Drone X Pro Review

We have taken a look into all the features, specification and everything you need to know about this quad copter drone.

The Drone X Pro, it’s a drone, or quadcopter, which offers a whole host of different features. Is it all that though? Do the features warranty the price point? How far can it fly? And ultimately is it the best drone that you can get for your buck?

These are all questions that we look to answer in far more detail in this article, providing you with an overview and our honest opinion in our Drone X Pro review.

We’ve looked at this drone in a fair bit of detail so if there’s a particular section you are interested in, you can navigate to it using the below table of contents:

About the Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro AIR RedThe Drone X Pro is a quad-copter drone that allows you to look at the world from above in real-time with its impressive 1080p HD double camera. The cameras on this drone are positioned at the front and the bottom which allows you to see both views in a split-screen aspect in real-time – which you can also record at the same time.

As you are videoing with the drone, you can have it set up so that it transfers directly to your phone’s album. It’s a highly versatile copter with a high dynamic range. It’s also got “thumbs up” photography, meaning that if you put your thumbs up in a gesture to the drone, it’ll take a picture, and to get it to record you just need to face your palm to the camera. It also has the technology to follow you wherever you go, if you wish, neat little tricks!

You get roughly 20 minutes flight time in just a single charge, according to the specification, however, we’ve experienced slightly less. It will take off with just a single click of a button and also has an altitude hold mode to remain stable in the air should that be required.

It also has fairly high ratings in regards to reviews for this device, there’s a lot of feedback and we generally advise that you read through it all to be fully informed about the product, but generally speaking, it’s been well received by customers.

Drone X Pro Specification & Features

That’s enough about the product itself, let’s get down to the specification and features in more detail. The Drone X Pro is absolutely loaded with different features, here’s the breakdown:

  • 1080p 4MP dual camera – one on the front and one on the back, it also offers a wide angle lense to capture more
  • You can use different gestures to take photos and video – all you have to do is put your thumb up to take a photo or palm up to record
  • It has a “follow me” function, meaning you can set it to follow you around
  • Single button take-off and landing
  • 360 degree stunt tumble
  • Real time picture transmission
  • Complete control with your mobile smartphone
  • Headless mode

Is The Drone X Pro Any Good?

The bit you’ve been waiting for, our review of the Drone X Pro (AIR Red Edition) to be specific. Now we personally think the best way of deciding whether this is a good purchase is by doing a pros and cons list for you, so here goes:


  • Two cameras that work simultaneously is a great feature for the price
  • Wide angle lens is perfect for capturing more
  • The gesture features are fantastic, not all drones at this price range have this
  • The follow-me functionality might be really useful if you want to record yourself doing something
  • It’s a really beginner-friendly drone, a great starter one that is easy to control from your phone
  • Real time picture transmission is a big pro


  • 20 minutes flight time is pretty poor in comparison to some of the other drones on the market, most of which can do at least double that, or so they say
  • 1080p recording is not the best – you can often get a few of the cheaper 4k models for around the same price point as this drone
  • We’ll touch on it later – but it doesn’t specify the flight distance!
  • It has a lot of features but misses out on a few that some of the other drones at a similar price have, like 3D mode & adjustable speed modes
  • It doesn’t have GPS and won’t return if the battery is about to die or it goes out of range

Now let’s address the actual question, is it any good? Honestly, as a starter drone, yes it’s a good purchase and you get exactly what you pay for, although it isn’t one of the cheapest drones on the market, it’s at a fairly low price point compared to what you can get. It’s perfect for learning the ropes and will survive a fair few crashes for those pilots that are inexperienced.

Are there better drones on the market? Yes of course, but they will often cost more, or if you go for a similar price point, they will vary in features, such as you can get a 4k model, but it might not have two cameras, as an example.

How Far Can The Drone X Pro Fly?

One of the biggest features of a drone that most people want to know is exactly how far away can it get from you, what distance capability does it have? Because what’s the fun if you can only get a few feet in the air right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t one of the things specified on the product description itself. That being said, in our experience 50m is safe, although it can stray as far as 70-80m if you’re feeling a little bit braver. We personally would not recommend going any further in distance than that, or you might be searching around the block for your Drone.

Is It The Best Drone For The Money?

We touched on this in the section about whether it’s a good drone, and for the price, you pay yes, it’s worth the money. It’s hard to say whether it’s actually the best drone you can buy at the price point, which we know isn’t the answer that you want to hear, but it’s the truth!

What you tend to find if you research drones a lot is that at the price this one is, they compromise on a few features. This drone for instance compromises on GPS, a 4K camera and a better battery so if these features are important to you, then no it probably isn’t the best drone for the money.

That being said, if you’re more interested in features such as a real-time view, image stabilisation, two cameras that offer a wide-angle and overall just ease of use for your first drone, then yes this is probably one of the best drones you’ll find for the price.

Drone X Pro – Alternatives

As we’ve touched on throughout the article, we think the Drone X Pro AIR that we’ve featured here is fantastic, but it does compromise on a few features. We’ve picked out a few other drones you might be interested in if you favor certain features or a different price point.

Here are some of the drones that might be slightly better if you are concerned about some of the Drone X Pro’s weaker features, are on a budget or if money is no object:

Drones W/ 4K Camera
As discussed the 1080p camera on the Drone X Pro is one of the weaker points of this model, and there are drones with 4k cameras at a very similar price point. We’ve picked out a few of the best ones for you & given a brief description:

Drones W/ Good Battery Life
If the 20 minutes battery life advertised by the Drone X Pro is something you’re a little concerned about, then you can still find drones which have a much longer battery life than this model at the same kind of price:

Drones W/ GPS
Concerned that you might have your Drone a bit too far away when it’s battery runs out, only for it to fall out the air? There are drones which are intelligent and offer GPS functionality, so they are aware when they are getting too far away or running out of battery and can return to you, here are a few options:

Budget Drone Options
Is the $139.99 (current) price point a little bit too high for a starter drone? Not to worry, you have a few options which are cheaper and still offer a quality drone:

  • JJRC H68 Drone with 1080P HD Camera: A drone at just above half the price of the Drone X Pro that features a very similar camera and double the battery life. A lesser known brand, but well reviewed by the community, so could offer a great cheap alternative for a starter drone.
  • SIMREX X300C Mini Drone RC Quadcopter Foldable Altitude Hold Headless: If you’re after a drone that is for young kids, then this is the perfect one, at a very low price point this will get you started. It still has some great features, but a lower battery life.
  • Holy Stone HS170 Mini Drone for Kids & Adults: This drone is the cheapest in the list, and it’s great to get started, but it doesn’t feature a camera. That being said at a price point of $27.99 it’s a good cheap buy to hone your pilot skills.

Premium Drone Options
Want to spend a little bit more and get a drone that has all the bells and whistles? There are drones for that too, these drones, for the most part, all have more advanced features than the Drone X Pro, as you would expect for the price:

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