable that connects directly to the router. You could also use home plugs or WiFi extenders to help boost the WiFi connection. 

The network is being overused 

A lot of people using the WiFi can cause issues with the bandwidth, to fix this you can simply buy a second router, this will allow people to connect to different routers making it easier to connect to the bandwidth as now there is more of it. 


Interferences are always going to appear when dealing with WiFi from physical interferences to technical interferences.

  • Physical interferences can be walls and objects. Walls made from concrete and masonry, the thicker the wall the harder it is for WiFi signals to pass through it. Metal is a big reason why you might struggle to get a WiFi signal as it stops a lot of the signal from passing through it.
  • Technical issues like Bluetooth can make interferences. Wireless devices that use Bluetooth such as headphones, mice, keyboards, and speakers can all interfere with the WiFi signal. Bluetooth uses a 2.4GHz band that jumps on the same frequency as the WiFi therefore this can cause the WiFi to get delays and make traffic problems for it, overall slowing it down.

Your Neighbor

This might sound absolutely ridiculous but it’s true, your kind and loving neighbor could be the one causing you those headaches and pains when you’re trying to connect to the WiFi, however instead of going over and giving them a good lecture here is what they could be doing that affects you.

Your neighbor’s network could be interfering with your network if they are located closely together, this will normally be more of a problem in apartment buildings as they are normally so close together. They could have devices that use the 2.4Ghz Band that your router uses slowing things down for you. The only way to fix this is by moving your router as far away as possible from theirs 


We all think Bluetooth is good and useful, but have you ever thought it was slowing down your WiFi and giving you problems when connecting to the WiFi? Wireless devices that use Bluetooth such as headphones, mice, keyboards, and speakers can all interfere with the WiFi signal. Bluetooth uses a 2.4GHz band that jumps on the same frequency as the WiFi therefore this can cause the WiFi to get delays and make traffic problems for it, overall slowing it down.


Radios, like Bluetooth, they are jumping on your WiFi frequency. You do not want this happening a lot as this causes speeds to drop significantly as your just giving your WiFi more traffic to go through. Radios such as Walkie talkies and baby monitors are the biggest reason why WiFi signals drop-in family homes when it comes to radio. 

Microwave oven 

The Microwave how could that be an enemy you might ask however for WiFi it is. The Microwave uses the same 2.4GHz frequency as Bluetooth, Radio’s and yes WiFi. The Microwave uses 2.4GHz electromagnetic waves that heat your food to make it nice and warm for eating. This mainly affects older devices that have not as good transmit power.

How to stop your Laptop from disconnecting from your Wi-Fi

Network Troubleshoot

Network troubleshooting is made to be as exactly as it sounds. The tool that comes with your Laptop should search for problems you might be having with your network, so you don’t have to try spending hours finding the problem. The troubleshoot is designed to find the problem and give you a solution or tips on how to fix it. The troubleshoot tool is not designed to fix all your network problems however it is still a useful tool to keep by your side when needed.

  1. Access the troubleshoot by hovering over the WiFi Logo or the disconnected WiFi Logo and right-clicking on it. 
  2. 2 options will appear. Choose the option that says Troubleshoot problems.
  3. Now you have started troubleshooting

Uninstall the network card device

This method will mainly be used for laptops that use Windows 8 or 8.1. The Problem for Windows 8 or 8.1 could be due to a corrupt network driver or device however this can be easily fixed by going onto the device manager and uninstalling the network card.

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and open the bottom search bar.
  2. From here type “Device Manager” and open it.
  3. Once open go down the list and find Network Adaptor
  4. Expand Network Adaptor and find Network Card
  5. Right-click on Network card and click uninstall 

Security software

Security software could be getting in the way of you getting on the internet, so it might be a good idea to remove it. A lot of the time 3rd party antivirus tools will get in the way of your windows and could cause some problems. Now some people may not be comfortable with disabling their antivirus however I can assure you it will be fine as you can use another antivirus that won’t make these problems happen. Removing your antivirus might be a better option than simply disabling it, as disabling it doesn’t always do the trick so getting rid of it completely might be for the best.

Once uninstalled completely, it’s recommended to reinstall an updated version as soon as possible to your device so you will stay protected.

Router Channel 

Sometimes changing your router channel could be the best way to fix your problems if your WiFi keeps getting disconnected and this happens frequently, each router can operate on many different channels, and if you have 2 different routers on the same channel it might be best to try change one of them over to another channel as they could be interfering each other.

To change the channel for your router or wireless adaptor you will need to access your router s configuration page, this is where you will have to navigate your way and find the WiFi section here you will have to change the Channel number. To do this it’s helpful to use the router manual provided by your provider. You can also find your manual online if you have forgotten it.

Why does my Wi-Fi keep disconnecting from windows 10? 

So, you have downloaded Windows 10 and the WiFi is playing up on you, don’t worry we might have a solution for you. Solutions can be to Reset the WiFi auto-config Service.

Reset the WiFi auto-config Service

  1. Open your windows search bar then begin to type “Run”
  2. Now you will be faced with another search bar at you will type service. MSc and press enter
  3. Now you will have to go down the list and locate “WLAN AutoConfig” and double click it 
  4. A new tab will pop up and, on that tab, go down to the part that says start-up type
  5. On start-up, type change it to automatic 
  6. Click apply and ok and now save it 
  7. Now it’s time to see if your WiFi is back to normal, by simply checking in the corner if you have a WiFi signal.


How do you fix unstable Wi-Fi?

Nobody wants an unstable Wi-Fi connection. Having an Unstable Wi-Fi connection means you can’t get on with everyday tasks and that becomes a problem when doing important things like business work or schoolwork. An unstable connection can be caused by 

The distance you are from the router

The closer you’re to the router the better connection you will get, it is as simple as that when it comes to a WiFi connection, it can also be the same internet speed or faster if using an ethernet cable that connects the laptop or computer you’re using directly to the router. Bringing your device closer always helps speed things up if using wireless. So, keep this in mind when your wireless is struggling to connect or keeps disconnecting you from the internet it could be because the router is downstairs or just in another room. This will slow down the WiFi connection because the signal must go further than someone close to the router, pass through walls and other objects.

Other devices nearby 

Maybe you have your Laptop on streaming a movie but you also have your Xbox on playing games next to each other and you’re wondering why is my movie freezing or why is my game lagging, the simple answer is because each piece of technology is rather to close to each other or to taxing on the Bandwidth.  Every device that connects to the WiFi Router wirelessly sends data through the air. Everything together is in a battle for the WiFi connection, be it mobile phones, computers, laptops, or gaming devices everything wireless is trying to get some of the bandwidth.

WiFi Settings

Certain settings can interfere with the way the Bandwidth is shared throughout the building. Switching Router channels can help you find the best channel for your WiFi.

Other devices connected to the WiFi

When you have the whole family in, or some friends round, and everyone connects to the WiFi as you can probably guess this will slow down the WiFi by a lot as everyone is on it. A solution to this is simply getting people to come off it. Due to everyone being on the WiFi it puts stress on the Bandwidth and makes less bandwidth available as everyone is taking some.

How To Get Viewers On Twitch

Are you just starting out in the world of Twitch streaming? It can be pretty hard to get going, especially if you’re starting completely from scratch online. The thing is, if you’re starting from nothing, then you need to create your own audience, and that isn’t always an easy thing to do.

In this article, we’re going to touch on some of the common pitfalls that people have when trying to gain a Twitch audience and a large list of tips on exactly how you can grow your audience.

The Common Pitfalls

Now, there will be hundreds of thousands of Twitch streamers out there that just don’t make the cut, and overtime, give up, but why? There are some common reasons that people tend to not achieve the goal of being a full-time Twitch streamer & here they are:

  • The beginning is tough, really tough. It can take months to get regular viewers and when people don’t see results within the first few weeks of streaming, they give up.
  • Choosing a highly saturated game, mix it up, find what you’re good at and what your audience like & then stick with that for as long as you can.
  • Starting streaming, and just thinking that viewers will come – it’s not that easy! You need to generate your own viewers, you can’t just share your screen and go.
  • A lot of streamers give up because they feel their skill level at the game isn’t great – but that’s not a reason to give up, people like watching, well, normal gamers, you don’t have to be a pro.

Tips on How To Be A Sucessful Twitch Streamer

There are several ways that you can be successful on Twitch, but you need to put the effort into doing so, it’s not easy! We’re going to provide a large list of methods to improve your Twitch following below, but don’t just do one and expect it to take off, do as many as you can!

1. Use your existing networks of friends

Popular on Twitter? Perhaps you’ve got a few thousand Facebook friends, or not, but one of your friends might have those large figures and share your video. Don’t underestimate the importance of using your existing friends & family.

Many often overlook it, or maybe embarrassed to share their gaming experiences with their friends, don’t be!

2. Join forums and participate in chats

There are hundreds if not thousands of gaming forums out there, including large ones such as Reddit & questions on Quora. Make profiles on some of the most active ones, be active, and promote your stream, either through your signature if possible or by dropping a link when you are live.

You can leverage the audience of these already built up forums to grow your own audience, but be sure to build up your profile and reputation on the forum a bit as from experience they don’t take too kindly that your first post is just a link to your Twitch and more often than not, it’ll just get deleted.

3. Know other streamers? Collab time!

Are you close with any other streamers? I mean, you don’t even have to be, you can reach out to other streamers to work together on a project which you can do on one of either channel.

The brilliant thing about this is that it’s mutually beneficial for both parties, so there are a lot of Twitch streamers that should want to do this, as long as you are in a similar niche, of course. Why? Because you get to expose yourself to their audience, who may become followers of you and they get to do the same to your audience.

4. Share everything on social & create your own pages

Create your own social pages on all the platforms you can, including the big ones, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, of course. You should try and build up the likes on these pages, and every time you stream you should post a reminder link on your social.

This exposes you to a whole new potential audience, that may not have even heard of Twitch (unlikely, but you get the point).

5. Utilise Youtube

One of the biggest mistakes I see Twitch streamers do is to not utilise Youtube. You’re creating video content, put it on the largest streaming website in the world. It’s a whole different audience that you can use to drive to your Twitch channel, and not only that, you might be able to monetize some of your live streaming via Youtube for an extra revenue stream.

6. Consider a website

Again, you’re creating content already so why not host it elsewhere and have it rank on Google, you’ve heard of them right? This just opens up a further avenue of a potential audience, I also wouldn’t stop there, transcribe some of your videos & write guides on some of the topics you’re covering if possible.

You can track your website visits using Google Analytics & you can also include call to actions on your site to your Twitch profile, you can even get plugins which will show your website visitors when you’re live.

7. Ask other creators for help

Don’t be afraid to ask, reach out to other creators, perhaps ones much more established than you & simply ask for their help. If you’re putting in the effort and they like your content they might sympathize with you and give you a shoutout, or even collab which exposes you to their audience.

8. Analyse your statistics, see what works

There are several tools out there, like SullyGnome for example which will show you audience levels. If you keep track of what you are streaming when then you can track what has lead to the most visits, then naturally you might want to start trying to create more of that type of content to see if it always has that kind of positive effect on your watching levels.

9. Share your videos on forums

You know those forums we told you to join and participate in for tip #2? It’s now time to utilise them. Every time you go live, post something about it on these forums, especially Reddit, that can be a real winner for reactive content that has the potential to drive a large number of visits if you can get a few up votes.

10. Try get featured on other websites

It’s not only a good idea to have your own website, but you also want to get features on others (like this one, hint hint). The more write-ups or interviews you have about yourself across the web the more likely you are to see those visitor numbers rocket up.

You’ll be surprised who might want to feature an interview or comment about you, you might even be able to get in large online news articles – it’s definitely worth reaching out to them to find out if they want to hear your story!

11. Use your Twitch name as your in-game name

It’s in-game advertising. If your name in-game matches your Twitch name then people might search for it, or they might see your name whilst scrolling through streamers and recognise it.

12. Play in tournaments

A lot of gaming tournaments get a large following and may have millions of people watching them, even the early stages. If you get yourself entered, there’s every chance that you could expose yourself to the audience, and if your in-game name matches your Twitch, well you get it!

13. Stream reactively on live events

It depends on your niche, but if there are new game releases, tournaments or events you should stream a commentary or something of that kind on them. People want to watch the news, and hear the opinions of others almost as if you were to actually attend the event.

14. Giveaways, if you can

This only really works if you have a bit of money to throw away. Well, throw away is perhaps the wrong word, because if it’s done wisely it can help you grow your audience significantly. People love a giveaway, and you can post it all over freebie forums to gain a bit more traction as well, then you just have to hope that some of that audience stay.

15. Merch, it’s free advertising!

Ever wondered why all the big YouTubers and Twitch streamers sell merch? Well for one, you can make money on it, but secondly, it has your name of logo all over it and people wear it out on the streets, that’s free advertising right there!


This is a website that you can log in with your Twitch account and essentially they feature smaller streamers. It provides short samples of small Twitch streamers to their large audience, giving you a chance to grow your viewer base.

17. Comment on blogs & related news articles

If you comment your Twitch link on blogs that are related to your topic, then people who are searching and finding that topic might see and follow the link. The more you do it, the larger chance you have.

Relevancy is key with this though, much like the forum stuff, if you just go to an article simply post your link then the likelihood of that staying on the site for a decent amount of time is pretty low. Create a bit of dialogue around it, prove you’ve read the article and maybe mention your streaming something similar etc.

18. Conferences & live events

Networking, this is much like any job, the more like-minded people you talk to the better, ever heard the saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know? This is where you can grow your chances of collabs, getting featured in articles or at the very least getting a few new viewers who might share your channel.

19. Old fashion flyers

Why not get a few prints of your channel with an interesting graphic and go put it on lamposts or in your local Target. It’s relatively low cost, as long as you can do the designs yourself, it just takes a bit of your time.

20. Stick to a consitent schedule

You should stream as much as you can, but try and keep it consistent. Even if your audience is only small, you want people to continue to come back, and if they know that you stream at 8pm on a Wednesday, then you’ve got more of a chance of getting their view for your next stream.

21. Twitch Strike

Twitch Strike is a platform that can help you determine which games to stream, they work out the ratio of broadcasters to viewers for particular games & provide you with an overview of the best games to stream that hour.

22. Try a variety of different content

This ties into the figuring out what works, you need to try a load of different things when you’re first starting out, then you can find out what is bringing you the highest amount of viewers and continue it. What I would say for this, is always make sure it’s something that you enjoy, because there’s no point growing an audience in something you don’t quite like and falling out of love with it, because if you then change niche, it’s quite likely your audience won’t follow.

23. Your stream titles are important

Like really important! Your title needs to capture the attention of any viewer within the first few words. Make sure you test a variety of different titles, try to figure out what works which you can use the Analytics tools we’ve mentioned before.

24. Small budget paid ads

There are a few articles out there that will tell you to advertise on Google Ads display, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to grow your Twitch audience, but in all honesty, all I’ve ever found to work is Facebook. You can get a decent amount of interaction for your money on Facebook and your budget can be stretched far more than Google, for instance, setting just $5 to boost a post should give you a healthy amount of interaction, given the post is a good one of course.

25. Subscribe, follow & interact with other channels

Be active in the Twitch community, subscribe to other broadcasters, interact with their chats and just generally be a member of Twitch. The more you do, and the more you get your name out, the more likely you are to be able to increase your viewership quickly.

Best Burial Gift in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 the game we all love and hate, with its difficult bosses and intriguing world to explore the game comes with difficulties and fun. Playing Dark Souls 3 you will come to realize that Burial Gifts are so helpful when starting and it’s always good to know what you think would help you the most when picking them as they help you get your game started.

If you have played any of the Dark Souls before you will be familiar with a Burial gift as its as well-known as their classic bonfires and hard boss fights, the gifts make the game unique and interesting so why not learn more about them.
These are some of the topics we will cover:

What is Dark Souls 3?

Dark Souls 3 is an action, fighting, strategy role play game that is made in the third person. The Dark soul’s series is well known in the gaming community as one of the hardest games ever created as they are known for their ridiculously hard boss fights and its classic checkpoint system. The fact the game is so hard to beat has made people try beating the game in the weirdest of ways.

In all the Dark Souls games you must choose a class these classes all vary in stats that you can change throughout the game when gaining souls. The classes consist of:

  • Assassin
  • Cleric
  • Deprived
  • Herald
  • Knight
  • Mercenary
  • Pyromancer
  • Sorcerer
  • Warrior
  • Thief

Once a class is chosen you will adventure the lawless wildlands of dark souls where you will take on massive monsters and creatures that are all dangerous in their own ways with different fighting patterns and looks. Dark souls is a medieval-looking game where the player is equipped with weapons that follow the past, the weapons you can find and use in dark souls are Bows, Swords, Shields, throwable Projectiles, Maces, Axes, and more medieval-like weapons. When starting in Dark souls 3 you will be given the decision on what burial gift to have for the rest of the game, so make sure you choose correctly with the choices given to you.

What is a Burial Gift?

In all the Dark Souls games at the start, you will be given the option to choose your very own Burial gift. Only one can be chosen at the start of the game so make sure you choose the one best suited to you, the Burial gift is a bonus for defeating the first boss/ tutorial. If you choose the wrong gift don’t worry as you can find the other gifts later in the game but, to begin with, the gifts can give you a temporary advantage. The player can choose to not have a Burial gift, but we don’t understand why you would do this unless you were trying to challenge yourself.
The only gift you won’t be able to get later in the game is the Young White Branch so keep that in mind when you’re picking your gift.

The Burial Gifts you can choose from

Life ring

The Life Ring is a ring that has a small red jewel in the center of it that raises your Max Hp this is good for beginners that are going to take a few hits on their first run through the game. Very good for classes that start off with a low HP stat or a class that lacks damage. Useful for extra damage because with the life ring it will only boost your HP however with that extra bit of health the more damage you can get off.

Divine Blessing

A flask that is blessed with warm holy water fully recovers and restores your Hp and cures ailments. Good for all players as it can fully heal you, no downside to having it as it comes in handy when in danger. Good for the nervous starting player that wants to be able to heal as much as possible when needed.

Hidden Blessing

The opposite of Divine Blessing. This one fills up your FP bar. Good for magic users and skill-based characters. Not very useful and is most likely seen as one of the worst ones to go for as other items in the game can do this job easily.

Black Firebomb x5

Throwable Bomb that sets things on fire and does damage over time. Useful in a lot of aspects but not that useful when fighting bosses, you also get this gift very early on in the game. Helps with some specific bosses such as the Gundyr, Pus of man. They can also be sold at the trader for Chunks which are useful.

Fire Gem

Material that’s used to upgrade fire weapons, very good for warrior classes and brawlers. A good option to have because they are a hassle to get when you play further on in the game. Makes your weapon stronger making boss fights more bearable.

Sovereignless Soul

Gives you many souls when used to level up stats permanently, you can’t go wrong with this but is it necessary, to begin with? It depends on how you want to play and what player you’re. If you’re a new player and looking for an extra bit of levels early on, then the soul could be a good choice for you. But you can get souls at any time, it might help you for the moment, but you can just farm instead and that won’t take long.

Gold coin x7

Using these coins, you can find items easier as the drop rates increase for a short period, you also get 7 of these. They help when looking for a good new weapon to use. Gold coins aren’t that useful unless searching for a very specific item but if you’re starting you won’t even need this. It helps you find unique items such as Black Knights gear but it’s not that valuable.

Cracked Red Eye Orb x4

For the PvP players out there this item is perfect, lets you go into other people’s worlds and take them on in a one vs one. Only used for online and can only be used once. Apart from PvP, this item is completely useless and most of your time playing won’t be PvP so it’s not worth using. You can also get this item at Firelink and they are a guaranteed drop when you fight and kill the Darkwraiths in Farron.

Young White Branch

Small Branch of a Young white Birch Tree. Can be used to blend you into the environment, good for stealth characters or speed run gamers. The Young White Branch can be used to get through Settlement a lot easier and that is extremely valuable. There’s also no other way to get the Young White Branch. Helps you blend into areas like Irithyll.

What is the Best starting Gift in Dark souls 3?

The best starting Gift is a hard choice as the choices are all good in their ways however if you had to choose it would be either the Life Ring, Fire Gem, or the Young White Branch.

The Life Ring is the best starting Burial gift in Dark Souls 3. When you start in Dark Souls 3 you don’t have a lot of health and that bit extra health would help you in many scenarios you can think of. It doesn’t have a downside to choosing it. For new players this item is priceless. For an older player, this item can be not as valuable and may opt for more damage and choose the Fire Gem that makes your weapon stronger to clear bosses faster, or they could think about the later game and pick the Young White Branch as you can’t get it anywhere else and helps you a lot during Settlement and Irithyll.

Best Burial gift for PvE

As most starting players won’t adventure into PvP and will just stick with PvE for the time being it’s only right to try to find the best Burial Gift for PvE. We believe the best options are the Life Ring, Fire Gem, or the Sovereignless Soul.
We chose the Life Ring because it means when playing for the first time you can get hit more, this is important for a lot of people as they don’t want to die in just one hit. This helps players learn how to dodge and if they get hit, they have that bit of health that can help them out from that ring. Bosses and enemies hit hard in Dark Souls 3. That little bit of health can help you at any time.

The Fire Gem was chosen because the most chosen class is the warrior and fighting types that wield swords, maces, and axes. Making your weapon on fire isn’t just cool it does a lot of damage as well and can always help vs enemies’ flesh.

Lastly, we chose the Sovereignless Soul because it’s always good to raise your stats early to get ahead of the monsters and be able to kill them easier. You can’t go wrong with an early boost on stat levelling.

The other options are still good for PvE don’t think otherwise as they all have their uses, however, the ones we picked are also the harder ones to find as the other choices can be found earlier on in the game.

Best Burial gift for PvP

The only choice you will need for PvP will be the Cracked Red-Eyed Orb as it lets you fight others in the first place. All the others can help you but if you want to fight you need them so it’s a must-have item if you want to fight in PvP. You can get the Cracked Red-Eyed Orb in your world however why wait.
A fire Gem also helps a lot against Players as it does a lot more damage when your weapon is on fire.

Best Burial Gift for each class

Choosing your burial gift for each class is an opinion and a lot of the time the same burial gift will be good for every class, especially burial gifts like the Young White Branch as it helps every class and doesn’t benefit one over the other. We won’t be recommending some gifts much as they are only useful for some classes and can be completely useless for others. For instance, the sorcerer would maybe bring a Divine Blessing, but the other classes won’t need that at all, and it’s kind of useless if they brought it.

We will go through the best Burial gifts for each class from our opinion:

Best Burial for an Assassin

We would go for The Young Branch or Black Firebombs for certain boss clears that this class might struggle against. An assassin needs to be stealthy and quick; the firebombs can create distractions and clear areas quickly, whilst the Young White Branch helps you blend into the area around you making you stealthier, this helps a lot when adventuring through Irithyll.

Best Burial for a Cleric

Divine Blessing would be perfect for this class as you will be most focused on casting spells so you might be getting hit more, the divine blessing will heal you when needed to allow you to get hit a few times more

Best Burial for a Deprived

Anything would help this class, this class is only picked as a joke or to try to make the game harder, anything you pick will make this class better. This class is often used for speedrunners that try to make the game a challenge, you most likely won’t pick this class but the best option would have to be a life ring or a Fire Gem as you will need any damage or an extra bit of health you can get.

Best Burial for a Herald

Since they start with a healing spell, they won’t need something like the divine blessing, but a Young White Branch could come in handy. Since the Herald class is great for sustain and defensive play it will most likely be best if you brought the Fire Gem to give you that extra damage that you might be lacking or double up on health with a life ring.

Best Burial for a Knight

We would go for The Young Branch or Fire gem for that extra fighting power. often very helpful for new players to have a fire gem with a knight as the knight is seen as the best class. Fire Gem allows you to do more damage with an already high damaging class making bosses that little bit easier to fight against.

Best Burial for a Mercenary

The Young Branch or Black Firebombs as the mercenary is pretty good with long-range fighting, we think the bombs will come in handy and make up for its lack of damage. You could maybe even opt for the life ring to give you that little bit of health as the mercenary doesn’t have to most health available.

Best Burial for a Pyromancer

Life ring would be beneficial as the pyromancer has low base health, having the ring will boost the health and make you able to take a few hits. You could also go for the Sovereignless soul to have a quick upgrade in stats as the base stats for the pyro aren’t the best.

Best Burial for a Sorcerer

Life ring would be beneficial as the sorcerer has low base health just like the pyromancer, having the ring will boost the health and make you able to take a few hits. Maybe a Hidden Blessing depending on how much FP you’re thinking you will use in one fight.

Best Burial for a Warrior

We would go for The Young Branch or Fire Gem. Warrior is a similar class to the knight so when fighting they would benefit from similar Burial gifts. Fire Gem gives that extra bit of power behind your blows and just looks cool. Young Branch can help you through difficult areas.

Best Burial for a Thief

We would go for The Young Branch will help sneak around and blend in with the environment. You could also use Black Firebombs to quickly get rid of small enemies in your way to preserve health or to take down bosses quicker and easier.

What is the best overall Burial Gift?

We chose the Young White Branch because during the game it helps you get through difficult stages with ease. Getting through Settlement much easier and that is very valuable and should never be looked down upon as there’s no other way of acquiring it; blending into the environment helps a lot as well so that’s also good to keep in mind when picking it. When blending into the environment it helps with places like Irithyll.

How To Stop a Minecraft Raid

One of the biggest games ever created, one of the most loved games out today that still gets massive attraction from its players and community. The one the only Mojang’s very own Minecraft.

We have all played Minecraft but if you haven’t for some reason you will understand soon enough why people play the survival/creative game and trust me it is addicting. Just because this game is addicting and fun to play doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its challenges. Some challenges will put you against the likes of monsters you have never seen before or maybe even a dragon.

Those who have played the game could encounter such challenges but the one challenge we will be focusing on is the Raid. If you’re getting frustrated and saying to yourself “why can’t I defend myself against this raid” or “why is this raid happening” then you’re in luck as we will show you how to deal with all your raid problems.

What is Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival/creative game made for all types of people no matter what age, race, gender, or sexual preference; Minecraft appeals to everyone. Minecraft is most well-known for its block building feature. The aim for Minecraft’s survival is to build a house, survive the night, and fight your way to beat the ender dragon! If playing in creative mode you can build anything you want with unlimited blocks at your disposal whilst being invincible, this lets your creative side out as Minecraft gives you the building blocks to do anything your imagination can come up with.

Technically Minecraft doesn’t have a finish you can build until your heart’s content, although people that play the game often when starting a world in survival aim to kill the ender dragon as that is the most powerful monster in the game. You don’t have to worry when killing the ender dragon as it won’t end your game or delete the world the only thing that will be gone is the dragon.

What is a Raid

Before you take on a Raid and try to stop one it’s good to find out what one is beforehand. A Raid in Minecraft happens when an in-game event appears, the event is an all-out attack on a village that you’re near or in. Various monsters and illagers will be spawned in to attack the village. This is triggered when the character you are playing or someone else, you’re playing with has the Bad omen status effect attached to them. The event is only triggered when you walk into the village or near it with the effect on you.

How do you stop a Raid?

You can only stop a raid using 2 methods. The first way you can stop the raid is by killing all the enemies that attack the village by facing them head-on in a vicious brawl to the death. The second option and the way you don’t want to do it as you might lose process and your items is by dying, letting the villagers die to the onslaught from the monsters and illagers, or have their beds broken by them.

You can have a unique method of dealing with a raid that abuses the game mechanics by running away and getting to a place where the village is not able to load in your chunks. However, the raid won’t end, it will be paused until you go back there. So, if you have no gear or your gears lacking when fighting a raid maybe this might be the best option so you can come back and fight it with better gear.

When a raid starts a red health bar will appear at the top of your screen with the word “Raid” above it. This means the raid has started. Once you kill a Monster that is either a Pillager, Vindicator, Evoker, Witch, or a Ravager the health bar will go down. When the health bar is down and not red anymore the raid will be over, and the villagers will be cheaper to trade with.

Do Pillagers kill Villagers

Pillagers are just mean, they will attack anyone, and this means even your lovely villagers. They will even go for the Iron golem and who in the right mind would do that. Watch out for pillagers they won’t just attack the precious villagers that you might want to keep for those sweet trade deals on the enchanted books you always wanted, they will also go for the wandering traders if they spot any. So, when you see them on patrol make sure to take them out however be warned you could gain the Bad omen effect if you kill a leader.

How to Trigger a Raid?

First things first you need to find a Pillager Outpost. An outpost is a building that can be found spawned near a village since it’s a natural spawning near a village this means it can spawn in any biome that a village is in.

Once you have gone into the Outpost you will have to kill the pillagers inside, this is where you will come across the leader. The leader has a big illager banner on his head, you will then kill him and obtain the Bad omen effect because of it.

Now that you have the Bad omen effect you can start a raid at any time. To officially start the raid, you will have to find a village then walk into it when you have the Bad omen effect. This will spawn a bunch of monsters and illagers to attack the village and kill the villagers.

What is a Pillager outpost

The Pillager Outpost is a structure that is made mostly from wood, cobblestone. The Outpost can be spotted near villages. They naturally spawn near villages and hold Pillagers inside them, this includes a Pillager leader that can give you the Bad Omen effect.

The outpost looks like a watchtower with a viewing area of the area around the tower that also has a roof protecting it from above. Whilst at the outpost scattered around it you can find, few small tents, targets, logs, and cages. Inside the cages can be Iron golems. At the top of the Outpost, you will find a chest. The chest can obtain certain items such as bottle o’enchanting, tripwire, carrots, hooks, crossbow, dark oak logs, and wheat.

What is a bad omen in Minecraft?

The Bad Omen Effect appears when you kill a Pillager Leader, the Bad omen effect will cause a raid whenever you enter or get to close to a village, spawning multiple enemies to face. The monsters will charge at the person that has the bad omen whilst also attacking the villagers.

You can get different levels of the Bad Omen ranging from 1-7 in roman numerals. The higher the numeral the more waves and harder it will be, so make sure you come equipped with a weapon and some Armor, you will need it.

What does the Illager banner do?

You cannot currently create an illager banner as of 2020 however you can obtain one as they are dropped by the Pillager leader when killed.

The banner will be placeable like any other banner and have no side effects. You will only gain the Bad omen effect when killing the Pillager Leader that’s the only negative you will get from obtaining this item.

Do Pillager Banners attract pillagers

The Pillager or Illager banner will not attract any unwanted attention from mobs or other enemies so don’t be worried a Pillager won’t turn up to greet you at your base because you stole its leader’s banner from him (they don’t seek revenge don’t worry). The only time pillagers will attack you or find you is when they are on patrol or you have walked into a village with the Bad omen effect on.

Can you Tame a Pillager?

Taming a Pillager is a long process so be prepared for the wait. To make a Pillager your friend and a brother in arms you will need to break their crossbow. The crossbow has a durability of 326, so you need the Pillager to shoot 326 times to break his crossbow, do you see what I mean by a long wait now. A good method you can use is to equip 5 shields to your Hot bar and let him attack you whilst your shield is up, maybe you should think about bringing 6 shields in case you get into a bad situation. May as well be safe rather than sorry am I right.

Once the Crossbow is broken find yourself a name tag and change the name of it in an anvil, I would recommend doing this before you start the long process of letting yourself be attacked by the pillager. Once you have your name on the name tag, slap that on your pillager and now you have your pillager. You can take him anywhere using a boat but the leash won’t work on it.