Best pink PC cases for your pink computer RIG in 2021

Best pink PC cases for your new pink computer RIG that will blow 2021 away

In the realm of PC builds, pink-colored products are slowly becoming unisex and gaining momentum. Most streamers switch on to Non-vicious attractive gaming structures in live sessions, consisting of pink pc cases. However, it often goes unnoticed how the hues of pink can shift from being appealing to downright ugly.

To make the complete setup look neat, manufacturers carefully select the shade and the material. After picking a color, one must thoroughly judge the specifications to ensure good airflow, air-based CPU coolers clearance, PSU, liquid cooling fixings space, and cable management space.

In gaming especially, massive frame drops can often be led to when there is inadequate airflow. Any gamer online would need the thermal throttling that comes with consistent and smooth frames per second. Another appreciative spec on a PC case is the comprehensive front panel connectivity.

So that you’re not behind on the trend, we have selected some good pink PC cases. Not only have these manufacturers gained admiration from the gaming videographers and PC community, but also the industry. To evaluate the positive points and the possible drawbacks, we will discuss various PC cases in detail so that you can make a purchase worthy of getting streamed.

Why do you need a pink PC case for your pink computer RIG?

Computer cases mainly contain all the components that are inside the computer. They also allow mounting on the floppy disk drive, optical drive, hard drive, motherboard, etc. In addition, PC cases typically come with a power supply bundled inside them.

Power supplies, computer cases, and motherboards all come in different sizes, known as form factors. To work correctly together, all three must be compatible. Many pink PC cases, especially those smaller in size and made of metal, can contain borderline sharp edges. When you’re working with an open case, always be careful to avoid severe cuts.

You can use computer cases for multiple reasons. The main reason why someone would prefer a pink one is for aesthetics. Other reasons to purchase the best pink PC cases for your pink computer RIG are protection from liquids, toys, animals, dust, etc. Keeping the area cool is another reason why you can use a computer case. The pink cases on our list have unique vents to allow fan air to escape, resulting in cooling down the hardware.

Top 6 picks: The best pink PC cases for your pink computer RIG

Apevia Crusader-F-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case with 1 x Full-Size Tempered Glass Panel, Top USB3.0/USB2.0/Audio Ports, 4 x RGB Fans, Pink Frame

Product Description
If you were looking for one of those PC cases that looked like it was straight out of an animation movie, we’ve landed on the one. Considering the features and the price offered by the chassis, we believe that it’s the most beneficial overall Pink PC case. Made with tempered glass windows and full metal, it signifies a mid-tower chassis.

Large grills with three RGB fans are on the front panel, visible through a tough mesh. A switch on the front panel can control all the RGB lighting. The back has another RGB fan on it. For the PSU, you get a shroud that you can put away with the cabling that the PSU uses.

Users often look into PC cases with a Type C port because of the rise in the use of Type-C USB ports on their smartphones. In addition, fast charging capabilities are now offered by many motherboards.

This fast-charging capability for saving time is primarily often utilized by the rising wireless peripherals. However, it may be a letdown for some users because they do not get an optical 5.25″ drive bay.

This is especially the case if you’re looking to go through some past DVDs sprawling around your house. Unfortunately, increasing the amount of storage is also not possible with this product as you do not get support from the SSD mounting bracket. But fret not because you do get adequate storage from the sufficient capacity available.

So that dust does not enter from the top, the Apevia Crusader-F-PK comes with dust filters with magnetic properties on the case’s roof. This stops dust from penetrating from the top of the PC case even if there are no fans to exhaust the air. In addition, a 240mm or a 360mm water cooling kit can be seated in with the Apevia Crusader-F-PK.

To give you a spotless look, the other side of the chassis has a room where you can put the wires away. Out of sight, out of mind. What more could you ask for? This is one of the best PC chassis in pink that money can buy.


  • It comes with a full front mesh with a high airflow
  • Has tempered glass windows
  • Magnetic top filter
  • 4 RGB fans included
  • 350mm Card length is supported
  • Cons:

  • No thermometer on the front
  • It does not come with rubber grommets

Apevia Matrix-PK Mid Tower Gaming Case with 1 x Tempered Glass Panel, Top USB3.0/USB2.0/Audio Ports, 4 x RGB Fans, Pink Frame

Product Description
If you were looking for one of those PC cases that looked like it was straight out of an animation movie, we’ve landed on the one. Considering the features and the price offered by the chassis, we believe that it’s the most beneficial overall Pink PC case. Made with tempered glass windows and full metal, it signifies a mid-tower chassis.

We already know that Apevia is the front-runner for making top-notch PC cases. This is especially when we’re talking about a PC case in pink that is all about gaining first impressions. The black shade with the detailed, pink color allows the assembled components inside your frame to stand proud.

Apevia Genesis Pro has a ¾ side tempered glass for visibility and the perfect combination of colors. For allowing comfortable connections under the table, the top of the case presents the front panel.

Before purchasing this PC case, you need to consider whether a 360mm radiator is essential for you. Unfortunately, there is neither 360mm radiator support on this model nor does it have rubber grommets. Rubber grommets are used to make cord management unnoticeable and super delicate.

There is also no support for syncing, so it won’t be possible if you’re looking for all the RGB fans to be synced in with the BIOS or motherboard software. But the good thing is that there is independent running of the RGB system, so you need not worry about that. You can also easily control the RGB fans through the front panel.

Even though it is a mid-tower PC case, it has a minimal footprint. It has been divided into two different sections: one is used to store away all the cords, while the other is used for the hardware show off. Apevia Genesis Pro presents offset screws provided through the front glass window.

This lets air enter both sides, so you need not worry about the low flow rate with this top-of-the-line pink PC case for RGB. Hot air can escape faster since you have room on top of the case to fit in two 120mm fans. The heat you often produce from the electricity supply can be tucked away with the Apevia Genesis Pro PSU shroud.


  • The mounting system is easy and quick
  • Two see-through tempered glasses
  • Pre-installed RGB fan comes in a pack of six
  • 6 included fans
  • Card length supported is 350mm
  • Cons:

  • You do not get a 360mm radiator support
  • It does not come with a front fan controller

InWin A1 Plus Pink Mini-ITX Tower with Integrated ARGB Lighting - 650W Gold Power Supply - Qi Wireless Phone Charger - Computer Chassis Case

Product Description
Look into getting the InWin A1 Plus if you want the best version of a premium quality pink PC case. If you’re also a fan of the HTPC and Mini-ITX motherboards, then the InWin A1 Plus is for you. Because of the wireless charging that the InWin A1 Plus incorporates, it comes with an acrylic top.

In this technological age, it is a must-have element because of the handheld devices’ rising use of wireless charging. With the outer ring glowing just the precise amount surrounding the beautiful construction of the RGB fans, the InWin A1 Plus is one model that always looks alive and vicious.

You will appreciate that this PC case is supported with a 320mm length, especially if you are a leading gamer that holds the latest RTX 3000 series GPU. All the most advanced generation fixtures can now be easily tucked away because of how large it is.

It’s also possible to install a Mini-ITX with a CPU cooler with a height of 160mm. However, custom loops are not possible because there isn’t much scope for a liquid reservoir. Instead, you can place a liquid cooling solution with a 120mm radiator on the casings back.

The most solid implementation of a mini-ITX compatible chassis, without a doubt, comes in the form of the InWin A1 Plus case. Using MSI mystic, ASRockPolychrome, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and Asus Aura, the company has made the RGB sync.

The fans are constructed to precision because they have been made from the best quality material. However, sometimes you may need to take off the side panels because the tightly compressed parts can get hot. The company has considered this aspect, allowing the side panels to be taken off with just a press of two buttons.


  • It comes with a top wireless charging station
  • The transparent stand is tinted
  • Two fans come included
  • 320mm card length support
  • HTPC with RGB sync
  • Cons:

  • You only get two 2.5″ drive space
  • There is no space for a liquid reservoir

Apevia PRODIGY-PK Micro-ATX Gaming Case with 1 x Tempered Glass Panel, Top USB3.0/USB2.0/Audio Ports, 3 x RGB Fans, Pink Frame…

Product Description
By now, you’ll know that Apevia loves the honeycomb structure on the front grill. Not only have they sweetly blended it into this micro ATX chassis, but they have also featured it in their series for their predator line.

For the inside-out glow, the Apevia PRODIGY-PK comes with three RGB fans pre-included. To make the fans stand out, they have RGB on the inside structures and the outer rings. In addition, the 120mm RGB fans can push out significant air due to the mesh present on the front.

A lot of surface area is present on the pink painted mesh, allowing the airflow to be kept optimum. For air-based CPU coolers, the chassis is recommended as the clearance on the CPU is not high enough for heat sinks that are high-end to be housed. Across the casing, there is a low-pressure drop.

While the case looks outstanding on tabletops, it does have a few flaws. You might face difficulty hooking up the RGB fans because the connectors on the Apevia PRODIGY-PK model are a bit outdated.

It can be a letdown for first-timers knowing that the stand-off screws are not included in the box. This means that before starting a build, you’ll need to know all the stuff. But, again, this requires feedback and experience if you want to get it done on time.

On the plus side, a micro ATX tower can have difficulty housing a 240 mm radiator. Still, the Apevia PRODIGY-PK does it beautifully and keeps the liquid-based cooling in check. You can play all high-end AAA titles so you can quickly build a gaming machine.

Other features of the Apevia PRODIGY-PK, 13.22-pound case, are an RGB cycling button on the top, a power button, a reset button, HD audio jacks, and two USB 2.0 ports, and a USB 3.0 port.

For a micro-ATX tower case, it’s also quite impressive that it has the ability and space to support two 3.5″ drives and two 2.5″ drives. You probably won’t be able to find a better deal for this price range.

The ATX PSU support and GPU clearance allow a margin to be assembled for a high-performing gaming beast. Most Twitch streams require this. Another reason this is an excellent option for your tabletop is that the footprint of this case is relatively low.


  • It weighs only 13.22 pounds
  • It has a radiator capability of 240 mm
  • For easy transportation, it is designed with a handlebar
  • For high airflow, it has vast drills on the front
  • The high-end graphics card has an excellent GPU clearance
  • It is made with metal tempered glass panels
  • Has ideal dimensions of 16.14 x 7.95 x 15.55 inches
  • Drive Bay is 0 + 2 + 2
  • Cons:

  • No cable tie or stand-off screws included
  • The RGB fan connectors are outdated

SilverStone Technology Ultra Small Form Factor Computer Case Mini-ITX in Pink SG13P

Product Description
If you’re looking for a pink PC case that is the most selling, then you’ve landed in the one. Silverstone technology Mini-ITX in Pink SG13P has a minimalistic design and comes with upgraded performance.

Whenever we’ve seen it in person, it looks like a pretty toy brand or an attractive box. Because of the 240mm GPU and HTPC usage, the demand surrounding the Silverstone technology Mini-ITX in Pink SG13P increases.

For playing games or Netflix, this is an impressive model. As small as any chassis can get, this chassis can handle any work put on it that’s not processor intensive. Furthermore, as we’ve already mentioned, it can house a 240mm GPU despite its unbelievably small size.

It’s also an excellent choice for small enclosures requiring gaming power because it has room for a 140mm radiator. Because there are no other color accents, the case is all pink.

You get a massive grill on the front to allow for proper airflow, with minimum resistance surrounding the cooling aspects. Unfortunately, there are some constraints, given that the chassis is small. For example, you cannot install more than 1 HDD or 1 SSD in this chassis.

You are also more prone to getting cutes since the edges inside the PC case are sharp, and the space is small, especially when you’re assembling.

Although the Silverstone technology Mini-ITX in Pink SG13P comes with a dust filter, it requires unscrewing and maybe a bit hard to reach. In addition, individuals placing their gaming rigs in unconditioned air spaces might face a problem due to frequent choking. Fortunately, the I/O panel is not placed on the top but on the front. And for this segment, the price is unbeatable.

You can get an installation of an entire ATX PSU with the Silverstone technology Mini-ITX in Pink SG13P. A minimal footprint is left behind on your tabletop because of the small form factor. In addition, this also calls for higher ventilation.

To allow for sufficient airflow, you get dedicated vents on the GPU. The look of the chassis is perfect for the pink color shade blend. Luckily you also receive HD audio jacks and two USB 3.0.

The case top has a strategically placed power button. If you happen to mount the front of the case with a 140mm RGB fan, the light will make it aesthetically pleasing and shine through the grill. Silverstone technology Mini-ITX in Pink SG13P has excellent options for cable management even within the tiny, tiny space. Let’s not forget the model also carries built-in motherboard stand-offs.


  • It is affordable and easy to buy
  • Helpful in removing the front panel
  • Comes with standard metal sheet
  • Has full-sized vents with outstanding ventilation
  • Cons:

  • Lacks Type C USB port
  • Plastic manufacturing

SilverStone Technology Ultra Small Form Factor Computer Case Mini-ITX in Pink SG13P

Product Description
MOROVOL 2 PCS 120 MM is one of our best-selling Pink PC cases on this list. The main reason being that it comes with a magnetic suction opening door design. The PC case is also best to install because it is simple. In addition, you can showcase attractive RGB lightning through the tempered glass display on the PC cases side.

This is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to upgrade your PC setup or just make it look more cohesive with your other equipment. To manage cables and build the setup, it comes with an adjustable area. In addition, it provides excellent support to the motherboards in ITX and Micro-ATX and Internal Bays of 2x USB 3.0 1Pprt and 2 x 3.5 HDD.

If you’re looking for a unique power cooling system, then the MOROVOL 2 PCS 120MM has got you covered. This is because it has double brightness loop LED fans pre-installed with 2 MVP 120 mm RGB.


• Lightweight and great RGB
• Easy to buy and affordable
• Good cable management
• Magnetic door opening design
• Easy to clean with the doors
• Advanced mesh front panel
• RGB fans with six colors


• Only a 30-day warranty
• It lacks advanced Generation USB 3.1

What to look for when purchasing the best pink PC cases for your pink computer RIG: The ultimate buying guide


A PC chassis’ ability to house cooling fans, liquid reservoirs, liquid cooler radiator, PSU, a big-air-based CPU cooler and a large graphic card is essential. You might face severe incompatibility issues if you do not have enough clearance to install these components. Because of this, your PC case may need to be replaced for severe incompatibility issues.


The proper material selection will lead to a transparent window and a solid frame that is not prone to scratches. Higher gauge number sheet metals are used by some PC case manufacturers, which can cause wobbling structures of the PC case because of the lower weight. The products that we’ve listed meet the minimum criteria while also not being flimsy or fragile.


The performance of your PC has a lot to do with its airflow. Equipment failure, bottleneck, performance degradation, and thermal throttling are led to because of low airflow. There needs to be a careful evaluation of airflow options and directions to enhance the airflow. You need to evaluate the ability of a PC case to house cooling solutions adequately under a microscope.

Front panel

What airflow is to the performance of your PC, the front panel is to the ease of access. The rear IO panel of the motherboard is rarely accessed by most users regularly. That is, of course, if their a reviewer undergoing the test bench. Here are some elements to look for in a front panel: comprehensive USB connectivity, reset switch, power button, a microphone jack, and a headphone jack. These elements can help you improve your overall productivity and make your everyday use more manageable.


Usually, the best pink PC cases for your pink computer RIG come with a bigger diameter to number a more significant number of fans. This allows for the PC to be kept cooler. You can choose different effects and even configure the fans’ lighting. Ideally, go for a PC with more than three fans or one with a greater diameter. To compensate for the added heating from the PSU unit, you can switch to a bigger fan.

Control panel

The top of the CPU generally mounts the control panel, which can help you make the switch with the different light options from the RGB. You would do well with remote control for the settings on the RGB if your cabinet did not come with fans that are pre-fitted.

Other peripherals

In your PC cabinet, look for excellent peripherals like a wireless charging facility or tempered glass. A removable magnetic hatch is available in some cabinets for easy maintenance. Make a choice first because these can be pricey.

Frequently asked questions

Should you buy a pink PC case?

Pink is the last thing that will come to your mind when talking about a gaming PC. There is honestly a scarcity of pink cases in this male-dominated market, mainly because they can be considered feminine. However, the market is evolving, and pink cases are becoming more and more gender inclusive.

With that being said, we need to point out that options are still minimal. This is primarily because the more well-known brands like Cooler Master build, NZXT, Thermaltake, and Corsair only build white and black towers.

Should you buy a pink PC case?

Yes, as an alternative to getting a pink PC case, you can spray paint a white case. Your significant other may think of it as a fantastic gift, mainly because you’ve put effort into it.

However, you need to be extra careful when spray painting a chassis pink. And if you don’t want to put in the extra effort or fear getting paint where it is not supposed to be, then hopefully, this list has been helpful.

What are some overall things to look out for in the best pink PC cases for your pink computer RIG?

A front mesh cover on a pink PC looks stunning and makes for a tremendous pink gaming aesthetic. A transparent panel helps in bringing out the beauty of the RGB fans. Always choose a transparent panel over an opaque one.

Cabinet vents can provide even air circulation since they act as catalysts. Therefore, always keep this criterion in mind when purchasing the best pink PC cases for your pink computer RIG.

Look for a pink PC case that has more fans pre-installed. This will help you optimize performance and ensure proper cooling over more extended periods. For example, the Apevia Genesis Pro on our list comes with pre-installed 6 RGB fans.


Considering our readers’ choice, we have reviewed the best of the best mini-TX to mid-tower cases. However, we recommend you go for a case more significant if you’re looking for a beast gaming PC to be built.

This can go well with your needs because it will likely carry liquid reservoirs and customization options. Of course, you won’t get aesthetic exposure or have creative freedom with the smaller cases, but you will have loads of space for switching things up with your equipment.

An essential part of gamers’ streaming is the RGB since it allows for the gaming session to be streamed live on multiple platforms like Twitch, Discord, FB Gaming, and YouTube Gaming. Additionally, when competitive gaming, you can opt for smaller sizes for enough clearances and portability like the Silverstone technology Mini-ITX in Pink SG13P.

Many manufacturers have gone above and beyond to ensure that the best pink is provided to their customers. One such model by the brand Apevia is the Crusader-F-PK. A smaller package in a PC case comes in the form of InWin A1 Plus.

However, the aesthetics are enough to make heads turn. While some users might look for better features, others might prioritize looks over everything else. Either way, we hope our review ticked all the boxes and can now help you decide the machine’s components of your dreams.

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